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Welcome back to another episode of the Rainmaker Family Show! Earlier this year, we worked ahead as much as we could in our business and recorded a few episodes before the birth of our second son. Now that baby Oliver is here, we are back in the studio and recording new episodes! If you have kids of your own, you know how quickly things can change. That’s why we wanted to take a couple of episodes and give you some life updates! If you are new here and are looking for money-making and passive income tips, feel free to skip this episode and dive into other shows like: 20. First Steps To Unlocking Time Freedom For Your Family 47. Bradley Sutton | How I Went From Sleeping in a Car To Making My First Dollar Online (and how you can too) 33: How To Create Abundant Money Miracles on Facebook Marketplace Through Dropshipping with Randen Kovacevic 10. Creative Cash Creation - 5 Practical Ways To Create Wealth NOW 51. Nathan Hirsch | How He Turned $5000 into 12 Million & The Scaling Systems That Positioned His Business To Sell And more!!! If you missed last week, we shared the fantastic story of Oliver Wave’s birth. If you missed it, go check that one out first! It will give you more context and behind-the-scenes info about our pregnancy, delivery, and everything leading up to today’s story. Only three short weeks after Ollie was born,  It all started when Chelsey noticed Ollie looked a little "blue," so we took him to urgent care. The Doctor came in and recommended we get him monitored at the hospital as soon as possible. From there, things started to move fast. The Doctors and Nurses started poking him and hooking him up to stuff. He was a champ the whole time, but for us, it was hard to watch. What we thought was not very serious turned very serious quickly. Our baby's breaths began to get labored, and every once in a while, you would notice he would totally stop. Ten seconds for newborns is normal,  but he'd go 20 or 30 seconds sometimes…while we all would try to wake him. This is what led the Doctor to decide that he needed to be airlifted to a hospital in Sacramento. Chelsey gets in an ambulance to head to the airport, and Stephen gets in the car and speeds the hour and a half drive to the hospital while she flies overhead. Hit play to hear what happens next! It was a wild 3-day roller coaster, but we were super thankful we trusted Chelsey's mamma’s intuition and took Oliver in when we did. Disclaimer: Ollie is totally happy and healthy now, and we are all taking proactive steps towards healing. We try to be as open and honest about our journey as possible. Thanks for letting us do life with you and catch you up on a few stories! In the next episode, we will be talking with our friend Mike who can help you leverage your brand and reach the right people! In the meantime, check out the links below for more free resources! More Of What We Talk About: Trusting your intuition as a parent Advocating for your kids The power of prayer in hard times Appreciation to everyone who reached out Tips for healing from traumatic events Positive affirmations and declarations over Ollie Why we love living life with you Learning how to leave the pain behind A few of the lessons we learned And Much More!    Connect with us: The Rainmaker Challenge: ► Subscribe To Our YouTube Channel: ► Website: ► Facebook: ► Instagram: ► Get Free Stuff On Amazon: Episode: minute by minute  00:36 The story of baby Ollie’s hospital scare 02:54 When Chelsey knew something wasn’t right 08:32 How things started to escalate quickly 19:38 When Ollie got airlifted to a new hospital 26:42 How we used intentional prayer to see breakthrough 29:44 When things began to change for the better 33:13 How Chelsey processed traumatic moments 37:26 Western vs. Eastern Medical Care: you can have the best of both worlds 39:33 Being proactive about healing wounds
Disclaimer From Chelsey: In sharing stories like this, it can be easy to compare one’s experience to your own. I found during pregnancy, I constantly was tempted to fall into the comparison trap. Is it okay if we NOT do that today? Is it okay if we all just leave comparison at the door before listening to this show?  My heart is that in sharing this story, I can be an encouragement to all moms and future moms alike. There are a lot of traumatic and horror stories out there..and spoiler alert: this is not one of them. If that sounds good, hit play now! I find it an honor anytime I can share my journey and help future moms know that birth is not scary. With that said, nothing in this episode is medical advice. How you respond in your heart and actions to this episode is on you. Stephen and I do things differently than the norm. (But isn’t that why you like us? LOL!) We also want to be as open and honest with you as we possibly can. So, thanks in advance for letting us be vulnerable with you!  Okay, back to the show notes! Welcome back to another episode of the Rainmaker Family Show! Today, Stephen and I share the before, during, and after events of sweet baby Ollie's birth. On March 6th, 2022, we started a new chapter in our lives as a family of four. After years of investing our time and money in pregnancy/birth knowledge, I had clear goals and a vision of what I wanted out of this birth for myself and for Oliver. That’s why the events leading up to the birth felt so out of control. From Stephen being all the way in Mexico to a high-blood pressure/preeclampsia scare. There were a lot of opportunities for us to give in to fear and uncertainty.  Hear how we pushed past the negative voices and medical scare tactics, how we used research skills to find the right answers and peace, why Stephen was yelling and cutting lines at the San Francisco Airport, how God undeniably proved his faithfulness, and so much more. This is definitely a podcast family-style show, so if you’re new here, please feel free to dive into some of our previous episodes if you’re looking for passive income and money-making opportunities! But hey…If you want to stick around, this “we first met story” will be funny one day, right?  PS: To see more pictures of Ollie, behind-the-scenes content of the Rainmaker Family, and tips every Mompreneur needs to know, head to Instagram to connect! Links below to find our official account.  More Of What We Talk About: How Stephen overcame his introverted side How Chelsey prepared for baby #2 Why you should invest in your birthing knowledge Taking back control of your medical care A traumatic event in Stephen's Childhood When Kaizen became a big brother Teasers of future episodes we have for you! Chelsey’s favorite resources on this topic Listening to your body and obeying And Much More!    RESOURCES:  Links: Kaizen’s Birth Story Evidence-Based Birth Ina Mays Guide To Childbirth Pain-Free Childbirth (amazing course!) Karen’s IG (lots of free resources if a course isn’t your thing) Connect with us: The Rainmaker Challenge: ► Subscribe To Our YouTube Channel: ► Website: ► Facebook: ► Instagram: ► Get Free Stuff On Amazon: Episode: minute by minute  0:02 The back story behind our birth experience 4:00 We have so much to catch up on!  4:54 Let’s start this story in Mexico 6:00 The moment that challenges Stephen’s introverted side 11:50 Birth is a physiological experience  16:53 The call that made Chelsey start preparing for birth 18:33 Trusting your body and yourself (even over professionals) 21:45 Making decisions in power and not fear 24:09 How Chelsey faced her fears in the unknown 31:58 Why we believe in the power of names 41:59 Sometimes, you have to take a step before confirmation 44:02 When Stephen and Chelsey checked into the hospital   54:40 Optimal birthing positions and doing what’s best for you  1:09:00 Our biggest takeaways from the experience 1:14:00 How to learn more about Chelsey’s birthing mindset
