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The show has moved to Saturday's, and it's now live! Today was the maiden voyage of the new time slot, and Bryan decided to reboot his PC with five minutes remaining before the show started. Not the best of ideas, but Aaron is a self-trained broadcast professional, so he was able to go it along for the first fifteen minutes.When Bryan did show, they talk about the SCOTUS decisions that happened this week, teachers sleeping with their students, a 51-year-old molested a teenage girl sitting next to him on a plane, and then we round the out the show with the world-famous "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot."Share the show all over! Sound Off by going to and clicking on the microphone in the bottom right corner. You may be on the air!Listen to more great shows at: and
We were having such a great time on the show, we went on for another hour. We discuss what music we were allowed to listen to growing up, Ron DeSantis and the Stop WOKE Act signed into law. Is this an overstepping of the government? What is free speech, really?There were also more #SoundOffs from a couple of people about toys and growing up.Next up is a story that we wanted to cover last week about the percentage of Americans who no longer believe in God. What is the reason? Is it the responsibility of the pastors only? Finally, what is up with all the food processing plants burning down? We'll discuss that, too!Share the show all over! Sound Off by going to and clicking on the microphone in the bottom right corner. You may be on the air!Listen to more great shows at: and
Digging into the chum bucket, we find a staff house on Yellowstone that couldn't stand the strength of the floodwaters. We then turn our attention to the historic news that Roe v. Wade has been overturned. It is something to celebrate - but not gloat over.Alexa is doing something very, very creepy.The Stop WOKE Act is going into effect in Florida, and Aaron has a hot take on that issue. Bryan talks about some of his favorite toys. Aaron says the 90s were the best era of music ever, which causes some reaction in the chat.They round off the show with the world-famous Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, with some real doozies.Find more shows at - More great radio shows:
59 Years of Alien Iteractions with Dave EmmonsTonight we welcome Dave Emmons, author of "They: What Do They Want? A True Story About 59 years of Interactions" from Hangar 1 Publishing.As a child, Dave Emmons had his first contact with aliens as a young boy. Throughout his life, he has captured film and video of various manifestations of visitors from other realms. We dig into his discussions about his mother's visitations, why he thinks they have targeted him throughout his life, and his own origins.These are not only stories about extraterrestrials, but we take a trip into religion, the Bible, Jesus, angels, and demons. Listen to find out what "They" really want.Share the show all over! Sound Off by going to and clicking on the microphone in the bottom right corner. You may be on the air!Listen to more great shows at: and
Ready Made Beef Jerky

Ready Made Beef Jerky


The production team for Stephen Colbert's show was arrested for violent insurrection at a US congressional building. Not really, but it could be true! Aaron and Bryan discuss the heat and the sudden death of cows.A Nobel Prize winning psychologist says that people don't really want to be happy. Which makes sense when you take a look at social media. We finish up with the world-famous "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot."Find more shows at - More great radio shows:
Is the media finally acknowledging their complicity in the spread of misinfo? Let’s break it down. A recent op Ed piece in the Washington Post has admitted their puzzlement regarding the “missed opportunity” of investigating the Hunter Biden laptop scandal. The piece written by the editorial board thinks out loud about why the laptop wasn’t fully researched or exposed when it hit the newsfeed in the fall of 2020. Of course, this isn’t a time for us to be Pollyanna, believing that WaPo is now a bastion of truth. In fact, it’s the opposite. In the piece we see that only now, after the New York Times and they themselves have verified a story, can we truly believe it. Here is the establishment's mouthpiece caught in circular reasoning: they publish factual information because factual information is all they publish. Don’t be mistaken - This isn’t a piece apologizing for their error - it’s a piece admitting that they suppressed a negative story about their preferred candidate because they didn’t want to damage an already fledging campaign. After all, there is no need to publish a negative story about a presidential candidate's child. Especially if there are implications of foreign interference in elections or collusion with corrupt countries. As a show of repentance, the Washington Post will now begin to report on info they have overlooked and not accurately reported before:- A massive meteor has hit the earth, killing most of the dinosaurs- We landed on the moon!- Jimmy Boyd’s momma wasn’t having an affair when she was making out with Santa Claus- You can’t change your biological sex just because you feel like it Get more at to MoJo 5-0: to Odysy Radio:
Pregnant People?

