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Conversations with the REAL HEROES of Gaming! Retro, Indie, and AAA Creators, Concept Artists, Composers, Programmers, and Voice-Over Talents who create the video games we love!
18 Episodes
We had the pleasure of discovering the creative savant Stephen Ddungu online thinking his content was the next Square Enix game only to find out it was the work of one man! From the other side of the world in Great Britain we were educated by Stephen on all the steps of creating a video game from scratch by himself from his vast knowledge in animation, composing music, world building, and storytelling. A disciplined entrepreneur currently working on, and solo-developing, 3 large-scale ambitious projects that he's put his whole life into while balancing university before the age of 25! Stephen chats with Vladimir on the importance of walking your own path as a creative and creator.  He empowers people, young and old, to aspire to their greatest heights, utilizing their inner fire, and follow their dreams!After you listen to the podcast check out some of Stephen Ddungu Links Below!InstagramTwitterPatreonYoutube---------------------Support the show
Ernie Kim AKA itstheG.O is a variety streamer, content creator, and fashion reviewer.  An unstoppable zoomer with street cred on virtually everything virtual as he navigates the routes and challenges of being an entrepreneur in this massive digital landscape. He shares with us the stories of fitting in and finding his place in the world. Ernie presents to us the relatable stress of the generation with the constant struggle of popularity contests in the real and digital space.  Through the many loves of different subjects he's lived through the pressure cooker of chance and choice. Social media is launching and crushing people every day and the responsibilities of that are not lost on Ernie. Discovering what trends and challenges people of all ages are facing is a process that comes organically to him.  With that empathetic vision Ernie can see the future needs of audiences, followers, and fellow streamers.itstheG.O Youtube Channel: YoutubeitstheG.O Intsagram: InstagramAll Ages of Geek: WebsiteSupport the show
Kerri Ann Hoskins is an incredible woman of personal and professional achievement.  Her adventurous spirit and unflinching determination is a testament to what can be achieved through positive perseverance.Kerri is a Video Game Character Icon along with being a gymnast, super model, martial artist, weightlifter, wrestler, and stuntwoman.  After appearing in NBA JAM and portraying Head Mistress Helga in the Aerosmith game Revolution X, she was asked to take on the sacred role of the toughest woman in video games, Mortal Kombat's Sonya Blade. Bringing her life's experience to sharpen the character into the Blade we all identified as being one of the best! Kerri shares with us how important it is to be grateful for the time we have, and the responsibility she understands with every iconic position she holds.  Whether it is the badass special forces agent, or the super mom of her children, they all demonstrate the strength of her heart. From fame to family she shares an honest love for people and for life. A true champion of the human spirit, and a shining example of how strong someone can be when they challenge themselves to soar.----------------------------------------------------Website: https://kerriann.galleryInstagram: Cerebral Palsy Organization: Ghost Arcade: the show
Beau Jimenez is a Sound Designer & Ear Exciter at PlayStation Studios who picks up right where he left off from PART 1 of his conversation with us in this epic PART 2 of his career. Beau leads the way inventing breakthrough technology that has become the NEW STANDARD in the evolution of player immersion in the video game entertainment industry.  As an interactive sound artist, Beau is driven to explore the relationship between a powerful sound design and the technology that controls it: how the two can be optimized, finessed and intelligently interweaved to create a dynamic soundscape that emotionally resonates with the player. In Part 2 of a 2 Part Episode, he continues to share with us with incredible detail the science, the psychology, and hardships behind the iconic sound design created for:The Last of Us Part II Uncharted: The Lost Legacy The WitnessDestiny 2There is so much more in store for this young genius, and we know that whatever project Beau works on next we as gamers are going to HEAR the difference!Support the show
Beau Jimenez is a Sound Designer & Ear Exciter at PlayStation Studios who is driven to push the limits of game audio and help steer a team towards excellence. He is a passionate sound creator, a positive, solution-oriented leader, a fierce collaborator, an avid field recordist, and a technical tinkerer. His goal is to continue to foster a fun, creative environment for the overall success of a team and a game's soundtrack.In Part 1 of a 2 Part episode, he shares with us with incredible detail the science, the psychology, and hardships behind the iconic sound design created for:Ori and the Blind Forest The Last of Us Part II Uncharted: The Lost Legacy The WitnessDestiny 2With a heart for honest storytelling and dedication to quality Beau inspires us with tales of his journey to become one of the most sought after sound designers in the business. Through his experience we can learn that the path to success only comes to those who earn it and that teamwork is an absolute necessity for creating a special moment for the player.Support the show
