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Author: Hussein Al-Baiaty

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Resilience is the essence of pursuing dreams and creating change. With a passion for discussing the challenges in life, creativity, work, Hussein aims to create episodes that are entertaining and educational for listeners. Each journey filled with obstacles, transformation, art and layers of resilience. Join artist Hussein Al-Baiaty each Wednesday Morning as he speaks with people who practice art in a variety of forms. Every episode helps you feel inspired to create your state of mind.
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Refutees State of Mind

Refutees State of Mind


Welcome to Episode ONE of Season TWO - Refutees State of Mind with me, your Host Hussein Al-BaiatyAfter a fantastic season one, I wanted to kick off season two by sharing a story of how I started Refutees and why. After jumpstarting the Give Back T-shirt concept into life, I didn't fully understand what It wanted to become. After years of slow growth and building out the many facets, I have also begun to seek healthy habits. I started running on and off in 2018 and started taking it seriously through 2020. I realized I wanted to start a Run for Refugees to raise awareness for Refugees on World Refugee Day. So this gave me a purpose to get up in the morning and get after it. Now we are nearing World Refugee Day, which is June 20th. Utilizing the Refutees Brand in a fun and creative way to get people out, walking and running with a 5K run/walk and a 10k full-on run, I hope to get people moving and spreading awareness. We also teamed up with, an organization that helps Refugees in Greece get Aid they desperately need. Proceeds from our Refutee Runner Pack will help give back in more ways than we can count. Join us now and sign up for the Run For Refugees and start your walks, runs and get ready for World Refugee Day.Be sure to tag us in your Stories and Posts @refutees and use the Hashtag #runforrefugeesFollow @refutees on IG and YouTube.Visit to support all of our work!Host - Hussein Al-BaiatyProducer & Videographer - Alex Pryce
Welcome to Episode Ten and Season Finale - Growth State of Mind with Alex PryceI met Alex back in Highschool and since then he has always had a passion for film and personal growth. Being an Athlete who later discovered his own passion for film and videography has given him an interesting perspective. I needed someone who can really help bring this podcast to life through Video because I knew the power of visuals. I instantly hit up Alex to help me bring this Show to life. From the moment we began I knew I made the right choice. We are both green to space and we both knew we can fail forward and build something awesome. I'm grateful he's producing, and editing our show as he continues to grow and learn from all that's to come.   We wrapped up season 1 and uncovered our strengths and weaknesses what we need to bring to season 2.Check out Episode 10 and stay tuned for Season Two Launching May 5th, 2021 Visit to support all of our work!Host - Hussein Al-BaiatyProducer & Videographer - Alex Pryce
Welcome to Episode Nine - Peaceful State of Mind with KyiKyi of @Himalyandumplings.I met KyiKyi for the first time when we were both vendors at the Beaverton Night Market. While she sold her amazing dumplings to a long line, I sold Refutees just a few tents away. We were both on a similar path to preserve, celebrate and amplify our heritage and voices through our art. KyiKyi puts her entire heart and soul into her food and shares her unique Tibetan culture with everyone ready for a plate of something special. Using Tibetan Cuisine to preserve Tibetan culture and identity and to educate her kids and community further. Sharing recipes and cooking through her YouTube Channel helps her further archive the time to continue to practice her art through the pandemic. Cooking is a therapy that helps her reconcile with her past as an exiled Refugee. Her story, warmth, and peaceful Spirit will have you wanting to hang out with Kyi Kyi and eating up a storm. Enjoy the Episode!Follow her @himalayandumplings on IG and YouTube.Visit to support all of our work!Host - Hussein Al-BaiatyProducer & Videographer - Alex Pryce
