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Change is the only constant, but when you understand how it works, it's so much easier to navigate it.  Tune in and learn how change predictably plays out so you can experience more ease with the change you are experiencing,  Alexis Robin, Host of The Bright Side, is a Speaker on Positive Leadership and is the Co-founder of pLink Leadership.  She lives in Truckee, CA with her husband and teenage twins where she enjoys the trees, sun, and the great outdoors.  Visit pLink Leadership to find out how you can work with Alexis, or one of the pLink coaches.  
Sometimes I need a little of my own medicine. After an extremely busy few weeks, I found myself Sunday night feeling overwhelmed by the upcoming work week. I thought of the listeners who might be feeling the same and I recorded a show to help us get off to a good start to the week. Tune in and get started on the right foot this week!Alexis Robin is the Co-founder and Chief Experience Officer at pLink Leadership.  She is an executive coach and speaker who lives in Truckee, CA with her teenage twins and French husband.  
It's tough to hold people accountable as a leader and many leaders new and senior struggle with this. Tune in for 15 min to explore what leaders avoid holding people accountable, what the cost of those are, and how to do it better.  Alexis Robin, CXO and CoFounder of pLink Leadership is a speaker and executive coach. She lives in Truckee, CA with her husband and teen-aged twins.  
Not happy with your situation or how things are going? Tune in for a sure fire way to change your feeling state and outcomes.  Alexis Robin is the Co-Founder of pLink Leadership and an Executive Coach working with Senior Leaders across the globe.  For more information on our show's sponsor, come check out pLink Leadership on the web. 
In leadership coaching the topic of identity often comes up, whether we’re talking about reactive tendencies, or someone’s habits, identity is frequently at the heart of it. When we understand how our own identitiy or identities are operating it helps increase our self-awareness.  Tune in to learn about what your unwanted and idealized identities are, and how they may be impacting you. Alexis Robin is a Speaker, Executive Coach and Co-Founder of pLink Leadership.  She lives in Truckee, CA with her French husband and teenage twins. Visit pLink Leadership to learn about how to bring the team to your organization.
Summer time often makes it hard to focus at work. The world seems to be vacationing and floating on lakes, in pools and you are at your desk.  Tune in for sure fire ways to get yourself refocused and help your teams refocus as well.  Don't worry though, it's not all work and no play.  Shout outs in the show to Untethered Space Co-working in Tahoe, and David Allen's Getting Things Done.Alexis Robin, host of the Bright Side is the Co-founder and CXO of pLink Leadership.  She lives in Truckee, CA with her teenage twins, and French husband.  
Why does it feel so hard to hold boundaries for some of us? It's a key skill of relevant leaders in today's world at work.  With overwhelm being at it's peak, and even executives starting to join in the great resignation, it's a great time to revisit how boundaries lead to a better life at work, home and to more positive leadership. Alexis Robin, host of The Bright Side, is a Keynote Speaker, and the Co-Founder and CXO of pLink Leadership.  To bring Alexis in to speak or one of the pLink Coaches to your next event, reach out to chat here.  
In this episode we explore new mindsets for navigating a work environment where it's a mix of work from home and in office work.  What do you need to do to successfully navigate each of these environments well, how can you support your teams, how can you get noticed from your home office?Alexis Robin is the Co-Founder and Chief Experience Officer at pLink Leadership.  She spends her time speaking, coaching and facilitating leaders in the world. To bring Alexis or a pLink Coach/Speaker to your organization or conference, reach out here. #Hybridwork #positiveleadership #pLinkLeadership #Workfromhome
Part two of a four part series on staying relevant as a leader.  In this episode I share my personal journey making peace with receiving feedback, share mindset shifts for how we think about feedback as senior leaders, and offer some practices for getting feedback to keep yourself relevant.  Don't become obsolete, learn to seek feedback! Alexis Robin is a Speaker, Chief Experience Officer and Co-Founder at pLink Leadership. To book Alexis for your conference or bring pLink Leadership into your organization, find us here. 
