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Heyyy, let's talk about JUSTICE! It's been a long day, pour some gin and have a seat. Two girls, working in law, and we want to talk about what really goes on. We’re shedding light on the inner workings of the criminal justice system, and sometimes we just need some gin. Justine and Amanda deep dive into the many perspectives of the criminal justice system giving listeners a look at the system through the eyes of all walks of life. They discuss the successes and many failures of the system allowing listeners to understand the side of justice that’s often not portrayed. Follow and subscribe for weekly behind the scenes look at the American Legal System. Have an experience with the criminal justice system you want to share? Email us at: or
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It's the last episode of the month so that means Justine and Amanda are going to tell you about all the people who were added to the Nation Exoneration List this month.JUWAN DEERING: BROWN: CEASOR: ALLEN: SMITH: BOYD & JOHN WALKER: HENDERSON & SEAN TYLER: HOOVER-MOORE:
   Alright folks, this weeks episode is a lot, not going to lie to you.   First, Justine gives Amanda the low down about the travesty  that is going on in the Rutherford County , Tennessee juvenile justice system.  You can read the full article she references here: the follow up article here:  Then, Justine and Amanda talk with Sunny Jacobs. Sunny is an INCREDIBLE woman,  a death row exoneree who with her husband, Jesse Tafero were wrongfully convicted in Florida for the murder of a police officer and a Canadian constable in 1976. Unfortunately, their innocence was not proven until two years after Jesse was murdered by the state of Florida. Sunny shares her traumatic experience being the only woman on death row in the US, the isolation torture she endured, and how she survived it all.   She goes on the tell us about her current husband Peter, who happens to also be a Death Row exoneree in Ireland. In 2012 they began welcoming exonerees into their home and in  2014, the Sunny Center Foundation was established and they were able to extend their assistance more broadly, using a unique holistic approach encompassing physical, mental and spiritual healing and ongoing support. The Sunny Healing Retreat Center, Ireland. In 2018 they opened The Sunny Living Center, a housing complex in Tampa, Florida for exonerees.You can learn more at: more info on the fight to abolish the death penalty, here are a few resources:
SUPRISE!   We are skipping the Legal Brief this week to talk to you about a very serious matter. A few days ago was World Against The Death Penalty Day, and we thought it was more important to bring you another story from death row.   This week we talked to Joe, a death row exoneree who tells us how quickly your life can be flipped upside down due to a wrongful conviction.  Joe was arrested in 1996 for a double murder in Florida and was convicted and sentenced to death in 1997.  Joe's case gained international attention during his time wrongfully incarcerated, particularly in his home country of Spain. The Pope, the King of Spain, and Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar were all actively involved! He now lives in Spain and campaigns for the abolition of capital punishment on a global scale with the help of Witness To Innocence. We encourage all of our listeners to go read/ listen/ share the MANY stories of innocent men and women survivors of death row.: you're at it, check out the 2021 Fall Webinar series at : is Woman on Death Row.Also, Ohioans! Don't forget Lobby Days 10/19. For more info: And last, but certainly not least, if you would like to become a pen pal with our friend James from the "Sondra & James" episode, you can write him at:                                                                                                               James Anderson #07253-010                                                                                              FCI Beaumont Medium                                                                                              Federal Correctional Facility                                                                                             P.O. Box 26040                                                                                             Beaumont, TX 77720
This week on Gin & Justice, Justine and Amanda talk with the fabulous Allison Cohen from Ohioans to Stop Executions!  Allison has all the facts about why we need to abolish the death penalty. It does not make communities safer, it does not deter crime, it does not make sense financially, it takes decades of legal proceedings and appeals, and lastly but not least - we have had 186 exonerations from death row! Take Action in Ohio on October 19th, 2021 for Lobby Day in Ohio! Make Ohio the next state to abolish the death penalty!  To find more: us on social media, rate, review - send a screenshot of your review to Don't forget to check out our new website:
On this Legal Brief Justine and Amanda tell the stories of the people that were exonerated this month. It's quite infuriating.All source material for this episode can be found at: HOPPS: SHANE GARRETT: SPATES: DAVIS: JACOBSEN: BEGAY: MILLER: ROCQUEMORE: STEVENS:'t forget to rate, review, follow, and subscribe so that more people can hear these stories and learn about these issues that effect us all. Screenshot your review and email it along with your mailing address to for a free Gin & Justice gifty!& Don't forget to visit our new website:
  On this episode of Gin & Justice, Justine and Amanda talk all things criminal justice with Florida House Rep.  Anna Eskamani.  From minimum mandatory sentencing, reentry for returning citizens, basic needs of inmates, to bills that violate our rights here in Florida, and more. To learn more about the community ideas for criminal legal system reform visit:'t forget to rate, review, follow, and subscribe so that more people can hear these stories and learn about these issues that effect us all. Screenshot your review and email it along with your mailing address to for a free Gin & Justice gifty!Don't forget to visit our new website:
Malissa: #KeepThemHome

Malissa: #KeepThemHome


This week on Gin & Justice Justine and Amanda have such an important story to share that they skipped the Legal Brief and brought you a full-length interview with Malissa. Malissa is one of the thousands of Federal inmates home on home confinement under the CARES Act that was passed as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.  Malissa shares her journey leading to her imprisonment, but more importantly, the work she has done since she has been home - reintegrating in the community.  Malissa has to worry if every day is the day she will get that phone call, telling her she has to go back to prison.  Malissa's story is shared with the thousands of citizens home on home confinement.  Listen to her story and see how you can help.Go to FAMM's webpage dedicated to this issue: your Representatives! If you do not know who your representative is visit:, review, subscribe everywhere you get your podcasts.  Visit our BRAND NEW website!
On this weeks Gin & Justice, Justine and Amanda ask for your help to save the life of Julius Jones, an innocent man set to be executed October 28th. #justiceforjuliusThey also speak with Chris Castillo of Journey To Hope, a group made up of murder victims families against the death penalty. Chris' story of finding forgiveness, healing, and advocacy is just incredible. To learn more about Journey Of Hope: learn more about Julius Jones:
On this weeks Legal Brief Justine and Amanda give you a run down of all the people who were exonerated this month.Jarvis Ballard- Cape- Garcia- Roman- Carter- Castro- more info you can check out:’t forget to check out LEAP - they are beginning their FREE course on September 7th. For more information:
This week on Gin & Justice, Justine and Amanda talk common ground with Nisha Anand, CEO of the Dream Corps. Nisha has been an activist since she was a young child and she talks about her journey from her first protest to becoming CEO of one of the most innovative organizations that advocates for change by finding common ground between often polar opposite views and uses that to make progress.  Another amazing woman, making progress in leaps and bounds!  After this interview, if you want to hear her TED Talk, The Radical Act of Choosing Common Ground, found here: you want to learn more about Dream Corps, or any of their organizations, visit their website here: always, if you are able, please donate.If you want to learn more about LEAP, please visit their website here:, they have a FREE CLASS! Starting September 7th, 2021. 
On this weeks Legal Brief Justine tells Amanda about a couple of real life stories about being wrongfully convicted that were in recent news.  First, the story about Joshua Spriestersbach, who was  arrested for someone else’s felony probation violation and the gross incompetence that followed. Second, the story of Paul Shane Garrett, a man who plead to a killing he did not commit. The girls also discuss the continued hard work of the Hawaiian and the Tennessee Innocence Projects.For more information:https://www.hawaiiinnocenceproject.org
This week on Gin & Justice, the girls have the pleasure of speaking with the highest prosecutor in the State of Vermont, Attorney General TJ Donovan.  AG Donovan started as a trial prosecutor and rose through the ranks to his current position  by coming together with defense attorneys, judges and the community to solve problems. We at Gin and Justice call this being smart on crime.  AG Donovan talks about how as a prosecutor he used his discretion in prosecuting violent crime, but helping lift those with mental health or substance abuse disorders.  Attorney General Donovan is also involved with the People's Law School. For more information: http://www.vicii.org to Gin & Justice for Weekly Episodes anywhere you get your podcasts. Follow us on all the socials.  
