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Author: Ara Ehamparam

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"The Tamil Creator" is a podcast started by me (Ara Ehamparam). As someone who is extremely inquisitive by nature, I created the podcast to chat with, spotlight, and learn about brilliance among creators in the Tamil community - and among creators in general from all over the world.
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Indira Samarasekera is the former president of the University of Alberta and a current board member of several large market cap companies in Canada. Indira joins Ara on this week’s episode to discuss co-authoring a book called Nerve , growing up in Jaffna, the future of education, what resources she uses to continuously learn, and the benefits she has experienced as a result of rediscovering her Christian faith - in addition to so much more!Timestamps00:53 - Ara introduces this week’s guest, Indira Samarasekera05:21 - Indira’s experience as a woman in engineering08:23 - The older Sri Lankan generation’s expertise with staying in touch with old friends09:49 - If it weren’t for the war, could Sri Lanka have become the Silicon Valley of the East?13:30 - How Indira secured her role on the Board of Directors for multiple companies19:26 - How much of a time commitment is involved with such a role, and what responsibilities are involved22:15 - How Indira determined what University would be the best fit for her to work with25:02 - The most difficult challenge Indira had to endure and how she overcame it29:03 - What does the future of education look like?36:48 - Collaborating with Martha Piper to write Nerve, and the intent behind publishing this book41:42 - The legacy Indira wants to be known for by her friends and family46:56 - Indira’s view on money; perception, investing strategy, and more50:07 - Indira is insecure about not feeling good enough51:07 - What does Indira read?52:56 - How Indira’s faith has improved her quality of life55:23 - Who is Indira inspired by - in the Tamil community, and in the global community58:32 - Advice Indira would give to other aspiring Tamil creators 1:00:04 - Creator Confessions1:03:56 - The Wrap UpIntro MusicProduced And Mixed By:- The Tamil Creator- YanchanWritten By:- Aravinthan Ehamparam- Yanchan Rajmohan   
Ari Sooriya is a man of many talents; he is a technologist at the University of Guelph Humber, and in the Tamil community he’s more famously known for being the host of's "TC on the Street" show. He joins Ara on the latest episode of The Tamil Creator podcast to discuss relationships, his views on the 9-5 lifestyle, the question Ara is notorious for asking when he meets someone for the first time, how the book ‘Freakonomics’ shaped the way Ari thinks today, being ashamed of eating Tamil food back in the day, and much more.Follow Ari - - Ara introduces this week’s guest, Ari - the modern renaissance Tamil man03:35 - Ara and Ari discuss friendships and what makes a successful relationship08:15 - Ari opens up about his upbringing, and family life; his mom having Parkinson’s disease, his Dad’s outgoing personality, and more13:00 - How Ari has navigated the COVID pandemic14:22 - Ari speaks on his profession as a technologist specialist, as well his freelance endeavours, thoughts on the 9-5 lifestyle18:16 - The ultimate job that Ari is looking to secure in the next 3-5 years20:56 - Who pays on the first date?22:06 - Some of the most important lessons Ari has learned; avoiding complacency, being consistent, and more26:42 - Receiving support from your loved ones when it comes to pursuing your passions31:53 - Most impactful books/podcast Ari has come across; freakonomics 34:46 - What beliefs/behaviours/habits have help improve Ari’s life for the better; planning for success36:12 - How does Ari want to be remembered by friends and family?37:47 - Ari introduced Ara’s wife to Bubble Tea38:45 - The impact of the Toronto Tamil community on Ari42:30 - Ari’s inspirations from the Tamil community45:44 - Advice Ari has for other aspiring Tamil creators47:56 - Would You Rather57:02 - The Wrap UpIntro MusicProduced And Mixed By:- The Tamil Creator- YanchanWritten By:- Aravinthan Ehamparam- Yanchan Rajmohan  