Jeffery P. Lee is a visionary artist whose foresight and instincts propelled a quirky evolutionary game to international recognition ushering in the Golden Age Video Games by his creation of Q*Bert!He has been doodling illustrations ever since he was a kid and never turned off the faucet of his flowing creativity. Thousands of hours of paper and pencil doodles, focused art classes throughout high school, and a forged practiced passion at University of Illinois graduating with a degree in Graphic Design all pointed him toward his destiny.From the beginning, Jeffery has been a sponge of artistic expression, exposing himself to as much history, culture, and content as possible. His doodle of the large-nosed, armless critter hopping around a pyramid of cubes and by happy serendipity a classic of the Golden Age of Arcade Video was born, “Q*Bert”He shares with us the passion and perseverance it takes to become a professional artist inside the video game world during the 80's classic era while giving us an inside look into the formation of the iconic creatures that populate the universe of Q*Bert.----------------------------------------------------Website: www.jeffreyplee.comGalloping Ghost Arcade: the show
Ricco Phinisee brings the attitude and experience of a winner to his every day actions.  His schedules are tightly packed with tasks and goals geared toward helping gamers excel. Pushing them to reach their true potential on the court and off.   As a Head Coach of the Boston Celtics NBA2K Team (CLTX GAMING) he brings the leadership to his team in the game and in the gym.  Ricco shares with us strategies for being a clear headed and clear eyed professional gamer with healthy living, exercise, and nutrition which he incorporates in his team's preparations.Starting football at age 6 and playing Madden with his Father showed him that the world of Traditional Sports and E-Sports can operate in concert with one another.  His experience grew through high school and college surpassing those around him and daily absorbing the philosophies of teamwork, determination, and courage under pressure.  He formed teams, ran tournaments, and of course became a legendary pro within the NBA2K community.  When the NBA2K League saw this winner driving spirit and skills they scouted him to join CLTX GAMING as the Head Coach where Ricco brings his talents to every day. As a Certified Personal Trainer for professional gamers he insures that core fundamentals of teamwork, discipline, and punctuality are included in physical workout for the focus and camaraderie required to operate as an elite team.  Teaching the young minds of gamers and leading by example. At a young age Ricco was surrounded by sports athletes and participated in the training regiments that would be instilled within him and would become the foundation for the company he created called RPW. (Ricco Phinisee Workouts)RPW helps players build their strength, boost confidence, and create a healthy competitive mentality to maximize performance on and off the big stage. Ricco is striving to change the narrative and help gamers reach their full potential across the country and around the world.----------------------------------------------------Website: www.rpworkouts.comTwitter CLTX GAMING: @CLTXGamingTwitter: @RiccoPhiniseeInstagram : @riccophiniseeYouTube: @riccojphinisee----------------------------------------------------Music for our Podcast is By:Voxel Revolution by Kevin MacLeodLink: Voxel RevolutionLicense: is here! Now available at Gamestop!Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.Support the show
Mark Turmell is the “grandfather of video games” with a Creative Directing, Game Designing, Lead Programing, and Coding career that spans from the APPLE II era to present day. Each game brought across the finish line cemented his name in history as a video game trend-setter, prophet, and pioneer.Mark takes us through some fascinating accounts of video game projects he built from the ground up that became the cornerstone of major shifts in the industry. He shares personal stories of struggle, time crunched triumphs, and advice for all the young game developers out there to guide them to the levels of success he has reached.Through his strokes of genius and of luck he was there for decades bringing us thirsty gamers revolutionary arcade game experiences like SMASH T.V., NFL BLITZ, WWF WrestleMania, and  NBA JAM.  Each arcade broke records with NBA JAM making over a billion dollars in quarters within the first year of its release.Mark is a man of professionalism, focus, and talent who continues to bring us great games from inside the company Zynga as the Studio Manager and Sr. Creative Director. ---------------------------------------------------- Company Website: IMDB: Mark Turmell Documentary: Insert Coin Documentary----------------------------------------------------  Music for our Podcast is By:  Voxel Revolution by Kevin MacLeodLink: the show
