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Author: Aliaksei Kuncevič

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All things Angular podcast 🎙 by Aliaksei Kuncevič.
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Responsive Design

Responsive Design


These days, people use different devices to access the web. Therefore, every web application should be adapted to all screen sizes.Responsive Design is a technique that allows screens to adjust to different sizes accordingly.There are a few techniques to make your Angular Apps responsive. You can choose from several libraries specifically built for that purpose or just do plain CSS by writing CSS Media Queries.In case if you want to discuss any of that checkout 👉 Twitter thread LinksAngular Flex LayoutAngular CDK LayoutTailwind Responsive DesignBootstrap Layout Utilities CSS Media QueriesTwitter PoolAngular Flex Layout / CDK vs Tailwind / Bootstrap Utilities vs Media Queries
Angular Material is the most popular UI library available for Angular. It contains a set of high-quality components implementing Google Material Design specification, built by the Angular Team.Think of Angular Material as a foundation that you can use to build your own custom components.Jeremy touched on a quick history about Angular Material, its continuous evolution and what to expect in the future.Linksmaterial.angular.ioguidesMore from Jeremytwitter
Angular CDK

Angular CDK


CDK stands for Component Development Kit. CDK is something that not every Angular developer knows about.CDK contains a set of building blocks for creating your own UI components that could be great foundation for your custom components of any sort or a custom component library.LinksAngular CDK
Angular has been around for many years now.  There are a lot of decisions that were made within the Angular team that made Angular so successful today.AngularJS referring to v1 - the first version of the frameworkAngular referring to v2 and up, which is the new modern framework which is completely different to AngularJSThis time Miško Hevery, the creator of Angular will tell about Angular history and share insights on his journey working at Google creating one the coolest front-end framework!Links:angular.ioPeople mentionedAdam AbronsIgor MinarMore from Miško:builder.iotwitter
Component communication is the most common challenge developers face building single page applications.There are several techniques that you can use to approach components communication building Angular applications.In this episode I am discussing basic component communication techniques.LinksInputs and OutputsAsync PipeReactive Services TechniqueRx-service
Angular router solves a lot of problems in client facing single-page web applications. The router helps to control the page content by dynamically displaying the components without a need to request pages from the server.  Without an Angular router the user navigation experience in Angular application would be hard to achieve.LinksAngular RouterRevisiting a Reactive Router with IvyPeople mentionedMike RyanBrandon RobertsVictor SavkinMichael KarénMore from JustinTwitterWebsiteAliaksei's mailing
Have you ever asked yourself the following question, what is the best way to structure an Angular application?In this episode you will find out why you should care about the folder structure and what are the benefits of the proper folder structure.LinksFeature modules
Error handling is a fundamental part of any real-world web application.In this episode, you will find everything you need to know about error handling in Angular and more.Fun fact: That is literally the first ever episode of Angular Rocks, recorded on 21 Jan 2021LinksError Handler ClassAngular Errors List Angular Debugging GuidesBest practices for Error handling in AngularPeople mentionedDavid HergesMore from MichaelTwitterBlogAliaksei's mailing
Every real-world web application has to communicate with backend API. Developers building web applications with Angular usually interact with the backend API using HttpClient.In this episode I am explaining the basic HttpClient features and HTTP methods.LinksAngular HttpClientHTTP MethodsTop 10 ways to use Interceptors in Angular
Dependency Injection is a design pattern that creates objects and provides them to consumer classes that depend on those objects. Dependency Injection is widely used in Angular.In this episode you will find everything you need to know about Dependency Injection and how it works in AngularLinksDependency InjectionDependency Injection YouTube Series by Dmytro MezhenskyiMore from DmytroTwitterYouTubeBlogAliaksei's mailing
Lifecycle hooks allow you to tap into the Angular lifecycle events to get more control.In this episode I am explaining the nature of lifecycle hooks in Angular and walking through the essential lifecycle hooks like ngOnInit and ngOnDestroy. LinksAngular Lifecycle Hooks
Angular CLI is the most important piece of Angular ecosystem. In this episode you will find everything you need to know about Angular CLI:  Brief history Top features Monorepos  Tips and tricks The future LinksAlan Agius on TwitterSetup Multi Project WorkspaceAngular Package Format (APF) Spec ng-packagrng-packagr with David Herges on ngAirOptimizing Apps with Resource InliningBonus Angular CLI Cheat Sheet
Angular template syntax powered by Angular built-in directives helps to do a lot of things within a component template.In this episode I am talking about the main features of an Angular template syntax.If you want to learn more, have a look in to Angular Cheat Sheet and the Demo App I created specifically for this episodeLinksCheat Sheet
There is a number of building blocks in Angular: Components Services Modules Pipes Directives In this episode I am walking through the essential Angular building blocks and concepts. LinksIntroduction to Angular Concepts
In this episode I am explaining what is Angular and answering the following questions: What does single-page client-side really means? Are there any differences between Angular and AngularJS? What are the benefits of using Angular?  Why developers and companies choosing Angular?  LinksAngular DocsAngular RoadmapAngular Versioning and ReleasesAngular PackagesAngular Update GuideKeeping Angular Up-to-DateAngular on GitterAngular Community on DiscordAngular Meetups ListFinding an Angular latest versionin terminal or console:npm show @angular/corein web latest version
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