 Shyamla Eswaran & Ragavi Ragavan from Bindi Bosses joins Ara on the latest episode of the Tamil Creator.  Bindi Bosses is a progressive South Asian performing arts company that seamlessly blends Traditional Indian Classical and Folk dances with influences from South Asian Cinema and Street dances from around the world.  We discuss a variety of topics including how they answer the question "Where are you from?", their views on social media, using their platform to spark discussions around significant issues, the importance of embracing your heritage, and much more! Follow Bindi Bosses - - Ara introduces this week’s guest, Bindi Bosses06:13 - Tamil diaspora communities09:24 - How Bindi Bosses responds to the age old question, “Where are you from?”13:44 - Where did the name Bindi Bosses come from?20:54 - Being frowned upon if you pursue a career in the creative arts27:13 - Getting the chance to speak at TEDxSydney29:59 - Using their platform to open up meaningful dialogue33:46 - Having differing stances on social media; procrastination, social skills, and more42:39 - Where Bindi Bosses sees themselves in the next 3-5 years46:58 - Bindi Bosses’ biggest insecurities52:56 - Hobbies outside of work57:43 - Most impactful books/podcasts they enjoy1:02:19 - Personal legacy they want to leave behind1:09:29 - Advice they would give to fellow aspiring Tamil creators1:13:57 - Embracing your cultural heritage1:18:21 - Creator Confessions1:40:42 - The Wrap up1:43:40 - BlooperIntro MusicProduced And Mixed By:- The Tamil Creator- YanchanWritten By:- Aravinthan Ehamparam- Yanchan Rajmohan 
Rick Selvarajah is a professional UK-based MMA fighter turned entrepreneur. He joins Ara to discuss how he went from wanting to lose weight to falling in love with MMA and now owning an academy (Revival MMA and Fitness). They also discuss the worst injury Rick every sustained, how fatherhood changed him, the most money he’s ever made from a fight, the notion that time is the most important commodity, and much more!Follow Rick - - Ara introduces this week’s guest, Rick Selvarajah02:22 - How Rick entered the world of MMA, how someone being a professional fighter06:36 - Rick’s first professional fight07:48 - The worst injury he ever sustained10:00 - How Rick balances training, work (his academy Revival MMA and Fitness), and other obligations (i.e., family)11:22 - When will Rick retire?13:42 - Rick talks about his son, why the last time he fought was over 3 years ago16:44 - How Rick makes money as a professional fighter18:06 - The most Rick has ever made for a fight21:08 - What motivates Rick to work in this profession24:25 - When/why Rick started Revival MMA and Fitness, how its progressing26:47 - How he finds students to train at his academy28:36 - Insecure about setting a bad example for his son30:11 - Hobbies outside of work and training; family interaction, thrill seeking, etc.32:06 - Rick’s relationship with money, his investing strategy, why time is the most valuable commodity39:06 - The last book Rick read (Analects of Confucius), his favourite podcast (JRE), why he admires Jordan Peterson41:40 - Using YouTube for learning; building a cabinet during quarantine43:44 - Where Rick sees himself in 3-5 years44:30 - The impact that the UK Tamil community has had on Rick46:14 - Rick’s admiration for his grandfather, and the coaches and people he trains with at his gym48:47 - Advice Rick would give to other fellow Tamil creators51:21 - Would You Rather53:35 - The Wrap UpIntro MusicProduced And Mixed By:- The Tamil Creator- YanchanWritten By:- Aravinthan Ehamparam- Yanchan Rajmohan 
Jenushika Jeyakumaran is a recent grad and the co-founder of tech start-up Aleri, which makes trial preparation easier for lawyers.  They initially bootstrapped the company and then got additional funding with a $30K grant from the Accelerator Centre (part of the Jumpstart program), with having a goal of raising more money to accelerate their traction.  