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Author: Dear Media, Elizabeth Kott and Stephanie Simbari

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That’s So Retrograde began the conversation when they pioneered merging wellness and pop culture back in 2015. Coined the “the Ab Fab of the new age”, hosts Elizabeth Kott and Stephanie Simbari highlight wellness trends before they hit the zeitgeist. Through speaking with thought leaders in health, beauty, astrology, cannabis and beyond, they offer their listeners a ‘choose their own adventure’ type experience on the path to building their own toolkit and finding the guru within. @soretrograde /
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It’s here folks! We are jumping right back into it by breaking down the numerology of 2021 with Remington Donovan (@themysticalarts), who is back for his third year in a row to give us predictions on the year ahead. Sponsored by: Kin: retrograde code: retrograde Ritual: Sakara:   Produced by Dear Media
Elizabeth and Stephanie reflect on this wild year and reveal their top wellness discoveries, practices, and products of 2020.  Brooklinen code: RETROGRADE for 10% off your first order + free shipping Huzzah code: RETROGRADE for 20% off NuCalm for 50% off your 30-day subscription   Produced by Dear Media
Steph and Elizabeth welcome podcasting sister, Lindsey Metselaar, host of WE MET AT ACME (@wemetatacme) to talk pandemic dating experiences and realizations. Lindsay highlights do’s + don’ts of quarentine dating and they all open up about their relationship status.  Thanks to our sponsors: Nutrafol code: RETROGRADE for 20% off + free shipping  Kin Euphorics for 15% off + free shipping Talkspace code: RETROGRADE for $100 off your first month  Produced by Dear Media
It’s a gift from That’s So Retrograde and Ambi Kavanagh (@alchemyambi), a chakra clearing sound bath for some festive, calming cheer. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the soothing sounds of crystal bowls and gongs to set your chakras right. Partner: Aavrani for 20% off your first order   Produced by Dear Media
Singer/songwriter/powerhouse mama, Rachel Platten @rachelplatten, joins the show for a vulnerable conversation on the fight to maintain a positive relationship with creativity. The three ladies bond about their experience with The Artist’s Way and muse on new projects coming down the pipeline.    Each & Every code: Retrograde for 30% off Brooklinen code: RETROGRADE for 10% off your first order + free shipping  Kin Euphorics for 15% off + free shipping Produced by Dear Media
Well+Good’s Editor In-Chief, Kate Spies, joins the show to discuss predicted trends in health, beauty and self care coming down the pipeline in 2021.    Sponsored by: Huzzah: code: RETROGRADE for 20% off Tradesy: code: Retrograde save $50 on your purchase of $200 or more   Produced by Dear Media
Ancestral healer and coach, Ash Johns (@ashinspires), joins E + S for a zoom party in RetrogradeLand. At long last, all our questions about ancestral healing are answered. Sit down, tune in, and BYO ancestors!!   We love our partners: Sakara code: retrograde Each & Every: code: Retrograde for 30% off Tradesy: code RETROGRADE for $50 off your purchase of $200 or more Aavrani: for 20% off your first order    Produced by Dear Media  
In the spirit of the season, we’re so grateful to go back to basics with this week’s guest and long time friend to the show, life coach, Ryan Weiss (@wakingupwithryan). Ryan reminds us that self care is free with the introduction of his new initiative, The Sanctuary Challenge.   Quip: - for a free refill NuCalm: - 50% off your 30 day subscription Brooklinen: code: retrograde - 20% off + free shipping Curology: - to unlock your free 30 day trial Produced by Dear Media
It’s a crossover episode with TSR’s mom and new favorite podcaster, Sarah Silverman! In celebration of her new podcast (The Sarah Silverman Podcast), she’s doling out advice for our dear listeners who called the TSR hotline (1.833.5falcon, call us anytime + leave a voicemail) and we get some hot tips on her skincare routine + more. PS: For exclusive show notes and musings from Elizabeth + Stephanie, sign up for the TSR weekly email at:   Sponsored by: Ritual - for 10% off your first 3 months Each + Every - Code: retrograde for 30% off your first purchase Pique Tea - for 5% off your first order TalkSpace - or download the app and use code: Retrograde for $100 off   Produced by Dear Media
It’s a tarot deep dive with one of Stephanie and Elizabeth’s favorite intuitive guides + readers, Cardsy B (@cardsyb). They talk the magic of the cards and as a special bonus, a few lucky listeners get their first ever tarot readings live on air. Sponsored by: Aavrani code: RETROGRADE for 20% off your first order Sakara code: RETROGRADEEARLYACCESS for 25% off Tradesy code RETROGRADE for $50 off a $200 purchase Produced by Dear Media
Stephanie and Elizabeth meet Charlotte James and Dre Wright, founders of The Sabina Project ( @thesabinaproject), a black led psychedelic education, training and harm reduction platform. In a mind blowing and informative discussion we hear about their BIPOC psychedelic initiative, learn the ins and outs of different types of plant medicines (including cannabis) and how to get involved with a ceremony digitally or near you. Find out more at    Sponsored by: Pique - for 5% off your first order Orgain - for 20% off your first order Aavrani - 20% off your first order   Produced by Dear Media  
