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Stay current with the latest news on the settlement industry, nationwide litigation, trends in the legal and insurance industries and everything in between with Ringler Radio™, the award-winning podcast series from Ringler. Join our hosts Phil Krause and Matt Ross as they welcome accomplished professionals and discuss topics ranging from current noteworthy cases, Medicare Set-Asides, workers compensation, 468B trusts, long-term disabilities, mediation, structuring settlements in large and small litigation and much more. Ringler, the nation’s largest structured settlement company, has been producing Ringler Radio™ since 2005. With more than a decade of award-winning content, Ringler Radio™ is a part of Ringler’s unwavering commitment to leading the structured settlement industry with best-practice innovation, technology and education.
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With all that has happened in the financial markets in 2022 we invited Ringler's interim CEO Peter Jachym to share his thoughts around the macro-economic trends from 2022 expanding into 2023 and what that means to the various parties involved in a settlement.
What do you think of when you hear the phrase: Injured Worker Advocacy? In this episode, we sit down with George Townsend, President of the Workers Injury Law and Advocacy Group, and Partner at the law firm of Hammond Townsend in Virginia, as he shares his experience about what worker advocacy looks like and how both sides can work together to drive better results for each party.
In part II of our episode on Trends in Law Firms, we continue our conversation with attorney William Colarulo of Grungo Colarulo, and settlement consultant Simon Rossetter from Ringler. In this episode we discuss hiring trends, generational differences, and the evolution of law firm marketing strategy.To learn more about William Colarulo and his practice, visit his website at www.gcinjurylaw.comTo consult with Simon Rossetter on settlement solutions, email him at SRossetter@ringler learn more about the products and services that Ringler offers, visit us at
As with all industries, law firms need to stay abreast of trends in the industry to both market themselves and to continue to be relevant in the minds of their clients. To learn more about this, we invited attorney William Colarulo of the law office of Grungo Colarulo, and Ringler settlement consultant, Simon Rossetter to discuss the emerging trends in law firms and why they're so important to the future. The conversation was so extensive, that we divided the episode into 2 parts. This first episode centers the discussion on the growing need to address client experience and how culture in a firm is the driving force behind it.To learn more about William Colarulo and his practice, visit his website at www.gcinjurylaw.comTo consult with Simon Rossetter on settlement solutions, email him at SRossetter@ringler learn more about the products and services that Ringler offers, visit us at
In this episode, we take a deeper dive into Structured Installment Sales, what they are, and how best to use them.Our guest, Philippe Petit, Sales Director for Structured Settlements at MetLife, is responsible for managing and growing MetLife’s relationships with structured settlement brokers and has spent his entire professional career at MetLife, holding positions in MetLife’s Institutional Income Annuities business as a client relations account executive as well as MetLife’s Structured Settlements business as a senior sales consultant and as a new business consultant.If you'd like to learn more about Structured Installment Sales, you can visit MetLife's website at settlements, click HERE, or call MetLife directly at 1-800-638-0051 ext. 2. Or, for a more personalized approach, contact your local Ringler Consultant at
What would you do if a workplace injury left you with the difficult decision between either amputating both your hands and feet, or death? In this episode we hear a firsthand account of a nurse, Karen, who contracted a bacterial infection at work. At the end of her ordeal she was left as a quad amputee. During this incredible interview, Karen tells us about her injuries, but she also shares with us how her settlement consultant, Mike Zea, was a crucial ally in helping to negotiate her settlement and her financial future.Karen's story is both a cautionary tale and an inspiration as it relates to self-advocacy and trust. Mike Zea joins the interview to add details of the settlement process and their incredible relationship.If you find yourself inspired by Karen's story and would like to share it, Karen is available for speaking engagements. You can contact Karen via Facebook at Caring for Karen or email her directly at kannec19@gmail.comTo learn more about the services that Mike Zea and all of the Ringler Settlement Consultants offer, visit us online at
Settling cases doesn’t only extend to the injured parties. The attorneys who work to settle the cases are also burdened with financial concerns and responsibilities to their employees and to their firms. One way to manage the responsibility is for a lawyer to defer their attorney fees so that their money can work for them now and into the future.To talk about attorney fee deferral options, we welcome Boston Trial Attorney, Hector Zumbado and Ringler Settlement Consultant Peter Early.To learn more about Hector Zumbado and his practice, visit his website at consult with Peter Early on settlement solutions, email him at PEarly@ringler learn more about attorney fee deferral options, to contact a Ringler consultant, or to learn more about the products and services that Ringler offers, visit us at
Building on our conversation from a previous episode, we welcome Mediator Rachel Ehrlich to the podcast to take a deeper dive into the psychology behind mediations and ways to set goals and intentions that create a meaningful outcome.If you're in need of a mediator and would like to contact Rachel Ehrlich, you can send an inquiry email to you need help with settlement options for a case and would like to contact a Ringler consultant, or to learn more about the products and services that Ringler offers, visit us at
When it comes to Medicare Set Asides the goal is to ensure that the interests of Medicare are appropriately considered. When denials occur, it's difficult to understand how the decision was made and what to do about it. In this episode, we welcome our partners at Ametros to discuss their recent white paper which addresses the reality of Medicare denials. Our conversation is informed by Ametros Vice President of Strategy, John Kane, who brings over 30 years of experience and an extensive background in Medicare Secondary Payer compliance, as well as Ametros Senior Strategic Account Executive, Jayson Gallant, the author of the white paper.To Learn More About Ametros: www.ametros.comTo Connect With our Guests:LinkedIn: John Kane                      Jayson GallantTo Learn More About Ringler:Ringler Website: www.ringlerassociates.comRingler Social Media:                     Ringler Radio                     LinkedIn                     Facebook                     Instagram                     YouTube
Mediations are a crucial step in the settlement process and a successful mediation can often provide a "win" for everyone involved. In this episode, we welcome Ron Bankston, a veteran mediator with over 20 years of mediation experience, and Bob Caples, a settlement consultant with Ringler who, over the course of his 25-year career has used his objective and holistic approach to settlement planning to build a nationwide client base comprised of both plaintiff and defense-oriented clientele.To learn more about Ron Bankston's mediation services, visit To discuss a case with Bob Caples or to find a settlement consultant near you, visit
In this episode we talk with Eric Vaughn, Executive Director and lobbyist for the National Structured Settlement Trade Association about trends in the industry and what to watch for in the upcoming year.If you'd like to learn more about the work that Mr. Vaughn and the National Structured Settlement Trade Association are doing, or if you'd like to get involved, visit
A Look to the Future