She joins Ara to discuss various topics including how she started her own company without getting experience in a start-up, why she refuses to sacrifice her sleep and well-being, her admiration for Gary Vee, and why you need to learn how to tune other people out if their opinions don’t align with your vision.Follow Jenushika - - Ara introduces this week’s guest, Jenushika Jeyakumaran01:36 - Jenushika speaks on her journey in founding Aleri and pursuing it as a full-time endeavour05:33 - How side hustles and GaryVee opened Jenushika’s eyes07:27 - Money being a unit of time, tuning out people’s opinions if they don’t understand your vision09:59 - Aleri’s value proposition, how Jenushika went about securing clients; cold calling, confidence, and more18:31 - Jenushika’s strategy for retaining customers20:37 - Aleri’s competitors?21:46 - How the Aleri team was formed23:10 - Will Aleri continue bootstrapping or begin fundraising moving forward25:56 - Jenushika’s expectations for Aleri for the next 3-5 years26:26 - What motivates Jenushika?28:53 - Why Jenushika felt like she was failing during the pandemic and how she pulled herself out of that slump31:24 - How Jenushika avoids burnout; her dog, going for a walk, socializing, and self-care33:18 - Ara and Jenushika dive deep on the topic of sleep35:28 - Jenushika’s hobbies; food-stops in Toronto, outdoor activities, continuous learning, and family time36:55 - Ara and Jenushika discuss the importance of spending time with family, especially post-quarantine39:33 - Jenushika opens up about her insecurities40:33 - What kind of people do Jenushika and Ara surround themselves with?43:11 - Is Jenushika an introvert or extrovert?47:40 - The impact that the Tamil community has had on Jenushika49:40 - Being inspired by Mindy Kaling, GaryVee, and Darren Hardy51:58 - Piece of advice Jenushika has for her fellow Tamil creators55:07 - Creator Confessions1:06:35 - The Wrap UpIntro MusicProduced And Mixed By:- The Tamil Creator- YanchanWritten By:- Aravinthan Ehamparam- Yanchan Rajmohan 
Nelson Sivalingam is an award-winning serial entrepreneur who has created successes from high growth technology businesses to Sri Lankan street food restaurant groups.  He's currently the CEO & Co-Founder of HowNow, one of the fast-growing technology companies transforming the way organizations approach learning across the world with clients including tech unicorns like GymShark and joins Ara to shed light on how his filmmaking and entrepreneurial careers intertwine with one another, why he doesn’t engage in small talk, how his friends calling him “Born Awkward” led him to actually buying that web domain, why you shouldn’t be afraid to seize the opportunity and so much more.Follow Nelson - - Ara introduces this week’s guest, Nelson Sivalingam01:47 - Nelson admits to using Ara’s siblings to get to Ara, speaks on his upbringing in Barking03:58 - Why and How Nelson started One Minute London; trying to fund his filmmaking career07:59 - How Nelson’s award-winning film “The Rajini Effect” came to be; reaching international audiences13:54 - Japan’s love for South-Asian cinema, Rajinikanth’s cultural impact17:04 - Nelson’s kothu business in South London, Ara’s experience making kothu in his Dad’s store as a kid27:23 - Founding HowNow (formerly known as Wonderush) to encourage continuous learning33:12 - Bootstrapping vs. fundraising money for your business39:49 - The misconceptions of - and the art/science behind - sales; learning about sales through poker44:46 - Angel investing and Nelson’s plan to eventually return to filmmaking47:49 - Nelson’s hobbies outside of work; friends, conversation, food, films, reading, writing48:27 - Nelson’s being insecure about whether or not he’s learning fast enough49:27 - Why Nelson doesn’t like small talk, wanting to be known for adding value53:50 - Books that impacted Nelson; Courage: The Joy of Living Dangerously, Steve Jobs’ biography1:01:52 - Tamil community in the UK1:06:49 - Advice Nelson would give to fellow aspiring Tamil Creators1:10:13 - Creator Confessions1:13:55 - The Wrap UpIntro MusicProduced And Mixed By:- The Tamil Creator- YanchanWritten By:- Aravinthan Ehamparam- Yanchan Rajmohan