It's our annual Halloween Spooktober Spectacular as we welcome medium and best selling author, Concetta Bertoldi (@concettabertoldi) to the show. Things get emotional as she connects with Stephanie and Elizabeths’ grandmothers who assure them that everything is AOK. Hear that? EVERYTHING IS AOK folks. The spirits don’t know about the election! Sending everyone some extra deep breaths as we hit the final countdown to Nov 3 + it is also Steph’s birthday so a double whammy right there. Roses are a caffeinated drink list of faves and a celebration of being the beginner w/ digital art classes (@makersmess). Quip: Candid: Produced by Dear Media
Elizabeth and Stephanie beam back to their live recording  to welcome TSR Allstar EdibleSpirit (mikey Domitrovich) for a closer look at what is happening currently in the cosmos. Special thanks to magical spot Dynasty Typewriter for partnering with us on our first ever live digital recording - you can view the show (including live audience psychic reads) in full on our YouTube.   Sponsored by: Sakara: Ritual: Talkspace: code retrograde   Produced by Dear Media  
Get to know TSR hosts on a deeper level as Elizabeth + Stephanie continue answering listener q’s. This time they are covering the inception of So Retrograde, practical tips for financial recovery, birth control and more. Sponsored by: Pique Tea - code: retrograde for 5% off TruNiagen - code: retrograde for $20 off a three month supply   Produced by Dear Media
Renowned astrologer, Jessica Lanyadoo and political activist, Lindsay Scola, visit RetrogradeLand and go deep on their exciting joint venture: Zodiac the Vote. It's a convo for the political minded and celestially oriented alike...That IS So Retrograde!! Roses: VOTE EARLY!!  Sponsored by: Foria - for 20% off Parsley Health - for a free trial Thrive Market - - for your free gift w/ membership Link to PR workshop: Link to Zodiac the vote:   Produced by Dear Media
We’ve all been there – you’re listening to music on shuffle and a song you haven’t heard forever comes on. You’re immediately thrown back to where you were, 20 years ago, listening to it for the first time. My 90s Playlist breaks down the why of our love for the hits of the 90s. What made our favorite songs so popular back then? Why are we so nostalgic for them now? Throughout the season, our hosts, Tracy Clayton and Akoto Ofori-Atta, will celebrate their picks for a quintessential 90s playlist.
It’s a legends only type of episode as water activist and cultural icon, Erin Brockovich (@the_real_erin_brockovich),  graces us with her wit and wisdom. Discussing her inspiring work as a consumer advocate and her new book and podcast Superman Is Not Coming.    Sponsored by: Tile- get your limited edition design @ Beam CBD - code: retrograde - for 15% off     Produced by Dear Media. 
Steph and Elizabeth have a zoom kiki with Dana Jackson, visionary and founder of non-toxic skincare line Beneath Your Mask (@beneathyourmask). We learn the why of her business and how she bootstrapped it into becoming the booming luxury line it is today. R+T keeps with the theme, offering a clean beauty mini recc roundup of its own. p.s. TSR is going digital for a live recording with Dynasty Typewriter Oct 9 w/ guest @ediblespirit, visit @soretrograde on instagram for details and tickets.   Sponsored by: Candid: code: retrograde Sakara: code: retrograde Quip:   Produced by Dear Media.
Elizabeth and Stephanie go off the interview rails and candidly answer some fun and deep listener questions around body image, diet culture, career paths, virginity losing and more.   Sponsored by FORIA - for 20% off!\\     Produced by Dear Media. 
This week we welcome famed entrepreneur and author, Sophia Amoruso (NastyGal, Girlboss) to RetrogradeLand for a candid convo on the triumphs and mis-steps turned valuable lessons that lead her to create her new immersive digital course, Business Class, on bootstrapping your business. This one is for anyone with a career pivot in mind or those that are ready to invest in themselves and their capacity to create their own reality as we enter an entirely new career landscape. R+T is literal roses with Steph celebrating a new tattoo and hot tips on how to keep it chill while working from home.   Sponsors:  Ritual: Talkspace: Go to or download the app and use code: RETROGRADE Curology:   Produced by Dear Media.
Comments (8)

Helen Rogers

this is great, but not everyone has Facetime! 🤦🏼‍♀️

Feb 13th

Helen Rogers

This is a great topic ... but could you have her back to talk about implementing this for those of us who are in the perimenopause and menopause phase of our life?

Feb 11th

Sarah Harrison

I grew up calling ‘master bedroom’ the en suite.

Sep 20th


having issues playing this episode :( says source not available

Aug 3rd

Helen Rogers

how the hell are lip injections natural?

Jul 2nd

Sarah Harrison

Hey is there a link to the products listed by Jackie??

Jun 27th

Lacey Norris

So, I just discovered this podcast about 2 months ago, and I'm just flying through 4 years of the most amazing information. I'm so grateful for you two beautiful souls sharing your paths with the rest of us. I can feel my third eye opening more with every new episode. Thank you!

Jun 12th

Elaine Branch

Loved this whole episode!

Sep 13th
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