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A LECO Podcast
5 Episodes
Hope for the Future

Hope for the Future


Andrew Storey and Mason Marsh interview Dr. Jason Streubel, Senior Director of the Center for Agriculture & Food Security for the Convoy of Hope, on how LECO analytical instruments can help the Center's analysis capabilities.
Nick Jones, LECOs newly promoted Global Application and Development Director (Separation Sciences) calls in from Germany to discuss Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry with host Andrew Storey. The two discuss Nick's experience from the Fragrance and Cosmetics industry and discuss how time-of-flight spectrometers, such at the LECO Pegasus® series, offer laboratories speed and simplicity.
Dr. Arne Bengtson from Swerim in Sweden and Dr. Kim Marshall from LECO sit down with Andrew to discuss their careers in atomic spectroscopy, particularly their collaboration around LECO’s glow discharge products. They share stories of exciting research and new sample types that helped advance the field today and perspectives for the future of glow discharge spectroscopy.
We sit down with Farai Rukunda, LECO's Director of Separation Science Customer Success, to learn about Farai's passions for customer success at LECO and his personal support of education in Zimbabwe.
In the inaugural episode of "Measured Science," hosts Andrew Storey, LECO Field Sales Specialist for Materials Analysis, and Matt Germscheid, LECO Metallographic Product Manager, interview recent LECO retiree David Coulston. Coulston served as LECO's Corporate Metallurgist for 15 years and shares experiences of a technology-enhanced career in Metallurgy.
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