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In this week's episode we begin a new topic surrounding the topic of humility. Humility is vital to our spiritual growth and we will learn about this topic through the teachings of St. Silouan the Athonite and other church fathers. The church fathers teach us that humility is the chief amongst virtues, and therefore requires a dedicated focus. How is humility viewed in our society? Is humility valued? Why does humility stand out amongst the other virtues of the faith? How does humility combat pride? We will be discussing many questions around humility and its importance in our spiritual lives. 
In this weeks episode we continue to talk about suffering by introducing the topic of courage and forgiveness. How important is forgiveness in the struggle against suffering? Do we have the courage to face our suffering? How can we use our suffering for our spiritual growth if we don't face it head on with Christ? We also talk about how important it is to have courage and confidence in Christ to help us through our suffering, not in ourselves alone.
We continue our conversation around suffering and spiritual struggle this week by taking a look at the purpose of human life. What part does suffering play in the battle between humility and pride? How do we suffer with Christ as opposed to by ourselves? How do we open our hearts to growing spiritually through our struggles?
This week we continue our conversation around suffering and courage in our spiritual lives. We will continue to explore the different kinds of suffering we experience and how we can use our suffering as opportunities to grow spiritually. How does the view of suffering differ between the church fathers and our society today? What role does pride play in our suffering?
Continuing the conversation on St. Silouan the Athonite and the other church fathers' teachings, this episode focuses on the topic of suffering and courage. What is suffering as it relates to our spiritual lives? How can our struggles in this life prepare us for an eternal life with Christ? How can we pull good things from our suffering such as compassion or humility?
As we wrap up our discussion on spiritual warfare and St. Silouan of Mount Athos, we take a look at the strategies used by the demons and the devil to ensnare us. But as we try to combat the enemy, we must know that we are not alone! We also talk about the importance of having a spiritual father and their role in our spiritual lives.
The third and final episode in the Spiritual Warfare/St. Silouan series!We continue to explore the analogy of our souls as cities. How do we control the gates to our soul? What is watchfulness and why is it so important to keep our “cities” safe?We also look to the Jesus Prayer, along with other methods, to combat the enemy and keep our minds and hearts focused on Christ.
The second episode in the series on St. Silouan of Mount Athos! In this episode we dive deeper into St. Silouan's teachings and how we are all part of the spiritual warfare going on around us. St. Silouan teaches that spiritual life entails spiritual warfare. There is no way to avoid it. What is spiritual warfare? What does this struggle against evil thoughts mean for us today and how do we become stronger Christians through this struggle?
The first episode in a new series! This new series will be focusing on one of our modern day saints, St. Silouan the Athonite. We will be learning his story and discussing his teachings surrounding life in the modern age. It can be easier to connect with the "modern" saints because they experienced many of the things we do every single day. We hope you enjoy this new series!
The final episode in the Angel and Demons series. In the previous two episodes we learned about ourselves as humans and how we relate to and interact with the angels. In this final episode we dive into the topic of demons. What are demons and where did they come from? How do they affect our lives? What is evil? These questions and more are explored in the final episode of the Angels and Demons series.
The second episode in the Angels and Demons series! Continuing the exploration of the unseen we world we look into questions such as who are the angels and what are their roles? Who are they to us humans? What does it mean to be human?
In this episode, we begin a new three-part series where we explore the unseen world around us.  What beings make up this spiritual world? Who are they, and what impact do they have on our spiritual lives? How does society view the spiritual world and why? What makes us as human beings unique in comparison to the spiritual beings?
The final episode in the Human Body series! In this episode we explore whether the body, like the soul, can become sanctified.  Why has the Church held on to the bones of our Saints?  What does the veneration of our Saint’s relics teach us about the sanctification of our own bodies?
Part 2 of the Human Body Series. How does the soul effect the body, and the body impact the soul?  What is our body's role in prayer?
Part 1 of the Human Body series. Over the next few episodes we will explore how the Orthodox Church teaches us to view our bodies compared to what we are taught by contemporary society. Why is the body so integral to spiritual life and how do we use our bodies to glorify God?
The final episode in the Passions and Virtues series. What does it mean to be wounded and how are we healed?
In this episode, we will discuss the importance of purifying our hearts from passions and acquiring spiritual virtues.  We will look to the scriptures and the Church fathers to practically see how we can weed out our passions and allow God to grow the virtues of our soul.
Find your passion or purpose and become fulfilled? The Orthodox Church views passions and virtues very differently than the contemporary world. In this episode, we will explore how using the powers of the soul can help us become truly human.
Freedom in the Orthodox Church? Really??  What is freedom, why are we free, what are we being freed from, and what are we being freed for? All discussed here in our very first episode!
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Heather Avila

My friend and sister in Christ shared this Podcast with me and I am so thankful to God for you two putting this together. I've already listened to the whole Podcast twice through and I am excited for the next episode to come out. I find every episode extremely encouraging and guiding. Thank you

Nov 18th
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