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Author: Genevieve Jackson and Brenda Garcia

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The Mom Bible Podcast is hosted by Brenda Garcia and Genevieve Jackson. They bring a fresh, new age look on Motherhood. The term has evolved over time and quite frankly, the blanketed and restricting views on Momming are totally outdated. Moms have the platform to speak up, speak out and be unapologetic about everything they have to say! The 21st century Mom is not holding back, and frankly, shouldn't have to. You can "Mom" while having a social life, a fierce, passionate love life, a work life and do all the things. It's all a balancing act, and the hosts throw in lots of humor and F bombs but also major relatable TRUTH bombs! Enjoy this beautiful take on Motherhood.
13 Episodes
Brenda and Genevieve go into detail how it was for them, taking the leap into Motherhood with unplanned pregnancies. They talk about how their old life was no longer possible and it wasn't about getting back to "normal" but completely creating a new way of life.
Brenda and Genevieve dive deep into their own personal relationships with their Mothers and how the were pre baby and now post baby!
Brenda and Genevieve go into how they both maintain a love life. Brenda is single and dating and Genevieve is in a serious relationship. How they prioritize their child but also the importance of finding and keeping love.
#9 The Working Mom

#9 The Working Mom


Brenda and Genevieve discuss Genevieve's trip to Disney World and traveling with a baby. The girl then dive into what working as a Mom is like and how is changes thing completely and how some co-workers/managers relate and some don't and how to navigate it all.
Brenda and Genevieve talk about the current state of the world then they dig deep into learning to love your body right NOW and then the work can start! Body image is all mental and once you learn to love this beautiful body you have, all else will fall into place.
#7 Traveling with a Baby

#7 Traveling with a Baby


Lord! One word: Anxiety. Traveling with a baby is so nerve racking and the unknowns are what cause so much stress. Brenda and Genevieve totally dismantle traveling with a baby and give you ticks and tricks to be prepared and worry free!
Brenda and Genevieve discuss how they deal with resentment towards their partners and how they get through it together as a team instead of letting it build and exploding with emotions. However, that can happen too, and how to deal with that!
Genevieve tells her birth story of induction and long days in the hospital and not feeling heard.
Brenda and Genevieve talk about vaccines. Brenda tells her 36 hour birth story and 3 straight hours of pushing. The moment when she knew something was wrong... tune all the way in.
Brenda and Genevieve dive deep into how they grew up and the environment that influenced the way they parent and things they DO NOT want to continue and are trying to break generational curses. How their relationship with their parents has hindered them and in what capacity.
Brenda and Genevieve discuss pre and post baby and what friends and family should do to help out that no one tells you. Mamas, speak up and learn to set boundaries and it's okay to admit when YOU need help to. Normalize asking about how MOM is DOING!
Meet Brenda and Genevieve. Get to know their Mom beginning and the HOW and the WHY they decided to start this journey with you. Welcome to the wild side of Motherhood.
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