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Global Influencer, Innovator, and Future Thinker. Kiri-Maree continues to pioneer a new approach through “The One Percent Movement.” To serve those who want to be the 1%. To shift the dial forward by 1%. And to build partnerships with those willing to do their 1%. Kiri-Maree pioneers a revolutionary mastery of “Human Intelligence”, (HI)a conversation that evolves. Her new approach creates curiosity. Narrows gaps from problem to solution. Navigates the uncomfortable. And designs solution pathways through the “Decision Velocity System”™. Determined to see “Humanity As Stakeholders”™ she brings hope to the future of leadership.
Before opening Revenge MD, Sandy obtained her degree in Communications with a focus on Public Relations. From there, she found her passion in leading and helping others and started her journey by opening a weight loss clinic in Las Vegas that focused on a “Paleo-Phentermine” approach, which was the #1 weight loss clinic on the West Coast.In 1998, Botox became FDA-approved and was put on the market. Sandy took it upon herself to find a class to learn how to administer it herself. She became one of the top injectors in the US with one of the largest followings.When Sandy saw how much she could raise her clientele’s self-esteem and the way they felt about themselves from Botox and injectables, she realized how much she enjoyed being part of the beauty industry. At that point, she knew she wanted to be part of an industry that was so focused on raising confidence and providing happiness to other women. Sandy continued to learn more ways she could improve whilst teaching others and passing along her expertise.In 2017, a law was put into place that only allowed registered nurses to administer injectables, and although Sandy could no longer administer them as a medical assistant, she didn’t let that stop her from being part of something she loved so much. She then took the opportunity to hire registered nurses that shared her same philosophy and went from being a do-er to a teacher. Sandra and her team of injector trainers developed the “PTSP Method” for administering cosmetic injectables and popularized the “Vegas Lip Method” for creating beautiful, lip filler enhancements.
Kelly O’Neil is one of the most sought-after international brand positioning and platform development strategists for technology startups, professional services firms, medical and dental practices, entrepreneurial small businesses and other service professionals across multiple industries. She helps her clients reposition themselves as lynchpins in the market, launch innovative brands and market disrupting platforms, and strategically scale their businesses from 6 to 7 to 8 figures in the process.  After a highly successful corporate career that started when she was just 19 years old, Kelly opened her own consulting firm in 2001 and continued her work as a brand marketing and positioning strategist and was sought out by high growth tech clients to help them develop their go to market positioning strategies to acquire funding, increase their business valuations, get acquired or go public. Her methodology is so unique that marketing genius Seth Godin awarded her the coveted “Purple Cow Award” for being one of the most innovative companies in America.Today, Kelly is the Founder and CEO of the multi-million-dollar brand which includes Innovate Profit Consulting, Innovate Brand Agency, The UpLevel Community and various other business ventures.  In 2022 she launched the Epic movement to serve the unique needs of market disrupting women entrepreneurs who are changing the conversations in their industries. Kelly hosts “The Epic Podcast” and is regularly sought out for her specialized expertise and unique perspectives about entrepreneurship.  She is a contributing author for Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazines and has also been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Fortune, NBC, and ABC among other prestigious media outlets.  Kelly is a featured speaker around the world and has frequently shared the stage with industry legends including Tim Ferris, Jack Canfield, Brian Tracey, Bob Proctor, John Assaraf, Mark Victor Hansen, Les Brown, Tony Hsieh, and Lisa Nichols among other brilliant influencers.
Jonas Muthoni, Founder and CEO of Deviate Agency - has years of customer service experience, research and analytical skills.Raised in a diverse background by a single mother of 6 kids, Jonas knows what it takes to overcome struggles and unlock anyone’s potential - he is passionate about helping businesses thrive by mastering creative excellence and relationship building. In addition to business and entrepreneurship, Jonas also mentors startups and undergraduates from the University of California. You will find him contributing to multiple charitable organizations and for the last few years he has been serving as a Breast Cancer Board member.
Nav Singh is an entrepreneur with a passion for improving the lives of others.  His vision around health and wellness is to allow people to achieve their full potential and extend their ability to maintain a high quality of life in both mind and body.Since a young age, Nav has always aspired to help others.  When the opportunity to work with a driven and proven group of likeminded entrepreneurs presented itself, he knew this was meant to be.  It was an easy transition from a successful career in capital markets as a portfolio manager and macroeconomic strategist at top tier financial institutions.  Nav currently serves as the Chief Strategy Officer at TIDL Sport, a company dedicated to building a portfolio of purpose-driven lifestyle products that leverage novel agricultural science combined with clinical data to create consumer products that are safe, efficacious, and sustainable in functional health and wellness.  He received a B.A. in Economics from Columbia University. Nav is excited to be a part of the evolution of health and wellness, especially as mental health comes more into focus.  He believes it will become as normal as physical fitness and will continue to pursue that intersection of mind and body across health and wellness.