Welcome to Episode Seven - Creative State of Mind with your host Hussein Al-Baiaty. Inside the struggles of growing up in a Refugee camp was the part where I was a kid. I played, grew up, and kicked around dust while waiting in line for a pair of sandals. From the depths of the refugee camp, I share some emotional parts of how we used to trash bags and turn them into soccer balls to make the time go by. Creativity emerges as an essential component to solve the problem of wanting to play in my early childhood. When I was a child in the Refugee camp, my story is similar to what many kids in refugee camps struggle with today. The urge to play is a crucial part of being young and innocent. In sharing deep emotional parts of my story, I hope to build a bridge of what it means to be a refugee. Now that I get to live in the NorthWest, I have made it a mission to shed light on these topics to learn to welcome people or extend a helping hand to people just beyond our reach. Visit to support all of our work! Host - Hussein Al-Baiaty Producer & Videographer - Alex Pryce
Welcome to Episode Six - Forward State of Mind with Patrick Sideris.I stepped into Patrick's barbershop in 2004, just a few months into college. From the moment I sat in his barber chair, my life changed in unique ways due to this man's impact on me. My first ever Screen Print Shop was in the barbershop's basement. This is where I learned to network, build friendships and grow as an artist. Patrick took a chance on me when I was young and helped me stay focus throughout the many stages where I wanted to give up. I was destined to meet Patrick, and his story from Immigrating from Brasil to Yakima, Washington, with a single Mom made the challenges fuel for his direction in life. Growing up and attending PSU and later turning his barbering hustle into a full-time opportunity of business and relentless work ethic built made Patrick one of the most sought-after barbers in Portland. Maintaining steady growth, community building, and leadership means keeping a forward state of mind. Having your back if you need work or connecting you to his vast network of endless connections. Talking trash or talking sports, advise on buying a house or relationships, it all comes with an endless array of laughter, singing, and personality. Sitting in Patrick's barber chair was hands down of the most powerful places I have ever been. To that, I say thank you for your endless support, brother! Watch or listen to the Episode; you will know exactly what I mean!Visit to support all of our work!Host - Hussein Al-BaiatyProducer & Videographer - Alex Pryce
Welcome to Episode Five - Grateful State of Mind with joemil r. santos.joemil r. santos and I met at the My People's Market event a few years ago, and we became instant friends. He purchased the "Peaceful State of Mind" Sweatshirt from my Refutees booth, and we had an in-depth conversation about community and how we all need a good reminder to keep us going through the day. A son of immigrant parents who did everything they could to ensure a healthy environment of growth. They nearly went bankrupt and sacrificed so much to get him and his sister through school. Though life isn't always easy, and Joemil needed a way to express his personal story. Poetry helped Joemil have a deeper understanding of family, connection, and what it means to be the poetry he so beautifully writes.Joemil's work with New Seasons Market has allowed him a platform to take community involvement to new levels and enriching the culture within. Bringing a sense of family and gratitude to work has helped him grow his team, his work, and his own life. Follow the link to our newest episode, where you can watch or listen on your favorite podcast platforms. - Hussein Al-BaiatyProducer & Videographer - Alex PryceFollow Joemil on Instagram and see what he's up to next @threeeyesstudiosFollow me your host @hussein.albaiatyCheck out everything you need and reach out at
Network State of Mind

