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Author: Andy Borkowski & Christo Aivalis

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A new Canadian Politics podcast hosted by Christo Aivalis and Andy Borkowski. This weekly show aims to bring a left perspective to Canadian politics, media, economics, and culture that is far too lacking within mainstream print, audio, and visual media. Christo and Andy bring years of experience in both traditional and new media. Combining these experiences, along with a shared disdain with Canada’s capitalist status quo, this podcast is a must-listen for anyone who wants a Canada based on justice and dignity for all. Andy Borkowski is the Host of Video Game Sophistry, a video game commentary channel with over 250,000 subscribers. He has also worked as a news anchor and reporter at some of Canada’s largest and most popular AM Radio stations for 10 years. Christo Aivalis hosts his own show on YouTube, and is a frequent contributor to sources like Canadian Dimension, Passage, Maclean’s, Washington Post, Globe and Mail, and many others. He holds a PhD in History from Queen’s University, and has been doing political commentary for nearly a decade. Contact us at
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On this episode, we discuss Olivia Chow on the cusp of becoming Mayor of Toronto, and how the right-wing media is freaking out over it!We also discuss other candidates and the value of strong mayor powers. Is Chow the anti-ford?
We are BACK and starting an updated regular schedule! This week we discuss Canada being on fire as wildfires rage across eastern Canada and affect millions in Ontario, Quebec, and New York. We also discuss the Alberta NDP loss to Danielle Smith, and what it all means.
We are BACK folks! Thank you so much for your patience and consideration. We talk about Galen Weston wanting Canadians to starve, how capitalism drives this, and how Jagmeet Singh and the NDP are pushing back. We also discuss Doug Ford and his continued attack on Public Universal Healthcare in Ontario.
Canada had a tough 2022. Christo and Andy examine the year to try and figure out exactly what were the highest highs and the lowest lows. We deeply want to thank all of you for your support in 2022. Let's see how bad it gets in 2023 shall we?
We talk about Ontario NDP leader Marit Stiles and how she can defeat PC leader Doug Ford, but also how the ONDP lost a lot by not having a leadership contest.
Today we talk with Dmitri  Lascaris about the failures of the Green Party of Canada, and how to build an ecosocialist Canada stronger than the Greens or NDP on the issue.
Today we discuss Doug Ford trampling the rights of CUPE educational workers, who will be striking on Friday. We also discuss the NDP's role in standing up for workers and the value of a General StrikeTo Find a place to picket - click here
We talk about Ontario municipal elections and how people have been driven toward apathy, and we also discuss  Anjali Appadurai  being disqualified from the BC NDP leadership race, and what that says about the party.To join our little community head to
Is Alberta F**ked?

Is Alberta F**ked?


We talk about Alberta in Trouble after Danielle Smith is chosen as premier, how Quebec Solidaire can improve results in Quebec, and how the BC NDP is being an embarrassment.
We talk about Pierre Poilievre hanging out with the far right, as well as his chances of winning. We also talk the NDP being attacked over Israel policy, and Marit Stiles entering the Ontario NDP leadership race!
We discuss how Pierre Poilievre is a major danger to Canada and we also discuss the need to abolish the monarchy after Queen Elizabeth's death.  We also welcome NDP MP Bonita Zarillo to discuss the need for better policies helping people with disabilities.
Tonight we talk about Joe Biden cancelling student loan debt, and how Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh must do the sameWe also discuss the continued attacks on Keffals and Pierre Poilievre's continues ties with the far rightHelp Keffals join our little community head to
Today we talk about how the CTV screwed Lisa LaFlamme and treated her very differently than past male colleagues. We also discuss the role of national media and the need for a national anchor. 
Tonight we talk about Jagmeet Singh defending the Liberal-NDP deal to provide dentalcare to Canadians. We also discuss Keffals suffering a transphobic attack and disrespect by London police. Finally, we talk about efforts of workers to Organize Amazon in Montreal.To join our little community head to
WE ARE BACK! We discuss pope Francis calling Canada's treatment of Indigenous people genocide. We also discuss the Bank of Canada demanding employers crush workers to lower their wages! To join our little community head to
We demand the nationalization of Rogers  and other telecom companies to build a just Canada. We also hammer The Weston family for driving up food prices, and celebrate the unionization of Starbucks in Canada. Finally we discuss the NDP needing to push socialism and Joel Harden not running for Ontario NDP leadership.To join our little community head to
We talk about Jordan Peterson and Pierre Poilievre embracing the far right and attacking trans people   We also discuss the chances of conservatives victoryTo join our little community head to
John Horgan is stepping down as BC NDP leader and BC Premier, and we talk about his failures to build a progressive province. We also discuss the leadership race and ensuring safe abortion access in CanadaTo join our little community head to
Christo and Andy talk about Marco Muzzo's actions costing another life, how Chrystia Freeland may be worse than Justin Trudeau, and how Pierre Poilievre has gone full crazy.To join our little community head to
This week on Left Turn Canada, Andy and Chris are joined by Washington Post writer David Moscrop who famously wrote over a year ago that DOUG FORD SHOULD RESIGN! We now know he has a commanding victory in Ontario but the REAL question is, what does the NDP need to do to win? Get angry. Follow David - join our little community head to
Comments (3)

Cindy Bachynski

The correct answer here is fuck no! Only a Nazi sympathizer would agree with this bullshit!

Feb 16th

Cindy Bachynski

Not everyone needs to be vaccinated. Some people have natural immunity which is better than vaccination. There is no real risk from unvaccinated people because everyone can still spread the virus, vaccinated or not. The vaccine passports are being pushed by the World Health Organization. WHO, 2 years into the pandemic, still hasn't done any real research into natural immunity. I will be fighting the vaccine mandates through the Human Rights Commission. People can take personal steps to protect themselves from Covid but unvaccinated people shouldn't be forced out of society. EVERYONE still spreads the virus but ONLY unvaccinated people can't attend events or eat in restaurants. It doesn't make any sense, the vaccine is only 40-60% effective and limits YOUR symptoms if you get covid. You can take your Nazi-style vaccinated/unvaccinated lists and shove them somewhere unpleasant. Bill C-21 prevents people from taking part in society? Sounds like the same thing you are promoting fo

Oct 11th

Cindy Bachynski

The election before this I did phone banking for an NDP candidate. The NDP is no longer a party I can support. The vaccine mandates & passports and their support for Bills C-10 & C-36 were absolutely against my beliefs. The Conservatives were the only major party not supporting the censorship Bills, but they supported vaccine mandates. The only party that didn't support vaccine mandates was the PPC. I didn't vote but I still believe that the government should NOT be able to force me to take a vaccine that was created in 2020 and has no long-term research into the side effects in humans.

Oct 11th
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