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Author: Angela Tuell

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Media in Minutes podcast features in-depth interviews with those who report on the world around us. They share everything from their favorite stories to what happened behind the lens and give us a glimpse into their world. With host Angela Tuell, this podcast is published every other week. Connect with us on Facebook @CommunicationsRedefined; Twitter @CommRedefined and Instagram @CommRedefined. To learn more, visit
12 Episodes
In today’s episode, Angela talks with Kelsey Ogletree about the importance of building long-term relationships in the media industry.  Based out of Alabama, Kelsey is a writer and editor, featured in The Wall Street Journal, Midwest Living, and others, a pitching coach, and corporate content creator. Visit to read articles on how to bridge the gap between freelance writers and PR, or to sign up for her newsletter to learn about the next Office Hours workshop.To read Kelsey's article on Mezcal, visit Her Wall Street Journal article on hotel cat amenities, can be read here: Connect with Kelsey Ogletree on Twitter or LinkedIn @KelseyOgletree, and Instagram @kbogletreeLearn more about Beyond Words care packages here: review data storytelling in business, technology, and entertainment visit:
On this episode of Media in Minutes, we welcome health and medicine journalist Shari Rudavsky. Having worked for the Indianapolis Star for 16 years, Shari discusses what it's been like covering the COVID pandemic and how she chooses what stories to pursue. Read Shari's most recent articles for The Indy Star here: Follow Shari on Twitter: @srudavsky 
In today’s episode Angela talks with Nycci Nellis, D.C.’s best known and most respected food and wine journalist.  Nellis is founder and publisher of, D.C.’s premiere resource for all things food and wine.  In today’s show she shares more about her weekly show, Foodie & the Beast, where she hosts nationally and internationally celebrated chefs, mixologists, brewmasters, winemakers, food journalists, authors and other celebrities, as well as their weekly podcast, Industry Night, where Foodie & the Beast discuss the latest issues facing this global network of luminaries.Connect with Nycci Nellis on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @NycciNellisFollow her weekly on-air programs and podcasts, WTOP, Foodie & the Beast, and Industry Night, as well as sign up for her newsletter and learn about the D.C. area happenings in the dining out scene and more by visiting The List at learn more about Chefs for Equality, please visit Try one of Nycci's favorite brunch recipes! Marbled Pound Cake
In today’s episode we talk with Megan Fernandez. Megan is executive editor at the award-winning, city/regional magazine, Indianapolis Monthly. She tells us about her time on a professional women's tackle football team - for a story! And, gives us insight into how the magazine works behind the scenes. Megan began writing for Indy Monthly in 1995 while studying journalism at Indiana University. She joined the staff in 2005 and is now the magazine’s primary lifestyle editor and writes feature stories on whatever piques her interest. You can find Megan on Twitter @MeganFernandez7Facebook  @Megan.BriscoeFernandez Instagram @MBFernandez234Check out Megan's article on Kristine Bunch: 
In today’s episode we talk with TV news personality Sherman Burdette. Sherman is a 2-time Emmy-Award winning host, reporter and producer for an Indianapolis TV news segment called "Where is Sherman”. It airs live every weekday morning from 7-10 a.m. on FOX59. Sherman talks about how he finally landed his dream job after many years in the business and how to grab his attention when pitching a story. You can connect with him on Facebook at: at: @shermanburdetteTwitter: @shermanburdette  Check out “Where is Sherman” online clips on FOX59’s website:
In today's episode we talk with tv news journalist Stacey Sakai. After nearly 15 years in front of the camera for local TV stations in Maryland, Texas and California, Stacy was recently named News Director for KION 546 and Telemundo 23 in Monterey County, California. Stacey is an Emmy and Associated Press award winning anchor and reporter. She gives us a behind the scenes look at the television news process and shares some important tips for PR pros on getting heard. You can connect with her on Facebook at: & Instagram at: @stacysakai & @staceysakaitvCheck out KION546 & Telemundo23 at: 
