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Author: Flourish Agenda

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Flourish Agenda is proud to present The CARMA Chronicles. A podcast where we interview the world's leading Healing Centered practitioners. Listen to their stories, ideas and examples of how they are implementing Healing Centered principles in their communities. Enjoy!Visit us at:
16 Episodes
In this episode, host Chris Nguon has the privilege to be in community with Dr. Cory Greene, the co-founder of H.O.L.L.A., a nonprofit developed from the organizing work and political strategizing of people who served sentences in New York State Correctional Facilities. Cory is invested in developing, leading and implementing an-intergenerational youth led citywide and nationwide Healing Justice Movement. Cory (40 years old) was born and raised by a single mother in East Elmhurst Queens, NY, during a time when many mothers and urban communities were impacted by the crack epidemic. Cory’s ancestors and elders hail from the struggles of delta Mississippi, and the historical reality of being Black in “America” Cory’s experiences as a youth growing up in urban ghettos have contributed to his understanding of the systemic inequalities As a result, Cory has committed himself to a wide range of educational projects, healing, and grassroots movement building that seek to change existing conditions for youth of color and our communities. Cory earned his Associate degree in Liberal Arts Deaf Studies from LaGuardia Community College. Cory earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Psychology from New York University. Cory earned his doctoral degree from the Critical Social Personality Psychology program at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York (CUNY), where his research efforts analyze the praxis of grassroots pedagogy and healing-centered youth organizing within a process of radical healing. This is one of the most powerful episodes of the CARMA Chronicles podcast and we are blessed to share it with you. One love. 
In this episode, host Chris Nguon connects with Rasheedah Brown-Harris, who might very well be the most important guest we have ever had on the CARMA Chronicles. Rasheedah sits down with us straight from the Bronx and offers a beautiful and authentic look at how Healing Centered Engagement has impacted her, her family, and her community in New York City.  Rasheedah is a Parent Leader with the Parent Action Committee (PAC), a resource and supporter for caregiver wellness, a staunch advocate for all things right for young people and their caregivers, and a Healing Centered Pioneer who became HCE Certified along with a handful of wonderful community members, practitioners, and caregivers in 2022. And that’s just in her time away from her primary job! You don’t want to miss this conversation.
In this episode, host Chris Nguon sits in community with Mariyam Bey, a beautiful soul out of Oakland who sways and moves from the heart in support for young people. A multi-year site coordinator for the Oakland Freedom Schools, Sista Bey shares this summer’s amazing achievements at her West Oakland site, explores the reality of leadership through a more heart-centered avenue, and talks about how activating young people’s freedom is the ultimate healing mechanism. 
In this episode, host Chris Nguon taps in with Dr. Shawn Ginwright, who recently released his latest book called The Four Pivots: Reimaging Justice, Reimaging Ourselves. The beautiful conversation centers on the journey of the book itself since its release, Shawn’s conversation with people all over the country about their reflections, learnings, and piqued ideas of the book, and new ideas that have popped up. Chris and Shawn also dive into the concept of the “cerebral” practitioner and demystify what all that even means. And of course, it wouldn’t be a podcast with Shawn with some small talk about boating, sailing, and the healing of the water as well.
In this episode, host Chris Nguon has the honor to be in community with Kisai Henriquez, one of the dopest community healers that Flourish Agenda has had the pleasure to meet and learn from. Kisai, who has worked out of San Francisco for more than a decade, brings into the conversation space authentic love and grace for healing work and the communal connection that evokes the essence of holding space for colleagues, families, and young people. Kisai is the founder of CommUNITY and the most incredible educator, creator, and community builder. Our conversation, next.
This episode features Dr. Shawn Ginwright, Dr. Lee Porscha Moore and is hosted by Flourish Agenda’s Lead Content and Training Manager, Jane Lee. Our team went to The BOOST Conference in Palm Springs, California. This out-of-school time conference attracts thousands of youth development professionals from all over the world.This was recorded in front of a live audience and our team share stories and advice on how Healing Centered Engagement can transform the lives of youth along with the professionals who serve them. Please excuse the audio quality as our normal recording setup was not available.  
In this episode, host Chris Nguon talks implementation and the power of culture with the wonderful Cynthia Nambo, an amazing person and mother who holds space as an equity-centered facilitator, former principal, educator, and professional learning developer with more than 28 years in education.  Using systems thinking approaches, she has designed solutions for complex systems in education, race, gender, and economic equity through cross-cultural collaborations, coalition building, innovative and healing centered practices. 
In this episode, we hold space in community with the joyful Evin Glaude, a dope community healer and the amazing coordinator of this year’s Family Camp. Sista Evin takes us on her exploration of identity, gives insight on how freedom and liberation are directly connected to choice, and the power that Akili programs have on community. One of the biggest rising stars in the healing profession, Evin is only at the tip of the vast impact she will have through the vehicle of the HCE world. 
