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Here at ‘The Rhonda Swan Show’ we are revolutionizing the conversations entrepreneurs are having to bring authenticity into the world of business and leadership. For years, Rhonda has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs create sexy brands and become absolutely unstoppable through publicity and mentoring at an elite world-class level. This is the place to get your weekly dose of inspiration from Experts, Thought Leaders, Authors, Coaches, and Change Makers from all over the world, to guide you into living not only your life on purpose but to ensure that your entrepreneurial journey to the top is purposeful, passionate and profitable! We exist to be unstoppable and help you become the same.
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Style icon’s like Beyonce, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton are several of today‘s guest‘s clientele.   You might know her from her „Obama earrings“ which got her world-wide attention.  Erika Peña has taken over the world‘s high-level fashion for women, and shares her story with you today!  Unlike most people, she knew her dream from the age of 4. Ever since, she started pursuing her passion and never stopped.   You can be any size any color any age to wear her designs, because she‘s driven to make you feel like a goddess when wearing her collections.   I‘m proud to not only have her as a guest on my show, but also a partner of The Rhonda Swan Show. CONNECT WITH ERICA: Facebook Instagram YouTube LinkedIn Website BECOME A GUEST ON THE RHONDA SWAN SHOW: APPLY HERE VISIT US AT: Unstoppable Branding Agency
Have you ever wondered how seasons and elements affect you?   Non-western ways of healing often reconnect us to nature, and today‘s guest is sharing her wisdom on how to reconnect with yourself and the elements.  For today‘s guest, healing herself has been a life-long journey.   Her commitment to mind-body health stems from her childhood disability from developmental dysplasia and the experience of decades of pain.   After starting off with traditional Chinese medicine, she went back to it after trying all ways of Western medications.   Today, she helps you solve your inner problems through her self-developed AromaPoint Alchemy including essential oils.   If you want to find out more about how elements connect to your personality and alternative ways of healing, check out today‘s episode!  It was amazing to have Merina on the Rhonda Swan Show!
Little did she know, it would be the start of something great.   After she got introduced to Reiki, she soon got her certification and decided to leave her job.   But how do you establish yourself as an entrepreneur when you‘re completely new to it?   Join us and learn more about Jennifer‘s story and how she positioned herself and quickly became successful in her industry.   Today, she not only helps others to find their intuition, but she also uplifts other people‘s wealth consciousness and is a serial entrepreneur!   Go check out her Podcast Connector!   The Rhonda Swan Show is now live on Spotify! You can now not only listen, but watch my podcast there🔥  It was amazing to have Jennifer on the Rhonda Swan Show!
Have you found the key to happiness?   Is it the house, having a nice car or owning a million-dollar business?   Truth is, none of that will automatically make you happy…   My guest, Lezly Kaye had it all: properties, a successful business, a beautiful family, and yet, she was the unhappiest she had ever been.   So how do you create your own happiness?   If you find yourself unhappy, lacking motivation for life and not knowing which path to choose, Lezly can show you how to find yourself.   She went on a journey herself to understand her inner voice, engaged in breathwork, hypnotherapy, coaching, embodied movement, shadow work, and somatic journeys for her own healing.   Lezly teaches other people how to give yourself permission to happiness, and shows your how to unlock your highest self!   You can now watch all full episodes of my show on Spotify! Just click on the link in my bio and select „Most recent Rhonda Swan Show“.   It was amazing to have Lezly on the Show!
Sometimes, your worst situation can turn out to lead you to your best.   After a tragic loss in his family, my guest Bobby Priest decided to turn his life around and leave corporate America. Little did he know where it would lead him. Feeling like something was missing in his life, he started over but found himself chasing money again in the real estate market. History repeated and another tragic event, in which he lost all of his belongings took place, leaving him with nothing but a guitar and his computer… How do you rebuild your life after such tragedies?  Bobby was inspired by his travel to Europe and had a goal to teach children around the world about cultures and music. This path led to his first series of musical children’s books „The Voice of the Moon“. Currently he’s working on book 5 of the first 7 book series, through which he inspires children all around the world 🌍  It was amazing to have him on the Rhonda Swan Show!
Knowing who you are can take you years ahead in life…  Our guest is Dr. John Demartini, a world-leading human behavior specialist, researcher, best-selling author, educator, and founder of The Demartini Method, a revolutionary tool in modern psychology.   Together with my daughter Hanalei Swan, we‘re diving into the psychology of transformation and why knowing your values is incredibly important.   Come join us and find out more about what it takes to be happy and how we can make a difference in the world.   It was amazing to have him on the Rhonda Swan Show!
