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More Than a Fallback

Author: Jessica Shpall Rosen

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A fallback is a last resort. So, what IS "more than a fallback"? It’s where you: (1) know your superpower; and (2) apply it in business. In this podcast, innovators answer four main questions, sharing insights about their superpower and how they use it in business, how they've overcome challenges, and what they've learned along the way.
15 Episodes
Listen in to hear about the themes we explored in Season 1, our guests' most surprising superpowers, and the role of this podcast in my creative process. 
Sean Megan Scott is more than a law school dean.  She's my mentor and friend.  And as the President and Dean of California Western Law School in San Diego, she brings business savvy and strategic vision to her institution.  Before that, Sean was a law school professor, using real world examples to help her students see more than just contract law cases in front of them.  What is her superpower?  Listen in and find out!    
Michael Housman is more than a Chief Technology Officer. He's also an economist, data scientist, coder, technologist, and more.  What is his superpower? Listen in to find out.  
Kuda Biza is more than an entrepreneur.  A serial entrepreneur, Kuda is currently the Co-Founder and CMO of Nunbelievable, a social venture that sells cookies and donates a meal for every cookie sold.  What is his superpower? Listen in and find out! 
Olga V. Mack is more than a tech lawyer. She's the CEO of Parley Pro, a next-generation contract management company that has pioneered online negotiation technology.  She's also an author, speaker, artist, technologist, founder, booster of women professionals, and more.   
Charlie O'Donnell is more than a venture capitalist. He's deeply committed to all things NYC, always on the lookout for innovative ways to help the city he loves.  Lately, he's working on a podcast designed to help fellow voters learn about the NYC mayoral candidates.  Tune in this episode of "More Than a Fallback" to hear about Charlie's superpowers and the way he's leveraged them in business, and beyond.   
Marie Roker-Jones is more than a social impact founder.  She's a Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Essteem, which creates opportunities for diverse tech talent to showcase their potential to employers while doing good.  What is her superpower? Listen in and find out! 
Jeanne Hardy is more than a Chief Financial Officer.  She's the founder and CEO of Creative Business Inc., which supports artists, designers and other creative companies by providing back office and strategic financial services.  How did this formally-trained artist turn into a business powerhouse?  Listen in and find out.  
Marc Moglen is more than a blockchain enabler.  He is a musicologist, musician, tech and business consultant, and more.  What is his superpower?  How does he use it in business? Listen on to find out! 
In this 5th episode of More Than a Fallback, we take a moment to reflect.  Are there common themes in the early episodes? What do they teach? 
Sara Elisa Miller is more than a dancer.  It was through her love of dancing that she met Lin-Manuel Miranda, the creator of Hamilton, when they were in college.  Now she’s the Director of Philanthropy and Special Projects at 5000 Broadway Productions, helping the Miranda family build their strategic initiatives. Sara has had an incredibly diverse career and she believes each job has helped her hone her superpower.  What is her superpower?  Listen and find out!
Jordan Husney, CEO and Co-Founder of Parabol, is more than a technologist.  Besides being a tech visionary, he is intentionally building his growth-mode company (which provides communication tools for remote teams) around his superpower.  Tune in to hear the fascinating story of how his career was kick-started (hint, it was at a high school science fair), how he discovered his superpower, and what he's learned along the way. 
J. Kelly Hoey is more than an author.  She's a networking expert, superconnector, thought -leader, trailblazer, former lawyer, and more.  What is Kelly's superpower?  Listen on and find out! 
Sarah Feingold is more than an artist. She's more than a jewelry maker.  She is a business lawyer who hustled her way into a dream job as the first lawyer at Esty.  She is also a startup builder and playwright. And more.  Join us as we learn about her superpower, how she discovered it, and how she uses it for business. 
What is More Than A Fallback?  Tune in to find out!  First full episode drops March 2, 2021
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