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Author: Michael Fanning

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A weekly quick format podcast where we talk with Windermere agents who bring creative ideas, power strategies, and successful routines to light . Each episode we will talk to a Real Estate Professional to learn what they have done that allowed them to be better then they were yesterday. Enjoy. Support this podcast:
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In this episode Michael talks to Shelli McKenzie. Shelli McKenzie has been coaching with Windermere Coaching for over 2 years. When she started, she was wanting more consistent systems and process that would move her business forward and allow her to have more balance in her life. Today, Shelli is the 2nd highest producing agent in her office and is in the top 6 in her MLS area. She has recently hired her oldest daughter to join her business and is enjoying more time for travel and other hobbies. She is well on her way to having another successful year in 2023! When asked what she did here are some of her actions she mentioned. 1. Consistent morning routine. 2. Getting her Ninja 9 dialed in. 3. Investing more into her clients. 4. Having a one-on-one coach. Contact Shelli. --- Support this podcast:
In this episode Stevi Raff talks with her coaching client Lisa Peterson on these topics.  How to build relationships, create value, deliver surprise and delight, and provide exceptional service for your clients. How coaching has helped Lisa differentiate herself and the service she provides. Winning before you arrive: how Lisa provides value before her first meeting/consultation with a prospective buyer or seller To reach out to Lisa Peterson she can be reached at. Cell number (253) 455-6769 --- Support this podcast:
In this episode Michael talks with Christopher Rigby with Windermere Everett M2. Christopher has been in real estate since 2012 in the Mukilteo Everett area of Washington state. He has steadily increased his income and created better work life balance each year. Early in life Christopher received his Eagle Scout and this ability to accomplish things that few do became a mindset for him. Fast forward to his work life balance. Christopher starts his days at 2:30 AM. having a 6,4 and 1 year old he understands that to get things accomplished he needs to have his own time. Each morning he starts with a 5k run and the day unfolds from there. Best part is when the regular agent is rolling into the office Christopher is just about to end his workday and spend time with family. I’m not suggesting we all get up at 2:30 but just what if you were that person that became great at a solid morning routine. Listen how Christopher did it. Contact Christopher. or his cell at 425.220.0621 --- Support this podcast:
In this episode Michael talks about what the top coaching clients are doing consistently to outperform the pack in work and life.  1. Highly consistent 2. Have their morning and evening routine dialed in 3. Run the business generating activities first thing in the morning.  4. Stay focused and don't allow themselves to get distracted. 5. Make consistent healthy life choices.  6. Drop the ego and help others.  7. Have a coach.  Book reference.   Four Thousand weeks. Time management for Mortals. Oliver Burkeman --- Support this podcast:
In this episode Michael talks with Kingston Wa,  7-year Broker Michelle Cook about using social media to generate business. Michelle decided in 2022 she would dive headfirst into using IG and Tic toc, and FB and take her involvement to a new level. In a very short period, she saw that 50% of her business came from her consistent and entertaining and informative content on Tic Toc, IG and Facebook. My takeaways from talking with here were. Just dive in and know it isn't going to be perfect. Consume content so you get a feel for what is working. Stay in your lane. Get over yourself. Be consistent. Get a process going so you stay on track. To contact Michelle, you can go to her IG or TIC Toc page.IG windermere_michellecook website. --- Support this podcast:
In this episode Michael goes over some words and phrases that you may want to remove from your vocabulary. Remember when we speak it is powerful. We can speak in ways that minimize us or build us up. We can say things that cause others to become defensive, or we can embrace others. We can suggest things unconsciously without even knowing it. Michael goes over some common words and phrases that are used in our industry that we may want to replace with the suggestion made. --- Support this podcast:
In this Episode Michael talks with Autumn Etheredge from Tampa/St Pete Florida. Autumn became a full-time agent in May 2014. Every year her volume hovered around 4-5 million. January 2019, she attended her first installation. Her big scary goal was to close 10 million that year which at the time she thought was impossible. In 2019 She was pregnant with her second child and had a toddler at home. She gave birth to a son in October and closed over 14 million that year. That's when she knew that anything was possible and that as cheesy as it sounded THE SYSTEM WORKS! She took the installation again in 2021 and increased her volume to 20 million and again TSW.  In 2022 she attended her 3rd installation where I was the guide and again, she increased her dollar volume to 30 million. She was also closing her biggest listing YTD for $4,225,000.  Flash forward to now 3 installations behind her and over 32m closed already in 2022, She can proudly say she is a Ninja for life. The key points I took away from this conversation were. 1. Believe in your ability to do it 2. Use the system and you won't be perfect but stay consistent 3. It is great to take Ninja more than once 4. Don't do everything yourself, Autumn has a TC and a team member helping her. To contact Autumn Etheredge.  IG @tampaliving Email Cell 813.777.0468 --- Support this podcast:
In this Episode Michael talks with Kristin Munger. Kristin has been in the Greater Seattle area as a Real Estate Trusted Advisor for 18 years. She said this market is like the weather when sailing a boat. If you know how to sail well the weather may be different but you know what to do. She has worked in all types of markets. Kristin talks about the need for consistency and having a great process when it comes to working with buyers and sellers. As a realtor it is your job to help your client achieve their real estate goals. She achieves this by creating great relationships with her clients. By using the Ninja system and having process that are consistent she can have a strong referral base year after year. Communication, and market knowledge is key to being the best advisor for your clients. No matter what market we are in the Realtor that runs their business like a business and stays connected to their people will thrive year after year. Also take time for yourself. Making time to have life along with good business is important. Contact Kristin Munger. Website. --- Support this podcast:
In this episode Michael talks to Nicole Mangina. Nicole has been in the Real Estate business with Windermere for 25 years and is so excited about the market we are in today. Nicole understands the power she has by controlling and choosing what energy she brings to her days. Nicole understands controlling your thoughts, breathing, and the people you choose to be around has a big impact on the energy you put out into the world. We all have the power of choice. When we chose to come from a place of abundance and optimism it is boundless in what we can create for ourselves.  We talk about how we see our world. Using breathing and changing space to change your energy. What are you doing in the morning and evenings? What are some resources.  Abraham Hicks Dr. Joe Dispenza Nicole Mangina's site. James Clear --- Support this podcast:
In this episode Michael talks to Vinnie Gopalakrishnan a real estate broker in Naperville Il with Baird and Warner. Vinnie took ninja early in his career. 2020. Some of the insight he will share with you is how he realized that real estate isn't as much about making a sale as it is about building strong relationships with you clients. Vinnie also discovered his why and began to change not only his way of thinking but started to add more consistent routines into his days, and weeks. He started to see a change mentally as well as physically. He is a great example of what you can do if you walk out of a Ninja and simply begin to apply the daily and weekly habits. The Ninja 9. Contact Vinnie at --- Support this podcast:
In this episode Michael talks with Tyler Freed. A long time Real Estate professional with Windermere, Tyler has been coaching with us for two years +. In that time, he went through Covid and now the shift back to normal. He will share what his takeaways have been in creating more work life balance in his own real estate business along with what he has learned in being a better real estate owner.To contact Tyler Freed IG @Tylerfreedre Email Website --- Support this podcast:
When working with a buyer it is important to make sure that you have an agreement in place that protects you and the buyer. In this episode Michael Talks with Jeremey Johnson and Cassie Walker Johnson with Windermere Real Estate. They have been using a buyer's agency agreement for over 10 years and they use it 100% of the time. We talk about the benefits of using an agreement for the Buyer. How it protects the Agent in this market. What it says about a buyer that won't sign it? How they present it in their process? The power of being able to explain its value and keeping it simple. To find out more about their process you can email them at Website. email --- Support this podcast:
In this Episode Michael talks with Tracie Gulit, and David Hogan. Tracie and David share their listing launch ideas. Each of them starts with a detailed checklist that is shared with their clients. It gives very clear steps as to what needs to be done. It also helps keep them on task and making sure they are consistent and not missing anything. We talk Pre inspections and why it is so important. In fact, David says. " I hope we do them always and that doesn't change." Pre-Inspections put the seller in a power position because they are listing their property knowing what may come up on a buyer inspection and also being able to fix some items putting their home in a better light for the potential buyers. The power of staging. Homes need to look appealing to all types of buyers. When a home is staged by and expert it is allowing the buyers to see the true potential of the home. Professional photography. All homes get professional photos and video. These homes need to shine online. Many homes in order to make the final cut need to show well in an online setting. Great ongoing communication with the seller as they navigate the dynamics of the market in Pre, and Post time frames. Tracie talks about the data points she shares with her clients, so they are aware of the activity happening on their home. Always setting clear expectations and setting weekly communication schedules. They also talk about the power of the Windermere Ready program and how doing all of this is much like an interview process for future sellers. When they have an amazing process, they are being watched by other potential sellers which leads to future business. It you would like to reach out to either Realtor see contact info below.  Tracie Gulit she can be reached at 360.201.6433. IG is @traciegulithomes David Hogan 425.890.3318.  IG @davidhoganhomes --- Support this podcast:
In this episode Michael talks to Cassie Walker Johnson. She is  one of the brokers with the JohnsonandWalker team. Her husband Jeremy is the other member of the team. Cassie and Jeremy have a combined real estate career of 19 years and so they have seen and been successful in various types of markets.  There are three areas we will cover in this episode.  1. Change your focus form sold price to List price. As the market becomes less competitive sellers tend to lag when it comes to price expectations. The sales price is not a great indicator but rather understanding what the new list price range is and how well you are able to articulate this to your seller will help you in getting a home sold in this shifting market.  2. Making the best first impression as possible. What tools are you using today with your sellers? Staging, Landscaping, Great photography. Your listings need to shine on day one.  3. Working with your lender to help buyers pick your home with 2-1 buydowns.  To contact Cassie you can reach here at Visit their website at --- Support this podcast:
In this episode Michael talks to Ashley Abolafia about the power of her telling her story. Too many times we don't want to put our struggles out into the light, and by not shining we lose our power to help others. Ashley talks about the outreach she had after her initial podcast interview aired. So much outpouring of others thanking her for allowing them to see how they may have situation they were avoiding, and, in some cases, they said, "your strength may have saved my life." Remember that we all have a gift to bring to this world. We all are energy beings that can help so many others if we will choose to put it out there. Contact Ashley  Cell:(425) 606-7781 Cell:(206) 715-5079 Office:(425) 822-5100 Website: --- Support this podcast:
In this episode Michael talks with Laurann Turner. Windermere agent form Layton UT. Laurann is a full services broker who has great confidence when speaking to her sellers on the value she brings to the table. Using these tools How I'm compensated work sheet from Moxi Present Investment package sheet. Created by Laurann Pre Listing interview "Ninja Selling" 16 step seller process "Ninja Selling" In this talk Laurann shares with us about the process she uses and the tools she has created in helping her sellers become very clear on the services they can expect and letting them choose what investment package will meet their needs in getting their home sold at the top of the range. Laurann's contact Email Cell   (801) 388-0700 --- Support this podcast:
In this episode Michael talks with Christina O'Neal with Roundabout RE. Christina has been in Real Estate for 23years and has been a ninja since 2001. We are talking about using the Remarkable tablet. 1. Why use a remarkable instead of your iPad? 2. Having your forms and contracts for all your clients at your fingertips. 3. The power of the pad and taking notes and sharing them with your clients. 4. Tracking your schedule and calendared items. 5. Making it easy for your clients and being able to find your notes when you most need them. Christina O'Neal Cell 209-321-6122 Purchase a remarkable. --- Support this podcast:
In this episode Michael talks to Windermere Broker Brooks Glenn. Brooks was a real estate agent in Chicago for many years then decided to move to Seattle in 2018. Upon arriving in Seattle, he began working as a Broker for our Windermere Shoreline office. Very quickly he discovered a positive culture, and a suggestion was made to attend a Windermere Ninja Installation. I remember when Brooks took the installation because it was very apparent that he was an individual that was going to run with the knowledge he was going to get over the 4 days of that program. When Brooks arrived in Seattle, he knew 2 people and was really starting over from scratch. He says this was his opportunity to start fresh and build a business based on a strong platform. Ninja gave him a process and a methodology that would not just help him build a great business and life but also carry him through 2 years of Covid and come out of that and continue to thrive. Brooks talks about staying connected to your clients and fellow colleagues. He believes very much in having intention and making sure you have a routine. He also knows that we may fall off the routine from time to time but getting right back to is what is important. There are many people that have A-ha moments in life which is great an A-ha moment does not do you any good if you do not follow it up with Action. Brooks acted right out of the gates, and you can see the success it brought to him. Brooks also love to sing and he is a member of the Seattle Men’s Chorus Click here for upcoming shows. Contact Brooks Glenn --- Support this podcast:
After reading the book the Gap and the Gain we started to use these questions when our coaching clients are faced with a big decision to make.  Question #1: Is this decision aligned with my values? Question #2: Will this opportunity take advantage of my unique abilities, and make me stronger, and lengthen my stride? Question #3: Will this opportunity benefit more individuals than just me? Question #4: Does this make since financially? Question #5: Is this decisions transactional or transformational? Question #6: If I say yes to this, what will I have to say no to? •By simply going through these questions, you will gain a higher level of clarity. When we know more, we do better. From the Book The Gab and the Gain. Robin Sharma on your Legacy statement. --- Support this podcast:
In this episode Michael Fanning talks to 3 Professionals on creating value for their evangelistic referrers. Ali Mills from Issaquah WA, Tracie Gulit from Whatcom/Bellingham, and Laurann Turner from Morgan Utah. Common practices are. 1. Immediate follow up upon receiving the referral with notes and a gift followed by a thank you phone call. 2. Communication during the transactions again thanking them for the referral and keeping the client up to speed on the progress. 3. Placing the referrer into the flow schedule each month to receive items of value. 4. inviting the referrer to their client appreciation event yearly. 6. Creating a specific category in their CRM so then can easily find these A clients. 7. Making sure they are sending data and stats to these individuals and making sure they are showing up as the trusted advisor for their, and Laurann Turner from Morgan Utah. Tools mentioned. Moxi engage South Pine Gifts. Loop&tie Gifts. Client Giant Ali Mills. Tracie Gulit Laurann Turner   --- Support this podcast:
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