What would your life look like if you were 10X bolder?  Would you finally start that business? Write that book? End that relationship? Launch your new product? Travel abroad? Or maybe, being 10X bolder just means that you could believe in yourself again.  The fact is, fear shows up in different ways for all of us but the one thing that remains the same is fear will always hold us back.  It takes boldness to create the life of your dreams and break out of the mold. In this episode, we chat with someone who has been committed to being a student of boldness and decided to put the voice of fear on mute and see what happens. Welcome back to the Rainmaker Family Show! Today we want to introduce you to the one and only Nora McIntosh. One day, Nora was scrolling on YouTube and stumbled on a video from a speaker she follows. “What would you do if you were ten times bolder? If you're doing anything other than that, then fear has diminished you.” The speaker said. Those words struck a chord within Nora and now she is on a mission to help others live bolder and finally break fear off of their lives. Hit play to hear the practical things Nora did to start being more brave, how she started this incredible journey, and all the lessons she has picked up along the way.  We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did! During the recording, we decided we needed to write the words “10X Bolder” on our mirror as a reminder of this powerful conversation. If Nora’s story inspires you, let us know how you plan to take action! Reach out to us on Instagram. Links and more resources are below! When you hit play, you’ll get the scoop on: How you can start living boldly today What it’s like when fear runs the show The road trip that unlocked a dream How every season has a lesson How Stephen overcame the fear of looking stupid  The importance of The growth mindset How this mindset can unlock other's boldness Powerful questions to ask anyone you meet When Chelsey decided to take a risk and travel And Much More!    RESOURCES: Guest Links:   Connect with us: The Rainmaker Challenge: ► Subscribe To Our YouTube Channel: ► Website: ► Facebook: ► Instagram: ► Get Free Stuff On Amazon: Episode: minute by minute  0:37 What if you were 10X bolder? 1:24 Where Nora’s 10X bolder journey started   2:40 How many actions would you take if you weren’t afraid? 4:44 Being intentional about breaking fear off your life 6:42 What always held Nora back 9:16 Embracing the fear and going for it 10:46 Dealing with imposter syndrome  14:08 How Stephen broke the fear of looking dumb 17:22 Nora’s epic road trip 22:00 The power of genuine conversation 25:45 What Nora is dreaming about today
The day is done and It’s time to hang out with the family! But…it’s kind of been a long day…and after a long day scrolling through videos on your phone sounds like a good decompressor…and maybe if you just worked a little longer you could get ahead on a few things. As busy entrepreneurs and parents, we all have experienced similar situations and thoughts like this. It can be easy to feel overwhelmed or like you are split between two worlds when you are trying to juggle it all. If you and your family have found yourself in a season where building your business and your family are the main priorities, then this episode is going to be a game-changer for you! Welcome back to another episode of the Rainmaker Family show! In today’s episode, we talk with Real Estate and Marriage experts Joe and Shelby Seeley. This all-around power couple fell in love when they were just teenagers and found themselves on an incredible journey of life, entrepreneurialism, and raising powerful kids.  Throughout their journey, they have had many seasons where Joe and his dreams would take center stage, then they would switch gears and Shelby would start focusing on her goals and dreams. Other times they found themselves working together. The one thing that remained constant throughout their story, is they stayed in unity and communicated 100%. Listen in to hear how they did it and how you can show up more powerfully for your spouse! You’ll also hear amazing tips and tricks every parent needs to know about instilling the entrepreneurial spirit in their kids! Hit play to learn why Joe and Shelby started giving their kids commission-based allowance, practical ways to teach problem-solving abilities, how to help your children never worry about money, and so much more! With baby Ollie officially here, being a family of 4 is still a bit new for us. We are loving every second of it, but we know that work-life balance is going to be key for us in this season! That’s why we were so thankful for this conversation and can’t wait to apply the Seeley’s advice to our own family. If you take the “family calendar before business calendar” challenge that we mention at the end of this episode, let us know how it goes, or let’s do it together! Connect with us on Instagram @therainmakerfamilyshow, or see more ways to connect below!  When you hit play you’ll get the scoop on: How to be successful in any season Teach your kids how to make money anywhere The 4 trips your family should take everywhere How to dream and vision cast as a family Unlocking your children's entrepreneurial nature  Why learning your families love language is so important How Joe lost $50K in one deal A brilliant tip that will help your kids get along more The key to every successful marriage And Much More!  RESOURCES: Guest Links: Connect with us: The Rainmaker Challenge: ► Subscribe To Our YouTube Channel: ► Website: ► Facebook: ► Instagram: ► Get Free Stuff On Amazon: Episode minute by minute:  01:10 Get to know Joe and Shelby! 01:54 A look into Joe and Shelby’s journey  04:07 Joe’s hilarious first business 07:34 Teaching your kids to solve problems and make money  09:25 How to instill entrepreneurial habits at a young age 14:27 Why Joe and Shelby never let their kids see them worry about money 15:55 The story behind Joe's $50,000 mistake  21:21 The 4 major family events the Seeley's do every year and why 25:57 Why the Seeleys make their kids earn their vacations 30:32 Shelby's coaching advice for breaking free of the "mom guilt" 22:54 Never be ashamed of asking for (or hiring) help 35:04 Planning your family calendar before your business calendar 39:43 Exciting stuff that Joe and Shelby are working on