Choosing a path different from what others expect can lead to greater success than you can imagine.   Today‘s guest, Kortney Murray is a self-made business owner in the finance space where she helps companies with their funding, but not how most other funding companies operate…  Kortney and her team don‘t necessarily look at the financial side, they follow their intuition and work with entrepreneurs who wholeheartedly work for their dreams!  She is also incredibly passionate about financial literacy and helping female business owners get closer to their dreams!  Learn more about Kortney and her journey, and how daring to be different can lead you to your goals!  It was amazing to have her on the Rhonda Swan Show!
Would you consider yourself a logical person?   If your answer is yes, how do you combine what your heart tells you vs. what your brain wants?   My guest has been in those situations many times. She uses her logic everyday as a User Experience team leader at Google.   But you probably have seen her previous work as well without knowing it: she made sure your experience using your Playstation or even using your Blackberry phone is enjoyable.   She realized how important not only logic, but how important intuition is when making decisions.   Understanding how to combine those two forces can help you to improve yourself, and Reena shares her story on how she did it.   She is also the Founder and CEO of OurVoice, a community benefit organization dedicated to strengthening our self esteem and authentic presence. ‍ Reena is also a visual artist, and her artwork has been exhibited at venues including the Royal Ontario Museum and the Canadian National Exhibition.
Today‘s guest has combined her passion for entertainment with her initiative for activism.   Katrina Syran, also known as K-Syran, is a true powerhouse with 2 US Billboard chart hits, a string of Music Week dance hits, movie roles, an author, director and lyricist.   Katrina has been using her reach and creativity to support women‘s rights through her play ‘Breaking The Silence’, nominated ‘Best Play’ at the London Summit whilst her self-penned track ‘Intimacy’ became the anthem for International Women’s Day by United Nations U.K.   Tune in for an episode full of laughter, authenticity and sisterhood✨
The type of leader that you are can change your entire business. Today‘s guest Kerri Ann Kedziora is a successful business owner and coach.   When she started her own company, the question she asked herself wasn’t about profit, it was about what type of leader she wanted to be.   By being a great leader, you have the chance to not only motivate and guide your employees, but to increase your profits as well.   Overcoming many challenges in her life like childhood trauma and alcoholism, Kerri Ann really always wished she has someone to guide her. Today, she‘s helping others to reach their goals.   Not only does she help her employees by reaching a helping hand, but she‘s a successful coach helping other business owners in her industry.  Find out more about the importance of being a great leader, how to find great employees and why serving others will help you create a thriving business.   It was amazing to have Kerri Ann on the show!
Let me introduce you to the "Queen of Intuition“.   My guest, Penney Peirce, is an author, lecturer and trainer. She is one of the early pioneers in the intuition development movement, specializing in intuition development, transformation, inner energy dynamics, expanded perception, and dream work.   She advises and coaches business and government leaders, psychologists, scientists, celebrities, and those on a spiritual path about the hidden dynamics of what makes for true success.   She has written over 10 books and introduces you to the process of writing, and how to combine the planing, masculine side with the easy going flow of the feminine side we all carry inside.   Learn more about how you can work with your own intuition and gain a broader understanding of your purpose and how to reach it.
Nav Singh is an entrepreneur with a passion for improving the lives of others.  His vision around health and wellness is to allow people to achieve their full potential and extend their ability to maintain a high quality of life in both mind and body. Since a young age, Nav has always aspired to help others.  When the opportunity to work with a driven and proven group of likeminded entrepreneurs presented itself, he knew this was meant to be.  It was an easy transition from a successful career in capital markets as a portfolio manager and macroeconomic strategist at top tier financial institutions.   Nav currently serves as the Chief Strategy Officer at TIDL Sport, a company dedicated to building a portfolio of purpose-driven lifestyle products that leverage novel agricultural science combined with clinical data to create consumer products that are safe, efficacious, and sustainable in functional health and wellness.  He received a B.A. in Economics from Columbia University.  Nav is excited to be a part of the evolution of health and wellness, especially as mental health comes more into focus.  He believes it will become as normal as physical fitness and will continue to pursue that intersection of mind and body across health and wellness.
