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Author: Qvik

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The one where developers, designers & tech/biz consultants talk about things and stuff.
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Let’s talk about FlutterJari invited Alex and Eralp to talk about the new features in Flutter and more.What is Flutter and how can it be compared to it’s rival React Native?Flutter Engage 2021. Did the new Flutter features meet our expectations?What is this Kanaliiga and how do I join the fun?Our Flutter experts:Alex Lindroos - During the day he is a mobile developer in Codemate. At night he is a CS:GO organizer and observer in Kanaliiga. Eralp Karaduman - Senior software engineer Qvik. Mad skillz in Flutter, React native, Pixel Art, Podcast and numerous other things.This Episode is hosted by Jari Sandström, who used to be a developer like you but took an arrow to the knee and works now as technical recruiter.Useful resources:Flutter Events and Flutter Engage:’s Flutter Event on Youtube: - esports company leagues: and special thanks:Podcast production and editing - Niko Hälvä and Eralp KaradumanEpisode music - Jukka ForstenArt - Ilmari AholaCreative team - Niko Hälvä, Eralp Karaduman, Jari Sandström & Mirva UotilaSpecial thanks: Katri Vilonen, Matias Pietilä & Aija Malmioja
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