Want to upgrade your brand in 25 minutes or less? Hit play now! Welcome back to another episode of the Rainmaker Family Show! When we first started our services-based business, it didn’t take long before we felt like it was time for a rebrand.  We found a web designer that could make upgrades to our website and we made the deal. After we started working together he started to ask clarifying questions about our brand and who we serve. It didn’t take long for us to realize that rebranding was much more than just getting a new logo and swapping out a few images. Our brand started having an identity crisis, can you relate? Welcome back to another episode of the Rainmaker Family Show! On today’s episode, we have the founder and owner of Brand Boss, Rachel Jenks!. With more than 22 years of experience working in public communications, including 15+ years in graphic design, Rachel’s passion is empowering business owners to rock YOUR brand like a Boss and own your Difference! If you are a purpose-driven Mompreneur who isn’t satisfied with just making money, hit play to hear how Rachel is helping powerful people all over the world own their difference and authentically serve people at the highest level.  Within minutes, Rachel reveals the foundation of every successful brand, how you can start building your brand the right way, and how these tips can save you a lot of time, money, and frustration if you truly want to make an impact with your company. Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, Amazon Seller, or just starting your first side hustle, Rachel shares the clarifying questions you can ask yourself today that can help you upgrade your brand in seconds. You’ll also hear a brief overview of the brain science behind branding and how showing up with authentic YOU in congruence with your identity can lead to your customers trusting you for a lifetime.  You got this, Momma.            - The Rainmaker Family  PS: If you enjoyed this episode, share it with another Mompreneur who needs to increase their income and own their difference! Scroll down for more free resources to help you #MakeItRain When you hit play you’ll get the scoop on: Branding vs. Design When it’s time to rebrand  How incongruence is costing you sales Why most people get branding wrong The biggest misconception about being different Rachel’s journey to success What Stephen and Chelsey think about branding How the power of YOU is your brand How anyone can find their “superpower” And Much More!    RESOURCES: Guest Links: Book a free consult:   Connect with us: The Rainmaker Challenge: ► Subscribe To Our YouTube Channel: ► Website: ► Facebook: ► Instagram: ► Get Free Stuff On Amazon:   Episode: minute by minute  0:02 What to expect today 2:38 Get to know Rachel Jenks 03:58 A huge misconception about branding 05:43 How to start owning your difference 07:38 Do you ever question the impact of your life? 13:01 The foundation of every successful brand 15:58 The brain science about branding 18:39 What lies are you identifying with? 21:52 Where to start if you want to upgrade your brand
In 2022 it feels like there are thousands of ways to get your message out to the world. Between Instagram, Facebook, Podcasting, YouTube, and new platforms coming online all the time it can be hard to know where to start. On today’s episode, we are going to talk about a tried and tested method to get your message across…blogging!  Welcome back to another episode of the Rainmaker Family Show! If you’re new here, we're all about helping families create income outside the normal nine to five. If you are ready to start a side hustle or create passive income you’re in the right place! When we first started our journey of making money online, some of the first dollars we generated were from blogging. Fast forward to today and blogging and the written word is still one of the most powerful tools for making money online.  Don’t just take our word for it, ask Jodi Hautala! Jodi is our guest today and through serving her niche and staying consistent, she has mastered the art of blogging. Listen in to hear her best tips and tricks for any Mompreneurs who want to start or up-level their blogging career! Blogging is so much more than choosing a URL or picking a pretty website. On this episode Jodi will share her experiences of what it really takes to be a successful blogger. The best part? You don’t need a large following or a broad topic to get started. Here at Rainmakers we love to say “the riches are in the niches” and Jodi is the perfect example of this! You’ll love how she took her skills and expertise as a Girl Scout Leader online and started serving powerfully throughout her network. Plus, hear how Jodi’s blogging journey is now helping her teach her kiddos valuable entrepreneur life experience!  Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, Girl Scout Leader, teacher, Amazon Seller, or thought leader…people need your expertise. We hope this episode inspires you to be bold, start typing away on your computer and get your skills out to those who need them! You got this, Momma.  If this episode helps you, we would love to hear from you! Send us your next blog so we can cheer you on. :) Connect with us on Instagram @therainmakerfamily. Links below! When you hit play you’ll get the scoop on: What to outsource and when with your blog How to deal with competitor blogs Tips for repurposing your content on different platforms  Leveraging affiliate opportunities What it takes to start a blog Your skills (even if they don’t seem like it) are valuable The importance of choosing a niche How to know a niche is underserved  The best way to bring your kids into your business And Much More!    RESOURCES: Guest Links: Connect with us: The Rainmaker Challenge: ► Subscribe To Our YouTube Channel: ► Website: ► Facebook: ► Instagram: ► Get Free Stuff On Amazon: Episode minute by minute: 0:36 Welcome back! Here is what we are all about! 1:19 The first time Stephen and Chelsey made money online 1:44 How Jodi’s journey started 5:28 How Jodi overcame the fear of competitors  6:00 How Jodi learned to monetize her blog 8:43 Why defining your niche is so important 13:39 Jodi’s tips for any mom who wants to make passive income 17:04 How Jodi started getting traffic from Pinterest 19:36 The first thing Jodi outsourced 21:38 Keys for raising entrepreneurial kids  26:25 3 winning tips to start or up-level your blog