A Look to the Future


In this episode we take some time to chat with Jarrod Zea and Alexa Zen, two up-and-coming Settlement Consultants about the future of the industry as informed by the past.  If you'd like to learn more about the work that Ms. Zen and Mr. Zea do, you can find their bio page and contact them directly at
As one of the most common tools in settlement planning, Medicare is often misunderstood. In part 1 of this 2-part episode, we take a look at how Medicare came to be and how it can impact a settlement plan. Ringler Radio welcomes Greg Bashaw, President of CP Resolutions, a company that focuses specifically on CMS and how to navigate its nuances and intricacies appropriately.To learn more about the services that CP Resolutions offers, visit or contact your Ringler Settlement Consultant at
In this episode we interview Jeanette Hernandez, Chief Business Development Officer at Ringler.  Ms. Hernandez discusses how being able to present and speak to fact-based data will becoming increasingly important in the future of the industry. Our hosts will uncover insights Ms. Hernandez has found to work by using actionable data which inevitably drives better business decisions.Jeanette Hernandez recently sat on a panel for the Claims and Litigation Management Alliance which also discussed how data will drive future business decisions. If you'd like to learn more about this topic, you can register and watch the panel webinar, Emerging Trends in Claims Resolution Processes, by clicking  HERE.
Our hosts discuss how a settlement consultant can do more than assist with getting cases to settlement. Who your settlement consultant knows throughout the industry and the types of people they work with can help in growing a professional network that works beyond the current case. Growing professionally takes networking and contacts which is something that a settlement consultant has a wealth of.To learn more about settlement consultants in your area, please visit
In this episode we interview Hyram Montero, a plaintiff attorney and mediator located in Fort Lauderdale, FL.  We discuss Hyram's experience with settlement consultants and their current role as part of his overall settlement strategy. We take a look at the evolution of the settlement industry over the course of his 40-year career and how settlement consultants have grown to be a valuable tool in his cases. To get in touch with Hyram Montero, visit
Our hosts interview Jason Schechterle, who used a structured settlement after his case against Ford Motor Company to create a new life for himself and his family. After suffering extreme burns to over 40% of his body, his structured settlement gave him the freedom to focus on his recovery knowing that his financial future was safe for himself and his loved ones.To learn more about Jason's story, to purchase a copy of his book Burning Shield, or to book him as a speaker, please visit his website at
Phil and Matt talk with Ringler Settlement Consultants, Bill Wright and Manny Valdez to learn more about what a Settlement Consultant does and how they bring value to the cases they work with.To learn more about Ringler or to find a settlement consultant, visit
Welcome Back!

Welcome Back!


After a brief hiatus, we're back with new hosts and a refreshed platform! Tune in to learn more about what we have planned for 2021. To learn more about Ringler or to contact a settlement consultant, visit
Employees deemed ‘essential’ are still heading into work during the coronavirus pandemic, often risking their lives. On Ringler Radio, host Larry Cohen talks with workers compensation attorney Alan S. Pierce, from Pierce, Pierce & Napolitano, about possible litigation stemming from the pandemic and what employment safety standards should be in place.Visit Ringler to contact a consultant in your area about structured settlements.
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