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Author: Stephanie Foster

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On the We Are The Runners Show, I will talk with runners whose life journey will leave you inspired, encouraged, and ready to get out there and crush your own running goals! These are your stories, our stories! So join me each week and let's run this together!
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Episode 41: Ade Olayinka

Episode 41: Ade Olayinka


On today's episode I talk with 2024 Marathoner, Dopey finisher, and Coast to Coast Challenge finisher Ade Olayinka! Today we talk all things running, RunDisney, and the World Majors! Ade was so much fun to talk to and she openly shares her experience running her first Marathon.Ade can be found on Instagram @dopey2dumbo Mixed & Edited by Next Day
Episode 40: Kim Baker

Episode 40: Kim Baker


On today's episode I talk with three time Dopey Challenge finisher, Kim Baker. Today we are going to recap the 2024 WDW Marathon Weekend - and the year was definitely eventful!
Today on the We Are The Runners Show I talk with marathoner Kayla Swope. We talk about her first World Major, the Chicago Marathon as well as how she is navigating the new rule changes as a visually impaired runner at RunDisney. Kayla can be found on Instagram @kaylarunsdisney
Today on the We Are The Runners Show I talk with Dr. Kate Mihevc-Edwards. Dr. Kate is an endurance athlete, marathoner, physical therapist, author, podcaster, and founder of Fast Bananas! Fast Bananas uses RUNSource, a video library built by running experts to address the mental and physical demands of running. Whether you are a new or experienced runner you will find Fast Bananas A-Peeling! Go to and try RUNSource today. Use the code "Runners15" to receive 15% off the mon...
Amanda can be reached at:Instagram:
Today on the We Are The Runners Show I talk with marathoner Kristin Wentworth! Kristen is a personal trainer, nutrition coach, and a run coach. I have enrolled in several of Kristen's programs and she is amazing! On top of being an incredible coach to her clients and athletes, she is one of the most positive people that I know! I would encourage everybody to sign up for one of the many programs that Kristen offers! Kristen is on Instagram @runfitmama
Today on the We Are The Runners Show I talk with marathoner Sarah Bergman. She is an absolute RunDisney Queen and she is currently chasing the stars of the Abbott World Marathon Majors. Sarah is a wife, a mom, and a certified travel agent! Sarah and her husband are the owners of Park & Preston Travel.Sarah can be found on Instagram:@Sarah.runs.away
Today on the We Are The Runners Show I talk with Michael Gabriel. Michael just completed the most arduous running challenge the World Marathon Challenge - 7 Marathons on 7 Continents in 7 Days!! On this Episode Michael shares his journey as he marathons around the world!Michael can be found on Instagram:@runthesmallworld
Today on the We Are The Runners Show I talk with marathoners Joe and Shelley Bajorek. Joe and Shelley are RunDisney runners and are about to run their next Dopey Challenge. I met Joe and Shelley in Florida and after talking with them on this episode I'm a little more encouraged that even I can tackle this beast we call Dopey. I hope you enjoy this last conversation in my Dopey Challenge series.Joe and Shelley can be found on Instagram:@dvcrunner (Joe)@shelleykathleen_&...
Today on the We Are The Runners Show I am talking with Tara Logue. Tara is a friend to the podcast as she has also been on Episode 7 and 24! Tara is an amazing runner and she is an ambassador with Lululemon in Canada! In this episode Tara and I will be reviewing the inaugural Lululemon 10K Tour Atlanta!You can follow Tara on Instagram:@runlikeaplusmama@taralogue
Episode 29: Kelly Howe

Episode 29: Kelly Howe


Today on the We Are The Runners Show I talk with marathoner Kelly Howe! Kelly is a wife, mom, and a very dedicated runner. Today we talk about what Kelly's training looks like as she is about to run her first Dopey Challenge!I honestly could have talked to Kelly for hours and I know you will enjoy hearing from her!Kelly Howe IG: @kellyranamarathon
Today on the We Are The Runners Show I talk with Mandy Carter. Mandy is a wife, mom, she has an amazing career, and she is a marathoner! Mandy is a part of the Brooks Run Happy Team as well as an Ambassador for the Charlotte Marathon where she runs as a pacer and a sweeper.
Today on the We Are The Runners Show you will hear from 4 incredible women runners who will share the journey with mental health.As a reminder, the information and personal opinions shared by today's guests are solely their personal experiences and it is not intended as medical advice.I want to personally thank Shelly, Megan, Kim, and Kat for sharing their hearts and insight on this very important topic.Instagram Handles for today's guests:Shelly: @inspiringruncoKim: @pharmdpositiveMegan: @th...
Today on the We Are The Runners Show I talk with Dr. Kathleen Vazzana. Kathleen is a Pediatric Rheumatologist, an avid runner, a marathoner, and a RunDisney Dopey Challenge finisher!! This year she will have completed all races in all four RunDisney Weekends. Kathleen has several great tips to get you through the Dopey Challenge or any long distance challenge! She is incredibly smart, fun, and always ready to put a costume on to race!You can follow Kathleen on IG @theunicornontherun
Today on the We Are The Runners Show I have the privilege to talk with running legend, Jeff Galloway! Jeff is an All-American collegiate athlete, a member of the 1972 US Olympic Team, a best selling author, and he is the founder of the Galloway Run/Walk/Run Program! If you are a RunDIsney Runner then you know Jeff Galloway! Jeff is the official RunDisney trainer and wrote all the training plans for each race and challenge! You can find him at the expo or on the course during the different rac...
Episode 24: Tara Logue

Episode 24: Tara Logue


Today on the We Are The Runners Show I talk with Tara Logue! Tara was a guest on Episode 7 and she returns to the show as a MARATHONER to talk about running motivation and why its hard to sometimes get out there! Tara is so fun, incredibly candid, and did I mention a she's a MARATHONER?!!!!You can follow Tara on instagram @runlikeaplusmama and @taralogue
Today's guest is funny, genuine, super nice, and a professional runner for The North Face! If you know RunDisney, then you know The Dopey Challenge... and if you know The Dopey Challenge then you know Brittany Charboneau!! Brittany recently ran The Dopey Challenge at Walt Disney World's Marathon Weekend and she set the challenge record by winning all 4 races with a total of 48.6 miles.Brittany can be found on Instagram @funnyrunner26.2Brittany is a running coach @mercuriarunningTo plan your n...
Today on the We Are The Runners Show I talk with RunDisney Legends - that's right legends - Steve and Megan Wickham! I totally think these two are amazing! They have run all but one of the RunDisney Dopey Challenges! This year Steve and Megan ran as a family of three as they are expecting and Megan ran the Challenge 7 months pregnant!! Personally I think she should receive an additional medal for that!Steve and Megan can be found on Instagram:Steve: @wickstagramMegan: @thesaltypineapple_