Rebecca Ann Heineman continues her incredible stories of the founding and rise of Interplay Productions.  Her developing the first female character and pronoun system in RPG games showcased first in Bard's Tale 3: Thief of Fate.  Developing, creating, porting, and debugging hundreds of games throughout the course of leaving Interplay Productions to form Logicware and eventually Contraband Entertainment. She shares with us industry secrets, heroic victories, and battle stories about misogynistic leadership, collapsing companies, and her willpower to work on quality content against the powers that push back against her.Doom, Medal of Honor,  Heroes of Might and Magic, are some of the many titles revisited following the deep dive insight into her NEW PROJECTS and SNEAK PEAK at her new releases of her current company Olde Sküül.   Rebecca Ann graciously opens her vault of expertise giving young game makers EXCLUSIVE TIPS and the DO's and DON'Ts of launching your first game or first video game company.Her "insatiable thirst for knowledge" is what has served her so well in her quest of growth. The games she continues to make break convention to give the audiences memorable  quality retro experiences thought long lost.She is a fighter, a survivor, and a triumphant leader. The world has been made better by her influence and historical impact.  We can't wait to see what she'll do next!  ( )----------------------------------------------------Company Website: www.oldeskuul.comTwitter: @burgerbeckyFacebook: Channel LinkNEWEST GAME Release SITE: www.lawlesslegends.comGLAAD Board of Directors: www.glaad.orgNetflix Documentary EP. 1: High Score DocumentaryAward Winning Fan Fiction: for our Podcast is By:Voxel Revolution by Kevin MacLeodLink: the show
Rebecca Ann Heineman USA's first video game champion at 16 years old in 1980 playing Space Invaders. She has  worked on over 250 games, helming the development of critically acclaimed titles like The Bard’s Tale 3: Thief of Fate and Dragon Wars. She co-founded Interplay Entertainment in 1983 and shares with us the play by play of the historical moments that changed her life and the lives of everyone who would ever play or make video games.Running away and enduring a broken home with an abusive parent, hacking the latest technology of the time to teach herself how to code and program, flying across the country to live, work, and push the creative and video game mechanics with inventions of software and innovations of hardware while  challenging the male patriarchy at every turn all before her 21st birthday.She is a TRUE Champion.----------------------------------------------------Company Website: www.oldeskuul.comTwitter: @burgerbeckyFacebook: Channel LinkNEWEST GAME Release SITE: www.lawlesslegends.comGLAAD Board of Directors: www.glaad.orgNetflix Documentary EP. 1: High Score DocumentaryAward Winning Fan Fiction: for our Podcast is By:Voxel Revolution by Kevin MacLeodLink: the show
Garry Schyman is the stunningly talented composer, conductor, and musician of video games and film. He has been nominated and won numerous awards for his video game scores, including "Soundtrack of the Year" for Bioshock.  Currently, he is teaching Screen Scoring at one of the best music schools in the country, the USC Thornton School of Music while adding to his ever expanding works stretching over 25 television shows, 10 films, and 13 video games.Wonderfully detailed in his storied and award winning career Garry shares with us the mind behind the magic while listening to the REAL CUES  together from his music on the titles:1.) Destroy All Humans2.) Bioshock3.) Resistance: Retribution4.) Bioshock 25.) Bioshock Infinite6.) Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor7.) Torn8.) MetamorphosisGarry sheds light on the evolution of orchestration in video games, teaches some great lessons with game industry insights, and encourages young composers to seize opportunities for them to share their unique sound with the world!----------------------------------------------------Website: www.garryschyman.comIMDB: Garry SchymanFacebook: Society of Composers & Lyricists : www.thescl.comSpotify:  Various OST PlaylistsUSC Thornton School of Music: for our Podcast is By:Voxel Revolution by Kevin MacLeodLink: the show
Lisa Fleck is a Senior 3D Environment Artist who has been creating  art and observing the outside world all her life. With a decade in the video game industry contributing to AAA and Indie games across many genres she shares with us her journey.  She brings us amazing memories of her early days as a gamer with a dedication to schoolwork while being passionate about plants, rocks, and architecture. She "unlocks" achievement after achievement climbing quickly through the ranks  and landing on her feet from one challenge to the next. She guides us through her lessons from the companies she has worked with along with tips on how to thrive and survive in the video game industry as a female in a business where males make up the majority workforce. Throughout her career she has shipped the many successful titles including:  Spyro: Reignited Trilogy, Guild Wars 2, Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns, and Gigantic.  You can find her now adding her talents to the incredible team at Outerloop Games. Lisa is an inspiring leader, creative, and a true explorer of nature. ----------------------------------------------------Website: www.lisafleckcg.comArtstation: lfleckcg.artstation.comTwitter: @LAFleckInstagram: Company Site: for our Podcast is By:Voxel Revolution by Kevin MacLeodLink: the show
Tommy Gustafsson is the Co-Founder of Easy Trigger Games, honors us from the deep north of Trollhättan, Sweden. This is the guy behind the story, graphics, concept, music, and art direction of the greatest hard-boiled 80's cyberpunk styled retro platformer arcade shooter ever: HUNTDOWN. Tommy talks about the process, influences, and challenges making his first game with his team at Easy Trigger Games.  Discussing all this job titles and responsibilities he is doing, Tommy covers everything from background design workflow to the creation of Huntdown's identity with an impressive soundtrack.After 6 years of effort Tommy looks back on journey with pride knowing that he, his team, and their distributor (Coffee Stain Studios) continued to push for excellence in every aspect of the game.  Easy Trigger gives us all hope that even if it's your first game you can still make something incredible.  They understand that the people who have the dedication and desire can achieve greatness, even if "normal society" thinks they are a little on the outside.  That is why their company slogan is:  IMPERFECT PEOPLE...WELCOME!---------------------------------COMPANY WEBSITE: GAME WEBSITE: GAME TWITTER: @HuntdownGame DISTRIBUTOR TWITTER: @Coffee_Stain STEAM: for our Podcast is By:  Voxel Revolution by Kevin MacLeod Link: License: Support the show
