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Welcome to College, Disabilities, and Success where I help parents and teachers prepare high school students with disabilities for academic success by learning how to manage life in the college classroom. Parents and teachers get my insider's look at the Disability Services Resource Centers found on college campuses. As a former college Learning Disability Specialist, Disability Services Coordinator, and LD high school teacher, I will help you understand both sides of Disability Services. Do you understand the role of Disability Services at the college? Do you understand the changes with FERPA and student privacy? IDEA and ADA? How will your child get accommodations? How will your child make an accommodation request? How does your child handle problems with accommodations? How do documentation guidelines change in college? What are your child's study skills goals and study skills for test taking? What will be your child's relationship with the college professors? You'll find those answers and more here!

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According to a recent article in "Virtual Exam Case Primes Privacy Fight Over College Room Scans" by Skye Witley, a 2022 decision by a district court in Ohio found that electronic room scans mandated by Cleveland State University for students taking virtual tests had violated an individual's  4th Amendment protections regarding reasonable searches.  Today's episode examines that local ruling, and the upcoming review of that ruling by the 6th Circuit  US Court of Appeals in Ohio. Learn why virtual room scans are being disputed, and how that ruling could affect you or your child with a disability.  "Virtual Exam Case Primes Privacy Fight Over College Room Scans"  by Skye WitleyFree ebook Insights from a Disability
In today's episode, you will learn some "tricks of the trade" that will help your teens take better notes in class, especially when dyslexia is a problem and notetakers might not be available.  You will learn how to create "user-friendly" notes that will help your child have useful study materials for tests.  NCR Carbonless Copy Paper - also available on
Today's episode explores career development and employment, academic challenges and needs, independent living skills, community/ campus engagement, and self-determination skills as those topics pertain to helping your child plan a successful future.  In each critical area, I share my perspective and experience supporting students with disabilities as they transition to college. STAR Person-Centered Planning ModelTeaching Students Self-Advocacy SkillsEmpowering Homeschool Conversations #90 Workforce Training for Students with Disabilities#28 Engagement in Clubs and Organizations on Campus with Christian Haas#26 Disabilities and Self-Determination with Dr. Richard ChapmanFree ebook Insights from a Disability
Requesting the accommodation of extended time or flexible deadlines for assignments can either help a student or create a problem for the student.  In today's episode, you will learn what types of situations and disabilities warrant the extended time, and which do not, and how extended time used incorrectly could impact a student's grades, financial aid,  and future course load. #26 Disabilities and Self-Determination with Dr. Richard ChapmanFree ebook Insights from a Disability
Today's episode explains to parents the difference they may find in reading accommodations when their child goes from the K-12 system into the college system.  Although both systems will provide reading accommodations, there is a good chance the child will not find the same type of reading accommodations.  Many of the differences your child will experience come from the methods used to provide the reading accommodations and originate from the changes from IDEA to ADA. 67 Dyslexia Testing for College & GED Documentation38 The Complexity of Dyslexia27 LD Evaluation: What You Should Know22 Jimmy Shares His LD Story15 Sorting Out SLD, LD, Dyslexia, and ADHD11 How to Read a College TextbookFree ebook Insights from a Disability
Today's episode will share examples of my own experiences with students when I could not provide the accommodations they needed or wanted.  You will learn why some accommodations might get denied, and how you might benefit from a discussion with Disability Services even if you get denied an accommodation or don't have any documentation.  Also, check out Episode 84, Unraveling the Mysteries of  Disability Documentation and Episode 88 IEP and 504 for College? Problem Solving Q & AADA National NetworkFree ebook Insights from a Disability Specialist
Brianna Paauwee shares her experiences as a disabled student using a wheelchair after she broke her back in an auto accident. After the accident, she decided to go back to school.  Learn how she navigated the new reality of life as a college student with a physical disability, and how she overcame the barriers she faced along the way. -Wheel With Me Facebook Group mickieteaches.comWant to be a guest on the podcast?  Have a new idea you would like me to cover?  Reach out to me here!!