Robin is a visionary leader, community builder, and passionate advocate for personal and collective evolution. Her MA in Organizational Leadership was granted from Chapman University, where she also became an adjunct professor. In corporate and consulting roles, she helped build cultures where innovation and creativity thrived. Robin has served as Executive Director of several nonprofit organizations and President of The Inside Edge Foundation for Education.Robin is the Founder of Wisdom Circles, LLC, which offers a variety of intimate group experiences supporting conscious evolution, wisdom and creativity. Offerings include online and in-person groups, retreats and circle leader trainings.Robin is a grateful mother of two sons and one daughter. She is the enthusiastic grandmother of three. She lives in San Clemente, California with her husband, Harry, and their faithful dog, Alopeke.
Story by story, country by country.Her forty-year journey has led Michale, founder and CEO of Story by Design, from elementary school classrooms and children’s hospitals into corporate boardrooms and conference halls, fundraising galas and even onto Soviet television. Telling favorite stories of American children along with Russian Fairy tales to 50 million viewers, she promoted intercultural understanding during the Cold War, earning the nickname “Russia’s American Fairy Godmother.”Michale’s Young Storytellers for Peace US/USSR exchange program generated extensive international press coverage, was the subject of an award-winning, nationally aired PBS documentary “Young Storytellers in Russia.” Michale and her Young Storytellers were invited to meet privately with President Ronald Reagan prior to their ground-breaking journey. Michale has also used storytelling as a tool for peace in Uganda, Iraq and Costa Rica. Michale was a storytelling coach and leadership consultant at The Boeing Company for over 20 years. She helped develop and lead leadership programs for IT, delivered Leading Through Story keynotes and workshops to over 10,000 employees, and provided storytelling coaching throughout the enterprise from executive suites to the factory floor. Michale works worldwide with clients through her Story By Design coaching and customized workshops for entrepreneurs, public speakers, corporate and non-profit leaders. Her clients learn to unleash the power of their own stories. Her inspirational keynotes have touched and transformed lives around the world. Michale is a Parent’s Choice award-winning storyteller and contributing author to the “Chicken Soup to Inspire the Body and Soul” series, The Healing Heart and the author of Using Children’s Literature, Storytelling, Writing, Drama, and Art to Enhance Your Classroom Program. She is the founder of the Storytelling Residency Program at Seattle Children’s Hospital, The Tell Me A Story program for rural Alaska, Young Storytellers for Peace US/USSR Exchange, Teachers for Peace US/USSR Exchange and Storytell International.
70 movies down, and no end in sight. My guest today has had many roles in his acting career. You might know him as Hercules… Kevin Sorbo has an incredible career to look back to. From playing Hercules, to countless other movies, commercials and TV shows, he‘s done it all. But he doesn‘t plan on stopping. After decades in Hollywood, how does he still keep up? Well, check out tonight‘s episode and find out how passion influences his daily life, what the reality for most Hollywood actors looks like and where he gets the drive from to do even more! It was incredible to have Kevin Sorbo on the show! Go check him out @ksorbo !#TheRhondaSwanShow #TRSS #podcast #rhondaswanshow#podcast #business #entrepreneur #hollywood
Money. Fame. Influence. If you have all those things, many would say you made it. Our guest, Tito Ortiz, has reached all of those things. But he doesn‘t settle…What more could he do you ask?Let me introduce him first. Tito Ortiz is a 5 time UFC World Champion, and a member of the California Wrestling Hall of Fame. But he is also a business man. He runs his successful clothing line called Punishment Athletics Enterprises, and is a TV celebrity. You might have seen him in „Celebrity Apprentice“, or seen his bestseller book „This is gonna hurt“. But this American success story doesn‘t stop there… Besides being world famous athlete, entrepreneur and celebrity, he also supports children charities, the US military and is a proud father. Do you wonder how he does it all❓Make sure to watch this week‘s episode and learn from Tito Ortiz, a man that doesn‘t let anything get in the way of success!🔥It was so inspiring to have him on The Rhonda Swan Show.Don‘t forget to check out his instagram @titoortizig !#TheRhondaSwanShow #TRSS #podcast #rhondaswanshow #podcast #business #entreprneur #entrepreneurpodcastHost: Rhonda Swan @rhondaswanGuest: Tito Ortiz @titoortizigExecutive Producer: Neleke McDermott @nelekejeanBooking Producer: James Clark @clark_public_relationsFilmmaker: Denis Gapone @dgaponeHair: Fikri Halim @fikrihalim