On this week's Legal Brief, Amanda takes the lead and tells Justine all about Rodney Reed. Rodney Reed has been on death row for over 22 years maintaining his innocence and he may finally get his day in court after an evidentiary hearing, with well, A LOT of evidence to the contrary of his guilt.  Justine discusses what is a "Motion" and what is an "Evidentiary Hearing?"  #FreeRodneyReedTo read more about Rodney Reed and his story, visit: can also text "FreeRodney" to 52886
Feminism. Resisting. Anti-capitalism. Anti-war. Cuba. This week Justine and Amanda talk to Vermont's local lawyer, community activist, teacher, organizer, Sandy Baird.  Sandy talks on, well, a million topics.  She talks about the life she has led, the importance of resistant, protesting, protecting rights. Some call her radical, some just call her rad, but either way she is a fighter for the people since the 70's. Sandy has started a non-profit to help women in need of funding and provides various resources, especially to women escaping domestic violence situations, The Caroline Fund.  Sandy discusses the progression of her career, everything from being a prosecutor on a juvenile docket, to becoming a State representative, running for mayor, and being a lawyer for indigent people and most importantly, teaching others how to represent and advocate for themselves.  Sandy is also teamed up with the Attorney General of the State of Vermont, TJ Donovan, starting the People's Law School.To find more information on the People's Law School, please visit:  http://www.vicii.orgTo Donate to the Caroline Fund:P.O. Box 8486Burlington, Vermont 05402
This week on Gin & Justice, Justine and Amanda bring you updates from inside a mock prison cell, completing the #BeatTheHeat Challenge put on by Families Against Mandatory Minimums (FAMM), and Florida Cares, a non-profit dedicated to improving the lives of the incarcerated and their families.  The purpose of this event was to raise awareness about the conditions inside Florida prisons, focusing mainly on the LACK OF AIR CONDITIONING! We know you Floridians are feeling the H-E-A-T!  While there, Justine and Amanda had the opportunity to meet some wonderful volunteers with Florida Cares, as well as a volunteer with Walking In  The Light Prison Ministry.  To donate to these organizations, check out their websites here:**** ****
This week on Gin&Justice, Justine and Amanda have the privilege of speaking with the Honorable Judge Nichols and the Honorable Judge Kelly. Both judges hold a position in the judiciary in separate criminal divisions covering Misdemeanor, Felony, and Drug Court.  The Judges discuss their role in the criminal justice system, the ups and downs of being on the bench, and what their day-to-day looks like - including what it feels like to sentence an individual to life in prison, along with discussing some common misconceptions. Don't forget to follow, rate, subscribe! 
On this weeks Legal Brief Justine and Amanda discuss your fourth amendment rights, and why its important to know them. Please like, follow, subscribe, and review if you haven't already, and if you have any questions or just feel like saying hi, email us!
This week Justine and Amanda chat with Sondra. She shares her brothers story of addiction and incarceration. They also discuss mandatory minimum sentencing, astronomical cost of communication, treatment of incarcerated people, the toll of incarceration on the family, and how we can start making a difference. You can reach out to Sondra via Twitter                        Sondra Green RHIT                       @lou_lou_064592and you can write James:                  James Anderson #07253-010                  FCI Beaumont Medium                  Federal Correctional Facility                  P.O. Box 26040                  Beaumont, TX 77720
On this Legal Brief, Justine and Amanda discuss some facts about the juvenile justice system from the ACLU, and break down the history of the system as well as how it works now.
  This week Justine and Amanda talked with Jeffrey Deskovic. They discussed Jeffrey's wrongful conviction that sent him to prison as a child, his incarceration, his exoneration, and the amazing  advocacy work he is doing now.  To learn more, and donate to help get wrongfully convicted people out of prison. We highly encourage you to go to:
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