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In this episode of Liberty and Wine, Anne talks with Joanna Szurmak from the University of Toronto and York University about the way in which all governing elites, historically, have employed similar tactics and rhetoric to keep the masses fooled and under control. Joanna introduces us to Jane Jacobs’ insightful work on Guardians versus Traders, and the parallels to present-day Covidocrats are obvious. With Covid, as with Climate Change, “science” has been shamelessly torn from its foundation on informed debate and held up as if it were a trophy by shameless politicians and bureaucrats whose disregard for the most basic principles of freedom and human rights heralds a new dark age of totalitarianism.To wash down this bitter state of affairs, Joanna introduces us to her favourite wine, a South African Shiraz called Alvi’s Drift, 2019. The wine can be hard to come by in Canada, so Malcom Jolly, our street-savvy wine critic, proposes substituting with a bottle named Porcupine Ridge and goes on to share some fascinating insights into the South African grapes we know as Shiraz or Syrah.To read more about - and by - Joanna, check out:
In this episode of Liberty & Wine, Anne talks with former President at York College Pennsylvania Dr. George Waldner about the state of higher education in North America today. How did Collectivism manage to overtake our colleges and universities to the extent that student life today resembles a flash-back to China’s Cultural Revolution with students living in perpetual fear of bullying and cancellation by the Woke gangs on campus? And what - if anything - can we do to reverse the trend?The wine George has chosen for this episode is a William Fevre Chablis, Champs Royaux 2019. Tune in to hear his heartwarming story about how he and his wife came to love this wine, and to hear our wine expert, Malcolm Jolly, humorously unravel some of the complex mystery of the white Burgundy wines.
In this episode of L&W, Anne talks to Professor Paul J. Zak about his fascinating discoveries in the novel field of neuroeconomics. We learn that man is by nature a moral being, and that our biochemistry predisposes us toward trust, generosity, and spontaneous order. We also learn that hugs are the best immune booster in our arsenal.The beverage Paul has chosen for this episode is the beer Orval, and as always, our excellent wine wiz Malcolm Jolly has many entertaining insights into this exclusive beverage.To learn more about Paul Zak’s extraordinary insights into a happier, healthier, freer life, go to 
In this episode of Liberty & Wine, Anne turns to Don Boudreaux for candid insights into the state of the economy post  pandemic and the dangers that lie ahead.The wine Don has chosen for this episode—Condrieu Guigal—gives us a glimpse of the man behind the economist. We’ll hear why he selected this particular wine, and acclaimed wine critic Malcolm Jolly will, as always, give us his take on the bottle and infuse it with both humour and expert advice.You can find Don and sign up for his mailing list at
In this episode of Liberty & Wine, Anne talks to Matt Ridley about his newest book, “Viral: The Search for the Origin of Covid-19”. The conversation meanders far and wide as Anne and Matt also explore ways to cope with the general sense of pessimism that permeates our age and try on the spirit of rational optimism that has become a characteristic of Matt’s work.The wine selected for this episode—La Reserve de Leoville Barton, Saint-Julien 2014—has personal significance for Matt. Listen to the episode and hear his story, as well as a commentary by acclaimed wine critic Malcolm Jolly who will introduce this special bottle and, most importantly, tell Matt when he can safely drink it!Read more about Matt Ridley and his books at
10 - The Power of Story

10 - The Power of Story


In this tenth episode of Liberty & Wine, my friend Anne and I talk about her successful novels and her childhood growing up in Denmark. For this month’s wine review, wine expert Malcolm presents the Catena Alta Historic Rows Malbec 2017, a red wine from Argentina. I then conclude by discussing the future of the Liberty & Wine podcast with its new host. This month's link : Adam Driver: Wine:
In this ninth episode of Liberty & Wine, my friend Vincent and I talk about inequalities during the Golden Age of Capitalism, and how this period is misconstrued in the popular imagination.For this month’s wine review, Wine & Food Journalist Malcolm Jolley presents the Vietti Nebbiolo Perbacco 2018, a red wine from northern Italy.I then conclude with an editorial about the dangers of the recent infiltration of wokeism into the highest echelons of the academic world in Canada.Wine: Vietti Nebbiolo Perbacco 2018: 1: 2: in Quillette:
In this eighth episode of Liberty & Wine, my friend Rudyard and I talk about monetary policy and how, despite the supposed independence of central banks and it being the top policy issue facing more and more countries, it seems to escape political debate and public scrutiny. This is particularly unfortunate given that monetary policy has a significant impact on the lives of ordinary people.For this month’s wine review, my special guest wine expert Malcolm presents the 2019 Tawse Growers Blend Pinot Noir from the Niagara Falls region. I then conclude by telling you about a great Netflix series I recently watched – The Barrier – before making a very exciting announcement about the addition of a new host to Liberty & Wine.To read more about Rudyard’s articles on monetary policy:’s website:
