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Just wanted to squeeze in ONE more indulgent ramble for 2021.  Tune in to hear Velma wishing you all a Happy Holidays, give something of a belated acceptance speech  for our NATIONAL PODCASTING AWARD (Whaaatt?!)  & share some insights into what's coming your way in 2022. 
Virgo intacta, chastity, purity - virginity.  Whatever you want to call it there's no denying the role it has played across the world. This highly sought after prize, this measure of a woman, this devotion to patriarch has caused women to be lusted and fought over, bought and sold, to burn, be controlled and to die for... And guess what? It doesn't actually exist**Feminist ramblings ensue! **One can argue. Listen. Find out.
17 : This Kinky Spider

17 : This Kinky Spider


This week get on your knees as we're joined by internationally acclaimed Dominatrix, author, artist, kinkster & mental health advocate Miss Marilyn. We talk about life as a sex worker, authenticity online & sex work stigma as well as dads giving out career advice, magicians on OnlyFans and a mass scale murder plot... Enjoy!Content Warning: Mental health, BDSM, Childhood trauma & abuse.
This week be prepared for a whole host of "expert" life advice including Velma's favourite ethical pornographers, why you should follow your dumbass heart and why we are actually all buildings... Also be prepared for references to Studio 54, a 16th century blood countess and George R R Martin quotes because who even let Velma have a microphone.
15: Huzzah!

15: Huzzah!


Another day another another lockdown another bad bitch herstory! This week we play the game of "is it true or is it another classic example of misogynistic slut-shaming of a powerful woman." Our lucky contestant for this episode is Catherine The Great, the powerful Russian empress who was known for murdering her husband, being a massive sex fiend and who reportedly died whilst having sex with her favourite stallion...  Sounds legit. 
14: Tuca Tuca

14: Tuca Tuca


Did somebody say sequin disco jumpsuit rainbow showgirl? Yah, Velma did... This week we talk about the life and legacy of Raffaella Carrà, a woman who brought youth culture, feminism and sex into our tv sets decades long before Cardi B was talking WAP or Ariana Grande was walking Side to Side.  
Think old Hollywood used to be prim & proper? Just you wait...This week, Velma tells you all about the brief time in early Hollywood where sex was unapologetic & where women had  unbridled sexual agency... right before the church steam rolled in & f***ed it right up. We're talking about The Hays Code, & how it effected how you & I view "morality" today.
Sorry not sorry for more french history... Grab the champagne & let me introduce you to one of the most beautiful women that ever lived - the 1950s Parisian  showgirl, cabaret star, quintessential sex kitten & most importantly, historical trans rights pioneer - Jacqueline Charlotte Dufresnoy.  
Did someone say hometown smut?! This episode explores one  Australia's dirty little secrets - its very first red light district called "Little Lon" right in the heart of Melbourne.  Sisterhood, independence,  political corruption & a f**k tonne of absinthe and oysters became the backdrop for one of Australia's most notorious bad ass women to prosper - Madame Brussels.
What do 18th century Inuits, a smut distributor, the mayor of NYC & Monica Lewinski all have in common? They have all played a part in why you (yes you, you pervert) are obsessed with that thooong tha thong thong thong... (please tell me you sang that like Sisqo?!) Join Velma as we delve into the history, politics, and censorship of a teeny, tiny, itty, bitty, little piece of fabric... 
Queen. Whore. Goddess. Nymphomaniac. Murderer - This week we delve into the history, love life, propaganda and legacy of the last Pharaoh, Cleopatra VII. From incest to a $15 million cocktail, to why she was referred to as "the golden mouth" and still revered by all more than 2000 years after her dramatic death.  Definitely grab the popcorn.
8: Magical Molinier

8: Magical Molinier


BDSM,  gender, queerness, france, surrealism, bodily fluids and auto-fellatio... Just a pinch of what we'll be covering in todays episode of C*ntroversy! Today we talk about often forgotten sensualist and gender-fluid artist Pierre Molinier and their influence on fetish, glamour and drag sensation Violet Chachki.
7: Tempest In A D-Cup

7: Tempest In A D-Cup


This week on C*ntroversy Velma dives into the life of a legendary stripteaser who came from humble beginnings and went on to seduce not only the world but also a much loved US president and left a trail of scandal in her wake. It is of course, the "Hollywood Treasure Chest", the buxom bombshell herself... Tempest Storm.
6: Foot Fetishism

6: Foot Fetishism


This week on C*ntroversy Velma is joined by a very special guest - fetish model & artist Evana de Lune. Listen to them talk all things feet ... which takes you to some places you probably won't expect (such as the ancient Chinese custom of foot binding) as well as some places you probably will expect (such as  Velma & Evana playing footsies under the table). Enjoy!
5: Venus In Furs

5: Venus In Furs


Everyone relax! Velma's back! This week on C*ntroversy we get a little kinky as we delve into one of the worlds most scandalous pieces of literature -  Sacher-Masoch's  "Venus In Furs" and explore the role it had in defining contemporary kink practice, language and sexology. Cue leather boots -  *Cracks whip*.
It's our fourth episode! This week Velma talks about the fantastical life of American striptease superstar Lili St Cyr as well as Marilyn Monroe's origin story & we somehow come full circle with The Rocky Horror Picture Show. 
Grab a coffee or perhaps something stronger and join Velma & very special guest host: artist, archivist & 60s dream queen Celia Bow for a sexy history lesson & discussion on the golden era of porn! 
This week on Cntroversy we celebrate International Womens Day by looking into the life of jazz age superstar, entertainer, queer icon, war hero & human rights activist Josephine Baker.
Join Velma Vouloir as she discusses a brief history of the  bawdy world of Burlesque. From skin coloured stockings to skimpy g-strings.  From prohibition to hollywood and beyond we teach you all about the world of sexy striptease in America during the 20th century. 
0: A Prologue

0: A Prologue


Welcome to Cntroversy! Episode Zero is a brief introduction into the world of salacious and taboo history with Velma Vouloir. Here you'll find out a little bit more about Velma, and what the show is all about as well as contact information and how YOU can be a part of the show.
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