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Author: Kim Ades

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Welcome to Resilience Radio, a podcast about how to leverage your thinking to overcome life's challenges. Each episode features unique and moving stories from business leaders about how they were able to move through adversity and achieve success. Your host is Kim Ades, founder of Frame of Mind Coaching. Kim is known for coaching some of North America's most prominent leaders in their field. To learn more about Frame of Mind Coaching and Kim Ades, visit
134 Episodes
As a successful business owner, do you feel as though there are never enough hours in the day? Listen as Robert Lucas, Owner of Let Me Show You Maui, and host Kim Ades discuss how to manage your time effectively when your business is growing.
How can you set your kids up for success? Listen as host Kim Ades chats with Ron Ferguson and Tatsha Robertson, authors of "The Formula: Unlocking the Secrets to Raising Highly Successful Children" about what it takes to be a master parent.
What is standing in the way of your next professional shift? Is it your educational background? Your work experience? Your superiors? Listen as Steve Ash, Engineering Manager of Fireball Equipment, and Resilience Radio host Kim Ades discuss how to move your career forward when it's not moving on it's own.
Gary Fowler is the Co-founder of, a revolutionary company that uses AI to reduce staff loss, save money and increase sales. He is a serial entrepreneur with 10 startups under his belt, including a successful IPO. He also co-founded an investment company as well as the top accelerator in Russia. Listen as Gary and host Kim Ades discuss what it takes to be a successful startup mogul and more.
How are you faring in the war for talent? Is it a challenge to find the right people and afford them? How can you bring in great new hires and make sure that they stay? What are employees looking for in a job? How can you tell if your candidates are the right fit? Listen as Alyssa Clark, Director of Recruiting and Talent of Eyemart Express, and host Kim Ades answer these questions and more.
Malcom Glenn works at Uber as the Head of Global Policy, Accessibility and Underserved Communities. He’s making a difference in the way that marginalized groups access transportation, but he still wonders if he’s doing enough. Listen as Malcom and host Kim Ades discuss how to find meaning in your work and feel like you’re truly making a difference.
Rodney Wilts, the Co-owner of Theia Partners, and host Kim Ades discuss how to make decisions that align with your values and how to comfortably go back on decisions you’ve made in the past.
Does creating stability in your life seem totally unattainable? Edwina Kulego, Founder of Essentials by Edwina, and host Kim Ades discuss how taking bold action is key to your success and how striving for balance may be tripping you up.
Is it realistic that you could be massively successful doing something you’re truly passionate about? Listen as David Wolf and Kim Ades discuss how to find your passion and make it work in this special episode of Resilience Radio.
One is a woman who’s lack of intimacy in her marriage is eating at her self-confidence. One is a man who can’t stand how his wife parents their children. And one is an entrepreneur who has an incompetent employee that is driving him crazy. What do these three people have in common? Find out as David Wolf interviews Kim Ades in this unique episode of Resilience Radio.
Michelle Mras is a TEDx speaker and a coach who lost the ability to communicate for 9 months after a brain injury. Listen as she and host Kim Ades discuss how Michelle leveraged her story, went viral and got a steady stream of clients.
Susan Finerty, owner of Finerty Consulting, faculty member of University of Wisconsin and author of Master the Matrix: 7 Essentials for Getting Things Done in Complex Organizations and The Cross Functional Influence Playbook, shares how she ramped up her business after the well had seemingly run dry. She and host Kim Ades also discuss how to stay motivated and engaged as a seasoned business owner.
Benoit Poliquin is the CEO and Lead Portfolio Manager of Exponent Investment Management Inc. Listen as he and host Kim Ades discuss how to make healthy financial decisions.
Julia Pimsleur is a scaling coach, best-selling author and entrepreneur on a mission to help one million women get to $1 million in revenues. She is the Founder of Million Dollar Women and the author of Million Dollar Women: The Essential Guide for Female Entrepreneurs Who Want to Go Big. Listen as she and host Kim Ades discuss why only 3% of women owned businesses make $1 million or more and the 3 things you need to overcome this statistic.
Jason Maxwell is the 24-year-old CEO of 1Clean Air, a commercial and residential air duct and carpet cleaning company. Since taking over his family's business, they have doubled their sales and grown their team significantly. Listen as he and host Kim Ades discuss how young entrepreneurs can find success.
David Long is the CEO of SageTea Software, a custom computer software company that specializes in artificial intelligence. Their clients range from doctors to the Canadian Government. Listen as he and host Kim Ades discuss how to overcome business obstacles and create success.
Rachel Grant is the Owner and Founder of Rachel Grant Coaching and is a sexual abuse recovery coach. Listen as she and host Kim Ades discuss how to recover from trauma and abuse and how to manage yourself during anxiety attacks.
Peter Papadopoulos has been the VP of Investments with CIBC for 24 years, advising high net worth clients on wealth management and planning. Listen as he and host Kim Ades discuss how having hustle can be the key to your success as an entrepreneur.
David Mansilla is the owner of ISU Corp, a custom software solutions company that helps entrepreneurs increase their net profits. His company has been granted awards like Company of the Year from Technology Headlines, Top 50 Most Innovative Companies to Watch from Silicon Review and the Canadian Business Excellence Award. Listen as he and host Kim Ades discuss how to manage your energy as a busy entrepreneur.
Nicole Sachs is a chronic pain coach who helps her clients overcome their pain by using JournalSpeak. Listen as she and host Kim Ades discuss the power of journaling and how to eliminate chronic pain.