Master Daniel Pesina is the original Johnny Cage in Mortal Kombat and Mortal Kombat II, as well as characters Reptile, Scorpion,  Sub-Zero, Noob Saibot and Smoke.  Pioneer of the legendary martial arts moves in video games that permanently changed the world forever.PART II of IIMaster Pesina shares with us some philosophy and impactful lessons through his experience as a teacher and a student of martial arts.“Everything is possible to a willing mind!”Drawing on the accumulation of a lifetime of martial arts, integrity, community and creativity to share his daily adventures and passions.----------------------------------------------------Website: www.masterpesina.comTwitter: @masterpesinaInstagram: @masterdpesinaTwitch: for our Podcast is By:Voxel Revolution by Kevin MacLeodLink: the show
Master Daniel Pesina is The original Johnny Cage in Mortal Kombat and Mortal Kombat II, as well as characters Reptile, Scorpion,  Sub-Zero, Noob Saibot and Smoke.  Pioneer of the legendary martial arts moves in video games that permanently changed the world forever. PART I of II Master Pesina shares with us some of the most amazing history with John Tobias, his brother Carlos, and all their friends growing up in Chicago. Talking about the struggles, and the triumphs of the first days  of creating the most influential fighting game of all time.Everything from costumes design, backstory, how they perfected the those iconic uppercuts, and "bounce falls" to the Master Pesina's push for a new historical "on-screen" introduction into the Lin Kuei and invention of the Fatality.  Playing the Integral role in the development of the motion capture concepts of "live action" fighters in a video game.-----------------------------------------------------Website: www.masterpesina.comTwitter: @masterpesinaInstagram: @masterdpesinaTwitch: for our Podcast is By:Voxel Revolution by Kevin MacLeodLink: the show
Weston Tracy saves us all with a game that is original and inventive. He is the Project Lead and Art Lead of the incredible "metroidvania" 2D action adventure game Savior.After a 30 year love affair with pixels, Weston is building the game he started designing in 4th grade. Through his experience and dedication he assembled an awesome crew to help do it.What an incredible conversation with a look behind the scenes some unreleased details about the new game Savior! ----------------------------------Website: @StarsoftPDX Facebook: for our Podcast is By:Voxel Revolution by Kevin MacLeodLink: the show
Kyle Herbert is a voice powerhouse with credits of the video games and shows we all know and love! He gives us samples of some of the iconic video game character voices while sharing aspiring tips on following your passion to build an epic career!We will discuss what inspired him and how he created the memorable sounds that shape our childhood and the competitive life as a Voice Actor in this Industry.  Follow his amazing gaming adventures on his Twitch Channel!Game Credits include these below and much much more!Dragon Ball seriesYu Yu Hakusho: Dark Tournament  BloodRayne 2  Everquest II  Naruto series  Enchanted Arms  Baten Kaitos Origins  Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria  Desperate Housewives: The Game  World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade  .hack//G.U. vol.2//Reminisce    .hack//G.U. vol.3//RedemptionDawn of Mana  Riviera: The Promised Land  Wild Arms 5   Bleach series  Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles  Soldier of Fortune: Payback  Devil May Cry 4  The Spiderwick Chronicles   Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon  Armored Core: For Answer  Guilty Gear 2: Overture  Golden Axe: Beast Rider  Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3  Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World  World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King  The Last Remnant  Persona 4  Star Ocean: Second Evolution  Tenchu: Shadow Assassins  Street Fighter series  Star Ocean: The Last Hope  Resident Evil 5  Resident Evil 6Wolfenstein  League of Legends  Final Fantasy XIII  Sonic Colors  X-Men Arcade  Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds  Soulcalibur V   Lollipop Chainsaw  Marvel Pinball: Avengers Chronicles  Guild Wars 2     Defiance  Marvel Heroes  Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn  Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies  Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures  Bravely Default    The Amazing Spider-Man 2  ----------------------------------Website: www.kylehebert.comTwitter: @kylehebertInstagram: @kylehebertCameo: for our Podcast is By:Voxel Revolution by Kevin MacLeodLink: the show
Titus Fury himself joins us in the "real world" to let us know what life is like as a committed Virtual Reality Gamer joining the streaming universe, as he play tests all the latest games and apparatuses.  This is our 1st Podcast so we are very excited to kick it off and join the community of excited listeners who want to know more about the world of the people who make these games great!----------------------------------Music for our Podcast is By:Voxel Revolution by Kevin MacLeodLink: the show
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