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Convenience store retailers have a lot of important decisions to make. Join Dan Durbin, executive at R.L. Jordan Oil, as he shares his expertise on the ins and outs of setting up a successful loyalty program and ways to increase c-store brand visibility, inside sales, and meaningful communication with customers.
6 Episodes
One of the great assets to having a convenience store loyalty program is the wealth of data and actionable analytics on your customers. Those analytics put you in a position to create powerful and profitable relationships with your vendors. Join Dan and me as we discuss how retailers can form strong relationships with vendors and how to leverage those relationships to create the best experience for your customers.
In our fourth episode, Dan talks about the evolution of Hot Spot's successful 14 year old rewards program and how to implement a program that continues to evolve and bring in new customers.
How many webinars, or podcasts, or pitches have we listened to that never go beyond generalized statements or advice? Well, not this one. For our third episode, Dan has graciously offered to pull back the curtain and give us a glimpse of how Hot Spot rewards are structured and we will talk about the common pitfalls that make loyalty programs fail by year 3. KFC has its 11 secret herbs and spices and well…we don’t have a cute name for ours yet, but listen along as we uncover Electru...
Ali King interviews Dan Durbin, Director of Logistics at R.L. Jordan Oil and Rebecca Burch, EVP of Sales at Electrum Holdings to provide insights on how to navigate the demands of competitive fuel pricing, strategies to bring pump only customers inside the store, and the future of the convenience store model as we become less gas centric in the years to come.
Ali King interviews Dan Durbin (R.L. Jordan Oil) about what makes a good convenience store loyalty program from the retailer perspective.
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