Pregnant People?


Dude - are you pregnant or just happy to see me? Let’s break it down. Even though biological males lack a uterus or female reproductive parts, British government doctors must adhere to legislation requiring them to ask any individual under 60 if they are pregnant before they get an MRI. It’s feared that radiotherapy can be harmful for an unborn child...gestating inside of a dude. Of course, this is incredibly offensive. Most of us have put on more than our fair share of COVID weight, so being asked if we’re with child only exacerbates our negative self-image. Were these legislators exposed to unhealthy levels of radiotherapy? Interestingly, the canard of the world has been “trust the science”! Yet when empirical evidence is presented and biological sex is proven, feelings are trusted more than truth. When the TSA is better at groping and determining the sex of a person than doctors are, you know we live in a clown world. What's next? Tampon dispensers in men's restrooms? Midol given to dudes after a hard day's work? Women turning their heads to cough during physicals? Men barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen making sandwiches?Would you trust a physician who can’t even tell what your sex is? If I’m at the doctors, and he asks me to hold my testicles so he can insert the speculum, to get a better look at my cervix, it may be a sign that I need a new doctor. Get more at to MoJo 5-0: to Odysy Radio:
Does pain and suffering disprove the existence of God? Let’s break it down. One of the plaguing issues of any Theocentric philosophy is the challenge that pain and suffering prove that God doesn't exist. The argument states that and all loving benevolent Creator either doesn't care, or can't do anything to stop all the carnage. Even further, why would God allow the ridiculous amount of Hollywood remakes of movies that were already great the first time?Yet, the answer to the question is in the question. To acknowledge that there is evil is to acknowledge that there is good. Where else would we get our moral compass to make this determination? If we can discern good and evil, we must accept the existence of a moral Lawgiver who creates the standard by which we measure.Even so, simply correcting illogical thinking doesn't miraculously make a child dying of starvation an acceptable occurrence. Sin entered the world through Adam's disobedience, thus thrusting us into our current state. It we who invite evil when we step out of obedience to God's commands, and continually invite that on ourselves through our own disobedience.Through the fog of war, destruction, and disease, we cry out for a Redeemer, drawing us closer to Christ seeking alleviation from the effects of suffering. It is also through our sufferings that we are "able to comfort them which are in any trouble, by the comfort wherewith we ourselves are comforted of God," 2 Corinthians 1:4.Each one of us is born with a conscience implanted by God, which is how we know that murder is wrong, and child molestation is evil. Rest assured, God does exist - that's why there has never been a blasphemous remake of the Goonies.Get more at to MoJo 5-0: to Odysy Radio:
The slap heard around a few neighborhoods. Let's break it down.We saw the full display of our cultural issues at the 2022 Oscars. After Chris Rock made a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith, her strong Knight in Dimwitted Armor, Will Smith, strode onto the stage and literally laid the smack down on Mr. Rock. Rock and the audience were stunned as Smith continued to yell expletives from his seat.This is a full display of the cultural battle faced, specifically, here in America on a daily basis. See, Will Smith is ANTIFA, he is the cancel culture; he is the dark side of Black Lives Matter. If you don’t like what is spoken by another person, you lash out physically because you aren’t able to control your emotions and respond rightly. It's not difficult to see the leap from physically assaulting someone because of their words, and burning cities down because, well, just because.Many have taken to Smith's defense, saying he was playing the man by standing up for his wife. But the Fresh Prince and Mrs. Smith have had their share of marital issues which have been made public by them through books, podcasts, interviews, and the like. If we truly wish to honor our spouses, we are compelled to follow the Biblical mandate of a Godly marriage. It seems this has not been the path the Smith's have chosen, nor have desired to follow. Once we step out of the commands of God to protect the institution of marriage, our road ahead, becomes a pitfall one cannot escape.Here's a word of advice to Will Smith, since I know he listens: the next time you wish to wax eloquent and demand someone keep your wife's name out of their mouth, perhaps you should start with keeping other men out of hers.Get more at to MoJo 5-0: to Odysy Radio:
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