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The Quest for the Good Life
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The Quest for the Good Life

Author: Dr. Mike Strouse

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Find out how to maximize technology, overcome challenges and deliver innovative, on-demand services in the 21st century. Dr. Mike Strouse (GoodLife Innovations President and CEO) leads us on a quest for the good life.
14 Episodes
The new realities offer unique challenges making the traditional hiring methods insufficient. Now more than ever bridging the vacancy gap is imperative for service providers.
How do schedules become "wonky" and what can service providers do to mitigate the ensuing challenges.Definition: won·ky /wäNGkē/Slang: shaky, groggy, unsteady, off-kilter, unbalanced, faulty, unreliable.
The workforce crisis has created a pressing need for effective solutions.
In this episode, Dr. Mike Strouse will take you on an in-depth exploration of technology leveraged service models. The challenges experienced in the last year made it abundantly clear: traditional services are not the answer anymore. New technologies have made huge strides and opened vast possibilities but to achieve the potential benefits services must be carefully designed around a new, innovative paradigm. Discover how GoodLife's Neighborhood Network is revolutionizing the way services are delivered to vulnerable populations. This episode will also take you under the hood and show you the inner workings of GoodLife's Applied Technology Center where a variety of remote support components are meticulously constructed and organized to deliver the highest quality 24/7 support across multiple residential locations.
How iLink actually ENHANCES privacy and eliminates intrusion.
Learn about GoodLife's innovative services architecture and approach to data management and protection.
How does GoodLife's Applied Technology Center factor in the new ecosystem of delivering services.
In this episode, Dr. Strouse takes us on a detailed tour of an iLink home and explains how each component contributes to the safety, independence, and privacy of GoodLife residents.
GoodLife's iLink provides much more than smart home technologies.
High level of engagement + purpose + support = full, enriched life. 
Our focus: Taking all the beneficial aspects of an old-fashioned neighborhood and combining them with a great care model, technology, and the spirit of volunteerism.
What exactly is "the quest for the good life"? Our unprecedented times require an unprecedented and innovative approach to delivering safe and effective services. Dr. Mike Strouse introduces "GoodLife Innovations" and addresses the challenges and intricacies of improving the lives of people who need help to live independently.  
How to achieve your dream wage target through premium pay.
Discover what the five faucets are and how they can be turned on to achieve a steady flow of stable schedules.
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