Maya Bastian is a Tamil-Canadian filmmaker, writer and artist.   From 2008, she spent several years travelling the world as an investigative video journalist, documenting areas of conflict and post-conflict, which has culminated in an ongoing exploration of trauma as it relates to community and culture.  As a director, she has won awards and exhibited her short films internationally, which run the gamut from narrative to documentary, to experimental animation, including recently having her film "TIGRESS" accepted into the prestigious Cannes Film Festival.  She joins Ara to discuss getting shingles from working a job that she hated, dealing with the consistent fear of losing her job and all her money, pursuing her passion for almost 20 years before being able to make a full-time living from it, and much more.Follow Maya - - Introducing Maya Bastian; volunteering in Sri Lanka02:34 - Starting out as an actor 20 years ago03:25 - The judgement actors face; transitioning from acting to filmmaking05:20 - Maya’s upbringing, her rebellious nature growing up09:52 - Brown parents’ need for external validation before giving props to their kids11:31 - Has the Tamil community progressed in how they view creative careers?14:39 - Why Maya has taken it upon herself to create diaspora-related films21:03 - Passing on trauma through generations22:56 - Maya’s time as an investigative journalist; Cambodia, Palestine27:41 - How Maya managed/manages her finances as an artist33:05 - How Maya secures film projects to work on38:44 - The power of intention, learning to deal with and accept rejection41:48 - What is Maya insecure about?42:47 - Maya’s plans for the next 3-5 years43:50 - Maya’s hobbies; singing, playing the ukulele, hiking, dancing, board games with her daughter45:14 - The legacy Maya wants to leave behind45:50 - Advice Maya would give her 16-year-old self and her daughter46:50 - The impact of the Tamil community on Maya48:16 - People Maya admires, stealing a Maya Angelou book in high school50:11 - Advice Maya has for other Tamil creators53:25 - Creator Confessions57:59 - The Wrap Up
Sathish Muneeswaran is a personal trainer at Fit Squad in Toronto. He joins Ara to discuss how hardship breeds success, the importance of sleep, why he prefers J. Cole over Drake (despite being from Canada himself), and they also spend some time reminiscing on their glory days playing in the TTBA (Toronto Tamil Basketball Association).Follow Sathish - 00:54 - Introducing Sathish Muneeswaran04:11 - How Sathish got into the fitness industry12:20 - The impact of COVID on Sathish personally and professionally15:32 - Common mistakes people make when beginning to train20:42 - How Sathish’s parents felt about his career choice23:05 - Where Sathish sees himself in the next 3-5 years25:10 - Can a tougher upbringing lead to greater success?27:45 - Has Sathish experienced lifestyle creep?29:22 - The Renegades podcast with Barack Obama and Range by Dave Epstein31:53 - How increased sleep changed Sathish’s life34:03 - How Sathish wants to be remembered by his friends and family35:10 - The impact of the Toronto Tamil community on Sathish’s life38:46 - Admiration for Kamala Harris, J. Cole, and his co-workers40:21 - Advice for fellow Tamil creators41:33 - Creator Confessions45:24 - The Wrap Up 
Shayna Mehta (one half of @brownsplashsisters) is a recent graduate of Brown University (Class of 2019) where she majored in Biology and played four years of NCAA Div 1 Basketball while winning Ivy League Rookie Of the Year. She joins Ara to discuss her decision to choose medical school over a professional basketball career, balancing athletics + academics, using basketball as a vehicle for change in India through @crossoverbasketball, her love for @stephencurry30 / @warriors, and much more!Follow Shayna - - Introducing Shayna Mehta02:03 - Shayna’s upbringing; Tamil roots, love for basketball and the Warriors06:32 - Balancing athletics and academics, winning Ivy League Rookie of the Year09:58 - Choosing between the WNBA and med school12:46 - Using basketball as a vehicle of change through “Crossover India”16:33 - Where Shayna sees herself in the next 3-5 years17:57 - Shayna’s dream job19:22 - What motivates Shayna?21:42 - Love for travel; favourite places she’s been and where she wants to go23:30 - Shayna’s insecurities24:29 - Shayna’s reaction to being admitted to medical school25:00 - The personal legacy Shayna wants to leave behind25:52 - Advice Shayna would give her 16-year-old self27:41 - The White Tiger29:22 - A habit that changed Shayna’s life30:27 - Admiration for Mindy Kaling and Stephen Curry34:07 - Advice Shayna has for other Tamil creators34:38 - Creator Confessions39:10 - The Wrap Up
