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Parents want to know what to do when their kids are only interested in playing make-believe or pretend play with their toys. They wonder when the "Real Learning" is going to start. Sue Patterson, Unschooling Mom2Mom, answers parents by sharing the subjects that are often weaving throughout this imaginative playtime.  Kids really are hard-wired to learn, but we may need a little help SEEING what's going on under the surface.Get more help from Sue and see the learning that's happening throughout your child's day:Join the Creating Confidence Membership GroupIn addition to coaching calls where we talk about this (and other questions parents have) , our private membership portal offers more resources to help you reframe the way you're seeing learning.1:1 Coaching with Sue PattersonMaybe groups aren't your thing - or you just can't fit it into your schedule! We can set up a coaching call to conquer your fears!Jumping Into UnschoolingMaybe you'd like a systematic approach to creating a strong unschooling foundation. This is the course for you!This Podcast (with the graphic Sue refers to,) is here.
Worried about your kids use of technology and screens? Sue Patterson helps you understand how to see it through an unschooling lens.You can read the transcript here: Technology and Your KidsIf you need more help with this, Sue offers a variety of resources:Creating Confidence Membership GroupJumping Into Unschooling CourseUnschooling Guide: TechnologyUnschooling Mom2Mom Website
If we've decided to unschool, we may see value in applying many of these principles to parenting too.  The mainstream familiar way most of us recognize, actually works against parents in so many ways. Because it’s so focused on control and fear - fear that the kids will do something wrong or that we’ll be considered a bad mom or dad - we shouldn’t be too surprised that it starts the ball rolling in a negative direction.Let's talk about ways to shift this in meaningful way - that will actually work! UNSCHOOLING RESOURCES:Free NOT Back to School WebinarRegister hereCreating Confidence Membership GroupJoin us hereJumping Into Unschooling CoursePrice goes up at the end of the month - so grab it now!This Transcript:
Let's talk about what these first few weeks of unschooling are going to look like - for you and for the kids. I have a Free Unschooling Checklist Challenge - especially for those of you who are new to unschooling! It's a 7-day email series to walk you through these first few steps. Each day, we'll talk about something you need as you get started, I'll give you a couple of action steps and a PDF. We'll do it togther!Sign up for the Free Challenge here.This link will take you to the (newly designed!) website with the transcript and a few more resources:  Unschooling, Now What?Creating Confidence membership is still the best way to grow your confidence! Benefits include a huge library of members-only resources (including a lot of Unschooling Guides and pieces of Guides), group coaching calls with me, and a variety of ways to connect with this wonderfully supportive community.
Don't Do It!

Don't Do It!


Are you one of those parents who are reluctantly sending their kids off to school? Imagine me whispering, "Don't Do It!" In this podcast, I'm talking about some of the reasons people might ignore their gut and send the kids off to school - and letting you know that you DO have options. Unschooling really DOES work - I can help you figure out what to do INSTEAD of School!UNSCHOOLING RESOURCESCreating Confidence Membership Get coaching, community and a huge library of unschooling resources made for Sue's Membership GroupJumping Into Unschooling Course The price is going up in September, so grab it now!Free Email List - Unschooling UpdatesWebsite: Unschooling Mom2Mom
What about unschooling and parents of pre-schoolers?Are you facing a lot of pressure as you're trying to choose what's best for your little ones?Even if you DON'T end up unschooling, delaying academics is proving to be a much better option for kids. Don't duplicate school just because it's familiar! Let's talk a bit about what's going on when you're parenting little ones, and how to get support if you're opting for something like unschooling.UNSCHOOLING RESOURCES:Research about Pre-School & Play-based approaches10 Tips for Unschooling PreschoolersTranscript for this Podcast with more resource linksCreating Confidence Membership GroupYou don't have to do this alone!Unschooling UpdatesSue Patterson's free emails
What do you do when your teen hates school - and anything that seems even a little bit "educational?"  In this episode of the podcast, Sue Patterson shares how and why the unschooling approach is perfect for this!The BEST resource to grab - especially if you as the parent keep leaning toward wanting to duplicate school is The Unschooling Guide: Brainstorm Time. Use it as a planner with your teens.  Nothing "schoolish" in here - but it's the start to living a full rich life! And that's where you'll find that learning happens every single day! Without power struggles!Needing the support of a community?Creating Confidence Membership Group is awesome!Looking for a DIY way to explore unschooling?Jumping into Unschooling CourseJULY SALE! Save $50 by using the code: JULYSue's Book!Homeschooled Teens: 75 Young People Speak about Their Lives Without School
Are you having a little trouble with connecting with your kids?Could your relationship stand some improvements?Connecting with your kids is a big component of successful unschooling - but it's something every parent can do a little better with.  Sue Patterson shares some practical tips for how little changes can have a big impact!Use the Conversation Starter Cards brainstorm with other unschooling parents in Sue's private unschooling group.Creating Confidence Membership Group's the link to see the transcript at the Unschooling Mom2Mom blog:
Lots of parents like some aspects of unschooling and other aspects of traditional schooling. Can that work out somehow? Let's talk about it!MORE UNSCHOOLING Past PodcastsSet Up a call with Sue PattersonJoin Sue's Membership GroupTake the Jumping Into Unschooling CoursePodcast Transcript here:
When unschoolers say, "We follow our kids' interests," how does that even work?Sue Patterson, homeschooling mom of 25+ years and Unschooling Mom2Mom founder, shares how following your child's interests is the starting place for unschooling families! Listen to the podcast and then send your questions here for Sue to follow up with you! UNSCHOOLING RESOURCES: Unschooling Updates - free emails with inspiration and resourcesCreating Confidence Membership - group coaching in a private unschooling communityBrainstorming Time - Sue's Unschooling Guide to help you find ways to connect and create learning  experiences with your kidsUnschooling Mom2Mom WebsitePast Unschooling Mom2Mom Podcasts
Father's Day!

