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Author: Dear Media, Elizabeth Kott and Stephanie Simbari

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That’s So Retrograde began the conversation when they pioneered merging wellness and pop culture back in 2015. Coined the “the Ab Fab of the new age”, hosts Elizabeth Kott and Stephanie Simbari highlight wellness trends before they hit the zeitgeist. Through speaking with thought leaders in health, beauty, astrology, cannabis and beyond, they offer their listeners a ‘choose their own adventure’ type experience on the path to building their own toolkit and finding the guru within. @soretrograde /
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Ep. 333 Bye For Now

Ep. 333 Bye For Now


TSR’s hosts, Elizabeth and Stephanie close out this chapter of the show with a trip down memory lane, sharing never before told stories and behind the scenes thoughts from the past 7 years.   Thank you to our sponsors: Bearaby:  Just Thrive: code: retrograde Ritual: for 10% off your first 3 months Talkspace: code: RETROGRADE for $100 off your first month Produced with love by Dear Media
TSR’s astrologer in residence, Ambi Kavanagh (@alchemyambi), beams into Retrogradeland giving us an astro forecast highlighting the transits of now though the beginning of 2022. Covering the eclipses, returns, and of course, retrogrades of the coming months.     Please support our sponsors:   Talkspace: code RETROGRADE for $100 off your first month Bearaby: code: RETROGRADE for faster free shipping Prose: for 15% off your first order Just Thrive: code: Retrograde for 15% off site wide Produced by Dear Media
Friend to the show, entertainment reporter and host of It Sure is a Beautiful Day podcast, Catt Sadler, joins Elizabeth and Stephanie in this candid convo revealing a break for TSR. Mark your cals, 2 more episodes before the hiatus    Check out this week’s sponsors: Huzzah: code: RETROGRADE for 20% Off Nutrafol: code: RETROGRADE for $15 Off Just Thrive: code: RETROGRADE for 15% Off site wide Bearaby: use code RETROGRADE for free faster shipping Produced by Dear Media
Tina Anderson, CEO/co-founder of powerhouse probiotic brand, Just Thrive, joins Stephanie and Elizabeth to discuss the importance of gut health when it comes to healing. Whether your a seasoned pro-biotic connoisseur or a novice in the space of gut health this convo will leave you with some reminders and tips on how to nurture your gut for optimal wellness.   Just Thrive has partnered with us on this episode to bring you 15% off site wide with code: RETROGRADE at Produced by Dear Media
Whitney Port is back in Retrogradeland, discussing the cathartic act of a Hills rewatch, her new conscious clothing brand, Cozeco, organizational tips, social media advice and some current product recs from Whit, Steph and Elizabeth.   Thanks to this week's sponsors: Ritual: for 10% off your first 3 months Savage X Fenty: to get 2 bras for $29 plus 50% off everything site wide   Produced by Dear Media
This week we had a fun Dear Media crossover moment when we welcomed eating disorder & addiction therapist and host of What You’re Craving, Molly Carmel. We picked Molly’s brain on the cross-section of diet culture and wellness and talked addiction and food freedom.   Thanks to our partners  Huzzah-  Nuuly - code retrograde20 Savage X Fenty - 
Lisa Donovan started as a pioneer in the YouTube space and began quietly building an astrology app seven years ago. Fast forward to current times, her app, The Pattern, is a world wide success. Join us as we learn about the inception and growth of this seemingly magical piece of tech and listen in as Elizabeth and Steph get a little astro therapy in the process. Sponsored by: Nuuly : code: RETROGRADE20 for $20 off your first month  Glow Recipe: code: GLOWRETRO for 15% off Savage x Fenty: - get 2 bras for $29 plus 50% off everything site wide Nutrafol: code: Retrograde for $15 Off Produced by Dear Media
This week on That's So Retrograde, we're saddened by the sudden passing of our fairy GodGuru, Guru Jagat. GJ was a force of nature, generous and hilarious, endlessly wise and open hearted and we are so grateful to have had the opportunity and pleasure to be in her orbit.  This episode is a conversation we held with her in 2017 that has never been aired, you can find the remainder of it and a meditation led by her on YouTube at You can also listen to another full episode (119) at: Lots of love to our friends at the RaMa institute in this transitional time.    thanks to our partners:   Modern Fertility: Glow Recipe: code glowretro Nuuly: use code retrograde20 at Public Goods:  Produced by Dear Media
Journey with us as we welcome, Alli Schaper (@allischaper), co-founder of The Multiverse, the world’s first online mushroom marketplace. From the functional variety to the psychedelic, Alli shares her extensive knowledge on the benefits, therapies and legalities shaping the rising industry of the fungi kingdom.    Thank you to our sponsors!   Ritual: code: RETROGRADE for 10% off your first 3 months Talkspace: code RETROGRADE for $100 off your first month Olive & June: code: RETROGRADE for 20% off your mani system Yeah No, I’m Not Ok: Produced by Dear Media
Beaming into Retrogradeland from the UK, mental health advocate, author, and friend to the show, Poppy Jaime, joins us to chat about her new book, Happy Not Perfect.   Thanks to this week’s sponsors: Glow Recipe: code: GLOWRETRO *ends 8/30. for 15% off, excluding kits. Nutrafol: code: RETROGRADE for $15 of your first month Huzzah: code: retrograde for 20% off Base: or use code: retrograde for 20% off your first month Produced by Dear Media
