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Off The Clock With Dean Kutcher (Official 107.7 The Bronc Podcast)

Off The Clock With Dean Kutcher (Official 107.7 The Bronc Podcast)

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The OFF THE CLOCK Podcast features topics of interest in business, and complements what's happening in the classroom, the zoom room, and in the field. Dean Gene Kutcher engages with one faculty member, one student, and one alumnus in every episode - each sharing their unique point of view. The Norm Brodsky College of Business at Rider University values the building of human connections and listening to the perspectives of others - we invite you to join the conversation!
32 Episodes
Join Dean Gene Kutcher and his guests NBCB faculty Dr. Anubha Mishra and Dr. Kristin McCarthy as they discuss their research into Food Insecurity in Trenton neighborhoods (the need for food assistance resources and associated challenges with accessing these resources) , which will be detailed in an article accepted for publication in The Journal of Public Health.
Episode 21 Big Data

Episode 21 Big Data


Join Dean Gene Kutcher and his guests Zeina Ly '21, Brook Wilson '19 and Dr. Emre Yetgin as they discuss all things Big Data : the internet of things, smart devices, privacy & security, and data governance just to name a few. And during OTC Gametime you'll learn about the world records for the largest human mattress domino chain and biggest pizza.
Join Dean Gene Kutcher as he discusses the Saxbys Experiential Education experience with his guests Saxbys Founder & CEO Nick Bayer and our student CEOs Grace Ramsey, Kayelena Brimage and Anna Corelli.
Join Dean Gene Kutcher and his guests Jenna Muller '23, Taffy Le '15, '21 and Dr. Mark Promislo as they discuss one of the most challenging aspects of professional life: work/life balance
In the spirit of the Big Game - Super Bowl LVII - this month, Dean Gene Kutcher rewinds back to some vintage sportsmanship and competition from the Off the Clock podcast archives - ladies and gentlemen, this is Best of Off the Clock GameTime, the only place where you can Take this Job and BLANK it. Join Dean Kutcher for four OTC GameTime match-ups between many Business Bronc students/alums/faculty members (and Dean Kutcher & Professor Charles Ray).
Episode 17 Live Event

Episode 17 Live Event


Dean Gene Kutcher sits down with his December Off the Clock LIVE EVENT guests -  Juan Molina '23, Laura Glotzbach '97 and Dr. Lisa Rufer -  to review 2022, look ahead to 2023 and give some great advice to our Business Broncs.
Episode 16 Grad School

Episode 16 Grad School


Dr. Eugene Kutcher discusses the benefits and challenges of graduate school with student guest John Heintz, alumni guest Matt Mailman, and faculty guest Dr. Betsy Haywood-Sullivan. 
Episode 15 Networking

Episode 15 Networking


Dean Kutcher invites student guest Kaitlyn Wong, alumni guest Casey Harris, and faculty guest Iram Khan onto the show to discuss the importance of networking.  
Dean Eugene Kutcher sits down with current Rider student Ryan Marut, alumni guest Kaitlyn Marut and Professor Tom O'Connor to discuss the changing landscape of business as companies and employees are faced with the decision to work in the office, from home or in a hybrid situation.  
Dean Gene Kutcher brings back some of the best guests from season 1 to give advice to incoming and current Rider students.  
Eugene Kutcher sits down with a student, faculty and alumni guest to discuss the importance of organization psychology research.
Dean Gene Kutcher sits down with senior Accounting major Melissa Palladino ‘22, Rider business alum and company recruiter Christina Leib ‘18, and HR Management adjunct professor Apryl Roach to get different perspectives and advice on the Job Search process.
The real story about Supply chain disruptions from covid isn't just about toilet paper or cars. Dean Gene Kutcher sits down with current student Chahana Das '22 (Global Supply Chain Mgmt/Business Analytics), alum Jesse Ligouri '20 (Amazon Logistics) and faculty member Robert D'Avanzo (co-director Global Supply Chain Mgmt Program and retired Accenture executive) to discuss the today's headlines about covid-related supply chain disruptions
In this month's episode of Off the Clock, Dean Gene Kutcher is sitting down with his three guests - student guest Sleyker Tarifa '22 (Accounting), alumni guest Julie Veloz '03 (VP, global Diversity Intelligence & Strategy at Interpublic Group), and faculty guest Dr. Evelyn McDowell (Accounting Dept Chair) - about the importance of role models and representation as part of healthy DEI cultures in higher education and the workplace.
In this month's episode of Off The Clock, Dean Gene Kutcher is sitting down with his three guests, Sabrina Rom the Student guest, Brianna Kuhl the Alum guest, and Dr. Cindy Newman the Faculty guest, about the opportunities in the Norm Brodsky College of Business to study abroad, as well as the importance of international studies in the growing global business world. Also in the episode, there are two short bonus conversations with Jim Bush, an active alumni in the Rider community, and Kimberly Algeo, the director of International Studies at Rider University. Join Dean Gene for enlightening conversations and an exciting and fun Game - Time Segment.
Dean Gene Kutcher discusses the value for Business Broncs of involvement with student clubs & orgs with current Marketing major Kathryn Salguero '22, alum Timothy Schuster '11 (Accounting), and Dr. Lisa Rufer (Sport Management).
  Dean Gene Kutcher sits down to explore everything about the Business Freshman “Business in Action” experience with current Marketing major Kaitlyn Kurfuss ‘23, alum Isaiah Jean-Baptiste ‘20 and Professor Beverly Braddock.
Dean Gene Kutcher sits down with current student Ashika Gopalkrishnan '22, alumnus RahQuan King '19, and Finance & Economics Department chair Dr. Jason Chiu - all of whom will share advice and perspective on financial literacy for college students since now is the time to understand how your personal knowledge around money and finances can work for or against you.
Dean Gene Kutcher explores the athlete’s edge – how lessons and experiences that come from sports translates to other parts of life, such as school and career - with his guests current Business Bronc Kayla May ’22, Dr. Quinn Cunningham and alum Colin Jennings ’09.
Dean Gene Kutcher discusses how Accounting is evolving to have a greater focus on Business the Norm Brodsky College of Business with his guests Dr. Obeua Persons, senior Brianna Monroe '21, '22 and alum Patrick McDowell '11. As always, check out as one business Bronc student wins big in the Off the Clock game.
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