Anand Venkateswaran, better known as Twobadour, is one half of the duo who purchased the world's most expensive NFT at $69 million - Beeple's "Everydays—The First 5000 Days". He joins Ara on the latest episode to discuss the world of cryptocurrency, teaming up with Nas Daily to create a content fellowship around crypotocurrency, why the Metaverse will become more important in the future (& why people are buying virtual land) and the importance of maintaining an abundant mindset.Follow Twobadour - - Introducing Twobadour02:18 - Twobadour’s upbringing, journalism career, cryptocurrency and NFTs05:52 - Serendipity and success09:47 - Spending $69,000,000 on an NFT, how Metapurse was born14:26 - Teaming up with Nas Daily to create a cryptocurrency fellowship16:40 - Why is Twobadour so bullish on NFTs?21:19 - What is the Metaverse, why are people buying virtual land25:23 - The governance of the Metaverse30:15 - What is a DAO & how can young people create a future for themselves33:07 - What Twobadour would do if he could go back to the age of 16 with the knowledge he has now34:28 - Dealing with mainstream fame36:18 - How Twobadour structures his day, where he sees himself in 3-5 years38:16 - Having an abundant mindset40:38 - Big projects coming up41:55 - Does Twobadour have investments outside of cryptocurrency and NFTs?43:03 - Hobbies outside of work?43:51 - What’s Twobadour insecure about?44:43 - The personal legacy Twobadour wants to leave behind45:41 - Books that have been life changing for Twobadour47:07 - New belief/behaviour/habit that has changed his life47:39 - Twobadour’s advice to fellow Tamil creators48:04 - Twobadour’s inspirations48:45 - Creator Confessions51:06 - The Wrap Up
Priya Ragu is a Swiss-Tamil artist making uplifting R&B that explores her independence while remaining true to her Tamil heritage. Her overnight success took years to develop and her career has exploded in the last few years with her being featured in Rolling Stone India, BBC Asian Network and Vogue. Priya is also being named as an artist to keep an eye on in 2021.  She joins Ara to discuss being compared to M.I.A & being inspired by her, working alongside her brother, turning 30 & realizing there had to be more to life, quitting her full-time job and telling her parents she was going on a 6-month business trip when she was actually moving to New York to pursue her musical aspirations, and more!Follow Priya - - Introducing Priya Ragu03:13 - Giving herself 6 months to make it in the music industry05:59 - Why she chose to chase her dream in New York07:43 - Growing up in a musical family11:41 - Working alongside her brother13:40 - Wrestling with her music ambitions and parents’ expectations18:33 - Telling her parents she was on a “business trip” when she quit her job to chase her dream19:18 - The making of Priya’s hit “Good Love 2.0”22:40 - How Priya viewed her strict upbringing growing up versus now24:10 - Reconnecting with her Tamil roots in Toronto26:45 - Did it matter where she grew up, how much luck is involved in success?29:29 - Being compared to M.I.A. and wanting to collaborate with her30:47 - The independent Tamil music scene32:38 - What Priya does when she’s not making music34:03 - Insecurities, and overcoming them36:30 - The time Priya blacked out during her TEDTalk38:10 - What would Priya tell her 16-year-old self38:29 - The personal legacy Priya wants to leave behind39:29 - Being inspired by Snoh Alegra and M.I.A.41:43 - Advice Priya has for other Tamil creators43:14 - Creator Confessions47:27 - The wrap up
