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Motivation is essential for our students’ progress. In this episode, Edmund discusses ways to nurture and build the most valuable type of student motivation – motivation from within -  to help students of all ages find personal fulfillment and enjoyment in their piano playing. Rate/Review this podcast/episode at: the show
Adult students take lessons for a variety of reasons and have unique strengths and challenges. In this Episode,  Edmund summarizes common characteristics of adult students and shares some of his experiences and pedagogical approaches. Rate/Review this podcast/episode at: the show (
For generations, annual competitive music festivals have been an important part of the cultural life of communities around the globe.  In this Episode, Edmund shares his thoughts about competitions and his experiences as an adjudicator in Canada over the past 35 years. Teachers, students, parents, adjudicators, festival committees, and volunteers all have essential roles to ensure that the competition is an exciting and rewarding opportunity for students to learn and grow as developing musicians.  Rate/Review this podcast/episode at: the show (
A positive performing experience is exciting and rewarding for a student and the teacher. Achieving comfort and artistic freedom in performance requires a disciplined and comprehensive approach when selecting and preparing the music.  Edmund offers suggestions to help  students develop greater security and success in the art of performance. Rate/Review this podcast/episode at: the show (
For many students, the adolescent years are challenging.  In this Episode, Edmund provides insights into how teachers can have a positive and lasting impact on the lives of adolescent students in their journey to adulthood.  Rate/Review this podcast/episode at: the show
Many of the world's greatest performers have been seriously impacted by performance stress, and this is also a  common challenge faced by teachers and students alike.  Edmund discusses how stress affects us and offers practical teaching suggestions to help students more effectively manage the stress of performances. Rate/Review this podcast/episode at: the show (
In this Episode, Edmund discusses the teacher-parent relationship and the importance of ongoing dialogue.  Preparing a concise written teaching philosophy statement can help establish a solid foundation for the relationship, outline the many benefits of learning to play a musical instrument, and facilitate continued discussion and growth. The role of parents should be defined and, in the initial meeting,  it is essential for the teacher to listen attentively as parents articulate their reasons for exploring the possibility of lessons for their child, talk about their own musical experiences, their expectations and the support and encouragement they will provide.  Rate/Review this podcast/episode at: the show (
In this Episode, Edmund offers insightful ideas on the roles of 5 important players in the music examination process: the teacher, student, parent, examining institution, and examiner.    Rate/Review this podcast/episode at: the show (
Edmund shares ideas about engaging students in their lessons and providing the necessary tools to make the days between lessons productive.   Rate/Review this podcast/episode at: the show
Episode 6: Memory Work

Episode 6: Memory Work


Memorization is an important skill that can be developed through a comprehensive approach. Edmund offers interesting perspectives on memory and specific ways to apply these in our daily teaching.  Rate/Review this podcast/episode at: the show (
Today’s piano teachers have more resources available to them than ever before. Edmund addresses the topic of choosing a beginner’s method. He offers insightful ideas and criteria to consider when assessing a piano method for those critical foundational years.  Rate/Review this podcast/episode at: the show (
In Episode 4, Edmund offers an engaging perspective on a frequently asked question: What qualifications are necessary to join the piano teaching profession and build a successful studio?  Rate/Review this podcast/episode at: the show (
This Episode is about helping our students engage more fully and become good music detectives. Students of all ages can benefit from studying the composer’s instructions and applying what they discover to their daily practice. Investigating the music in this way can speed up the learning process, make the journey more interesting and imaginative, and increase memory security and performance success. Rate/Review this podcast/episode at: the show (
In Episode 2, Edmund presents common themes in piano pedagogy from C.P.E. Bach to the 21st century.  Rate/Review this podcast/episode at: the show (
In Episode 1, Edmund talks about priorities and perspectives in creating and shaping a foundation for teaching. Rate/Review this podcast/episode at:  Support the show
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