On this episode of Media in Minutes, we talk with social media influencer, author and comedy writer, James Breakwell. He is best known for his family humor twitter account Xploding Unicorn, which has more than 1 million followers. James has also published three books – about to release the fourth in June – and has been profiled in publications such as USA Today, US Weekly, Reader’s Digest, Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan and many more. Find James on Twitter: @XplodingUnicornFollow him on Instagram: @James_BreakwellConnect with James on Facebook: @ExplodingUnicornYou can preorder his newest book on Amazon: How to Be a Man (Whatever That Means): Lessons in Modern Masculinity from a Questionable SourceCheck out James' past books: To sign up for his newsletter, visit: 
On this episode of Media in Minutes, we talk with New York Times Culture Reporter, Sarah Bahr. She shares some of the most memorable celebrities she's interviewed, what story didn't quite go as planned and about the time she saw 30 live New York City theatre shows in just 10 weeks! Sarah also gives us her recommendations on music, theatre and art. Check out Sarah's article on the Westchester Broadway Theater. Read her article on the mansion in Chicago for the express desk at the New York Times.Check out Sarah's article about artwork in Indianapolis during March Madness. If you want to learn more about Gang Gang, visit To learn more about Sarah's recommendation, All Creatures Great and Small, here’s the link: 
On this episode of Media in Minutes, we welcome freelance journalist Tony Rehagen. His work has appeared in Men’s Health, ESPN the Magazine, Popular Mechanics, GQ, Politico, USA Today, and Atlanta, Indianapolis and St. Louis Monthly. Tony’s interviewed astronauts, moonshiners, murderers and sports legends. He tells us about his most memorable interviews and shares a special talent with us. Check out Tony’s Indy Monthly article about David Scott: Read Tony’s Atlanta Monthly article about the bootlegger and gun merchant feud that ended in murder here: Twitter: @trehagen   Instagram: @trehagen79  Visit his website at: 
On this episode of Media in Minutes, lifestyle and travel writer and editor Sara Lieberman tells us about searching for anacondas in Peru’s amazon, why she moved to Paris and some of her best travel advice. Sara is a full-time freelance writer and content creator for The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Hemispheres, Condé Nast Traveler, AFAR, the Washington Post and many others.  Check out Sara’s article with Israeli Chef Uri “Buri” Jeremias in AFAR.Read Sara’s article about chefs around the world cooking with their kids in Food & Wine magazine. Try the Banana Everything Cookie Sara loves.Sign up for Sara’s Overthinking It newsletter!Check out a short video of our anaconda adventure through the Amazon River!Instagram: @Saraglieberman Twitter: @Saraglieberman
On this episode of Media in Minutes, Travel + Leisure Senior Editor Sarah Bruning talks about how she ended up where she's at, what destinations she is dreaming of, and gives us insight into Travel + Leisure's Global Vision Awards . Sarah co-edits Experiences for Travel + Leisure and is the editorial lead for Travel + Leisure's World Best Awards. Check out  the Destination Australia section Sarah talks about in this podcast: You can find Travel + Leisure's World's Best Awards at: And, Global Vision Awards here: You can find Sarah at https://www.sarahbruning.comTwitter:  Instagram: 
Rachel Chang is our first ever guest on Media in Minutes. Her editorial career began chasing celebrities as a magazine editor and along the way turned to chasing passport stamps. She writes for publications such as  Condé Nast Traveler, Travel + Leisure, Airbnb Magazine, The Discoverer, Lonely Planet and The Washington Post. In this episode, Rachel tells us about her emotional visit to a cranberry bog during the COVID-19 pandemic, how a scuba diving expedition didn't go as planned and what story she has worked on that hasn't made it into print. Read about Rachel's Bermuda adventures in AirBNB magazine:   Check out  her Travel + Leisure article about her visit to the cranberry bog: You can find Rachel at https://byrachelchang.comFacebook:  Twitter:  Instagram: LinkedIn:  
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