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Author: Will Griffin

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The Peace Report (TPR) is a militant anti-imperialist media outlet focusing on revolutionary resistance to imperialism.
3 Episodes
Raytheon, one of the largest arms producers in the world, is building a massive building to produce F-35 jet engines in Asheville, North Carolina despite the public outrage against it. Under the subsidiary, Pratt &  Whitney, the local political leaders and Raytheon made a backroom deal of approval, using (stealing) $26 million of taxpayer dollars as a welcoming gift. Two organizers from Reject Raytheon in Asheville, Jenny and Ken, join TPR to discuss the issue around this new project and the resistance against it. Reject Raytheon resources: Venmo: @RejectRaytheon_AVLWebsite:  Support The Peace ReportPatreon: YouTube:
Seizing the War Industry

Seizing the War Industry


The war industry is one of the largest and most powerful industries in the United States. This industry in currently in the hands of the imperialist class, who continue to manufacture weapons which influence US policy and the economy to a great degree. What would the industry look like if the working-class seized it? Christian Sorensen, author of Understanding the War Industry, joins TPR to discuss his book and the what, how and why of converting the military-industrial-congressional complex under the hands of the working-class! Buy Sorensen's book: The Peace ReportPatreon: YouTube:
A New Direction

A New Direction


Welcome to The Peace Report podcast. Despite being around since 2016, TPR is going into a new direction with media content. TPR is a militant anti-imperialist media outlet produced by Will Griffin. In this episode, I speak about the history and background of both TPR and myself, and the new focus on militant anti-imperialism, as well as some of the issues in the anti-imperialist movement in the US. From the necessity to organizing military veterans to supporting militant anti-imperialist movements here and abroad, TPR is revamping itself according to what is necessary in combating imperialism in the 21st century. Support The Peace ReportPatreon: YouTube: by Space Baby:Spotify: Bandcamp:
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