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Author: Michele Wigern

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Asmus Farm Supply will bring it's wealth of agricultural knowledge to you. Join AFS podcasts for ag tip, new products, and much much more.
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Evan Hansen, regional sales agronomist for QLF, along with Brent and Wes Baddeley from AFS's Estherville location, bring part 3 of our QLF series.  In this podcast, they discuss the benefits of applying QLF products with your fungicides and insecticides. 
Evan Hansen, regional sales agronomist for QLF, along with Brent and Wes Baddeley from AFS's Estherville location, are back for part 2 of our QLF series.  In this episode, they discuss the products that QLF offers and the benefits of those products for post emerge applications.
Ethan Hanson, Regional Sales Agronomist for QLF, joins  Brent and Wes Baddeley from Estherville in the podcast studio to discuss the starter products.  Listen to this podcast to learn how QLF products like Boost can help jump-start your crops.
Harlan discusses the many contributing factors to why soybeans are turning yellow earlier this year.
Spider Mites

Spider Mites


Harlan discusses all things spider mites. 
Endigo ZCX

Endigo ZCX


This podcast details Endigo ZCX and insecticide powered by three industry-leading technologies, Endigo ZCX insecticide contains a novel, optimized formulation that provides both knockdown and residual control of a broad spectrum of insects, including pyrethroid-resistant pests and invasive species.
Syngenta's Tyler Harp joins us to discuss the benefits of plant health fungicides.  Learn about this class of fungicides, the benefits of applying fungicides, and optimum application timing in this podcast. 
Bil Schrader, AFS Seed Manager, is joined in the podcast studio by Chad Diegnau with Stine to discuss current field conditions.  During this podcast, the topic of replanting is covered along with other topics.  
Recent rains across northern Iowa and southern Minnesota may require a change in herbicide management.  Harlan Asmus provides details on options for post-emerged herbicides if you are now unable to get a pre-emerged herbicide applied due to the wet field conditions.  May 15, 2023
Harlan Asmus discusses what's new in the in-furrow insecticide market in this podcast. Nurizma is an entirely new mode of action in the insecticide market that is labeled non-restricted use.  This is a product that AFS will be trialing in 2023 before its market release in 2024. Learn more about this unique product by listening to our podcast. 
Join Precision Labs, Justin Hoeppner as he introduces Ripara and Salia.  Two new adjuvant products that AFS is trialing in 2023 prior to their product releases in 2024.  Learn more about APE/NPE free adjuvants in last season's podcast with Precision Labs, listen here.
Tendovo from Syngenta

Tendovo from Syngenta


Dean Grossnickle with Syngenta advises on best management practices for herbicide control.  Dean also provides details on Tendovo, a pre-emergent herbicide from Syngenta, and how to utilize Tendovo in a two-pass herbicide system.  
Join Dustin Griffin, with Precision Laboratories on this podcast to learn more about their nitrogen optimizer, SeedZone IF.  Learn about local trial results for SeedZone IF in out First to the Field podcast.  Listen here. 
Nathan Eitzman, AFS agronomist and First to the Field Coordinator goes over trial results from 2022 for all six products and introduces the three new products entering trials in 2023. 



Join Harlan as he discusses Xyway brand fungicides from FMC.  Learn the difference between Xyway 3D and Xyway LFR.  Hear about the newly approved application method and timing for 2023 and more in this podcast from Asmus Farm Supply. 
Pioneer Spring Update

Pioneer Spring Update


Devin joins Michele in the studio to talk about his new Pioneer office and warehouse, what's new in Pioneer's platform for 2023, and tips for growers as we gear up for the 2023 growing season. 
2023 Enlist Update

2023 Enlist Update


Join Delaney Lensing with Corteva in the podcast studio to discuss how to optimize your Enlist application for the 2023 season.  YouTube video with Harlan Asmus and Delaney Lensing on how Enlist works on Waterhemp: Practices card for AFS customers using Enlist products: XTRA podcast with Harlan Asmus:
Taragon XTRA

Taragon XTRA


Join Harlan Asmus as he discusses Taragon XTRA and how it can help optimize the performance of Enlist products. TARAGON™ XTRA is a convenient premix of drift reduction technology and water conditioning agents that protects the performance potential of glyphosate and 2,4-D from antagonistic metal ions found in hard water and leaf tissue while further reducing the risk of drift.  More information on Taragon XTRA can be found here.
Trever Enerson, AFS Seed Sales Agronomist, is joined by Brian Rouse, AgriGold Territory Manager, in the podcast studio to discuss what AgriGoffersffer growers in our area.  During this podcast, they touch on the top corn hybrids, discuss AgriGolds entrance into soybeans, and more.  
Join Bil Schrader and Blake Huntington as they discuss what has been seen in area fields.  From disease to insect and predicted harvest yields in this week's podcast. 
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