This week Steph welcomes friend, birth Doula and founder of C+The Moon, Carson Meyer to Retrogradeland to talk all things pregnancy and birth. We answer the question of what is a doula vs a midwife, clarify the roles of all people involved in pregnancy and birth, and answer the question of how women can educate and empower themselves on their journey into motherhood. Check out her work plus her amazing body scrub and candle over at: or @ccmeyer on IG.  Olive & June: get 20% off use promo code RETROGRADE at Sakara: Public Goods: go to for $15 off Mederma: You Are More Than Your Scar Produced by Dear Media
Elizabeth is joined by Danny Pellegrino (@dannypellegrino) the host of Everything Iconic, to discuss her favorite mindfulness practice: The Real Housewives.   Thank you to today's partners!   Mederma: Modern Fertility: for $20 off Olive & June: code: RETROGRADE for 20% off your first mani system Public Goods: for $15 towards your first order Bev: for 20% off your first purchase Produced by Dear Media
With many years of research under their belt, Elizabeth and Stephanie discuss the big ticket wellness items that they absolutely love and recommend. Holding court on the top of their lists is the infrared sauna blanket and PEMF mat from Higher Dose. Joining them to discuss the magic and technology of these products is Higher Dose co-founder, Lauren Berlingeri.    Check out today’s partners: Bev: code: retrograde for 20% off + free shipping Mederma: Talkspace: code: retrograde for $100 off Ritual: for 10% off your first 3 months Produced by Dear Media
Hanging with Siff Haider and Nish Samantray, the husband and wife duo behind Arrae, a wellness brand that aims to holistically heal 2 of our most human problems: bloat and anxiety. Use our code: TSR at for a 10% discount. Produced by Dear Media
Writer, host, executive producer, Corinne Foxx drops into Retrogradeland with some amazing wellness tips off her self care to do list. To hear more from Corinne check out her podcast “Am I Doing This Right?”    Sponsored by:   Matcha Bar: code: Retrograde for 20% off your first order   Mederma: check out their ‘You Are More Than Your Scar’ Campaign on   Base: for 20% off your first month Produced by Dear Media
Elizabeth and Stephanie reunite at the Dear Media studios for the first time this year (during a Retrograde no less) riffing on the roses and thorns of re-entering the world.   Sponsored by: Matcha Bar: code: Retrograde for 20% off your first order Nutrafol: Use code RETROGRADE for $15 off and free shipping at Sakara: or enter code RETROGRADE20 for 20% off your first order Produced by Dear Media
We’ve been known to go deep on the topic of skin but have never gotten into its mental health impact... until now. We got ahold of some very interesting stats via a recent survey conducted by Mederma on the impact of skin and mental health and invited therapist, Maria Sosa (@holistacallygrace) & Cosmetic Dermatologist, Dr. Azadeh Shirazi to discuss the survey's findings. Produced by Dear Media
Ever wonder about the Akashic Records? same. So we hit up the magical Kariann Price ( (who also happens to be our friend’s mom) to answer all our questions about this modality that ultimately helps us to tap into our guides and soul’s gifts. We love it!   Thank you to our partners!   Public Goods for $15 off your first order Ritual: 10% off your first throw month’s subscription Talkspace: code: RETROGRADE $100 off first month  Huzzah: code: RETROGRADE for 20% off Produced by Dear Media
Reigning queen of the ovarian landscape Alisa Vitti is back in Retrogradeland to drop more knowledge on the hormonal cycle in its many facets. Talking bio rhythms, supplementation, and how to become a curious participant in your overall hormonal health. Listen back in the catalog for our five other episodes with @floliving.   Thanks to our partners: Produced by Dear Media
Gabby Bernstein (@gabbybernstein) is a spiritual entrepreneur, author, speaker and now host of her new advice driven podcast, Dear Gabby. She teams up with Elizabeth and Stephanie to answer questions sent in by the TSR audience, speaking to the specific challenges that many of us are facing. In the process, Gabby offers guidance to the show's hosts who speak openly about the hurdles they have been experiencing within their friendship during this time. Check out the TSR Merch: (use code TSR20 for 20% off) Thank you to this week’s sponsors: MatchaBar: Get 20% off your first order at with code RETROGRADE. Base: get 20% off your first month with code RETROGRADE   Function of Beauty: take your quiz and get 20% off your first order Produced by Dear Media
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We are an independently owned eyewear company based in Austin, TX called AVIEW. It is our mission to give you the freedom to constantly change the way you see the world. See the world through rose-colored glasses one minute, and then switch to yellow the next.

Jun 12th

Helen Rogers

this is great, but not everyone has Facetime! 🤦🏼‍♀️

Feb 13th

Helen Rogers

This is a great topic ... but could you have her back to talk about implementing this for those of us who are in the perimenopause and menopause phase of our life?

Feb 11th

Sarah Harrison

I grew up calling ‘master bedroom’ the en suite.

Sep 20th


having issues playing this episode :( says source not available

Aug 3rd

Helen Rogers

how the hell are lip injections natural?

Jul 2nd

Sarah Harrison

Hey is there a link to the products listed by Jackie??

Jun 27th

Lacey Norris

So, I just discovered this podcast about 2 months ago, and I'm just flying through 4 years of the most amazing information. I'm so grateful for you two beautiful souls sharing your paths with the rest of us. I can feel my third eye opening more with every new episode. Thank you!

Jun 12th

Elaine Branch

Loved this whole episode!

Sep 13th
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