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Join iAsia as she interviews Lawyer  | Actor Justin Reese.Justin Reese is a personal injury lawyer and sports agent living in New Orleans. The son of a prestigious judge and civic activist Dottie Reese, Justin’s family is well established in this city he calls home. Stylish and social, Justin is determined to not only work hard, but to also enjoy all life has to offer. Justin recently finished rebuilding his childhood home that was impacted during Hurricane Katrina. -Excerpt from BravoTV
I titled this the painted lady Butterfly because  it is the butterfly that is capable of traveling the longest distances in the world , Robin has been around the world and back in true Marine fashion of any clime or place. In this episode, I  have invited retired Sergeant Major Robin C. Fortner.  We talk about her journey now in her post Marine Corps -retirement life and that she’s fully walking into who she is as Robin, while the donning and clearing of the uniform is a physical act. The mental separation of self and service come at a later time. We talk about Robin's road back to self and what she is learning along the way. Robin shares the three letters, CPR, which have been the foundation of her success.Confidence Purpose  Resiliency What does Robin wish she has done better? It's so hard for us to even talk about ourselves. But we got to grow and be comfortable to do that more as women, just to be able to give ourselves those types of accolades for And not always looking at it from other people.Robin remembers taking off her uniform as an active-duty marine reflecting and feeling how much mentally she needed to decompress. She realized the mental exhaustion until afterward and how much that really does take a toll on who she is and had defined her for 30 years.She learned to take this time to reinvent herself to really be focused on who she is and reinvigorate everything that she loves to do back then that she stopped doing for so long while focusing solely on her career.Now, she’s having fun redefining, and doing a lot more reading. 
** Trigger Warning** - This video will cover sexual assault and rape in the US Military In this episode, iAsia invited 2x Rising Phoenix World Champion, Fresh from the Stage of Ms. Olympia Margie The Marvelous for a casual conversation of the Making of the Marvelous One. About Margie Former US Marine, mother of 4 and amazing bodybuilder with a physique out of this world. We talk about life, love , fitness and motherhood. Serving as a Marine and how women carry the stigma / burden of their sexual assaults as perpetrators are allowed to just carry on. Looking forward to an empty nest next year Margie talks about her world travel plans and how COVID has impacted her life now. I have personally asked Margie to train me and I have been getting my body ready for her. This is going to be an adventure.ODppr0zqjCMXzifnsoTs
**Trigger Warning** This episode deals will cover sexual assault**In this episode, iAsia invited the City of Bowie, MD District 4 Councilwoman Roxy Ndebumadu, who is also a Senior Customer Success Manager at Microsoft. While being a full-time techie and full-time politician, Roxy accepts the challenge and handles the balance between colleagues and constituents.About RoxyShe says that she’s a serial optimist who loves people and loves opportunity and just loves getting riled up by challenges and problems that she sees in the world. Someone who speaks to multiple audiences and has the ability to resonate with multiple audiences because of her life story.  Humble Beginnings Roxy grew up between the States and Nigeria. Nigeria was her heart for many reasons because her grandmother was there. Her grandmother was the pillar of their family. Essentially, Roxy’s childhood was filled with her, raising herself. She started staying home alone at the age of eight years old and started working when she was 13 years old. She spends her life in the midst  with her grandmother and the people of her  Nigerian village, learning their culture, learning the hustle of selling water on the side of the road, learning the standard of "of you gotta be successful." When Roxy was in college, she started dating older because one could say that she wanted that fatherly figure and another person could say she was looking for that guidance but Roxy wanted to understand how successful people became successful. Part of her liked the joy of somebody feeling they cared about her and they were mentoring Roxy through life when she had no mentorship. Eventually, she stopped and became successful. She went on to graduating and getting a job at Microsoft blazing dual paths in technology and politics.  For people who are walking on the same path as RoxyWhat kept Roxy inspired was not a thing, it wasn't a destination. She realized that in her life, there was a reason for her existence. There was a reason why she went through all of these things and existed to tell the story. She was inspired by realizing that her life wasn't in vain. She was inspired by realizing that there are so many other people who lived to have the same experience in different ways. For so much of Roxy’s life, she was just in grind mode. She was just in hustle mode. The inspiration of being able to unleash and unlock within other people was what kept Roxy going.Being a first-generation politicianYou'll see a theme in Roxy’s story of caring so much about people and part of it is because she never received the love that she wanted, that she became so obsessed with giving love, because that was her way of experiencing it.Being a first-generation Nigerian is a lot of pressure. It's a lot because people can say what they want about Nigeria. You can feel how about the government, et cetera, et cetera. One thing Nigerians don't play with is academics and success.  First thing Roxy did when she was elected."Roxy, it's being reported that you won. What do you have to say for yourself?" Roxy was in sheer utter disbelief that all she did was scream. The people who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world are the ones who often do.In order for you to respect another person, you have to respect yourself. If you don't respect yourself, who you are, your entire being, there's no way that you can respect another person. It's just not possible because that starts with us.What’s next?She’s on a journey and on a mission.   
Join iAsia and guest Natalie Taylor as they talk , life, change, growth  and the birth  of their Butterfly Revolution. 
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