Tune in for part one of this four part series on power tools for staying relevant as a leader.  In this episode, I dive into story telling / narratives to influence senior leadership.  I offer you a new way to think about relevance as a leader, examples of what other leaders are doing, models and tips for applying these practices.  Alexis Robin is the CXO and CoFounder of pLink Leadership.  To bring her in as a speaker for your next keynote or to explore programs with pLink, visit us online. #plinkleadership #relevantleadership #leadershipdevelopment
Is struggling to delegate getting in the way of scaling your leadership? Maybe you are just burned out and tired of trying to do it all yourself.  Join me for this show where I explore mistakes leaders make delegating and how to overcome them.  Listen today, Lead better tomorrow. #thebrightside #plinkleadership #positiveleadership #leadershippractices #leadershipdevelopmentTo bring Alexis Robin or pLink Leadership to your organization, click here. 
In this episode Ranieka Weston, one of my fellow coaches at pLink Leadership shares tips for navigating the challenges of remote teaming.  Tune in for ten minutes of tips and insights for how to manage a remote team and be a good remote teammate. Alexis Robin is the host of The Bright Side, a podcast for leaders and world at work who want to accelerate positive change in the world. Find out how to work with here. 
In this episode I explore the balance of making time to connect with your direct reports and handling a big work load.  Tune in for what gets in the way of leaders being kind and efficient and 5 skills you can build to help you connect to your people and to stay on top of your to do list. Alexis Robin is the Co-Founder of pLink Leadership. She works as an executive coach and facilitator in globally and lives in Truckee, CA with her twins and husband. 
In the light of the January 6th events in the United States, this episode is about taking a stand for positive leadership, character, and consciousness.  Practices for bringing you back to peace and helping you figure out what to do with whatever you are feeling right now.  The Bright Side is hosted by Alexis Robin, COO of pLink Leadership.  
As we approach the end of 2020, many may be feeling like they are running out of gas. In this episode, I share some ideas for rebooting your resilience and keeping yourself going into the new year.  Whether you are feeling low or just want to keep on pushing ahead, this show has a little something for you.  Host - Alexis Robin, COO and Co-Founder of pLink Leadership
Join me to explore the predictable wall that many of us hit after 6 months of a crisis.  COVID-19 has been taxing and the effects are showing up in different ways. In this episode, I'll share some ideas for how to get through "the wall" and what to expect if you are in it!  For more on the article I reference in the show, find it here ...
COVID19 quarantines and stay at home orders have given us a lot of time to reflect on our lives.  The question is, do you like what you see?  If not, it may be time for a change.  Tune in and consider where you might be ready to move things around, spice things up, or add something new. Alexis Robin, the host of The Bright Side, is Co-Founder and COO of pLink Leadership.  pLink Leadership sponsors The Bright Side and is hard at work helping leaders in the world accelerate positive change in a big way. Check us out on Social Media or our website 
This week, I'm addressing the need to check in with the people you lead (yourself, your personal circle, and at work).  In times of upheaval and uncertainty as well as any old time, it's important that we connect and check in with people. If you notice folks getting angry or shutting down, that can be a signal that you need to move closer and get curious. In this show, I share ideas for how to approach these conversations and what to say, when people do open up.  The Bright Side is sponsored by pLink Leadership and hosted by Alexis Robin, Executive Coach and COO of pLink Leadership. 
In this week's show I'm talking about new rituals and the art of savoring.  How do we celebrate when we cannot gather?  What rituals can we put into place in this new framework that will deepen our meaning and experience?  Tune in to learn what kind of savoring you prefer and for ideas on new rituals.  The Bright Side™ is sponsored by pLink Leadership and hosted by Alexis Robin.  The show is produced in Truckee, CA right next to Lake Tahoe!
In this episode I explore the interplay between vulnerability, courage and decisiveness.  Meet Gary the gate-keeping bouncer of this club called life.  To access the parable referenced in the show, check out this article. The Bright Side is sponsored by pLink Leadership and hosted by Alexis Robin
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