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Are we truly living what we preach? Lately, I haven't, and this morning my Highest Self put me in check. Truth is all the positive affirmations, all the reading and studying about manifestation, all the higher vibration groups you are part of, all the meditation and healing activations you partake in, mean nothing if you’re not reflecting this knowledge and enlightenment into your day to day life. We have to find balance in walking the walk while in this human vehicle but operate it as a Supreme Being. It's hard, but it's time we face the truth and start practicing what we preach. There is no point in talking about spiritual awakenings, vibrating at a higher frequency, calling in abundance, when we aren't willing to project that in our daily life. Today, this message was a wake up call for me. I hope it is for you too. Let's start living what we preach. Join my private Facebook group, Luce Bianca Tribe, and share your feedback about today's episode. You can also find me at or email me at
Start your day with empowering affirmations that inspire you to have a wonderful, productive day. The way you start each morning can deeply affect the rest of your day.  To join my Luce Bianca Tribe's private Facebook group, click here. You can also join my newsletter here and find me on
Do you find it difficult to attract wealth? Are you sabotaging your ability to receive money? In this episode I cover many of the obstacles preventing us from truly receiving money, from early beliefs about wealth, to everyday tasks we engage in. You CAN shift your mind in a way that unlocks the portal to wealth and keep it wide open so that blessings pour in! I will also guide you through physical, concrete steps you can take so that the energy of money starts working in your favor. Thank you for your support and make sure to share this episode with friends. Find me in my FREE Facebook Private Group, Luce Bianca VIP Tribe for classes, inspiration, community and more! You can also find me on Facebook, Instagram, or email me with questions and episode requests at
Have you been trying to manifest something into your life but just aren't getting it right? Do you have no idea why your desire isn't materializing into the 3D world? There are a few detrimental mistakes we all make, at one point or another, that really dulls our manifestation power. Here are the major mistakes you need to avoid in order to get super clear on what you want, embody it, and manifest it! Check out my website: Download the FAST MANIFESTATION BEDTIME RECORDING  here. Never miss an update! Join my email list here. Connect with me on Facebook. Join my FREE VIP Facebook Group and be in my Tribe. Follow me on Instagram.
A recording from live chat in my Luce Bianca VIP Facebook group where we discuss personal experiences with a parental detachment, specifically with mothers, that caused trauma, or dysfunction while growing up. These issues continue to follow us through adulthood, and we can still feel the effect. It could be feelings of abandonment, rejection, overwhelm, and even anger. This episode reassures that we can re-mother ourselves and provide some of the nurturing and comfort we missed out on while growing up. To join my FREE VIP Luce Bianca FB group, visit here. To sign up to my email list, please click here. *All information and advice shared in this podcast is a personal narration of my own trauma and research. It does not replace medical and professional advice. If you are struggling with emotional or mental health, please consult a licensed professional.
Protecting your precious life force is the purest expression of self love. Do others energy drain you physically and emotionally? Do you need to set up boundaries to safeguard your precious energy? In this session you will be guided into creating an impenetrable energy field around you. This powerful sound healing, together with a special meditation I crafted just for you, is a transformational ritual that will help you set up maintain healthy energy boundaries. *This is a meditation session. Do not drive or operate any machinery during this session. **Not intended to replace medical advice. Love to you, friend. <3 Follow me: IG @Luce_Bianca_Magic FB: @LuceBiancaArt
Valentine's Day means celebrating the purest love of all: Self Love. Journey with me as I guide you through the release of anything that doesn't serve your Higher Self. Fall in love with yourself all over again...or maybe for the first time. Breathe in pure love, released self doubt. Listen to the healing frequencies and vibrations that speak to your heart and heal you from the inside. *This is a meditation session. Do not drive or operate any machinery during this session. **Not intended to replace medical advice. Love to you, friend. <3 Follow me: IG @Luce_Bianca_Magic FB: @LuceBiancaArt
Our ancestors were far more englightened than us. They relied on more than the five senses to navigate life. They knew about cyclical seasons and how to work with them; they convened with the stars and read their signs; they knew they were cocreators with the Universe. Those senses lie dormant within us, but the Earthis changing. It's time to ascend into 5D. Share your comments and questions on social media! Instagram: Facebook: I have a new website! You can also email me at
"To master your life, you have to do the work. You can't really, whole-heartedly succeed unless you're willing to open yourself up to the parts of you that aren't so pretty." What is Shadow Work? How can shining light on the dark shadows of your soul relieve you from bondage? This episode is raw and honest, meant for you to put in the work, with compassion and love, to become the best version of yourself. You can email me at: Facebook: Instagram: Intro music by: Bensound *This podcast is not a substitute for medical and professional help. If you are dealing with mental health, suicide thoughts, or depression it is best to seek professional help.
Is Magic REAL??!

Is Magic REAL??!


Is MAGIC REAL?! Have you ever wondered if only a selected few have "the gift"? Can anyone access psychic powers? Is magic something anyone can do? Tarot & Rune Reader and Spiritual Advisor Maxx Robert speaks bluntly and with passion about the truth behind magic, how to access it, and how to be one with it. Together we discover the basis for magic, how it relates to science, how to live magic as a lifestyle and more. Follow Maxx Robert on Facebook: Maxx Robert's House of Sekrets Luce Bianca on Facebook:
Are you feeling overwhelmed? Do you need a friend to "sit" with you and comfort you as you go through the waves of an anxiety attack? I'm here with you. Breathe. Listen to my words and know you're not alone. Let's ride this out together. Contact Tamara at Follow Luce Bianca on Facebook @Luce Bianca Art and Instagram @luce_bianca_magic Music by bensound
Hot topic alert: Why I'm giving you permission to explore different faith systems and make your own. Diving into my new Christo-Paganism path and how old, structural religious systems may not be serving your highest good. Do you feel guilty flirting with other beliefs? Have you been taught one truth but yet resonate with another? Stop. Go explore and become the highest version of yourself.
Welcome, beautiful soul. Did you need a sign? Need to become the highest spiritual being? Well, this is it. There is a universal truth you need to be aware of. Once you know it, everything will change for you. You weren't put on earth to survive. You're here to THRIVE.
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