Imagine being blindfolded on the back of a runaway motorcycle with no way to know if you will actually make it anywhere okay…If you are the spouse of an entrepreneur, that feeling may not be too far off from your normal day-to-day!  Welcome back to another episode of the Rainmaker Family Show! Today we have our first REQUESTED guest. That’s right, we asked our community recently who we should have on the show. One comment caught our attention from an incredible Rainmaker, Renee Parsons! She lovingly nominated her husband Matthew to chat about what it’s like to be on the other side of a crazy entrepreneurial ride.  We thought it was a great idea and knew we had to get him on the show! Help us welcome Matthew Parsons as he shares his hilarious and sometimes frightening stories of being married to an entrepreneur. If you are an Entrepreneur or Mompreneur yourself, we highly recommend getting your spouse and listening to this one together!  Within minutes you’ll see how this episode will open up honest and fun conversations with every couple listening! It will have you both reminiscing of all the ups and downs of your own journey. (Even if you're not married, this episode is GOLD if you plan on ever bringing someone along for your ride!) Listen in to hear how Matthew found the faith to take the leap with his wife after she had an idea that would cost every dollar they had. Seriously, this idea was SO big it even drained the savings account they had been building for 10+ years in hopes of a new home. Hear the conclusion of this story and more! It’s safe to say that this kind of love, trust, and support is something that everyone could learn from.  Matthew will be the first to say that being married to an entrepreneur has more positives than negatives, so he also shares a look into his professional journey and how entrepreneurship has helped him advance further faster. Plus, learn what the Parson family is up to today and his best tips for every spouse of an entrepreneur. We hope you enjoy this unique perspective! PS: Matthew mentions a Crypto opportunity we found for our Rainmaker Community! If this piques your interest, we don’t want to leave you out. Check out the links below to learn more! More Of What We Talk About: Doing what it takes…together!  How to handle your spouse's crazy ideas Building your generosity muscles Trusting the process: it all works out Communicating and leveraging your strengths Remaining on the same team and in relationship Letting your spouse have time to process What we can learn from Amazon as entrepreneurs Fun crypto information And Much More!    RESOURCES: Guest Links: The Plan: Connect with us: The Rainmaker Challenge: ► Subscribe To Our YouTube Channel: ► Website: ► Facebook: ► Instagram: ► Get Free Stuff On Amazon: Episode: minute by minute  00:52 Get to know Matthew  02:07 The scary moments of being married to an entrepreneur 07:47 The results of taking a leap of faith 08:47 How Chelsey has grown to be an entrepreneur 10:03 How to catch the vision WITH your entrepreneurial spouse 15:15 You can be a risk-taker and make stable income 19:27 Encouragement for the spouse of an entrepreneur
Do you have a big dream or goal for your life that others think is crazy? If so, this episode is for you!  Welcome back to another episode of the Rainmaker Family Show! Today we want to introduce you to the incredible Madelyn Hansen. When Madelyn first came into our lives she had a big dream and the drive to make it happen.  We got a front-row seat to see her not only hit that goal but thrive in the process. If you are listening to this show, you probably have some big goals and dreams of your own. In this conversation, we want to unpack how to be specific about your goals, how you can make them happen, and how to keep going until it all becomes a reality. With only 2,000 in her pocket, Madelyn decided at a young age to move across the country and try to make it on her own. After working a 9-5 and becoming a music teacher, she was ready to take the lead into entrepreneurship after the tragic loss of her parents taught her that life was too short to be limited.  Listen in to hear the powerful journey of how she used her ups and downs to her advantage and how her goal of having a beach house by her 40th birthday became a reality.  (Oh yeah, and she didn’t stop there, she got 4 of her dream properties!) We all agree that life and success are never about the things we can buy or where our zip code is. Her hard work and determination not just directly led to better vacations, it has also created more time and memories for her family which is the most valuable thing any Mompreneur could work towards.  PS: You’ll love how Madelyn used the Rainmaker method to sell tropical teamed products to keep her eye on the prize! To connect more with her biz or start your own scroll down to see the links! More Of What We Talk About: Goal setting and determination How God wants us to prosper Using adversity in your favor Continuous goal setting Enlisting your family in your vision Hitting goals with moments to spare  Creating legacy and honor your parents Learning to work for yourself Finding the passion for your products Creating a life where your family thrives And Much More!  RESOURCES:  Connect with Madelyn: Vitamin Sea Amazon Store: Vitamin Sea Living Instagram: Blue Zone Living Facebook: Connect with us: The Rainmaker Challenge: ► Subscribe To Our YouTube Channel: ► Website: ► Facebook: ► Instagram: ► Get Free Stuff On Amazon:   Episode: minute by minute  02:20 Get to know Madelyn 02:33 When Madelyn took a leap of faith 05:13 How Madelyn found her entrepreneurial spirit 08:21 Putting your WHY in the center of your goals 12:43 Blocking out the haters and going big 14:31 Doing what it takes for your e-comm brand 16:42 Goal setting after you hit your goals 22:46 Your kids don't want your money, they want your time. 26:04 How Madelyn honored her parent's legacy while building hers 30:19 How to Madelyn and her brands
Have you ever heard the term “crazy chicken lady” as a term of endearment? LOL Well, you are about to!  Today on the Rainmaker Family Show we have The "Regenerative Crazy Chicken Lady" herself, Natalie Argo! Natalie is a lifelong entrepreneur who knows more than a few things about regenerative farming, raising a family, and what it takes to make your dreams come true no matter what.  Listen in as we talk to Natalie about how her first sale as a 9-year-old led her on the journey of creating regenerative farming solutions for anyone who lives on a huge piece of land all the way to the smallest apartments in the congregate jungle. Plus, as always you can expect a few lightbulb moments of your own as she shares how she and her husband are leveraging products and online services to create passive income for her and her family!  You will love the motivation and joy that comes across with every word Natalie shares on this podcast! You will also hear more about her ability to pivot in even the toughest of times and how she has mastered the art of content creation and the ability to take a break when she needs one.  If you have ever thought about creating or launching your own YouTube Channel, be sure to listen all the way to the end to hear one uncommon tactic generated over 55,000 views on one video and got her channel off the ground PS: Even with a busy schedule with regenerative farming, Natalie is also one of our Rainmakers! To connect more with her biz or to see around our community scroll down to see all the links! More Of What We Talk About: How one sale started it all What to look for at the store if you want to get healthier The spiritual side of gardening A new brand Natalie is working on (You’ll love the name0 How to create content even for the smallest of niches It’s okay to take a break, doing what’s best for you. Regenerative farming 101 How Natalie's dad helped her chase her dreams One SEO trick for YouTube you need to know And Much More!    