Jonas Muthoni, Founder and CEO of Deviate Agency – has years of customer service experience, research and analytical skills. Raised in a diverse background by a single mother of 6 kids, Jonas knows what it takes to overcome struggles and unlock anyone’s potential – he is passionate about helping businesses thrive by mastering creative excellence and relationship building.  In addition to business and entrepreneurship, Jonas also mentors startups and undergraduates from the University of California. You will find him contributing to multiple charitable organizations and for the last few years he has been serving as a Breast Cancer Board member.
Kelly hosts “The Epic Podcast” and is regularly sought out for her specialized expertise and unique perspectives about entrepreneurship. She is a contributing author for Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazines and has also been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Fortune, NBC, and ABC among other prestigious media outlets. Kelly is a featured speaker around the world and has frequently shared the stage with industry legends including Tim Ferris, Jack Canfield, Brian Tracey, Bob Proctor, John Assaraf, Mark Victor Hansen, Les Brown, Tony Hsieh, and Lisa Nichols among other brilliant influencers.
Before opening Revenge MD, Sandy obtained her degree in Communications with a focus on Public Relations. From there, she found her passion in leading and helping others and started her journey by opening a weight loss clinic in Las Vegas that focused on a “Paleo-Phentermine” approach, which was the #1 weight loss clinic on the West Coast. In 1998, Botox became FDA-approved and was put on the market. Sandy took it upon herself to find a class to learn how to administer it herself. She became one of the top injectors in the US with one of the largest followings.
Global Influencer, Innovator, and Future Thinker. Kiri-Maree continues to pioneer a new approach through “The One Percent Movement.” To serve those who want to be the 1%. To shift the dial forward by 1%. And to build partnerships with those willing to do their 1%. Kiri-Maree pioneers a revolutionary mastery of “Human Intelligence”, (HI)a conversation that evolves. Her new approach creates curiosity. Narrows gaps from problem to solution. Navigates the uncomfortable. And designs solution pathways through the “Decision Velocity System”™. Determined to see “Humanity As Stakeholders”™ she brings hope to the future of leadership.
Stephanie brings you into radical self-responsibility and embodiment of your ultimate wealth and desires. As an entrepreneur, your pleasure is your secret weapon. She activates this pleasure potential within you, creating safety and providing guidance to follow this energy into ultimate business and impact success. Her unique mixture of new-age somatic training and traditional academic education brings you back into the body as a means of creating your dream reality. Stephanie holds a BA in Psychology and is pursuing her Ph.D in Metaphysical Sciences. She is a Mindvalley Certified Business Coach, certified Somatic Sexologist, and international best selling author. Follow her on Instagram @StephanieJaie!
What is quantum psychology and how can you use it?  The world is shifting, and quantum psychology is part of this shift.   While it was considered craziness in the past, today we can actually see the scientific proof behind it.   My guest, Stefanie Bruns,  is renowned for creating rapid shifts within the energetic fields of her clients and their business that lead to healing, enhancements and a massive increase in vibrancy.  In today‘s show we talk about what she does, and how pains and triggers we have today connect to the universe.   She also shows you how to perform a so-called skin resistance test on yourself right now!  It was amazing to have Stefanie on the Rhonda Swan Show!
Patti Negri, Psychic-Medium and “Good Witch” is best known for her recurring role on the Travel Channel & Discovery Plus’s #1 show GHOST ADVENTURES and the #1 paranormal show on YouTube TFIL WITH ELTON CASTEE.  She is the international bestselling author of OLD WORLD MAGICK FOR THE MODERN WORLD: TIPS, TRICKS, & TECHNIQUES TO BALANCE, EMPOWER, & CREATE A LIFE YOU LOVE. Patti’s body of work includes appearances on dozens of shows from MASTER CHEF, WipeOut and America’s Got Talent to Influencers, YouTubers and crossover talents like Lilly Singh, LaurDIY, Good Mythical Morning and AwesomenessTV. She has graced numerous magazine covers, contributed to over 20 books and conducted seances on radio, film, and TV working with such legends as Emma Stone, Jon Voight, Josh Duhamel, Chevy Chase and Gregory Hines.  Patti has a popular weekly podcast called The Witching Hour and has just launched her second weekly podcast, The Witch’s Movie Coven.  Patti is partner and Vice President of Streaming Service, and partner and educator at an online Spirituality School.
I’m thrilled to introduce High-Performance Coach and Business Strategist Kate McKay, CEO of Siena Strategy Group.  Kate is an international best-selling author, transformational speaker, athlete, podcaster, and multi-million dollar business owner, whose passion is to spread her message of living a life of confidence, courage, and clarity of purpose.