We can find ourselves in an unexpected situation where we or our children will need temporary accommodations at college.  Today's episode takes a brief look at what kind of situations might arise, how to address the problem, and what kind of documentation and accommodations might be typical for a person with a temporary disability. NCR carbonless paperFree ebook: "Insights of a Disability Specialist" with over 35 questions you should know or ask about supporting students with
Covid has impacted our kids' education on many levels including learning delays and learning losses.  Although statistics show learning loss across all ages and grades,  graduation rates have stayed stable.  Unfortunately, that means that many high school students are likely graduating with academic deficits.  As a result, those who transition to college are beginning classes at a disadvantage, and students with disabilities who are compounded by learning deficits are even more at risk.  Today I share some strategies that could help mitigate those challenges. I have links to a couple of resources that might help parents and teachers support their students.  You will also get links to some helpful episodes and articles.  How Has the Pandemic Affected Students with Disabilities? A Review of the Evidence to Date Special Education During the Pandemic, in Charts6 things we've learned about how the pandemic disrupted learningCOVID-19 and education: The lingering effects of unfinished learningLearning AllyNCR carbonless paper#45 College & Autism 102: Finding Your Path with Charlie Kirkham#60 Training (Coaching) College Peer Tutors FREE video: Coaching College Peer Tutors for Students with a Disability #62 Prepping For Final Exams#72 Strategies to Accommodate Struggling Learners#39 Improving Executive FunctionFREE resource: Free tips on executive function
You are revisiting my most popular episode today.  Enjoy!! Parents, teachers, and homeschoolers will appreciate the free online resources with an extensive jobs training curriculum that aligns with IEP goals for the K-12 students with disabilities, and the IPE goals for Vocational Rehabilitation clients.  The podcast also shares a free SCANS jobs skills online assessment specifically for students with disabilities.The Complete T-Folio Online Jobs CurriculumThe Original Scans ReportERIC Research articleScans Skills and CompetenciesFree Scans Skills AssessmentBecoming a Master Student by Dave EllisFree Ebook, “Insights from a Disability Specialist: 9 Critical College Concerns
Dr. Amanda Jackson shares insights that she learned when completing her doctoral dissertation supporting veterans with disabilities at the University of Florida. She explains the barriers vets talked about, and Dr. Jackson offers suggestions to address the veterans' concerns.  The barriers include confidentiality, reluctance to self-identify in the event that the individual wants to return to the military, and coping with stigma - not only externally, but also within the vet's own self-image.To reach Dr. Jackson via LinkedinEpisode 19 Wounded Warriors and College AccommodationsFree ebook: "Insights of a Disability Specialist" with over 35 questions you should know or ask about supporting students with
This episode answers many common questions on social media dealing with accommodations and documentation for students with disabilities.  You will learn what happens if your child wants to use an IEP or 504 plan at college.  Will it work, and will it be enough for the accommodations you expect or need?  If you need additional testing, how much can you expect to pay? What will the additional testing provide?  What happens if your child doesn't use the Disability Services at first?  Can your child get accommodations after the semester in already started?  Can the faculty give your child accommodations instead of Disability Services?  Will the faculty see my documentation and know my diagnosis?  Where do I go if I cannot get the help that I expected or if I felt discriminated against?  Free ebook: "Insights of a Disability Specialist" with over 35 questions you should know or ask about supporting students with disabilities. Office for Civil
Accreditation is a standard of excellence that colleges follow to prepare students for future employment. Colleges will tell you they are accredited, but for one institution just to say they are accredited does not mean that another institution will accept their credits if you need to transfer.  In this episode, you will learn how accreditations differ, and why some educational institutions do not accept credits your child may have earned at another site, especially in the case of proprietary colleges. Finding out a college will not accept another's credited coursework for classes your child has already done someplace else can cost everyone both time and money. Accreditation in the United States Free ebook "Insights From a Disability Specialist" with over 35 questions to ask at Disability Services