Father's Day!


Unschooling Mom2Mom is giving a nod to all the fathers out there! Hoping you enjoy and connect with your kids! Unschooling Resources connected with this podcast:Transcript: Unschooling and Father's DayConversation Starter CardsPodcast: When Dad's Not Onboard with UnschoolingBlogpost: An Unschooling Dad Looks BackCreating Confidence Membership Group when it helps to figure this all out in a community of supportive unschooling parents!
How about Unschooling this summer? I don't mean drop the kids off at the pool and pick them up at the end of the day. I'm talking about REALLY unschooling. Being intentional.  Learning about how to do it and going "all in."I have suggestions in the podcast and more links to help you along! You can do it!! You'll be glad you did - maybe you'll even like it BEYOND the Summertime!Unschooling Resources:Unschooling Updates Email List Creating Confidence Membership GroupJumping Into Unschooling CourseBlogpost with even MORE resources!
In Podcast #34, I gave Pros and Cons for Unschooling.But a listener notice that while I gave a lot of benefits for kids who are unschooled, I didn't mention the benefits that PARENTS get when they choose to unschool their kids. So that's where we're going this week. What are all the perks moms and dads will receive when they unschool their kids? I have listed 10 - and I'm sure there are more! Tell me at the blog or anywhere that allows you to leave comments. You can always submit a follow up question or share your thoughts here:Q4Sue formDiving Deeper for Unschooling Support:If you're looking for ways to grow your confidence in unschooling, it's time to join us in the membership group!   More about the Creating Confidence Membership.Create a strong unschooling foundation by taking the Jumping Into Unschooling Course.Past podcasts are all listed here too, with links to the blogposts associated with them. Some have additional PDFs, so be sure to check them out!Past Unschooling Mom2Mom Podcasts
When  you dive into homeschooling, but the kids resist or it just doesn't go the way you thought it would... parents often turn to unschooling.Actually, this is often The Evolution of the Unschooler! 😉So you're not alone. The more traditional homeschooling approach is what's most familiar - and most families start there.  Let's talk about what it would take to move toward unschooling. You'll be glad you did!Unschooling ResourcesThe Facts & Fiction about Unschooling over at the Unschooling Mom2Mom channel. I’d love it if you’d check that out, subscribe, do all the things.More about DeschoolingCreating Confidence MembershipJumping Into Unschooling CourseFREE PDF to help you dive deeper!Subscribe to Unschooling Updates - free weekly emails with more unschooling resources!See the transcript for this podcast - here at the Unschooling Mom2Mom Blog
Do you like the *idea* of unschooling, but are fearful about other parts?This podcast can help you tackle some of the common fears that arise when you're considering unschooling. Like: - You're worried they won't learn what they need to be functioning adults.- You're  worried they'll never learn academics.- You're worried they won't have any friends.- You're worried this choice will screw up their career options.- You're worried they'll hate you when they grow up and feel you made a bad choice.Sue Patterson shares some reassuring information about how unschooling can work for you - without these fears ever actually happening.  Fear makes us play small and keeps us from a fabulous life.  Let's overcome them so you can be the parent you want to be and help your family enjoy each other!UNSCHOOLING RESOURCES:Sue's Membership Group: Creating ConfidenceUnschooling Guides:Academics BundleSocializationHomeschooled Teens: 75 Young People Speak about Their Lives without School (book)Private 1:1 CoachingRead along at the blog:Unschooling - What Are You Afraid of?
Unschooling Q & A