Thusy Suntharam is a Montreal-based filmmaker and the founder of T-Factory Entertainment. He joins Ara to discuss his film “Love at First Swipe” (which has over 150,000+ YouTube views), creating stories for the Tamil Diaspora, balancing a full-time job while working on passion projects, the power of taking small but consistent steps, the impact of Rajinikanth on Tamil cinema, and much more. Follow Thusy - - Introducing Thusy Suntharam02:05 - How social media connected Thusy & Ara04:55 - Music videos launched Thusy's directorial experience06:56 - The inception of T-Factory Entertainment08:09 - Balancing a full-time job with his passion of filmmaking10:34 - The power of consistency and taking small steps12:49 - Why showing up is the victory14:24 - The importance of having a team16:58 - How "Love At First Sight" came to be19:35 - The Montreal Tamil community’s support for Thusy’s first in-theatre premiere22:30 - Normalizing conversations about previously taboo subjects through film25:05 - Why Thusy spent money and paid vacation to work on a film project27:08 - The power of investing in yourself28:35 - Learning is free if you just put in the effort31:25 - Responsibilities of immigrant children33:21 - Impact of COVID on Thusy from a creative perspective36:36 - Failure that Thusy learned from40:06 - Thusy's future plans42:31 - Wanting to tell the stories of the Tamil disapora44:45 - Better human means better storyteller46:46 - The impact of Rajinikanth50:41 - Work on delaying gratification52:22 - Would you Rather?55:40 - The Wrap Up
Kumutha Ramanathan is an award-winning journalist and budding entrepreneur who has called Toronto, New York and London home over the last decade. She joins the podcast to discuss Ara’s Nelly impersonation in high school earning him the "Tamil Nelly" nickname, moving to places like London & New York to advance her journalism career, the disservice that first generation Tamil parents do to their kids by emphasizing shame, men wearing tights, and much more!Follow Kumutha - - Introducing Kumutha Ramanathan04:34 - What sparked Kumutha’s interest in journalism, stories from her career pursuit20:05 - What is the worst thing that could happen?24:01 - How Kumutha built her network in London30:05 - Making an appearance on ‘The Social’32:35 - Stop caring about what other people think about you36:03 - Entrepreneurship, Brown Skin Essentials41:55 - Balancing career and family50:23 - Kumutha’s sources of knowledge53:22 - The legacy Kumutha wants to leave behind57:49 - Inspirations from the Tamil community59:16 - Non-Tamil inspirations1:04:58 - Advice for other Tamil creators1:06:57 - Creator Confessions1:13:10 - The Wrap Up
Thiruvendran “Thiru” Vignarajah is a Candidate For Mayor of Baltimore while being a lawyer who is currently a litigation partner at the law firm DLA Piper in Baltimore, Maryland. Thiru joins Ara on the latest episode of The Tamil Creator to discuss immigrating to the States at the age of three, his passion for Baltimore, how working in politics helped him learn to accept the fact he can’t please everyone, his strategy for staying grounded, and much more.Follow Thiru - - Introducing Thiru Vignarajah02:17 - Having parents who were teachers, wanting to become a law professor08:43 - Why Thiru chose to attend Yale and Harvard11:24 - The perception vs. reality of Baltimore18:35 - How can Baltimore prosper?26:04 - Why Thiru still drives a Camry29:26 - Why Thiru doesn’t drink alcohol or eat meat31:51 - Valuable lessons Thiru has learned along the way37:10 - What Thiru would tell his 16-year-old self39:37 - What is the Tamil community like in Baltimore?41:57 - Talking is Thiru’s favourite method of learning44:08 - Thiru’s Tamil inspirations49:31 - Why Thiru looks up to Thurgood Marshall53:17 - Creator Confessions 57:55 - The wrap up
Thiviyaa Sehasothy, aka Art By Thiviyaa, is a Toronto artist and painter whose specialty is creating magic on canvas with custom & original work for clients.  She joins Ara to discuss various topics including her first sale, how exhibitions built her confidence, the simultaneous balance between being an artist and a small business owner, and the personal legacy she wants to leave behind.Connect with Thiviyaa - - Introducing Thiviyaa Sehasothy aka Art By Thiviyaa04:05 - Thiviyaa credits her brother for her success07:41 - Ara’s brother impersonates him in public09:15 - How Art By Thiviyaa came to be14:15 - How exhibitions built Thiviyaa’s confidence19:03 - Thiviyaa’s first sale23:30 - How Thiviyaa balances being an artist and a small business owner 26:36 - The difference between an original piece and a print29:59 - Thiviyaa’s most popular art pieces31:40 - The concept of doing something once and being paid for it repeatedly34:20 - NFTs40:58 - Thiviyaa’s biggest insecurity46:59 - Where Thiviyaa sees herself in the next 3-5 years50:35 - How Thiviyaa views money, the importance of valuing your work58:55 - The personal legacy Thiviyaa wants to leave behind59:52 - Advice Thiviyaa would give to other Tamil creators1:02:02 - Creator Confessions1:07:35 - The wrap up
