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Born out of countless hours spent riding the subway bearing the same name comes "The Broad Street Line" - an irreverent mix of sports talk, music, technology and pop culture. Each week, hosts Kris Domingo and Roy Burton provide their takes on the world of sports and whatever else comes to mind - answering questions and questioning answers. So keep it locked on The Broad Street Line - radio will never be the same again...
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Official "Friend of the Program" Dave Rueter joins the show to discuss his newest book, "A Phillies Odyssey: Exploring the Forgotten Players of Fightins Yesteryear." Dave and the crew also dive into the current state of Philly sports, including the cloud of uncertainty surrounding the Philadelphia 76ers.
The Philadelphia Eagles did what they were supposed to do against the New York Jets, even without Jalen Hurts. The Philadelphia 76ers did what they were supposed to do, closing out their road trip with three straight wins. Will Daryl Morey do what he's supposed to do and finally trade Ben Simmons?
The Philadelphia Eagles' loss to the New York Giants could haunt fans - and Jalen Reagor - for months to come. Also, we discuss whether or not Doc Rivers is the problem with the Sixers... in addition to the issues they have with a flawed roster.
Are the Philadelphia Eagles for real? It's hard to say, but two straight wins have fans feeling pretty good these days. Also, the Sixers finally figure things out with Joel Embiid on the shelf... is Tyrese Maxey playing his way into the league's Most Improved Player Award?
According to Rich Paul, the Philadelphia 76ers are making things worse with Ben Simmons. But as the Sixers try to sort things out with their point guard, the Philadelphia Eagles take their first step in righting the ship after a 2-5 start.
It's report card time! We're just past the halfway point of the NFL season, so it's time to hand out some grades to the Philadelphia Eagles. We also spend some time explaining the MCU, and give flowers to the anchor GOAT Jim Gardner, who recently announced his impending retirement.
Are the Philadelphia Eagles good? No, but they smoked a bad Detroit Lions team as they should have. Even so, Kris and Roy aren't all that moved by the performance.
While Ben Simmons is dealing with his mental issues, the Philadelphia 76ers are dealing with lack of playmaker issues. Not having a legit PG on the roster is a problem... but not as big as the problems that Nick Sirianni and the Eagles are currently dealing with.
The Era of Good Vibes is over: Ben Simmons gets kicked out of practice less than a week after his return. Philadelphia 76ers' GM Daryl Morey is committed to seeing this through to the bloody end, and both sides are holding serve. Meanwhile, the whispers have begun surrounding the future of Jalen Hurts.
Ben Simmons attempted to come to work earlier this week like nothing happened... we'll break down the not-so-bizarre behavior of a man unwilling to miss a paycheck. We also review the emails that got Jon Gruden out the paint and debate whether there's more to the story.
Getting caught up at a restaurant named after you is a bad scene, but that's exactly what happened to Urban Meyer, so you know we had to talk about it. We also debate what we should worry about most with the Philadelphia Eagles, and look at the landscape of the WWE after the draft.
After giving up a 40-burger to the Dallas Cowboys, and with the Kansas City Chiefs on the horizon, where is the light at the end of the tunnel for the Philadelphia Eagles? Speaking of the end, after the latest details regarding the Ben Simmons drama were unveiled this week, the Philadelphia 76ers are (hopefully) closing in on the last days of the saga.
Fresh off an ugly Philadelphia Eagles home opener, the Philadelphia 76ers beef with their starting point guard gets even uglier after Doc Rivers goes on TV and tells a bunch of half-truths about the situation. In positive news, Bryan Danielson and Kenny Omega put on a banger in AEW... does the WWE finally have competition?
Nick Sirianni coached as well as you can in a season opener, but was the Philadelphia Eagles win over the Atlanta Falcons fools' gold, or something they can build on? On this edition of The Broad Street Line, Kris and Roy answer that question, and run through the latest Ben Simmons' news.
Author/podcaster Chris Stevens joins us again as we preview the 2021 NFL season, answering the burning questions about Nick Sirianni, Jalen Hurts and the other 31 teams in the league. We also spend a few minutes fantasy booking out to Wrestlemania...
Author, podcaster, and unofficial third member of the show Chris Stevens (@CJWritesNThangs) joins us as we dive into all of the spicy Ben Simmons' takes. With Joel Embiid pushing back at Sixers' fans, we ask ourselves... are we to blame?
Another week, another flurry of stories about Ben Simmons. We'll sort through what's real, and what's fake, and we'll figure out if the positive news surrounding the Philadelphia Eagles will translate into wins this season.
Apparently, Ben Simmons isn't a texting type of guy... but will the Sixers' point guard show up when training camp starts next month? On this episode, we discuss that, the Eagles we hope show out during preseason, and why AEW keeps going to the old guy well.
The Philadelphia 76ers made a bunch for moves this week, but none involving a certain disgruntled point guard from Australia. Also... what does the Carson Wentz news mean for the Eagles? And will the WWE ever stop releasing talented wrestlers?
Is this the end of the Ben Simmons Era in Philadelphia? 76ers fans hope the saga is in its final days, but resolution doesn't appear to be on the horizon. In Philadelphia Eagles' news, we imagine how Carson Wentz would have fared in Lane Johnson's Bro Barn, and celebrate the arrival of Steve Nelson.
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