RESOURCES: Connect with us: The Rainmaker Challenge: ► Subscribe To Our YouTube Channel: ► Website: ► Facebook: ► Instagram: ► Get Free Stuff On Amazon:   Episode: minute by minute  00:02 What’s inside today’s episode 1:11 Welcome back! 01:47 Get to know the "Crazy Chicken Lady" Natalie Argo! 03:22 How an answered prayer led Natalie to the Rainmaker Family 04:30 That led Nathalie and her family to regenerative farming 07:12 Chelsey's spiritual experience with gardening 09:23 Lies in the food industry and what you need to know 10:58 What Natalie's family practically does every week to stay healthy 15:08 What gardening and farming taught Natalie about business and life 17:58 Why you should document the journey 20:15 How Natalie handles mean  26:21 It's about who you become in the process 25:10 One of Natalie's can't-miss reel 28:45 What Natalie is working towards and dreaming about  
No, you’re not having Deja Vu! Today we welcome back the incredible Nathan Hirsch.  If you have been around us for a while now, you know that outsourcing, dropshipping, and passive income is what we are all about. We aren’t kidding when we say that Nathan has literally mastered all of those areas! With only $5K and a lot of hard work, he created an incredible scaling system that brought in over 12 Million dollars in sales, unlocked time and financial freedom for himself and his family, and positioned his business in the perfect position to sell.  Selling his business opened up endless opportunities for him to pursue ventures. Listen in to hear about how Nathan is now helping entrepreneurs at any stage stay on top of one of the most important yet most overwhelming and overlooked parts of business… The numbers Hit play to hear Nathan's inspiring journey into entrepreneurship, tips you can apply today that will help this or next tax season, resources on how you can upgrade your monthly booking and income and so much more! PS: Even if you already have your numbers covered in business, make sure to listen to the end of this episode! The three of us also share some great resources about outsourcing every Mompreneur should know about! Be sure to listen and check out the links below. More Of What We Talk About: How french fries led to entrepreneurship  What Nathan and Chelsey’s childhood was like Tax and numbers…how to make them easier! How Stephen and Chelsey started to track more numbers Outsourcing tips you can’t miss The success model of dropshipping  Lessons from the early days of business How to set yourself up for success Where to get more tax help now And Much More!    RESOURCES:  Facebook: Instagram: Linkedin: Email: - use the code 'rainmaker' to get 40% off and check out our hiring process  - get two free months of bookkeeping (mention you found us through Rainmakers)   Connect with us: The Rainmaker Challenge: ► Subscribe To Our YouTube Channel: ► Website: ► Facebook: ► Instagram: ► Get Free Stuff On Amazon:   Episode: minute by minute  00:46 Welcome Nathan back to the show! 01:42 The key learning moments of Nathan's entrepreneurial journey 06:08 Nathan's first hires 10:30 The systems that build a true business 12:00  Nathan's #1 lesson from selling on Amazon 19:24 The power of knowing your numbers as a business owner 20:02  How you can start keeping better track of your numbers 25:05 The best bookkeeping for Ecommerce 29:33 The first thing that Stephen and Chelsey outsourced 36:23 How to connect with Nathan
Welcome back to another episode of the Rainmaker Family Show! Okay before you think, “Wait…what does sleep have to do with my Amazon FBA business or passive income?” Hear us out! If you have littles in the house and you are working on a side hustle or business, then getting yourself, and your family on a sleep schedule could be a game-changer! Today we learn from the amazing Courtney Zentz. Courtney is the owner of Tiny Transitions and the host of her very own podcast, Kids Sleep Show! She's also a certified pediatric consultant, postpartum doula, infant mental health provider, and certified lactation consultant.  Wow, impressed by all those titles? We were too. She seriously knows her stuff! Hit play to hear how Courtney became a sleep expert, tips for balancing your sleep and a busy schedule, how everyone in your family can start sleeping better, how sleep training can transform your kids mood and more! This conversation is seriously packed full with tips and tricks we can’t wait to implement with baby #2! After you listen to this episode, continue the conversation with Countney by following the links below! Keep scrolling or swiping to see more.  PS: Need a little more motivation this week? Head to our Instagram and connect more with us. We would love to cheer you on along your journey! Follow us: @therainmakerfamily   LINKS: Connect with Courtney: Website: Kids Sleep Show podcast: Insta: Facebook:   Connect with us: The Rainmaker Challenge: ► Subscribe To Our YouTube Channel: ► Website: ► Facebook: ► Instagram: ► Get Free Stuff On Amazon:   Episode: minute by minute  00:40 Get to know Courtney 01:09 Why every rainmaker needs to hear this 01:08 How Courtney became a sleep expert 05:35 How Courtney helps families sleep better 08:09 Is co-sleeping with your baby safe? 10:36 The biggest "aha" moments Moms have from Courtney’s training 17:04 The feeling of watching your kids sleep transform 18:23 How to make sure your baby is eating enough 20:12 The best tips for second-time parents 28:09 Business owner tips and advice 32:11 What we can all learn from Courtney as entrepreneurs 34:06 How to connect with Courtney
Did anyone ever say this to you growing up? “If at first you don’t succeed, try try again!” This saying isn’t just an old nursery rhyme or a phrase your mom used to say while you were learning how to ride a bike… This is a deep truth that applies to every entrepreneur.  Welcome back to another episode of the Rainmaker Family Show! Today on the pod, we have our friend and fellow Rainmaker Suzy Weeks with us to talk about the concept of commitment and what it takes to try and try again! Suzy is an incredible Mompenure who has found the perfect balance of work, motherhood and being a wife all while still setting the bar high and reaching her goals.  Her powerful perspective about growth, pain, and the reason behind challenging seasons is exactly what we needed to hear. Suzy’s mindset will challenge you to dream bigger, work harder and help you find the internal tools you need to create your own dream life.  Within the first 15 mins of this episode. Suzy shares her journey of trial and error with navigating the manufacturing industry after she decided to launch her proprietary baby product to the market.  