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Author: Michel Kelly-Gagnon

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In this monthly podcast, released on the first Monday of each month, Michel and his guests will take you on an epicurean intellectual journey, exploring liberty, current issues and social sciences... all the while enjoying a sip of wine!

Liberty & Wine will be available as of Monday April 5, 2021 on all major podcast platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, Ballados and Podcast Addict.

Mr. David Salerno made this initiative possible through his founding donation.

6 Episodes
My guest for this fifth episode is Matt, President of the Atlas Network. He will tell us about one of his personal passions: Doing Development Differently, which espouses a different vision and, more importantly, a different approach to helping the poorer countries of the world develop and lift themselves out of poverty.For this month’s wine, I will be reviewing a rosé that isn’t actually a rosé: the Vieil Aven 2020, from the small town of Tavel in the south of France, just north of Avignon.Matt Waner’s book : Network 2021 Liberty Forum and Freedom Dinner: selection:
For this fourth episode of Liberty & Wine, my guest is Lindy, a singer-songwriter and a long-time activist for the cause of freedom, as well as a personal friend of mine. We discuss his musical development, as well as the crucial importance for friends of freedom to be more involved in cultural creations such as movies, novels, and songs.For this month’s wine, I will be reviewing a Rosé Champagne, more particularly the Forget Brimont Brut Premier Cru. At $55 a bottle, it offers an excellent quality-price ratio.Stand Up For Freedom song : Up For Freedom video :’s website: selection : 
My guest for the third episode of Liberty & Wine is Carla. Author, activist, attorney, and genuine freedom fighter, she tells me all about her diverse background and her involvement in the Free State Project. The wine I am recommending this month is the 2016 Luigi Righetti Amarone della Valpolicella, a bold Italian red wine with a complex nose.This month’s links:Wine selection: Free State Project: Porcupine Freedom Festival: 
In this episode, I first welcome Maria Lily to talk about the economic value of freedom of expression. You may be surprised by how much you stand to gain if freedom of speech were to improve. I then have a chat with my dear friend Martin, who explains the Epicurean roots of classical liberalism and why this philosophical movement fell victim to the spread of fake news.This month’s wine selection is the Château Larose-Trintaudon Haut-Médoc 2016, a Bordeaux-style red blend. This generously structured wine offers a great bang for your buck, with a price tag of approximately $27 a bottle. This cru bourgeois will pair nicelywith a rack of lamb, roast beef, or some good cheese (especially blue cheese). This month’s links:Wine selection: Château Larose-Trintaudon Haut-Médoc 2016 The economic value of freedom of expression: Canada Must Do More to Protect and Encourage Freedom of ExpressionThe Epicurean roots of classical liberalism: The Epicurean Roots of Some Classical Liberal and Misesian Concepts
In this very first episode of Liberty & Wine, my friend Peter and I discuss how wealth taxes end up hurting Main Street and modern lessons from the Mongol Conquest of China, all the while savouring a glass of a Greek wine. This month’s wine selection is the Santo Wines Assyrtiko Santorini 2019, a white wine from the volcanic island of Santorini. The Assyrtiko grape is arguably Greece’s most iconic wine grape variety, and depending on which specific bottle of Assyrtiko wine you treat yourself too, the price typically ranges between CA$17 and CA$35. This month’s links:Wine selection: Santo Wines Assyrtiko Santorini 2019The Mongol Conquest of China: How Paper Money Led to the Mongol Conquest – Money and the Collapse of Song ChinaWealth taxes: Wealth Taxes End Up Hurting Main Street
Welcome to my podcast Liberty & Wine. I am Michel! I hope you will join me for this monthly podcast where my guests and I will take you on an intellectual journey. We shall explore together a broad range of current issues, meaningful historical facts, and interesting findings in social sciences; all the while enjoying a sip of wine!This podcast will allow you to deepen your appreciation and understanding of the role that human freedom has played, and still plays, in our quest for a better world.The first episode of Liberty & Wine will be released on Monday, April 5, and then on the first Monday of each subsequent month. It will be available on all major podcast platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, Ballados and Podcast Addict. Stay tuned!
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