Yanchan is a Scarborough-raised producer who blends hip-hop with Carnatic music. He joins Ara for what could be considered the Scarborough episode, to discuss how he fell in love with music and achieved his childhood dreams of performing on tour, his recently released Scarborough Beat Tape, how to make money off of music, why he doesn’t turn down opportunities anymore, and a lot more!Connect with Yanchan - - Introducing Yanchan03:37 - Studying economics at Laurier, family’s view on his career ambitions07:08 - The Scarborough Beat Tape, nostalgia for the city14:13 - Achieving his childhood dream of performing on tour18:22 - Shan Vincent de Paul and the track “best friend”20:39 - The Tamil music scene, artists who Yanchan wants to collaborate with21:56 - Being inspired by another music producers, and wanting to give back in a similar way23:14 - How does Yanchan make money (Spotify, selling beats, artist development)28:11 - COVID-inspired business ideas30:14 - Why Yanchan takes every shot he gets32:28 - Networking as an introvert, wanting to connect the Indian and American markets34:56 - Yanchan’s admiration for Drake, and wanting to mimic his career36:26 - Financial freedom38:14 - How has the Tamil community impacted Yanchan39:14 - Beliefs and behaviours which have improved Yanchan’s life42:03 - How Yanchan decompresses from work, prioritization of family/friends43:29 - Yanchan’s advice for other creators44:06 - Creator Confessions46:16 - The wrap up
Tanya Yoganathan is a mother of two, and the creator of Her Sun & Stars Co. She joins Ara to discuss how she started a business during the start of the pandemic and was able to quit her full-time job because of it. They also discuss Maitreyi Ramakrishnan shouting out Tanya’s company, impostor syndrome, and the importance of financial literacy before jumping into the new segment Creator Confessions.Connect with Tanya - Her Sun And Stars Co. - - Tanya starts the podcast01:53 - Ara starts the podcast03:17 - How Tanya and Ara met, and can Ara speak Tamil?06:17 - Introducing Tanya Yoganathan, being Instagram famous, how Her Sun & Stars came to be20:05 - Starting and successfully growing her business (during the pandemic) while working a full-time job28:13 - Previously work as an advisor in analytics, struggling to celebrate milestones32:47 - Getting her first celebrity shoutout from Maitreyi Ramakrishnan37:26 - Why Ara started the podcast40:17 - Tanya’s first sale, quality vs. time51:24 - Balancing insecurities and confidence, impostor syndrome56:37 - Starting a business with kids59:53 - Viewing money as a tool, the importance of financial literacy1:00:07 - The FIRE movement1:08:49 - Personal legacy, Nick Offerman, Ernest Hemmingway, and S.P. Balasubrahmanyam1:11:51 - The lost art of being able to disagree with someone1:13:20 - The importance of starting1:15:57 - Creator Confessions (Tanya’s favourite Tamil creators, when she wants to retire, and more)1:30:13 - The wrap up
 Dayalan Mahesan is the owner of Joseph Property Group, which specializes in property development, management and sales in the UK. He joins Ara to discuss growing up in an entrepreneurial environment, how he raised money with his wife for the Sri Lanka Easter bombing victims, having Burrito Boyz delivered by plane, why ketchup was created, being of a big fan of the Liverpool Football Club, and much more. Connecting with Dayalan - - Introducing Dayalan Mahesan02:26 - How Ara and Dayalan were both influenced by entrepreneurial fathers05:22 - Connecting with the Tamil community in London before Facebook07:27 - Who is DJ Biznus?08:56 - COVID’s impact on Dayalan’s life and London10:48 - Fusing Sri Lankan / Caribbean food to raise money for Easter bombing victims12:31 - Supporting his wife’s entrepreneurial efforts14:07 - Passion for property, working with the South Asian forum16:13 - Wanting to mentor people and help the underprivileged18:52 - Previously being very shy, developing public speaking skills and reading more20:06 - Phil Knight’s Shoe Dog, The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry by John Mark Comer23:10 - Ara confesses to bribing Dayalan23:54 - The time Ara delivered Burrito Boyz from Canada to Dayalan in England24:47 - How a funeral in 2017 changed Dayalan’s perspective26:24 - Wanting to be remembered in same light as his late father28:50 - The impact of the London-Tamil community on Dayalan30:52 - Who inspires Dayalan? Why was ketchup created?35:07 - The importance of surrounding yourself with likeminded people37:11 - Speed round