Hear how she got her start-up off the ground and launched her business with a toddler, a newborn and an entrepreneurial husband all under the same roof. Oh, and did we mention all this was happening right when lock-downs started around the world? Talk about thriving in adversity!  If she can do it, so can you! Hit play to join the conversation.  PS: Want To Learn How To Make Passive Income From Home? Join Our Next Rainmaker Challenge! Head to for more information. :)    More Of What We Talk About: Launching a business during a pandemic Building a business only 2 days a week The book that changed Suzy’s life What it’s like taking a new product to the market Overcoming modern Mom stereotypes A look into the Weeks side hustle How commitment can change everything for you What can happen in a year if you start now? Kicking perfectionism to the curb And Much More!    RESOURCES:  Guest Links: Atomic Habits MoviFamily   Hero On A Mission  Become the hero of your own story   Connect with us: The Rainmaker Challenge: ► Subscribe To Our YouTube Channel: ► Website: ► Facebook: ► Instagram: ► Get Free Stuff On Amazon: Episode Minute by Minute:  0:02 What to expect today! 02:21 The instagram live that started it all 04:13  The trap of perfectionism 09:00The power of committing 10:27 How Suzy balances being CEO and Mom 11:40 When Suzy and her husband took the leap 14:00 Suzy’s first entrepreneurial adventure  16:52 Why having “skin in the game” matters
It only takes a little faith to start creating a beautiful life…our guest today understands that better than anyone.  Welcome back to another episode of the Rainmaker Family Show! Today we sit down with Military veteran, purpose-driven entrepreneur, expert-level brand storyteller, and Rainmaker Mastermind Member, Angela Watson! Angela is just one of those people you meet who fills every conversation with wisdom, hope, and inspiration to keep dreaming no matter what life throws at you. If you were to meet Angela throughout different parts of her life, you may not even recognize the woman she is today. Listen in to hear Angela’s incredible journey from modest roots, to military service, to successful entrepreneur and the transformation that had to take place in between. In the same way a caterpillar needs to grow in strength by struggling to break free from the cocoon and become the butterfly they were designed to be, hear in this episode why Angela believes that each of her struggles were ultimately the key to her success.  Whatever ups or downs you may be going through in life and business, this powerful conversation is the exact shot of motivation you may need!  Hit play to hear more about Angela’s journey to entrepreneurship through adversity, tips for creating a more generous business, how investing in yourself leads to greatness, and so much more! PS: Need a little more motivation this week? Head to our Instagram and connect more with us. We would love to cheer you on along your journey! Follow us: @therainmakerfamily More Of What We Talk About: How to apply healthy pressure on yourself Allowing yourself to change for the better How to keep going even when no one believes in you Angela’s time in the military The caterpillar and the butterfly analogy How we met Angela  The importance of community Losing loved ones and the strength to keep going And Much More!    RESOURCES:   Connect with us: The Rainmaker Challenge: ► Subscribe To Our YouTube Channel: ► Website: ► Facebook: ► Instagram: ► Get Free Stuff On Amazon:   Episode: minute by minute  0:56 Welcome Angela! 1:55 Caterpillar to butterfly transformation 8:45 How Angela’s business start 11:50 Angelas time in the military 17:00 What’s going to make you do the work? 21:21 Tips for tuning out the negative voices 28:40 The storytelling side of your product 40:04 Move from transactional to relational
You may have heard us say before that “dollars follow value…” The more value you add or offer to the marketplace, to your customers, or to a business the money will start to flow in. We have seen this play out over and over again in our own lives and in our Rainmaker communities.  However, no one embodies this principle like our guest today!  In this episode of the Rainmaker Family Show, we sit down with one of our “best internet friends.” Bradley Sutton! Bradley is an Amazon FBA expert and has made millions for himself (and others.) The best part? He built his legacy through the lens of helping others. From helping his clients get started on Amazon or upleveling up their product, teaching others how to get healthy on his viral YouTube Channel, and more!   One thing we love about Bradley is his tenacity for being a life-long learner. We could all pick up a thing or two from him in this area! He has mastered the ability to learn and grow even if the money is short and time is limited.  If you have your own Amazon FBA business, make sure to listen to the end to hear Bradley’s #1 tip for leveraging keywords on the latest Amazon update! We hope you love this conversation as much as we did. Hit play to dive in!  PS: Do you know someone who needs to hear Bradley’s tips and tricks? Share this episode with them from wherever you are listening!  More Of What We Talk About: The first dollar Bradley made online How and why the Amazon FBA program stole Bradleys heart Learning on someone else’s dime Adding value and how to do it A look inside Bradley’s top podcast episodes How everything changed in 2019 Why Rainmakers love Bradley  How we met and why we love Bradley And Much More!    RESOURCES:    Get Helium 10:  Serious Seller's Podcast: Bradley on Instagram: Take The Rainmaker Challenge - Launch Your Amazon Business in 7 Days!     Connect with us: The Rainmaker Challenge: ► Subscribe To Our YouTube Channel: ► Website: ► Facebook: ► Instagram:   ► Get Free Stuff On Amazon: Episode: minute by minute  0:02 Meet one of our best “Internet Friends!” 1:28 Get to know Bradley  4:00 What can happen when you just send the email 8:04 How Bradley got started selling on Amazon 16:07 What is Amazon FBA? 19:02 How Bradley finds motivation and fulfillment 21:20 Crazy socks, Zumba, and going viral.  23:00 People-focused over product focus 25:02 Best episodes from Bradley  31:37 The #1 way to leverage keywords on Amazon 37:01 Nothing is ever wasted 37:19 How to connect with Bradley and follow the journey 