In this seventh episode of Liberty & Wine, you will learn how my friend Brad went from rap and indie rock journalist to CEO of the Atlas Network, and about his new book, Liberalism and the Free Society in 2021. This month’s wine review covers a 2018 Chateau Rieussec Sauternes. And my editorial tells you why Sweden is not as socialist as the American and Canadian left would like you to believe.Note: Due to technical difficulties, part of the recording for this episode resulted in a subpar sound quality.To find out more about the Atlas Network, Brad’s book and the Global Index of Economic Freedom month’s wine: read more about Michel’s editorial topic:
For this sixth episode of Liberty & Wine, our guest is Peter, a research fellow in economic policy at The Heritage Foundation, and a personal friend of mine. Our conversation revolves around the recent developments, positive and negative, in the world of cryptocurrencies. This month's wine is a Sancerre. Michel's brief editorial is about the risks for freedom of expression and the diversity of thought associated with the government financing of media outlets.This month’s links:For the wine To Follow Peter
My guest for this fifth episode is Matt, President of the Atlas Network. He will tell us about one of his personal passions: Doing Development Differently, which espouses a different vision and, more importantly, a different approach to helping the poorer countries of the world develop and lift themselves out of poverty.For this month’s wine, I will be reviewing a rosé that isn’t actually a rosé: the Vieil Aven 2020, from the small town of Tavel in the south of France, just north of Avignon.Matt Waner’s book : Network 2021 Liberty Forum and Freedom Dinner: selection:
For this fourth episode of Liberty & Wine, my guest is Lindy, a singer-songwriter and a long-time activist for the cause of freedom, as well as a personal friend of mine. We discuss his musical development, as well as the crucial importance for friends of freedom to be more involved in cultural creations such as movies, novels, and songs.For this month’s wine, I will be reviewing a Rosé Champagne, more particularly the Forget Brimont Brut Premier Cru. At $55 a bottle, it offers an excellent quality-price ratio.Stand Up For Freedom song : Up For Freedom video :’s website: selection : 
My guest for the third episode of Liberty & Wine is Carla. Author, activist, attorney, and genuine freedom fighter, she tells me all about her diverse background and her involvement in the Free State Project. The wine I am recommending this month is the 2016 Luigi Righetti Amarone della Valpolicella, a bold Italian red wine with a complex nose.This month’s links:Wine selection: Free State Project: Porcupine Freedom Festival: 
In this episode, I first welcome Maria Lily to talk about the economic value of freedom of expression. You may be surprised by how much you stand to gain if freedom of speech were to improve. I then have a chat with my dear friend Martin, who explains the Epicurean roots of classical liberalism and why this philosophical movement fell victim to the spread of fake news.This month’s wine selection is the Château Larose-Trintaudon Haut-Médoc 2016, a Bordeaux-style red blend. This generously structured wine offers a great bang for your buck, with a price tag of approximately $27 a bottle. This cru bourgeois will pair nicelywith a rack of lamb, roast beef, or some good cheese (especially blue cheese). This month’s links:Wine selection: Château Larose-Trintaudon Haut-Médoc 2016 The economic value of freedom of expression: Canada Must Do More to Protect and Encourage Freedom of ExpressionThe Epicurean roots of classical liberalism: The Epicurean Roots of Some Classical Liberal and Misesian Concepts
In this very first episode of Liberty & Wine, my friend Peter and I discuss how wealth taxes end up hurting Main Street and modern lessons from the Mongol Conquest of China, all the while savouring a glass of a Greek wine. This month’s wine selection is the Santo Wines Assyrtiko Santorini 2019, a white wine from the volcanic island of Santorini. The Assyrtiko grape is arguably Greece’s most iconic wine grape variety, and depending on which specific bottle of Assyrtiko wine you treat yourself too, the price typically ranges between CA$17 and CA$35. This month’s links:Wine selection: Santo Wines Assyrtiko Santorini 2019The Mongol Conquest of China: How Paper Money Led to the Mongol Conquest – Money and the Collapse of Song ChinaWealth taxes: Wealth Taxes End Up Hurting Main Street
Welcome to Liberty and Wine. I am Anne Fortier.Come join me on an intellectual tasting trip through a wide range of current issues as they relate to the foundational ideas and themes of a free society.My guests and I will dive into economics, history, evolutionary psychology, genetics, social sciences, and much more . . . all the while enjoying a glass of wine.Now more than ever, we must continue to have these conversations in order to appreciate the role human freedom has played, and still plays, in our quest for a better world.We release a new episode the first Monday of each month, available through all major podcast platforms, such as Spotify, iTunes, Ballados, and Podcast Addict. Stay tuned!
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