Sometimes one of the most difficult tasks for teachers and parents of high school students with disabilities is preparing a good transition plan for employment goals.  In today's episode, you will get some of the employment questions that my colleague and I included in our STAR (Students Transitioning to Adult Roles) Person-Centered Planning module. (The link for the free module is below). I share my perspective on these questions and how you might be able to use them to initiate discussions with your teens regarding their future employment plans.  You will also hear about ONET and Vocational Rehab resources. Free STAR Person-Centered Planning ModuleFree Insights from a Disability Specialist - 35 questions to ask your college Disability Services AdvisorEpisode 43 STAR Person-Centered Planning Module and Self-Directed IEPsO'NET OnlineVocational Rehabilitation Contact Information for Every StateEpisode 66 Meaningful Employment for Young Adults with DisabilitiesEpisode 48 Soft Skills for Work and SchoolEpisode 42 Workforce Training for Students with Disabilities
Do you need some study tips to help out your students or your child?  Today I shared some of the study ideas that my students found most helpful.  You will hear some stories about how to consciously attach a study technique to your long-term memory when preparing study materials for a test, learning a speech, or memorizing names and dates.  Memory Strategies More Study TipsEpisode 52 Memorizing with MoteFree checklist of study terms using MOTE
Have you ever wondered if your student's IEP, 504 Plan, or old testing results will be enough documentation to arrange accommodations in college?  In today's episode, you will gain insight into what colleges expect, what documentation is ideal, and how some documentation may not provide the accommodations your child might be expecting. You will learn when it may be necessary to update documentation and what to look for in new evaluations. Free ebook with over 30 questions to ask college Disability ServicesEpisode 67 Dyslexia Testing for College and GED Documentationmickieteaches.commickieteaches@gmail.comSharing a podcast suggestion
PREPPING FOR A HURRICANE,  so today I am replaying Episode 39: Improving Executive Function! Thanks for your understanding! Mickie How good are your child's executive functioning skills? Is your child able to regulate his or her impulses, handle stressful situations, plan, organize, and follow through with assignments?  Today's episode breaks down executive function into the three main areas of working memory, inhibitory control, and mental flexibility suggested by Dr. C. Cybele Raven (Video below).  You will get suggestions and resources from Mickie Teaches to help you help your child strengthen the necessary executive functioning skills that lead to college success. Free Executive Function Tips Handout "Executive Function and Self-Regulation" - Center of the Developing Child, Harvard UniversityIn Brief: Executive Function Skills for Life and Learning Video with C. Cybele Raven, Ph.DSEDNET The Multiagency Network for Students with Emotional/Behavioral DisabilitiesCollege, Disabilities, and Success Podcast Episode 34, When Students Struggle, Metacognition HelpsCollege, Disabilities, and Success Podcast Episode 8, How Memory Works
In this episode parents and teachers will learn how to help their teens who might be hesitant or concerned about their chances to succeed in college.  I talk about vocational school/ trade school options that could be viable alternatives for teens who do not want to seek the typical AA/BA college credit path, and some helpful accommodation strategies that work especially well in vocational classes. You will get a link to a blog post on a non-profit site from Somerset County, New Jersey called Middle Earth.  This site has been providing prevention and intervention services for youth since 1972. WHAT TO DO IF YOUR TEEN DOESN’T WANT TO GO TO COLLEGEFree ebook with over 30 questions to ask college Disability Servicesmickieteaches.commickieteaches@gmail.comSharing a podcast suggestion
Until recently, all the autism data collected was based on children, but the CDC has recently started calculating the number of adults in the US with autism. Adults are also being more recognized in books and media, including movies, TV,  and videos.   Today we look at some of the new data and how the new data can make a difference. You will also learn about signs of autism in adults, and resources for adults with autism.  I also share some details about the upcoming virtual Stanford Neurodiversity Summit which I highly recommend.  I attended last year, and it was simply remarkable!Stanford Neurodiversity Summit Oct 23-25, 2022Free ebook of questions to ask the college Disability SpecialistOnce Largely Overlooked, Adults with Autism Gain Visabilityby Shaun Heasley | August 26, 2022CDC Researchers: Over 5 Million US Adults Have Autismby Michelle Diament | May 13, 2020Navigating Adult ServicesAdvocacy Tool KitResources and Services for Adults with AutismSigns of Autism in Adults
Do you or your child struggle to spell?  Does dyslexia cause a problem in spelling?  Your child can be successful in college even if their spelling is a problem. There comes a point in your life where you need to switch from remediation to compensation with regard to spelling, and that's what we are talking about today.  You will learn how to compensate, and how your child or student can be a success even if their spelling is a problem. Catch the amazing story of Stephen J. Cannell and how he built a successful writing legacy in spite of his inability to spell! An Adult Spelling TestStephen J. Cannell's videoEnglish with Ronnie - How I Remember the Spelling of Difficult WordsDr. Richard Chapman Episode 26mickieteaches.comFree ebook with questions to ask at
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