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Positivity with Haleigh Marie

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In a world full of tough times and negativity, a moment to focus on the good things can be an amazing relief. Join Haleigh Marie weekdays for your daily dose of positivity!
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Haleigh has a brand new weekly challenge for you!
Do you find it hard to ask for help? Maybe you'd prefer to take on the mental load at work or at home (or both) before you would DARE ask someone else for help. In today's episode, Haleigh goes over an affirmation that you need to hear!
Haleigh goes over the "how-to" guide of stopping your people-pleasing habits.
I apologize for the episode repeat! New content on the way, Monday! If someone says, "you've changed." you have actually received one of the best compliments EVER. Haleigh explains why in today's episode! 
Are you the kind of person that internalizes every emotion other than happiness? Maybe you were raised in that sense...or maybe you just don't understand what your emotions are really there for. Haleigh goes over the "survival guide to understanding your emotions."
It can be difficult not to take criticism of any kind, personally. If you tend to take things to heart, Haleigh gives some advice on how to look at criticism as a positive thing!
You know the drill, go listen to part 1 if you haven't already! 
Self-care is necessary for us, however, more often than not we feel like there are  some negative affects to putting ourselves first. Haleigh goes over some of the "hard truths" about self-care!
part two of "questions to call yourself out on"
It's never fun to look at ourselves and call ourselves out on the things we know we shouldn't be doing...but it's something we all need to do. This episode is part 1 of "questions to call yourself out on."
Haleigh shows you how to discover what your "self-love language" is and how you can use it as a way to love yourself better!
Do you catch yourself apologizing for EVERYTHING? Maybe you even apologize for things that are out of your control? Haleigh Has a game-changing tip that'll help you stop apologizing when you don't need to. 
Haleigh goes over 7 types of negativity you need to focus on getting rid of this week!
There's a 99% chance you have spread toxic positivity to others without even realizing it...and you may even find out you're a victim of it, too. Haleigh talks about what "toxic positivity" is and what we can do to change it!
Haleigh goes over the "Four Agreements" that you can start implementing in your life, today, and help completely transform it!
Anger. it happens to all of us, it's one of our prime emotions...but it's not a bad thing. Haleigh talks about "righteous anger" and how it can be used as a tool to better yourself and those around you!
Everyone processes bad days differently. Instead of immediately offering solutions to someone's "bad day", Haleigh tells you what you SHOULD be asking them, instead. 
Haleigh goes over 7 days of self care that YOU need to try!
This is part two...go listen to part one BEFORE you listen to today's episode!
If you hate confrontation as much as I do, I truly hope today and tomorrow's episode will help you navigate those difficult conversations!
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