Jyothee Murali, better known as JYXDI, is a 25 year old Tamil self-taught artist from Toronto who has found massive success on Instagram over the last half-decade. She joins Ara to discuss what it was like dropping out of university to chase her childhood passion for art, being handpicked by Michael B. Jordan to collaborate with Coach, creating art for Noah “OVO40” Shebib, and how her work has turned family skepticism to family support.***To support the work we do to tell creator stories around the world, become a VIP fan - CLICK HERE!***Connecting with JYXDI - - Introducing Jyothee Murali aka JYXDI01:06 - How death note sparked her interest in anime03:17 - Dropping out of school to pursue her passion and dealing with the pressure of south asian parents04:33 - Being handpicked by Michael B. Jordan to collaborate with Coach05:50 - Thoughts on NFTs and decision to release two pieces recently07:18 - How her work has turned family skepticism to family support09:01 - Using social media to create exposure, how she came up with the moniker JYXDI, and how anime has helped grow her brand11:15 - Playing in chess tournaments growing up, and her love for hiking and Bali12:31 - The types of people she surrounds herself with, being an introvert during COVID14:05 - Plans to move out of Canada and to build an art school15:23 - Teaching Tamil seniors how to paint16:41 - Favourite books/podcasts17:51 - Practicing discipline and meditation18:56 - Growing up in Sri Lanka during the genocide, still visiting frequently20:49 - The impact of the Toronto-Tamil community, being contacted to teach art 1-on-122:24 - Oil paintings being her favourite art-type to produce22:56 - OVO40 (Drake’s Producer) and La Mar C. Taylor (Creative Director for The Weeknd) reaching out for art pieces24:09 - Wanting to be known for taking a leap of faith and going against the grain24:34 - From selling paintings at $100 a piece to now sometimes getting $10,000 per piece26:36 - Being inspired by A.R. Rahman, OVO4028:21 - Advice she would give to young aspiring artists29:56 - Speed Round
Vijay Sappani is a Tamil cannabis entrepreneur and investor who co-founded a billion-dollar company called TerrAscend.  He joins Ara to speak about biryani, biryani, and more biryani. They also cover topics such as why he entered the medical cannabis industry, the process of taking a company public and receiving a billion dollar evaluation, and if money can buy happiness.***To support the work we do to tell creator stories around the world, become a VIP fan - CLICK HERE!***Connect with Vijay - - Introducing Vijay Sappani01:53 - Nuanced opinions in the Tamil community05:17 - Vijay’s obsession with biryani, and where to find the best kind08:16 - Why Vijay entered the medical cannabis industry12:20 - The biggest challenges Vijay faced upon starting his business14:13 - Skepticism that Vijay faced early on, and important mentors17:19 - Taking TerrAscend public and receiving a billion dollar evaluation22:47 - The importance of knowing when it’s time to step aside24:51 - Can money buy happiness? Has money changed Vijay?28:52 - Ela Capital30:45 - Companies that Vijay has invested in35:12 - Money being a taboo subject in the Tamil community39:10 - Vijay’s daughter having a rare genetic disorder, starting a foundation in her name43:34 - How Vijay balances work and life46:28 - Wanting to be remembered as “Mr. Troublemaker”47:44 - Growing into his Tamil identity, and funding projects in Sri Lanka with his wife53:08 - Ara asks for one piece of advice for Tamil creators; Vijay gives way more57:31 - Would you rather speed round
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