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This episode features previously unheard clips from the interviews in which the storytellers address the powerful role that music has played in their lives and in their wellness. With starting and ending commentary about researched benefits of music therapy and music’s links to ancient medicinal practices. 
Hector and I discuss recognizing patterns in our dysfunctional relationships, their roots in childhood, boundaries, resentment, and more- with end notes on attachment styles. 
Denni and I discuss the importance of therapy, overcoming shame and relationship challenges in healing from childhood sex trauma- with end notes on dissociation. 
Ollie and I discuss how he lost both parents, removing stigma from mental health struggles, and his 5-point mind map for mental wellness- with end notes on cognitive behavioral therapy. 
Ken and I discuss the stresses of his and his wife’s illnesses, the importance of gratitude, supportive relationships, and the power of just sitting with someone- with end notes on how to advocate for yourself as a patient.   
A quick teaser to give a sense of what Hindsight Healing Circle is all about. Hosted by Dr. Tamara Dickson, a physician who specializes in integrative mental health, trauma, and chronic disease,  Hindsight Healing Circle focuses on everyday people looking back on how they got through the worst times in their lives. Together, they analyze the impact it had on their health and personal growth. Providing intimate narratives mixed with helpful medical and mental health concepts, Dr. Dickson and her guests invite you to learn from their experiences and benefit from their clarity of hindsight. Each conversation is centered around the healing power of storytelling, celebrating resilience, and providing support for those with similar struggles.For more information and updates, join Dr. Dickson's e-mail list here, or follow on Instagram. 
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