In this episode, Ebony Swank shares her simple secrets to boosting your marketing this summer.Swank a Posh, a clothing boutique that would disrupt the fast-fashion business with its high-quality products, was created by Ebony in 2009. The first store eventually shuttered soon after it opened. Ebony was more determined than ever to learn from her failures and meticulously plan her next move.Swank a Posh has expanded dramatically in such a short period of time, becoming a multi-million dollar corporation. There is no limit to where Ebony Swank’s business can go. She has established herself as a true success story and an example to aspiring businesses.It was so inspiring to have her on The Rhonda Swan Show.Host: Rhonda Swan: @rhondaswanExecutive Producer: Neleke McDermott @nelekejeanBooking Producer: James Clark @clark_public_relationsFilmmaker: Denis Gapone @dgaponeHair: Fikri Halim @fikrihalimGuest: Ebony Swank @ebonyswank
In this celebrity panel episode the inspiring Elena Cardone is sharing her 5 Pillars to 10x your life & business. Four female business owners; Danelle Delgado, Heather Dye, Kortney Murray, and Hanalei Swan ask their burning questions to get advice on how to elevate their business and life. Elena Cardone is the executive producer of the massively successful events that include 10X Ladies, Operation 10X Badass, Build an Empire Mastermind, and her own show, “Women in Power.”Do you want to be featured on the Celebrity Panel? Fill out an application right now! Don’t forget to be unstoppable and stay WILD 🔥Host: Rhonda Swan: @rhondaswanCo-Host: Elena CardoneExecutive Producer: Neleke McDermott @nelekejeanBookingProducer: James Clark @clark_public_relationsFilmmaker: Denis Gapone @dgaponeHair: Fikri Halim @fikrihalimGuest: Hanalei Swan @hanaleiswanGuest: Heather Dye @wigsforeverywomanGuest: Kortney Murray @coastal_kapitalGuest: Danelle Delgado @danelledelgado
In this Episode, Lexy Panterra talks about how to pave your own way as a woman in a male dominated industry. Lexy Panterra is a first-generation Persian American artist. As an international icon, she has collaborated with powerhouses like DJ Snake, Major Lazer, Marshmello, and Lil Yachtyto name a few. Her singles “Where Do You Go” and “More Than You” both appeared on the Billboard Charts, and her new single “Booty On Her” ft. Trina has been gaining traction on SoundCloud (726k+ plays), Spotify (101k+ plays), and TikTok (15M views), with the music video earning over 1 Million views on YouTube. It was a pleasure to have her on The Rhonda Swan Show.Executive Producer: Neleke McDermott @nelekejeanBooking Producer: James Clark @clark_public_relationsFilmmaker: Denis Gapone @dgaponeHair: Fikri Halim @fikrihalimGuest: Wardrobe @jesuis_flirtJewelry @jemmebali#TheRhondaSwanShow #TRSS #podcast #womengonewild#Womensupportingwomen#Womenempowerment#Divinefeminine#Divinefeminineenergy#Womenentrepreneurs#Womenleaders#Motivationalwomen
This episode is quite different. My guest today has had an untraditional life, lived all over the world, and experienced 6 continents and 30 countries in the first 15 years of her life.So with pleasure, I would like to introduce my daughter, Hanalei Swan as we take a trip into her beautiful mind.She is not only my daughter, but she's also a very successful fashion designer and artist. She's an author and speaker, and a very special human being on this earth.It was so inspiring to have her on The Rhonda Swan Show.#TheRhondaSwanShow #TRSS #podcast #rhondaswanshow #podcast #business #hanalei Host: Rhonda Swan: @rhondaswanExecutive Producer: Neleke McDermott @nelekejeanBooking Producer: James Clark @clark_public_relationsFilmmaker: Denis Gapone @dgaponeHair: Fikri Halim @fikrihalimGuest: Hanalei Swan @hanaleiswan
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Kim Barrett is the founder of Your Social Voice, online marketing and lead generation agency serving experts and small business owners. Ten years ago, Kim got his start in the field of marketing and has worked in accounting firms, IT companies, and grain trading companies, where he focused on growing the businesses’ profitability through better marketing strategies. Using his expertise with Facebook ads and other online lead generation methods, Kim took his agency from zero to $100,000 per month in sales in under a year. 
