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Mindful and Reflective Moments

Author: Vassar College

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On each episode of Mindful and Reflective Moments, members from the Vassar College community will share a mindfulness practice and how their practice sustains them during these uncertain times. This podcast originated as a daily, virtual mindfulness practice offered via Zoom. We started this project as soon as we transitioned to online learning. The intention of the project was to offer a moment to pause. After the semester ended, we received positive feedback! Members of the Vassar community valued our program and wanted more of these opportunities. We hope that you enjoy the podcast and find it helpful and meaningful! Mindful and Reflective Moments is a collaboration of Vassar College's Counseling Service, the Office of Health Promotion and Education, the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life and Contemplative Practices, and the Office of Student Growth and Engagement.
9 Episodes
Research shows the benefits of mindfulness practices, such as: contemplation, meditation, gratitude and compassion practices. Join Wayne Assing, the Assistant Director of Vassar's Counseling Service, as he leads a guided meditative practice inviting stillness and curiosity. Experience how mindful listening and awareness helps promote a calm mind and wise action."
It’s difficult to find long periods of time to relax every day. With this episode, and just 5 minutes out of your day, you will get your heartbeat slowed down, breathing expanded, and overall energy lifted from stress or negative thoughts. Who knows, you might even fall in love with meditation and stretch it longer each day!
Right now, many of us are facing more challenges and uncertainties than ever before. Mindfulness can help to alleviate some of the difficult emotions and sensations that come with these challenging situations.
It can be challenging to find moments to pause and reflect. During difficult personal moments, nation-wide racial injustice, and, yes, even during a pandemic, we can find beauty all around us.  Join Dean Wendy Maragh Taylor in a moment of pause and how reflections on nature can be a source of peace.
Gratitude is a fundamental human emotion, but it isn’t the easiest to practice in our daily lives. Join Jason Jin ’22 in this episode as he discusses the importance of being thankful and the impact it  can have on our day-to-day interactions. Learn the science behind gratitude and how you can begin making it a part of your own mindful and reflective moments.
Breathing is an innate ability that we as humans have. However, sometimes when we are experiencing stress, injustice, being in a constant mode of survival, and an intense sense of overwhelm, our natural rhythm of breathing is compromised. Through this mindfulness practice, learn to take back your breath and increase your sense of wellness and well-being.
Feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or otherwise drained? Take some time for yourself with Hannah Thomposon ‘23 as she leads you through a guided meditation for body relaxation. This 10 minute episode should leave you relaxed, invigorated and ready to continue your day.
Do you know you are valuable just because you are a human being? You can find joy in life apart from what you do.  In a society that prides itself on productivity, we need to take a moment to consider and even adjust our mindset. Join Dean Wendy Maragh Taylor as she comments on an article, Workism Is Making Americans Miserable.
Welcome to Mindful and Reflective Moments. In today’s session, Kellyne Vaudreuil ‘23, will be leading a visualization/guided imagery meditation designed to help you slow down and be present- wherever you may be.
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