Network State of Mind


Welcome to Episode 4 Network State of Mind with Aakanksha Rane & Jennifer Nolfi from the Portland State University Center for Retail Leadership. This is a two-part episode so buckle in for some serious inspiration!Aakanksha is a student who is ready to graduate but has a unique story from Dubai to study in the United States. Her level of perseverance and stepping into the unknown will have you believing that anything is possible. "Just go for it" her mantra has served her well as she leads the Center for Retail Leadership and helps small businesses and start-ups have a catapult opportunity in the real world. When our plans for opening a pop-up for Refutees at the heart of the PSU business Center store diminished because of Covid, she didn't give up on us.Jennifer leads the program with heart and purpose, helping students and businesses build connections to getting people in the right space to jumpstart careers. Placing the needs of students at PSU as a top priority, Jennifer indeed leads with love and compassion. Her story of growing up on the Oregon Coast and playing basketball to stay out of trouble led her to some remarkable places and travel. Using these skills for good, she has fostered an amazing network of people across Portland and continues to use them for good in so many ways. Jennifer and her team supported our vision of creating this podcast from day one; I'm forever grateful for that.You can learn so much by visiting and searching the Center for Retail Leadership. They are offering an extensive amount of scholarships ( FREE MONEY)  to those who want to further their careers and, in the words of Aakansha, "going for it!"Host - Hussein Al-BaiatyProducer & Videographer - Alex PryceFollow Center for Retail Leadership on Instagram and see what's new  @CRLportlandstateFollow me your host @hussein.albaiatyCheck out everything you need and reach out at
Welcome to Episode 3 Ambition State of Mind with Leslie Green.Sitting across from me while getting a hair cut from the infamous Patrick Sidres, AKA PS Styles I met Leslie Green. Les became an instant friend and a mentor back in 2010 when we first met. He began to help shape the way I see the world. I was still a young man and just wrapping up college with aspirations of working with the big boys and trying to make leaps. Les was already making his mark around Portland hard on the scene with the Wieden Kennedy, and Nike. We spoke about art, fashion, furniture, advertising, and what it means to be a man of color seeking dream opportunities. He always reminds me to bring knowledge and value to the tables that matter.From South Central L.A. to heading the marketing team for Nike in South Africa. One must gain the knowledge necessary to be in a position to lead. Through trials, challenges, and growth and almost joining the military, Leslie was able to push through. Leading some of the most powerful marketing work from the TRUTH campaigns that we all know and remember to the Nike Tech Pack and ensuring sweatpants were a thing in the sportswear office. Landing himself a coveted Marketing job through an ambitious mindset at Nike which takes him around the nation and across the world to lead a team in South Africa, then to Mexico. Having an eye for where to go next and how to elevate the people around him, Les has a unique perspective and a sensational story that will have you feel inspired and ready to empower your team and elevate your next move.Host - Hussein Al-BaiatyProducer & Videographer - Alex PryceFollow Leslie on instagram see what he's up to next @lesparrishFollow me your host @hussein.albaiatyCheck out everything you need and reach out at
My brother Ozzie used to pick me up at around 10 PM during the summers of when I was in Middle School. We would hang out and do something fun. We hopped in a van picked up trays of fresh Donuts and went all over Portland to deliver donuts to 7/11's and mini-marts. Taking out the old and replacing them with fresh delicious Donuts to the early hours. Though it was late and we were tired, Ozzie and I enjoyed every minute, playing music, eating donuts, and talking about girls and life. Sesame Donuts offered my brothers jobs when we first came to America and off and on when my brothers need some extra money, Saaied helped them out. Saaid has a heart of a giant never refusing to help Immigrants and Refugees in the community.Talking with Saaid from Sesame Donuts was very much like speaking to my father. an immigrant from Sierra Leone, West Africa. Our conversation centered around the importance of family, smiling, having a vision, and passing down knowledge, and wisdom. Sesame Donuts is becoming a donut empire and we got to sit in our Art of resilience Mobile Studio and spoke with the Father and Son duo who with the help of family and amazing community support have been able to grow the donut empire Sesame Donuts all over Oregon. 
Welcome to our First Episode, where we introduce me the Host, Hussein Al-Baiaty.I share my story from Refugee camp, coming to America, growing pains of figuring life out then talking about college and starting Refutees. I talk about the importance of spreading awareness and reaching deep in our layers of resilience to create the change we need now more than ever! This episode is for those who need a little inspiration to get the year off to a great start. We all need accountability and someone to help us through tough times. We started the Resilience Club to help you build momentum to create the change you seek to make.Hope this episode serves you well!
Welcome to Episode Eight - Social Justice State of Mind with Jordan ThierryI got to meet Jordan back in high school and watched my friend grow into an incredible person who leads with love. Social Justice is the essence of his soul, but how he weaves this work into his writing, media, film, and art can't be ignored. Realizing his voice has power, he sought out filmmaking to amplify his voice to create ways to inspire people around social justice. Jordan developed the Black Father Hood Project, an amazing documentary that tells a deep story about black fathers and leads him to further pursue his dreams in writing and filmmaking. His new book, A Kids Book About Systemic Racism, was chosen by Oprah for her 2020 Holiday gift selection. Jordan's sensibility around race, culture, and art continues to push his creativity to empower social justice throughout communities in the United States. Please visit to get to know Jordan's work and follow him on Instagram @jordan.thierryVisit to support all of our work!Host - Hussein Al-BaiatyProducer & Videographer - Alex Pryce
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