In this episode, host Chris Nguon explores the world of art, creation, and healing through painting with renown local artist Dariane Beamon. Dariane, better known as Dari B the Artist, offers insight into her healing journey and how her love work – painting – is used as a vehicle for the healing and restoration of herself and the young people she has worked with in various school settings. Dari B also talks about the path towards finding her healing space and the many stops along the way before recognizing that her passion was her way, both professionally and personally.
In this episode, host Chris Nguon has the absolute honor to chat with Judith M. Hill, a dynamic program director with YouTurn, a brilliant violence prevention organization based out of Omaha, Nebraska. Judith takes us through her own healing journey over the years, including her pivot in how she views and integrates healing work as a leader in her organization and in her community. Judith also gives tremendous and in-depth context on the process of healing for young people in 2021, the uniqueness of how the work has shifted over the years and breaks down the many ways that practitioners can show up for young people – and themselves. 
In this episode, host Chris Nguon taps in with United Playaz founder and executive director Rudy Corpuz Jr., who takes listeners on a journey two decades long in violence prevention and youth development work. Rudy is as transparent and honest as they come, lifting up his journey, trials and tribulations along the way stretching from his time growing up in San Francisco, his incarceration, and his eventual path towards building one of the most successful youth and violence prevention organizations that has roots and chapters not only across the country, but now around the world. Rudy explains how important authenticity is to successful and sustainable work, while centering love and self-healing as pillars towards creating and building strong partnerships not only with youth, but with the institutions that are all part of the community ecosystem. Never one to show intimidation in expressing what needs to be said, this conversation with Brotha Rudy is rich in honest complexity that paints a beautifully pure portrayal of grassroots community work and how healing plays a big part in making it go.
In this episode, host Chris Nguon dives into the foundational elements of CARMA. Why is this podcast called the CARMA Chronicles? Where did the title originate? What does it stand for? And why is CARMA (C.A.R.M.A.) significant in healing work? We’ll also share two clips from Dr. Shawn Ginwright, including a poignant story about his experience working in a prison that encapsulates how Healing Centered Engagement can show up in the most unexpected of places.
In this episode, host Chris Nguon speaks to the multi-talented and proud Oakland native Aman Sebahtu. Aman comes into our conversation with a wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and personal experience in both the justice reform, violence prevention, and healing centered fields. An attorney by trade by way of the University of San Francisco School of Law, Aman also works heavily with the City of Oakland violence prevention initiative, various grassroots organizing in many forms, and is currently the Network Coordinator for the National Offices of Violence Prevention Network.Aman talks about his journey through the various sectors of violence prevention work, how healing centered engagement has not only aided but built a foundation in community radical healing work, and the beautiful essence that is the Broccoli City festival in Washington D.C. Aman also offers a poignant look at how he uses healing centered engagement and the CARMA model as a pivot to how practitioners could shift their view of how mental health shows up in communities of color.
In this episode, host Chris Nguon speaks to the dynamic Ree Botts-Ward. Ree is a renowned poet, artist, and educator, who is also a doctoral candidate at the University of California-Berkeley in the department of African American and African Diaspora studies. Ree's first book, mourning my inner[blackgirl] child, dives into Ree's personal healing journey as a young Black girl growing up on the East Coast.Ree talks about the process of her own healing and how she aimed to heal others while not really understanding what that meant for herself. Ree's reflection of her healing journey, which has been filled with brilliant moments of joy and heart-wrenching trauma, allows the listener into the life of one of the most dynamic young healing-centered practitioners in the world. From her young black girl life growing up in Philadelphia to her community love work now in Oakland, Ree's personal story is one that displays the very real reality of growing up as a Black girl turned woman in America.
In this episode, host Chris Nguon speaks to the incredible and powerful Jenn Johns. Jenn is an artist and has shared line ups with some of the best in the business including the likes of Ms. Lauryn Hill, The Black Eyed Peas, Mos Def, Capelton, Ziggy Marley, Gil Scott Heron, Wyclef, Les Nubian, De La Soul, and Common to name just a few.  She has also worked with some of the world’s most respected spiritual leaders. From Oakland to South Africa, Jenn has experienced the power of Healing work to not only help herself but to better serve others. Jenn talks about important topics such as: the importance of building rituals, community, giving thanks to trauma, and what part of yourself to give from when you’re working with Healing Centered work. 
Welcome to the first episode of Flourish Agenda's podcast! We want to start with setting a strong and grounded foundation in work that revolves around Healing Centered Engagement. What better way to do that than interviewing our Founder and CEO, Dr. Shawn Ginwright!
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