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The Kindness Chronicles

Author: Kevin Gorg, Steve Brown, John Schwietz

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We live in a world dominated by stories of divisiveness. The Kindness Chronicles hopes to give the world a dose of the "Minnesota Nice" it desperately needs. Hosted by Fox Sports North's Kevin Gorg, Steve Brown of Johnny Clueless fame and John Schwietz (a guy you've never heard of), the Kindness Chronicles delivers stories of kindness through the lens of Minnesotans who share their personal backstories and celebrate those who influenced them to become the people they are today.
46 Episodes
Miki Mulvahill

Miki Mulvahill


We visit with veteran Band Manager, Miki Mulvahillk and discuss her fascinating career in the music business. We review another story of MN Nice that made national news, we have another "Don't be that guy," segment and we check in with our traveling corespondent, Kevin Gorg, on the road with the Wild. 
Jordan the Wrestler

Jordan the Wrestler


it's 2023. Big improvements coming!
Steve  Adelman

Steve Adelman


We meet with Author and NYC/LA Nightclub legend Steve Adelman about his book Nocturnal Admissions. Fun interview!
Season 3 Premier

Season 3 Premier


We are back for another dose of Minnesota Nice that is desperately needed. 
Fascinating interview! Pack a lunch as we uncover a lot in this extended version of the KC. From the Kensington Runestone to the mysterious Denver Airport to the JFK assassination. We cover a lot here. Wild Ride!
We hear from Salty (Linda), Crafty (Karen), Pretty (Patty), Smarty (Brenda) and Spicy (Denise).
What does it take to make, maintain, cultivate and celebrate a friendship? Somehow, a group of 17 friends have done just that for more than 35 years. No one has been "voted off the island."...and probably never will. We explore the secrets behind this special group of GNOmies, who have made an impact on the lives of MANY they have encountered over the years.  
We add some listener suggestions to the Bingo Card. Time for 2022 Kindness Bingo!
We are joined by Shadia Tobkin, who tells about Girls Rise Up. An wonderful organization that serves young girls who have lost their moms. A lovely person with a heart-warming mission.  
The Salvation Army's Executive Director of Development, Brian Molohon and our favorite elf, Krisi Bailey discuss an annualChristmas tradition for the KC Crew and their friends, volunteering at the SA Toy Shop and other Salvation Army programs. We learn why John  must wear a disguise if he ever plans to return to the Toy Shop.
The KC explores Sportsmanship with a couple of great stories. We review Zach Parise's return to X and he gets a truly Minnesota welcome. 
We are joined by Canterbury Park Director of Media Relations, Jeff Maday and reminisce about the Legendary Local PERSONALITY (all caps!), Dark Star. A Legend in many ways, especially in the way he treated people. This was really fun!
St. Paul native and Sirius XM personality, The Catholic Guy, Lino Rulli joins us. This guy is a lot of fun. Check it out.
The KC Crew explores Kindness in Culture. This first installment is a brief look at Kindness in Movies. We hope to look further into the role of kindness in pop culture, from movies to music, from sports to social media. 
Fascinating journey of historian, Peter Gorton, and his incredible efforts to restore the legacy of Negro-League baseball" SHOULD BE LEGEND," John Donaldson. UPDATE: Since our recording, it was announced that in the coming weeks, John Donaldson will be considered for induction into the National Baseball Hall of Fame. VERY EXCITING DEVELOPMENT.
We've done sports. We've done music. We've done non-profits. Today, we do business. Best Man (in more ways than one) and CEO Patrick Hawkins gives us a little perspective on the role of kindness in building culture in a business setting.
THE BEST story ever told on the Kindness Chronicles! Check it out.
October is breast cancer awareness month. Cancer survivor and all-around great person, Melissa Gruber (Ma-Gruber!)tells about her wonderful  organization, the Firefly Sisterhood. She also becomes the first "victim" of Steve's "Clueless Quiz."
After Kevin and John dominate the last episode with sports drivel, we finally let Steve take the lead. 
We welcome our new Co-Host, Steve Brown into the mix. We discuss where we have been all summer and we talk about one of Minnesota's Sports Legends and Kindness Icons.
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