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The CARMA Chronicles

Author: Flourish Agenda

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Flourish Agenda is proud to present The CARMA Chronicles. A podcast where we interview the world's leading Healing Centered practitioners. Listen to their stories, ideas and examples of how they are implementing Healing Centered principles in their communities. Enjoy!Visit us at:
5 Episodes
In this episode, host Chris Nguon dives into the foundational elements of CARMA. Why is this podcast called the CARMA Chronicles? Where did the title originate? What does it stand for? And why is CARMA (C.A.R.M.A.) significant in healing work? We’ll also share two clips from Dr. Shawn Ginwright, including a poignant story about his experience working in a prison that encapsulates how Healing Centered Engagement can show up in the most unexpected of places.
In this episode, host Chris Nguon speaks to the multi-talented and proud Oakland native Aman Sebahtu. Aman comes into our conversation with a wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and personal experience in both the justice reform, violence prevention, and healing centered fields. An attorney by trade by way of the University of San Francisco School of Law, Aman also works heavily with the City of Oakland violence prevention initiative, various grassroots organizing in many forms, and is currently the Network Coordinator for the National Offices of Violence Prevention Network.Aman talks about his journey through the various sectors of violence prevention work, how healing centered engagement has not only aided but built a foundation in community radical healing work, and the beautiful essence that is the Broccoli City festival in Washington D.C. Aman also offers a poignant look at how he uses healing centered engagement and the CARMA model as a pivot to how practitioners could shift their view of how mental health shows up in communities of color.
In this episode, host Chris Nguon speaks to the dynamic Ree Botts-Ward. Ree is a renowned poet, artist, and educator, who is also a doctoral candidate at the University of California-Berkeley in the department of African American and African Diaspora studies. Ree's first book, mourning my inner[blackgirl] child, dives into Ree's personal healing journey as a young Black girl growing up on the East Coast.Ree talks about the process of her own healing and how she aimed to heal others while not really understanding what that meant for herself. Ree's reflection of her healing journey, which has been filled with brilliant moments of joy and heart-wrenching trauma, allows the listener into the life of one of the most dynamic young healing-centered practitioners in the world. From her young black girl life growing up in Philadelphia to her community love work now in Oakland, Ree's personal story is one that displays the very real reality of growing up as a Black girl turned woman in America.
In this episode, host Chris Nguon speaks to the incredible and powerful Jenn Johns. Jenn is an artist and has shared line ups with some of the best in the business including the likes of Ms. Lauryn Hill, The Black Eyed Peas, Mos Def, Capelton, Ziggy Marley, Gil Scott Heron, Wyclef, Les Nubian, De La Soul, and Common to name just a few.  She has also worked with some of the world’s most respected spiritual leaders. From Oakland to South Africa, Jenn has experienced the power of Healing work to not only help herself but to better serve others. Jenn talks about important topics such as: the importance of building rituals, community, giving thanks to trauma, and what part of yourself to give from when you’re working with Healing Centered work. 
Welcome to the first episode of Flourish Agenda's podcast! We want to start with setting a strong and grounded foundation in work that revolves around Healing Centered Engagement. What better way to do that than interviewing our Founder and CEO, Dr. Shawn Ginwright!
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