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They say that when times get tough, it's the strong ones who stand up and fight. Good things come to those who wait.The more difficult times are in our lives, the better chance we have at finding happiness once they pass!NOA Website: https://networkofawareness.comPremium Podcast:
It's very important to not get caught up in the Smoke & Mirrors Media hysteria.
The world is more than what you see on the surface.NOA Website: https://networkofawareness.comPremium Podcast:
E63 Poisoning Purpose

E63 Poisoning Purpose


They're the people who will go to great lengths in attempt at poisoning your purpose.People who will do anything to stop you from achieving your goals. Download & Leave a Review here โžก๏ธ
E62 Pan-Dem-Icking

E62 Pan-Dem-Icking


The 2019 pandemic is still going strong, but some narratives behind the recent outbreaks have weakened over time In 2020 the pandemic was a banner year for narratives. The first one came in the form of an Animal Crossing contamination, and now we have this non-sense!In 2020 there were two major stories that shaped society: 31 species going extinct every day due to human activity; and how strong the hysteria it still present in 2022.Subscribe:NOA Website: https://networkofawareness.comPremium Podcast:
ORRA talks about how the Science aka (Maxine) has destroyed hundred of thousands of lives and has yet to stop the reign of unethical medical terror of the youth around the world.Follow/Subscribe:NOA Website: https://networkofawareness.comPremium Podcast:
Hard times can be a necessary tool for spiritual growth. During the hard times, we need to take a step back and appreciate what is happening. These experiences strengthen our spiritual bond with The Most High...NOA Website: https://networkofawareness.comPremium Podcast:
It's TRUE you can't say what you want anymore without fear of being sued or charged with a crime, and even if it was just some harmless words on Facebook that got your fire burning - there are people who will take advantage of those circumstances to ruin everything for ya!The US has been steadily heading down the path towards becoming an Orwellian state where everyone is watched at every turn.NOA Website: https://networkofawareness.comPremium Podcast:
It seems that the government's economics are doing more harm than good.We are all paying the price for our currencies' malfunctions.Ref Link:,Support, SubscribeNOA Website: https://networkofawareness.comPremium Podcast:
Cons of Consciousness

Cons of Consciousness


Bonus exclusive episode that brings awareness to how there are so-called messengers of truth that are really fraudulent to the core of them but use their gifts to influence people to believe in them only to lead astray and become monetarily wealthy in the process.https://networkofawareness.com @networkofawareness.com1TikTok: @orra_informationalistTwitter: @orra_noa
E57  Fruits of the Spirit

E57 Fruits of the Spirit


"Fruits of the spirit" is an old saying that points to how we can live our lives with integrity and goodness. We should all take time every day, no matter what's going on in life or how busy it may be for us at any given moment--to check ourselves against these qualifications before The Most High, so He'll know if you're still worth keeping around!NOA Website: https://networkofawareness.comPremium Podcast:
E56 What is Gaslighting?

E56 What is Gaslighting?


ORRA is joined by special guest Auxakai(Podcaster, Musician) to discuss "Gaslighting". Gaslighting is a form of psychological abuse in which facts and information are distorted to make you question your sanity. A form of manipulation that tries to change the subject, deposition or facts. It's often done by telling you something isn't true and then coated in lies from their side as an excuse for why they did it.
ORRA believes that man is not defined by his successes, but rather what he does for others. NOA Website: https://networkofawareness.comPremium Podcast:
This episode is all about self-awareness, critical-thinking, un-wavering faith, unity, righteous loyalty, and most importantly about the great power of Yahweh Elohim the Creator of all that is and ever will be! Leave a Review here A Review on our Website: https://networkofawareness.comFacebook: Podcast:
E52 Venerators of Man

E52 Venerators of Man


The Truth Always comes to the Light! And it's about to Shine Bright Tonight! All Praise to the Most High! Pls leave a Review at and Subscribe and Download at
E51 Debunking the Bullshit

E51 Debunking the Bullshit


ORRA and his wife Letta Lou chat about all the crazy stuff people believe today. Tune in as they share their thoughts on the current state of affairs, which they believe is fueled by misinformation spread around like wildfire. Website: https://networkofawareness.comFacebook: Podcast:
The journey of life can be tough, but you have to keep moving forward. You might not always succeed in your endeavors and sometimes things will get worse before they finally improve; however there is light at the end if only we remember how far our struggles took us along this narrow path!To Listen and Leave a Review go to: Website: https://networkofawareness.comFacebook: Podcast:
The gender X movement is causing a stir all over the planet.Children are being taught that there's no difference between boys and girls, but this couldn't be further from the truth. The Gender X movement is affecting everyone-even adults!Listen & Leave a Review Here: Website: https://networkofawareness.comFacebook: Podcast:
The USA is a shining example of what can happen when people are not connected to their true selves. The USA is a Legacy of lies about dreams and fantasies. Some are more powerful than others, but all have their own way to make you believe in something that isn't really there. Are you Aware?To Listen and Leave a Review Go to: Website: https://networkofawareness.comFacebook: Podcast:
ORRA has an in-depth interview with spiritual artist Demon Slayer. There are two different ways you can use your musical gifts, the world or for The Most High. The rewards may be different in each case but it is worth considering which path would lead us closer to our destiny of salvation? Check out Demon Slayer at and on Instagram @demonslayer___
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