Unschooling Q & A


Send your questions here for future podcasts: Q4SUE: THIS video has the 4 questions you were hoping to see in the recording. 🌻  Talking to Kids about Unschooling🌻  What about Kindergarten? 🌻  Unschooling and Neurodivergent Kids🌻  Finding locals❓ Question #1 Resources:🌻  Unschooling Mom2Mom website: 🎥  That Word, Unschooling💡  Unschooling Guide: New to Unschooling💡  Unschooling Guide: Deschooling❓ Question #2 Resources:Unschooling Kindergarten 🎙Podcast #36: Unschooling Playtime🎙Podcast #7: Teaching, Learning & Unschooling💡  Unschooling Guide: Critics & Naysayers ❓ Question #3 Resources:➡️  FB Group: Unschooling Every Family: Embracing Neurodivergent and Disabled Learners➡️  FB Group: Unschooling Disabled Learners🎙Unschooling Mom2Mom Podcast #37 - Unschooling Disabled Kids❓ Question #4 Resources:🎙Podcast #27: Finding or Building Community🔎  Finding Local Groups (at the website)🔎  Finding Locals at Unschooling Mom2Mom FB group:✅  Join Sue's Creating Confidence Coaching Group✅  Jumping Into Unschooling Course
This week is Mothers’s Day.  And since the podcast is Unschooling Mom2Mom, I thought it’s important to talk about it a little. I actually have a collection of writings about Mother’s Day: Anticipating Mother's Day Podcast/BlogpostMother's Day 2020 blogpostPinterest Board - Mother's Day Memes & SuchAND! I have some free printables for you - ways to help your kids connect with this Mother's Day concept without any mention of school!  Grab the Mother's Day PDF here: post from Mother’s Day 2020 has a lot of interesting links - all focusing a bit on the HYPE of Mother’s Day.  Because, you know, Mother’s Day didn’t start out this way. The founder, Anna Jarvis, is probably rolling over in her grave because this is NOT what she had in mind.And, like all holidays, they can be triggering. We see these beautiful Instagram posts and then we look over and our kids have forgotten. Especially if you’re a single mom and no one is helping your child plan ahead for this “Big Day.”  Or maybe we’re reminded that our own mothers aren’t here or weren’t that great when they were. So if you need to scroll on past Mother’s Day, do you! Seriously. It’s not worth putting undue pressure on anyone. Because really, appreciation is an inside job. You do what you do because that’s how you want to parent. It’s how you want to mother. Not to get flowers or feedback from anyone else that you’re doing a good job. YOU determine if you like the job you’re doing. That’s a lot of that People Pleasing that's been conditioned into us. Also it's that school-induced idea about “showing your work,” or it-doesn’t-count-unless-it’s-externally-praised.  Isn’t it time to let THAT go??I also wanted to talk a little about being THAT mom. You know the one. The one who gets the side eye from friends and relatives. The one who marches to her own beat. And if you’re unschooling, partnering with your kids as you’re navigating this Parenting Thing, odds are, you’re the one they’re talking about.I'll share some specifics about raising my own 3 unschoolers on the podcast with more at the blogpost. Are you THAT mom too? Tell us in the comments here: Confidence MembershipIf you need to surround yourself with other parents who are prioritizing partnering with their kids, you'll love the support in my private coaching group. So many awesome resources too. It's a month-by-month plan, so stay as long as you'd like!Unschooling UpdatesGetting on my free email list will bring unschooling resources to your inbox! Let's stay connected!
After years of saying there's no formula for successful unschooling, I've discovered there actually is!!! And now I can share it with you!Knowledge + Support + Action = Success!And here's the best resource to help you:Creating Confidence Membership GroupMembers-only library of unschooling resourcesGroup coaching calls where you can ask questions and get support from meA private community of unschooling parents helping each other along the way.Take action! Get the information and support you need - stay as long as you like. No long time commitments. See you over there! 
OR we could call this...STEP AWAY FROM THE CURRICULUM!!!When you're new, it's not uncommon to focus on curriculum purchases or ways to teach your kids all kinds of cool things! And if you're in homeschooling communities, this time of year is really buzzing about what to buy for next year!I want to let you know that rushing out to buy that curriculum is the biggest mistake I see when you're new! Whether you are homeschooling or unschooling - or anything in between.This podcast will walk you through what the problem is - and how to avoid the mistake!UNSCHOOLING RESOURCES 8 Mistakes New Unschoolers Make (YouTube Video)Jumping Into Unschooling CourseWhen you need the details for how to make this work!Creating Confidence Membership GroupWhen you need more support as you step into this unconventional approach to learning.Q4Sue FormFor your unschooling questions!Unschooling UpdatesMy weekly email to keep us connectedYou Can Do This!! And I have so many ways to get you the support you need to be successful over at the website: Unschooling Mom2Mom
Each Friday, I'm bringing a few of YOUR questions to the Unschooling Mom2Mom Podcast! This week, here are the topic questions:Do we nudge our 13.5 who doesn't seem very motivated or goal-oriented?What about a 3.5 year old who is struggling with food choices?What are your thoughts about starting an Unschooling School - why didn't you?This is also over at YouTube, if you'd like to see it there. of Unschooling Resources Mentioned:Creating Confidence MembershipWhen you need more unschooling support from me and a private community of unschooling parents! Unschooling Guide: StrewingUnschooling Guide: Learning to WriteJumping Into Unschooling CourseWhen you're ready to be successful at unschooling!Radical Unschooling - ParentingFUTURE QUESTIONS:Q4Sue Form
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my daughter is about to turn 3 and I am looking into unschooling for her and eventually her younger brother. I saw your podcast recommended in a homeschooling Facebook group (comment section)

Jan 22nd

Tammy Shelton

do u have let the state know you are unschooling

Oct 3rd
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