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Ringler Radio - Structured Settlements and Legal Topics
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Ringler Radio - Structured Settlements and Legal Topics

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Stay current with the latest news on the settlement industry, nationwide litigation, trends in the legal and insurance industries and everything in between with Ringler Radio™, the award-winning podcast series from Ringler. Join our hosts Phil Krause and Matt Ross as they welcome accomplished professionals and discuss topics ranging from current noteworthy cases, Medicare Set-Asides, workers compensation, 468B trusts, long-term disabilities, mediation, structuring settlements in large and small litigation and much more. Ringler, the nation’s largest structured settlement company, has been producing Ringler Radio™ since 2005. With more than a decade of award-winning content, Ringler Radio™ is a part of Ringler’s unwavering commitment to leading the structured settlement industry with best-practice innovation, technology and education.
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In this episode, our guest, Brian Farrell, a Ringler Settlement Consultant and Chairman of the Ringler Board of Directors, explains the complexities of creating a settlement solution that addresses the clients wants as well as their needs. He provides examples of pitfalls to avoid and good decision-making techniques to use.To learn more about the Brian Farrell and the services that both he and the other Ringler Settlement Consultants offer, visit
Our guest, Ryan Jandreau, Vice President of Product and Relationship Management at Prudential discusses Prudential's new product: Income Advantage. In this episode, we take a deep dive into the product and uncover how it works, the value it brings to settlement plans, who benefits from using it.Prudential is a long-time supporter of Ringler and structured settlements. For more information on Prudential and Income Advantage, as well as important disclosures, please visit
In this episode, our guest, Leif Lundberg from JurisPrudent Deferral Solutions, explains his company's unique solutions for attorney fee deferrals, how they can be used creatively, and recent success stories.To learn more about the JurisPrudent and the services they offer, visit see if this type of solution is right for you, contact your Ringler consultant at
Our guest, Johnny Meyer from Ametros, breaks down how Ametros helps injured workers manage future medical funds, save money, and live worry-free. Ametros was founded with the vision of making healthcare easy for injured individuals and anyone that is paying for their medical needs out-of-pocket.Their mission is to help those individuals save money on their ongoing medical expenses, and to help them save time from dealing with the hassle of the complex healthcare system. Ametros' pr...
Our guest, Morgan Christiansen, VP of Distribution for the Pinnacle Group. He discusses the various insurance solutions that should be considered when settling a case.
In this episode, our guest, Greg Bashaw, from CP Resolutions breaks down the ins and outs of Future Medical Cost Projections and discusses why they should be considered for every claim.If you'd like to learn more about Greg Bashaw and the work that CP Resolutions does, please visit their website at
On October 11, 2023, Medicare announced updates to the Medicare Civil Money Penalties which sent everyone into a state of shock. Our guest, Greg Bashaw, from CP Resolutions breaks down what occurred and helps us make sense of what the penalties are and what effect they'll have going forward.If you'd like to learn more about Greg Bashaw or CP Resolutions, please visit their website at
Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!


Host, Matt Ross, gives a preview of what to expect from Ringler and from the structured settlement industry in 2024.
Ringler Radio welcomes back Ringler Vice Chairman, Peter Jachym, to shed light on how the industry faired in 2023 and what we might have to look forward to in 2024.
In this throwback episode, our hosts interview Jason Schechterle, who used a structured settlement after his case against Ford Motor Company to create a new life for himself and his family. After suffering extreme burns to over 40% of his body, his structured settlement gave him the freedom to focus on his recovery knowing that his financial future was safe for himself and his loved ones.To learn more about Jason's story, to purchase a copy of his book Burning Shield, or to book him as a spea...
With the workforce in turmoil over the past few years, there are organizations that are gaining strength by supporting career building, networking, and collaboration. In the insurance industry, RISE Professionals is one of those organizations that's making some big waves. In this episode, we talk with Amy Cooper, founder of RISE, and Jarrod Zea, a member of the RISE Strategic Planning Board and a structured settlement consultant with Ringler, about how RISE is addressing the talent gap in the...
Ringler Consultant, Jeffrey Klugerman, tells stories of past settlement outcomes -- the good and the unfortunate -- to illustrate the benefits of engaging a settlement consultant and learning about all the settlement options available.To learn more about Jeffrey Klugerman and the services he provides, or to contact him directly, go to To find a Ringler Settlement Consultant in your area, go to
When a general advice legal memorandum, also known as a GLAM, was issued in December addressing attorney fee structures, the industry took a collective gasp. It took some deep research to unravel the meaning of the GLAM, but our conversation with legal tax expert, Matt Meltzer from the law firm of Flaster Greenberg, helps sort it all out.
Join Matt Ross as he talks with Ringler Settlement Consultant, Chris Chan, and attorney, Brit Karp from the law firm of Alexander, Morrison & Fehr about using structured settlements in employment disputes.Learn more about Brit Karp here: more about Chris Chan here: Ringler: Ringler is the largest settlement planning company in the United States with over 250 professionals in mo...
With concerns about inflation mounting, the Growth Structured Settlement offered by Assura Trust offer a complement to the basic structured settlement annuities that the industry has grown to trust. On today's episode, we welcome Susan Bowersox, Vice President of Business Development for Assura Trust, and a long-time structured settlement insider. She walks us through what Assura Trust has to offer and how the GSS, Growth Structured Settlement, works.
Ringler Radio host, Matt Ross, visits with lobbyist Towner French on legislation being discussed on Capitol Hill that could effect the settlement industry.Towner French is a lobbyist with the law firm of Cozen O'Conner where he advises clients on a broad spectrum of legislative issues. His extensive knowledge of the legislative process helps him to further legislative strategies and goals. As part of that mission, he was integral in helping to pass the ABLE Act, a bill promoting self-re...
A Defense Perspective

A Defense Perspective


Ringler Settlement Consultant, John Muir, talks with our host, Matt Ross, about settling cases on the defense side. He goes in-depth to unveil the detailed work that a claims adjuster does and the responsibility they shoulder when settling a claim. This episode is a fascinating look behind the curtain to reveal the stresses and the amount of work that is done in order for a claim to settle well.
Ringler Radio welcomes attorney and structured settlement recipient, Dylan Clewis, to discuss his perspectives on the settlement process from the perspective of an injured person who received a structured settlement himself, a former plaintiff attorney representing injured parties, and a current defense attorney representing the other side. Mr. Clewis helps pull all the different viewpoints together for a singular look at the settlement process, what can be improved, and what he does in...
With all that has happened in the financial markets in 2022 we invited Ringler's interim CEO Peter Jachym to share his thoughts around the macro-economic trends from 2022 expanding into 2023 and what that means to the various parties involved in a settlement.
What do you think of when you hear the phrase: Injured Worker Advocacy? In this episode, we sit down with George Townsend, President of the Workers Injury Law and Advocacy Group, and Partner at the law firm of Hammond Townsend in Virginia, as he shares his experience about what worker advocacy looks like and how both sides can work together to drive better results for each party.