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We break down the FINAL 2022 Ontario provincial debate. Despite a very strong performance by the Green Party Leader, the real winner may be Doug Ford simply because he didn't actively screw up.  Is there anything that can stop a blue majority? 
Ontario election!!We talk about racist attacks on Jagmeet Singh and how Ontario is failing people with disabilities and ODSP recipients. NO ONE is doing the right thing here!?We also talk about more Doug Ford scandals and what the NDP needs to do to make an impact in this election. 
We talk about the fallout of the United States Supreme Court gutting Roe v. Wade, which could see abortion banned in much o the country. We discussion that this means for abortion and women's rights in Canada.Here are some organizations you can support in Canada.
Christo and Andy discuss the need for a coalition to stop Doug Ford and if that will happen. We also talk about the Ontario NDP platform and what it means for workers, we also answer your questions! Drop a question here or at
The housing market is broken in Canada, but politicians don't want to fix it because they and their donors benefit from the status quo. The solution as always is socialism.Find out if your MP or MPP is a Landlord!
SHOW 52! We've being doing for a year, to celebrate this occasion we got COVID! Protect yourself out there. We talk about Doug Ford committing social murder by protecting private schools over poor people. We also talk about the need for Singh and Horwath to get angry, and the good and bad about the federal budget.To join our little community head to
This week Christo and Andy talk about Doug Ford's destruction of Ontario, and how Andrea Horwath and the Ontario NDP are offering a bold mental healthcare plan. We also praise the Amazon union win, and what it might mean for Canada. To join our little community head to
We talk about Pierre Poilievre being a total nutjob, how the rest of the Conservative field isn't catching up to him, and the continued response to the Liberal NDP deal of Jagmeet Singh and Justin Trudeau
DISCLAIMER! Andy’s audio was messed up and WILL be fixed for next week. Bear with us. Christo and Andy Break down the Liberal-NDP supply and Confidence deal (not a coalition), and how it offers hope for the left and progressives, but with major question marks for Jagmeet Singh and Justin Trudeau going forward.To join our little community head to
It's been a year since we started the show! So we decided to invite our first guest back! NDP MP Niki Ashton joins Christo and Andy to talk about War and peace in Ukraine, as well as her new bill to fight climate change with socialism and public ownership.To join our little community head to
Canadians are united in opposing Russia's War in Ukraine, while at home Doug Ford's Conservatives are in trouble as top cabinet minister are quitting politics. We also talk the Conservative leadership race and if Poilievre is unbeatable.To join our little community head to
We talk about Canada's response to the Russia Invasion of Ukraine. We also discuss Chrystia Freeland standing with a Fascist symbol, and how the media has been super racist in covering refugees fleeing Ukraine.
This week, we talk about the Emergencies Act passing, the leadership of Jagmeet Singh and the NDP during this crisis, How Trudeau's failures led to this moment, and how Canada is inching towards war in Russia and Ukraine. To join our little community head to
Should Canada's left and the NDP support Justin Trudeau's Emergencies Act? We talk about that, and whether or not the Trucker Freedom Convoy has won, or if they simply got Canadians angry at them?To join our little community head to
This week on, Left, Turn Canada, the trucker freedom convoy in Ottawa does not represent workers, and is actually anti-worker. This is why the left in Canada opposes it, and why it is supported by Conservatives. We talk about the NDP and Jagmeet Singh showing leadership, Trudeau being silent, and Pierre Poilievre being the likely Conservative leaderTo join our little community head to
This week on Left, Turn Canada, Andy + Christo dive into the nationwide anti-mandate protests that have seen thousands of whiny little babies falsely represent an industry, and pretend to be a labour movement. Plus! Conservative leader Erin O’Toole has been stabbed in the back by at least 35 MP’s and could lose his spot atop the throne. Who could be his replacement and would be even more reactionary and evil? To join our little community head to
Tonight we talk about the NDP's less than ideal support for War in Ukraine. We also talk about encouraging Ontario Polling, and the hypocrisy of the Bell Let's Talk campaign! To join our little community head to
Christo and Andy Talk about Doug Ford shovelling in a desperate attempt to cover up his failures; we talk about Ontario Polling, and we look at Quebec taxing the unvaccinated!To join our little community head to
This week we talk about Jordan Peterson's whiny BS, the continued COVID failures of Doug Ford, Justin Trudeau being a coward over the Emergencies act, and how the Left should balance individual and systemic COVID discussions.To join our little community head to
This week on Left Turn, Canada. We talked about Doug Ford failing during the current COVID Omicron wage. We also discuss Hustle culture and how all levels of government are failing Canadian families! Who else REALLY despises this hustle culture trend? To join our little community head to
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Cindy Bachynski

The correct answer here is fuck no! Only a Nazi sympathizer would agree with this bullshit!

Feb 16th

Cindy Bachynski

Not everyone needs to be vaccinated. Some people have natural immunity which is better than vaccination. There is no real risk from unvaccinated people because everyone can still spread the virus, vaccinated or not. The vaccine passports are being pushed by the World Health Organization. WHO, 2 years into the pandemic, still hasn't done any real research into natural immunity. I will be fighting the vaccine mandates through the Human Rights Commission. People can take personal steps to protect themselves from Covid but unvaccinated people shouldn't be forced out of society. EVERYONE still spreads the virus but ONLY unvaccinated people can't attend events or eat in restaurants. It doesn't make any sense, the vaccine is only 40-60% effective and limits YOUR symptoms if you get covid. You can take your Nazi-style vaccinated/unvaccinated lists and shove them somewhere unpleasant. Bill C-21 prevents people from taking part in society? Sounds like the same thing you are promoting for unvaccinated people for a virus that is a pandemic now but will eventually become an endemic, as common as a cold/flu. Man people are hypocrites especially when it comes to politics.

Oct 11th

Cindy Bachynski

The election before this I did phone banking for an NDP candidate. The NDP is no longer a party I can support. The vaccine mandates & passports and their support for Bills C-10 & C-36 were absolutely against my beliefs. The Conservatives were the only major party not supporting the censorship Bills, but they supported vaccine mandates. The only party that didn't support vaccine mandates was the PPC. I didn't vote but I still believe that the government should NOT be able to force me to take a vaccine that was created in 2020 and has no long-term research into the side effects in humans.

Oct 11th
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