In this special Entrepreneur HOT SEAT episode, two amazing business owners ask their burning questions to Kevin Harrington, the original shark on the Emmy-winning television program Shark Tank.Kristin Malta is the founder and CEO of Parentville, and a devoted mom, who has a passion for creating communities around being a parent that are both supportive and enlightening. She is wondering whether it is still worth it to have a physical business venture next to her online presence.Aren Bahia is a Canadian entrepreneur, speaker, coach, and philanthropist. His world has shifted from living on the edge in organised crime to meditation and yoga in the Himalayas where he learnt to live a life of connection and compassion. He wants some advice on how to regain your drive and confidence in business after a dark period.This is the first of our monthly celebrity edition episodes on The Rhonda Swan Show and it was incredible insightful to say the least.Go check them out:@realkevinharrington@kristinmalta@ink_pray_love
Rebecca Campbell is a writer, poet, mystic, artist and mother. All of her creations are dedicated to giving people an experience of their soul.She is the bestselling author of numerous books and oracle decks, including Rise Sister Rise, Letters To A Starseed, Light Is the New Black the Work Your Light Oracle and the Starseed Oracle, and the creator of the Rise Sister Rise Membership and the online courses Work Your Light and Discover Your Cosmic Blueprint. Her books and oracle decks have been translated into 18 different languages and can be found in all corners of the globe. All of her creations are dedicated to supporting people to live a soul-led life.Don't miss her interview!
 Santia Deck is a history-making Professional Female Football Player and Social Media Influencer with over 800,000 loyal and engaged followers. A former track and field collegiate athlete, Santia recently made history by being offered the highest paid contract in women’s football history. Santia is a published author, a fitness model, TV personality, Social Media Consultant, Public Speaker, and a TV host. She also maintains her fitness trainer certification and offers a variety of services to celebrity clients and her wide-ranging community of online supporters. Most recently, Santia added Successful Start-up CEO to her long list of wins with the launch of TRONUS where she made history a second time by becoming the first female athlete to own a shoe company. The innovative footwear brand has been experiencing impressive growth since it's launch in the Summer of 2020. Despite the pandemic, Santia led TRONUS to record sales, celebrity praise and a dedicated base of customers. The company continues to expand. Santia Marie Deck was born in Greenville, SC and raised in Houston, TX. She now resides in Atlanta, GA and travels often. Santia has been running full speed after her dream of success since childhood. Now, she works tirelessly to inspire and empower young people, women and others with her determination and passion. 
Heather Marianna is a highly regarded entrepreneur, beauty and lifestyle guru, celebrity spokesperson and influencer - had successfully built several promotions, marketing, and sales consultancies and agencies before gaining national prominence for appearing on the Bravo luxury travel series “Tour Group”. In 2012, she parlayed that recognition into launching a YouTube channel, originally conceived to share easy, do-it-yourself beauty solutions using common household ingredients. These effective, homemade concoctions quickly became viral sensations, gaining millions of views. Following meticulous research, development, and personal hand crafting, Heather launched her own plant-based skincare lines: Beauty Kitchen and Marianna Naturals in 2013 – founded on her commitment to natural and healthy beauty regimens and lifestyles. Taking her company to the next level, Heather then used her available infrastructure to help others develop their own beauty brands by offering a Brand Incubator and Accelerator Program including full turn key coaching, retail ready manufacturing, and making it affordable for people who really want to launch a brand but don’t know where to begin. She says, “I have nearly ten years of experience and I can help anyone in the program get onto wholesale sites, in retailers, and so much more.” As she prepares to launch more new products, schedule appearances, and explore new collaborations, Heather reveals this is just the beginning of a new era for Beauty Kitchen. 
Chris went into the NFL as an undrafted free agent in 2010 and went on to start for 3 different NFL teams including the Dallas Cowboys, Indianapolis Colts, and the Denver Broncos. After his NFL career ended, he and his wife Brittany created and grew their online personalize gift shop into one of the biggest and best personalized gift stores online. With their successful company Everything Decorated running smoothly, Chris saw another opportunity in the market. After his NFL career ended, Chris continued to live an active lifestyle. During a hot summer Texas day, Chris was at the gym lifting weights. When he went to take a sip of water from the bottle he had brought with him it was warm and had a lingering taste from the protein shake he had made the day before. Frustrated with the shaker bottles he had been using for year, he went home to try to find something better. Chris noticed there was nothing on the market that fit his needs and set out to make a product that would be ideal for not just the gym and mixing protein shakes but also for everyday use at the office. Chris created Ice Shaker and launched the product in December 2016. After 5 months he was able to generate about $80,000 in sales. Chris was able to get onto the show ABC's Shark Tank at this point and pitch to the Sharks in which he was able to land a deal with Mark Cuban and Alex Rodriguez. 
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