You may think that 6,570 sounds like a big number… But when we realize that is the total number of days that we as parents have with our kids before they turn 18....that number can start to feel a lot smaller than we would like. Welcome back to another episode of the Rainmaker Family Show! Today we are joined by Mompreneur and family warrior Nellie Harden! Nellie truly believes that a family filled with creativity, fun, laughter, challenge, adventure, problem-solving, hugs, good food, sound discipline and learning can not only change a person’s life, but can change the world! Hit play to hear about Nellie’s journey into entrepreneurship, parenting, and how one non-fatal swimming accident ended up being the biggest blessing in disguise. You will also hear what Nellie believes is the true purpose behind parenting, along with her tips on making the most out of every second you have left in your 6,570 days. This was such a timely conversation for us! We hope it impacts you the same way. :)  - The Rainmaker Family    More Of What We Talk About: You have the pen, write your own story. How to make your 6,570 days the best The one accident that changed everything… How to crush more of your goals in 2022 Identifying your kids world view Raising kids grounded in identity Insuring everyone in your family has a voice What happens kids fall into trends And Much More!  RESOURCES:  Guest links:   Connect with us: The Rainmaker Challenge: ► Subscribe To Our YouTube Channel: ► Website: ► Facebook: ► Instagram: ► Get Free Stuff On Amazon:   Episode: minute by minute  1:30 Get to know Nellie! 2:35 The scariest moment in Nellie’s life  7:00 Coming back after a crazy season in life 12:00 Overcome like that perfectionism and comparison 15:36 Keeping your kids connected to their identity  18:10 Your three world view filters  22:38 A look into Nellie’s 70 day challenge 29:18 Should you have family non-negotiables? 34:10 How to connect with Nellie 
Welcome back to The Rainmaker Family Show! Today we want to share the best investments we made in 2021! This is a special mini-series of rapid-fire tips to help you get the tips, tricks, products, and services to help you level up in all areas of life.  Warning: So, if you're not in a spending money mood, this might not be the episode for you, LOL!  You may be thinking “wait, are you just going to talk about crypto and stocks the whole time?” Not to fear! While we did invest into some of those areas last year, that is not what we are talking about today.  In this episode we want to cover topics like: Money saving brands for kids clothes How to skip the grocery store all together The two things you need if you want to save time traveling The business credit card that has given us the ability to spend more (safety)  Items we bought that have completely leveled up our health The one thing that has given us over 200% ROI AND MORE!! Hit play to hear all of these topics and the rest of are favorite purchases, life upgrades and experiences. Also, scroll down to see links to everything we mentioned today! If you take action on anything we talked about, we would love to hear your experience. You can always join the conversation with us on instagram @therainmakerfamily. PS: If you want to start saving a crazy amount of time, don’t forget to check out part one of this series: “44: How To Never Do Laundry Again - Our Best Investments of 2021 Part 1” We share and breakdown our budget, tips helping families of any size and income start outsourcing, and even address the limiting mindsets we Moms feel around this topic and how to overcome them. Links To All The Things: HEALTH: Sufficient-C Vitamin C Powder: Backyard Chickens
  (got them locally) Elderberry Syrup by Bethany Renzi Mary Ruth’s Liquid Vitamins Vitamin C: Multivitamin: Zinc: Acupuncture Mat Amazon (beginner): Premium (advanced):
   Quality clothes that last for Kaizen: Zara: Kaizen's Vans (we usually search on Poshmark to pick up gently used ones for half the price) California Half Pipe
 Builder: Meta Oculus Quest
 2:   HOME & HOUSEHOLD Stasher Bags Canson Mixed Media Pad of Paper Fine Point Sharpies 
Ember Coffee Mugs Instacart   TRAVEL Boost Pro GB150 3000 Amp Jump Starter Box TSA Pre   BUSINESS: Amex Platinum Card (100,000 free miles on signup)   Connect with us: The Rainmaker Challenge: ► Subscribe To Our YouTube Channel: ► Website: ► Facebook: ► Instagram:   ► Get Free Stuff On Amazon: Episode Minute By Minute  0:36 Welcome back to the show! 1:14 If you missed the last episode, go check it out first! 1:47 Things we bought last year that leveled up our life 2:00 How we up upgraded our sleep  7:00 One product that upgraded our health 8:18 The only brands we buy for Kaizen 10:40 A new credit card we decided to use and why 13:34 A few subscriptions Chelsey got this year that of totally paid off 15:30 What vitamins we love for Kaizen 18:00 The story behind the hand-pipe  24:50 Acupuncture mat: Why it’s a game-changer 28:00 A new way to take notes 29:40 Upgrade your morning coffee 31:16 How to get through the TSA quicker 33:00 Travel safer with a jumper box 35:00 The best investments we made in business this year 42:09 How to get all the things we talked about today
How much would it be worth it to you to never do a single load of laundry ever again? Before you click off, hear us out! As 2021 was coming to a close and 2022 was on the horizon, we decided to take a moment and look back on our best investments of the year.  We wanted to make a list of the things that you could easily duplicate in your own life to start buying back your time, protect your peace and start getting closer to your dream life.  For us, outsourcing our laundry was like an answered prayer we never knew God cared about. To be honest, a few years ago the thought of outsourcing laundry was not even a possibility. Growing up in houses where Mom’s cooked, cleaned, did the laundry, worked, and kept the whole house running… It somehow seemed like we were failing. These feelings were expressly hard for Chelsey as a wife and mother.  Can you relate? If so, listen in to hear not only why this was such a needle mover for us but actually HOW we make it happen. Hit play to hear us breakdown our budget, our tips helping families of any size and income start outsourcing, and even address the limiting mindsets we Moms feel around this topic and how to overcome them.  We can’t wait to hear about the stories from this episode from women and moms new freedom that they experienced too by outsourcing their laundry!! PS: This is part one of these series! Join us on the next episode to hear our second best investment of 2021 and how you can do it too. Also, if you have a Momma in your life who needs a little extra time in the week, share this episode with them and spread the love!   More Of What We Talk About: Overcoming the guilt of outsourcing Even if you have a big family and no money, you can do this! Our laundry journey and why it sucked Stepping into ‘How Can I’?  How outsourcing helped us protect family time Exactly how much money it will cost How to find our creative money-making tips A look into Chelsey’s childhood What are you going to do now on laundry day? And Much More!    RESOURCES:  Mentioned Episodes:  How to Create Abundant Money Miracles on Facebook marketplace Through Dropshipping with Randen Kovacevic Creative Cash Creation - 5 Practical Ways To Create Wealth NOW  Connect with us: The Rainmaker Challenge: ► Subscribe To Our YouTube Channel: ► Website: ► Facebook: ► Instagram:   ► Get Free Stuff On Amazon: Episode: minute by minute  0:02 What to expect today 1:34 Episode starts 2:59 What Chelsey’s childhood was like 3:45 Our laundry history 5:58 The life hack that didn’t work for us.. 8:38 How can you make money with extra time? 9:40 What it actually cost us to outsource 15:56 Creative ways to make this happen for you  25:30 Who is putting pressure on you to do all the things? 27:15 What’s coming up on the next episode
