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Author: Anna Coote

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A Podcast all about native Irish nature-based Spirituality, healing and community!
We will be discussing all things to do with traditional Irish and Celtic healing methods, Spirituality and what it means to be a modern Irish Pagan.
I will be chatting to some interesting members of the wider Pagan community for their take on indigenous Spirituality, Paganism, traditional healing practices and other related topics!
I'm Anna, a native Irish 'Bean Feasa' or 'Woman of Knowledge' aka Tribal Healer or Shamanic Practitioner.
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It's been a while since I recorded an episode of my show and I can only apologise, there's been a lot going on!  But here we are now with an episode all about spirit guides/helpers/allies- who are they? How can you meet them? How can you recognise them? What do they do? etc  I hope you enjoy this but if you have anything to say, good or bad, you can leave me a voice message here- or drop me an email by going to my website- and going to the contact page. I would ABSOLUTELY love to hear from you! You can also find me on all the usual social medias (link in my bio!)
Welcome to my next episode in which I try to answer a question I get asked a lot- Is there any proof that our Irish ancestors or the Celts in general practiced Shamanic or Shamanic-like techniques? The short answer is: not reeeeeaalllly, BUT like everything else to do with Irish Spirituality and pre-Christian (and post!) history, it's very complicated and very very layered!!  I hope you enjoy the episode and it maybe opens the door to pondering some of these questions yourself :D  Please don't forget to like, review, comment, SUBSCRIBE and share- it REALLY REALLY does help me out a lot and lets me know you are enjoying what I'm doing and I'll keep doing it!! :)
Where I chat to my good friend Paul about his life-long journey into 'Paganism' and how it fits into his present daily life! This was my first interview and I enjoyed it so much 💚 Paul is an active member of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids (OBOD). He is rather fond of trees and long walks on the beach with his husband and their 4 dogs. He drinks a lot of tea and he doesn't know how to work a television. He is terrified of his phone ringing. He has travelled around Ireland a lot and lived in many places- North, South, East and West and is currently found in one of the most beautiful of all places, namely North Cork. However, most importantly- he's also from Cork! Paul is an accredited Celebrant and Pagan Solomniser available for weddings, baby namings and other ceremonies, he also does a lot of creative writing and blogging. Outside of paganism, his other passions in life include Toastmasters and 5Rhythms. Paul can be found at
Where I put 4 questions to you dear listeners and then try to answer them myself to the best of my ability and knowledge! What do you think? Do you agree? What's your opinion on what I have to say?!! I really do want to hear from you... Don't forget to listen to the end because some of what I have to say might surprise you!  And don't forget to tune in next week for my first ever interview with a dear friend of mine- someone who's opinion, wisdom and knowledge I value greatly and probably my polar opposite in terms of communication lol you really won't want to miss it! I hope you enjoy this episode and please subscribe, like, share and review if you can, it means the world to me and lets me know I'm on the right track (or not!) in terms of content :) Contact me at: contact,, Facebook and Instagram- Irish Shamanism, Soul Clinic Slán agus beannachtaí go léir 
In this episode I gently guide you through an 20 minute refreshing, rejuvinating and relaxing journey through native Irish woodlands with the sound of the drum in the background! I hope you enjoy it, please subscribe, like, share, comment and review as this really helps me out and lets me know you like what I'm doing! Find me on Facebook, Instagram and my website
This episode is also available as a blog post: This is part of the podcast series where I'm converting all of my blog posts to audio and publishing them alongside my regular podcasts! So, if you're visually impaired or just prefer listening to reading then these are for you :) Thank you for tuning in!
Hello! My name's Anna, a native Irish 'Bean Feasa' or 'Woman of Knowledge' aka Tribal Healer or Shamanic Practitioner- to give it a more well-known term! I'm also a Holistic Counsellor and Psychotherapist, Trainer, Ordained Pagan Priest and legal Celebrant! In this, my pilot episode I introduce myself, give a brief description of Shamanism and Irish Shamanisnm. I outline how got into it and trained as a Shamanic Practitioner and how I use Shamanism in my Theraputic practice and daily life.  If you listen to the end there will be some bonus free content for you too!! :)
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