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Author: Anthony Perrotta

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Hosted by educator and documentary filmmaker Anthony Perrotta, “Rewind From Today,” brings listeners unique, inspiring and personal stories from guests including educators, musicians, visual artists, screenwriters, filmmakers and so many others. "Rewind From Today" is a documentary podcast series that celebrates the power of story. Connect on social media: Twitter @rewindfromtoday / Instagram @rewindfromtodaypodcast / Visit host Anthony Perrotta on Twitter @aperrottatweets and at
6 Episodes
This is a special educators episode of Rewind From Today.In this episode, host Anthony Perrotta shares his current studies as a graduate student in the Professional Masters of Education program at Queen's University.  Exploring the Connected Classroom and the educational overhaul required to provide today's learner with  a truly enriched and meaningful experience,  Anthony explores the value of community partnership through Campus Calgary and MusicLinks. Both Campus Calgary and MusicLinks promote connected learning opportunities through Networked Learning and Interdisciplinary Learning theories. This episode is definitely for anyone interested in providing students with authentic opportunities to learn, unlearn and relearn with the goal to nurture life-long community oriented learning. Let's reimagine learning and the classroom.Program Notes:In this episode, Anthony makes notes to a number of research papers and media texts. Click here for access: Thanks:Anthony extends special thanks to his "Upward Mobility of Black Creatives Part 2" guest, Freddy Brobbey for his support with this episode. Freddy is the Creative Director of MusicLinks and provided a number of insights highlighted in this episode. _______ Campus Calgary at:
In this episode of Rewind From Today, host Anthony Perrotta shares time with Best-Selling author David Morrell. David is the author of First Blood, the 1972 action-thriller that introduced the world to John Rambo.  Adapted for the big-screen in 1982, First Blood the movie starred legendary screen hero Sylvester Stallone who propelled the character in a global action icon and popular movie franchise. In this conversation, David reflects on his own relationship with John Rambo and how being a Canadian living in America influenced the character and the First Blood novel. 
In this episode of Rewind From Today, host Anthony Perrotta connects with his former student Freddy ‘Don Fredericko’ Brobbey. Here's a bit about Freddy in his own words: Music Producer. Creative. Community Builder. Entrepreneur. Brother. Son. Friend. Optimist. These are the labels I choose to reflect my identity. I claim these words. I am connected to these concepts. I own them and carry them with me daily. This is who I am.  The story starts in a way like many others. Through family and culture I learned a love of music. I was born into my parents’ love of African High Life, gospel music, reggae and other genres. Every weekend, going to church and watching and listening as my father uplifted the congregation with his guitar. Fast forward to my early teens when I heard Pete Rock and CL Smooth and realized exactly how I was meant to express myself creatively. Beats. Beat-making. I got my first taste of music production at a local community arts organization. Composition and arrangement, exploring sounds, it was a natural fit. As I evolved musically I also grew into community development, carving out a path to use music as the language and the tool to bridge people and build forward. Determination, hard work and honing my skills led to signing with a major record label, managing up-and-coming artists, and producing music. Always producing music. Now, I am the Creative Director of JustOverMusic, a Toronto-based music production house and artist development team. My side hustle is as Executive Director of JustOverMusic: Music Links, running community music programs, increasing access to industry-standard skills development for emerging artists and underserved young people. Over the years, other people have tried to attach their labels to me. My identity is mine to define, no one else’s, and these are the words I choose. Music Producer. Creative. Community Builder. Entrepreneur. Brother. Son. Friend. Optimist.
In this episode of Rewind From Today, host Anthony Perrotta shares time with NBA Fall of Fame sports writer Sam Smith. The New York Times Best Selling author of The Jordan Rules, Sam is a legendary sports writer who has covered the Chicago Bulls for nearly 30 years. In this intimate conversation, Sam rewinds through his inspiring career and dives deep into embracing life's passion and finding true success. Not just a sports conversation, this episode promises to inspire and connect with anyone who have braved living their dreams through hard work and sacrifice. Download the latest episode and enter a giveaway of Sam's book, The Jordan Rules.The Jordan Rules Giveaway 
In this premiere episode of Rewind From Today, host Anthony Perrotta spends time with Camille Dundas, Editor-in-Chief of By Black Magazine.In this conversation, Camille shares  her story as a teenager living in St. Lucia, her return to Canada for post-secondary studies and how her experience in the Canadian mainstream media industry motivated her to create a safe and empowering outlet for Black creatives. While sharing her experience navigating the Canadian media landscape, Camille also reflects on the importance of community and understanding Canada's history with racism.This is a conversation not to be missed for anyone who considers themselves an ally or who yearns to be one. 
Introducing Rewind From Today to the podcast world, host Anthony Perrotta pulls the curtain on this new documentary series that looks to celebrate the power of personal story with a mosaic of unique guests including filmmakers, authors, musicians, community organizers, healthcare professionals, visual artists and more. Launching March 1, Rewind From Today is a monthly documentary series. A new episode will be released every 1st of the month. Click here for Rewind From Today's Season 1 Schedule:
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