We can’t believe that this episode is finally coming out…between weird audio glitches, overcoming a hard season, and stepping into new authority, we have fought hard for today’s podcast.  Hey guys! Stephen and Chelsey back with another episode of the Rainmaker Family podcast.  Listen in as we talk about our biggest announcement of 2021! During this conversation, we get super real and honest about our pregnancy experience with baby number two. We have had our ups and our downs over the past few months but one thing is for sure…we have grown so much and we are getting ready to walk into a beautiful new season in our life and business. Disclaimer: You don’t have to be a parent to get something out of this episode! We all have things we are fighting for, we all have goals, we all have something more we are reaching for. This episode is for anyone who needs a little hope and motivation along whatever journey you’re on.  Be sure to listen all the way to the end because this episode doubles as our gender reveal! What do you think baby Diaz will be? Boy Or Girl? Let us know your guess on Instagram @TheRainmakerFamily  More Of What We Talk About: Gender reveal!  Setting up your spouse for success  Being there for each other in the abyss Creating the business you need for the life you want What we learned 10 years ago What we learned in a hard season  What the people you’re leading can teach you Kaizen’s birthday video An impartation of hope  And Much More!    RESOURCES:    Get our Naptime Business Guide - 7 Ways To Start A Business For Busy Moms:    Connect with us: The Rainmaker Challenge: ► Subscribe To Our YouTube Channel: ► Website: ► Facebook: ► Instagram:   ► Get Free Stuff On Amazon: Episode minute by minute: 0:30 Welcome to 2022! 1:33 Why we know this episode is going to be big 4:42 Who you become in the abyss 6:30 What Stephen has learned in this season 12:14 What are you fighting for? 16:13 Focus on the root to get the fruit 19:07 This seems familiar… 22:15 What are your support levels? 29:13 Your emotions can be an invitation
The Rainmaker "Bet On Yourself" Book Challenge is BACK! Click to join: If you could walk through a door that would give you the blueprint of going from $0 to over a million dollars in just 12 months, would you walk through that door? Well, over the next 40 minutes you are going to get that opportunity.  Welcome back to another episode of the Rainmaker Family Show! Stephen and Chelsey here, and today we have a very special guest Ryan Daniel Moran. Ryan is an investor and the author of the book “12 Months To $1 Million” that goes into that very topic! We believe in Ryan and his method so much that this is one of the ONLY books we recommend to our Rainmaker community. At one point, we even offered our own money-back guarantee on his book! Listen in to get glims of Ryan’s method and million-dollar mindset. Helping Rainmakers make it rain, even more, is our top priority in this conversation!  If you are on a mission to make 2022 or the most profitable and fulfilling year yet, this episode is step one. Listen in as Ryan shares how he priorities family above all else, how to capitalize on opportunities in the new economy, what you need to hit every goal you set, and more. PS: If you're listening to this in January of 2022, we are going to do another Bet On Yourself Book Challenge! Join the community and read this book together More Of What We Talk About: How Ryan has changed our community Ryan’s big life goal How to leverage your focus (at any time) One mistake Ryan made with investing The strategy of optimism  Find the who before the how You’re not too late, start today! How to set yourself up for success Pick one place to go all-in on How Family time can make it rain And Much More!    RESOURCES:  Podcast: YouTube: Connect with us: The Rainmaker Challenge: ► Subscribe To Our YouTube Channel: ► Website: ► Facebook: ► Instagram: ► Get Free Stuff On Amazon: Episode: minute by minute  0:02 What to expect today 4:41 Simplicity: The only way to reach goals  10:00 What keeps Ryan grounded 14:40 Decide how your day is going to go 17:06 When Ryan started investing 23:30 The one role every business plays 29:00 Let’s stack the deck 35:09 Bring people into the process 39:07 Ryan’s goal of this podcast 42:08 The ROI of prioritizing family
Hey guys! Stephen here, flying solo today for a fun interview with my new friend Damon Burton. In the old days, each town and village had its own appointed “town crier.” This person was employed to make public announcements in the streets or marketplace of a town. They were the go-to source for the best deals, news, sales, and products.  Imagine having your own “town crier” devoted to just letting your ideal customer know about your business at the exact moment they were ready to buy… In 2021, that town crier is the first page of Google! Google’s search engine is It is by far the number one place that people are searching for you and your potential business. Have you ever wondered how you can actually cut through all the internet noise and get in front of those people searching?  If so, look no further! We have all your answers on today’s episode.  Hit play to hear mine and Damon’s conversation on this very topic. ​​Damon is one of the industry leaders for all things SEO. After using his technique to out-rank and out-perform a billion-dollar company on Google, he now helps some of the best in the biz take their brands and companies to the next level through leveraging organic Traffic strategies. (Aka traffic with no paid ads) Listen in and learn the hottest tips and tricks you need to know to take any website to the next level! This could be your biggest marketing advantage in 2022 and beyond! More Of What We Talk About: Why you can’t gloss over this topic Why Stephen loves Damon story What SEO stands for Why entrepreneurs need to focus on communication skills The easiest way to upgrade your SEO  How your load speeds can make or break you Mobile traffic vs web traffic Finding clues on what to do The biggest Google changes in the last 10 years Why you need to start today! And Much More!  RESOURCES:    REV
.com (transcription service) (page speeds comparisons)
 Google Keyword Planner
: Answer The Public: (find keywords and do topic research)    Connect with us: The Rainmaker Challenge: ► Subscribe To Our YouTube Channel: ► Website: ► Facebook: ► Instagram:   ► Get Free Stuff On Amazon: Episode: minute by minute  0:02 What to expect today 1:27 Conversations starts 2:08 What SEO is and why it’s important 8:29 How Stephen started learning about SEO 11:58 How to upgrade your SEO game today 17:23 Stats that will blow your mind 23:56 The value of response to the dimensions 28:28 Discovering your keywords 32:40 A site to help create content ideas 37:27 SEO is the long game 40:45 How to connect with Damon
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