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Talking Tennis Elbow

Talking Tennis Elbow


In this podcast, we discuss the broad diagnosis of tennis elbow. We are delighted to welcome Dr Ajai Seth back to the podcast to share his expertise.Physiotherapist Josh and Dr Ajai, sports medicine consultant,  provide helpful insight on:What is tennis elbow and how the condition develops Advice on how to help your tennis elbow and Tips on how to treat tennis elbow#tenniselbow #kneepain #shoulderpain #elbowpain #golferselbow #backpain #physiotherapy #neckpain #frozenshoulder #tennis #osteoarthritis #pain #lowbackpain #physicaltherapy #wristpain #fitness #golferelbow #sportsmassage #physio #rehab #painrelief #sciatica #plantarfasciitis #arthritis #elbow #osteoporosis #shoulderpainrelief #health #rehabilitation #sportsinjury
This episode is the first in a series of podcasts on patient stories.  Matt Taylor and Josh Needham provide an in-depth look at the experience of a patient with hip pain. They discuss Matt's identification of the problem, the reasoning behind his prognosis, the process of resolving the issue, and the results.Don't miss this real-life story of the decision-making process between a patient and a physiotherapist when dealing with hip pain.
In this podcast, we discuss all things posture related. Physiotherapist Josh Needham speaks with clinical director Matt Taylor about:What does good posture mean? What does bad posture mean? Is there such a thing as either one? What is the importance of posture when it comes to pain? Listen to this podcast for expert advice on improving posture, preventing and treating pain.
Rotator cuff injuries are one of the most common causes of shoulder pain, especially in older and more active people.In this episode, Josh Needham, physiotherapist, and Matt Taylor, clinical director, discuss rotator cuff injuries.What is the rotator cuff and what does it do?When we injure our rotator cuff, what happens?Is there anything that can help when they are injured?This podcast is great for anyone experiencing shoulder issues or who just wants to learn more about rotator cuff injuries.Watch our shoulder pain workshop here:
How to avoid injury

How to avoid injury


When we return to exercise and fitness after a break, we all want to stay active and avoid injury. In this podcast, Josh Needham, physiotherapist, and Steve Boniface, a highly experienced personal trainer, offer advice on returning to exercise and training tips to help prevent injury.Answering questions from the public on:I’m wanting to get stronger what would you recommend?My muscles feel sore after exercise why?Are weights or bodyweight training best for building strength?How often should I exercise?I keep getting pain when I start exercising, why?You don't want to miss this episode if you want to remain active and injury-free!
Talking Yoga

Talking Yoga


Josh Needham talks with yoga guru Deborah Molwuka about all things yoga. Deborah is a medical professional, who has worked as a psychology lecturer before learning and teaching yoga. She makes a great podcast guest. In this episode, we discuss:What yoga is What are some of its benefits? And how yoga can help us recover from and prevent injury, as well as help us understand how yoga integrates our psychology and physiology.Be sure to tune in!
Physiotherapist Josh Needham and clinical director Matt Taylor discuss the complexities of lower back pain and why it is so common amongst cyclists. Among the topics they discuss: Lower back pain causes: Structural and mechanicalThe relationship between our movements and our bodies' mechanicsWhy cyclists are at risk of developing lower back pain How the back interacts with other parts of the body and how they work together when cycling.Useful tips on how to prevent lower back pain after cyclingAnd answer a question from the public.  "I have ongoing lower back pain. What stretch would you recommend to do to help me?".
This podcast is hosted by our Physiotherapist Josh, who discusses running and running performance. Hear the experience of Response Physio's patient, Steve, on his journey with running.As a necessity to keep fit, he started running short distances, then embarked on a marathon training program.We discuss training methods, tips, potential hazards to avoid and how to overcome injury during running training. Steve gives a great perspective on the patient experience in this podcast, and I'm sure you'll find it informative since you may have shared many of his running experiences yourself.
In this month's podcast, Clinical Director Matthew Taylor and Physiotherapist Josh Needham do a Q & A about swimming and the shoulder.Among the questions from the public are:•        Three quick tips to prevent shoulder injuries when swimming (which aren't that quick!)•        What are the top stretches for swimmers to focus on over the summer?•        What’s the best time to seek treatment for a sports injury? Should I wait until the swelling has gone down a bit? If you're looking for advice on improving your swimming performance or injury prevention or recovery strategies, you should listen to this podcast
This is a very special podcast as we invited Dr Ajai Seth, a consultant in sports medicine and sports doctor at this year’s Wimbledon tennis tournament, to discuss all things Achilles tendonitis. Josh, Gabriele and Dr Ajai Seth use their expertise and knowledge to discuss:•        Achilles tendonitis: The importance of getting the correct diagnosis, the structure of the Achilles, symptoms, causes and treatments•        Dr Ajai Seth speaks about his experience as a sports doctor at Wimbledon as well as tips for managing your health and life. •        Answer to a question from a member of the public: "After just getting back to tennis and running, I developed Achilles tendonitis. Why?"
Helpful discussion, between two clinicians and a special guest clinician Alex Stefanakis, Academy Head of Sports Science and Medicine at Millwall Football Club.  Josh, Gabriele and Alex talk about:Hip pain and footballThe unique function and features of footballHip injuries and the relationship to footballWhat does it mean to be a physiotherapist involved in the professional football field?And answer questions from the public:" Since playing football my daughter suffers from Osgood Schlatter knee. Is there anything you can do to help prevent it or help recover from it?"" I suffer from Hip flexor problems. Is there anything I can do to prevent hip flexor injuries?" 
Helpful discussion, between two clinicians and a special guest clinician Alex Allen, on HIIT training and recovery. Josh, Gabriele and Alex talk about:•        What is high-intensity interval training (HIIT)?•        What are the best strategies to recover from a HIIT session? And answer questions from the public:"Is there a recommendation for nutrition while taking on HIIT exercise?"What's the difference between running and HITT training and should they be done independently or together?"
Helpful discussion, between two clinicians, on the topic of the elbow and elbow pain. Physios Josh and Gabriele talk about:features and functions of this jointcommon areas of painthe condition 'Golfer's elbow'And answer questions from the public  " Why do I get elbow pain when gripping?" " Why do I get elbow pain when working at my desk?" and " Can you get elbow pain from a pinched nerve in my neck?"
Helpful discussion for customers,  between two clinicians,  on the topic of the neck. Physios Josh and Gabriele talk aboutWhat is the role of our neck and its function?What is its relationship with its surrounding structures, in particular the shoulder?How does your posture affect your neck?They answer your questions on  'Why do we wake up with pain in our neck?' and 'What effect does whiplash have on our neck?
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