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Phoenix Rising with Melissa K. Range

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A podcast about putting balance, yin/yang, divine masculine and divine feminine, back into all areas of your life after challenges. How we as humans can rise from the ashes even after traumatic events or having to face and integrate our shadow. How we need to get back to connection with our divine feminine and explore our feelings and listen to our hearts as we surrender our ego. How to Ignite your Inner fire to find your heart and be connected to your authentic self in order to create your Kingdom or Queendom of Heaven on Earth.
15 Episodes
In this episode I describe what a twin flame is and my own personal journey around my twin flame. It's a tumultuous, crazy, sometimes heart-wrenching ride to find oneself and surrender to unconditional love. I had to go to Spain to find out how deeply in love I was and I still sabotaged it! I was the runner and later turned into the chaser. It's all about letting go and finding your authentic self, yet not without questions and torment of wondering along the way. I am grateful for this experience and getting to know myself on the deepest level possible! 
I welcome my long time and great friend, Colleen Foster, in this episode. Listen to her journey of finding her true self after being raised in a house of 8 kids, where emotion was not supported and she was sheltered. As she ages, she blooms in a deeper way, coming to know herself more and seeing the differences in other faiths and beliefs to be acknowledged, accepted and embraced. My favorite part is when she talks about her self-forgiveness! Enjoy! 
In this episode I discuss my journey to balance. I started out as a young girl in balance, utilizing both my masculine and feminine energies. As I grew up, I began to lean more into my yang energy getting lost in a world of doing versus listening to my heart and BEING. I swung back way to the feminine side discarding the masculine energy for years.  I have come back to balance in the last couple of years, embodying both yin and yang. A big piece we have lost is our feminine energy and knowing how to tap into it which we must do in order to come to wholeness. 
Join me on this fun and lively episode to learn about my coaching buddy, Caro. She is a bright light with a big vision to help Hispanic Women Entrepreneurs! She takes us through her own money journey of debt back to wealth through her never quit mentality. Her energy is contagious and she will make you smile and laugh. Enjoy! Caro Curiel teaches women how not to be afraid of money, how to collect what they are worth and break those blocks of money that prevent them to live abundant lives. Ideas, tips and strategies for women to unapologetically own their value, have incredible impact and income. Caro's unique voice on women's financial empowerment includes a wealth of Heartwarming stories and simple strategies on navigating the "money side" of running a business faced by women in today's economy. Caro works from her home in Cancun, enjoying the ocean and daily time with her children, and with her husband,
In this episode I delve into all the types of meditation I have tried. There are so many options and I am inviting and encouraging each one of you listening to try one so your life can become more calm, serene and magical! It makes a huge difference to meditate and connect with your inner self. So get on the bandwagon and do it! 
Join me on this delightful episode to hear the journey of my soul brother, Choying. He is my first male guest and shares his experience around rising from the ashes. He teaches meditation and shares why it has had a profound effect on his life in a short amount of time. Here is his bio: I AM (presence) a Nyingma (ancient) soul.Founder | Integration Meditation A spiritual Warrior incarnated into this human life to transmute dark energies into light. I align with God first. Cultivate SOVEREIGNTY in an intuitive way, self empowerment and becoming powerful, mastering your own mind and emotions. Becoming fearless, powerful, love and compassion.Love is a state of being A powerful light warriorCommunion with God & Christ consciousness Padmasambhava is my guruKung Fu & ShamanicDrumming & singing from my soul vibrations.Website:
What would life look like if we took the time to heal ourselves? How would we be affected and affect those who have come before and after us? Join me in this episode to learn all the many ways and modalities of alternative/holistic healing I have tried/practiced in order to clear my energy, find my sovereignty, and become stronger and more empowered. I also encourage my kids to participate in these options to open their minds and hearts to healing and helping themselves! I was shocked at how much I have invested in my healing, realizing after I finished this podcast I had more I could list! I do all this for myself and those I love. It's a never ending journey to find one's authentic self and what a gift to be able to change the future and heal the past. 
Episode 7: Susan Bloom

Episode 7: Susan Bloom


Join me on this episode to learn about Susan and her Phoenix rising journey.  Here is a little bit about her. Susan Bloom, founder of Connection And Synergy Equine Gestalt Coaching, is a lifelong horsewoman. After being a caregiver for her husband for five-and-a-half years, a breast cancer survivor and growing up the daughter of the only doctor in a small rural community she’s seen the good, bad, and ugly in health care. This along with her Equine Gestalt Coaching® certification and education in communications has left her with a passion to help doctors, patients, and caregivers form stronger connections. She feels that combining her love of horses and a desire to create authentic connections between doctors, patients, and caregivers will have benefits for all. Giving the patients and caregivers the feeling of being heard. And the doctors the feeling of helping their patients at a deeper
In this episode I describe how I, a single suburban mom of 3, learned I was a medium when I decided to join a class called Akashic Record Reading in my late 40's. I had been on the spiritual journey for a while but this was a real shocker and hard to believe, yet I had been hearing the dead for a while and didn't know it! I describe my experiences and how I learned to navigate this new, sometimes scary yet extraordinary turn of events for me and the ones I serve! It has been such a blessing as it builds my confidence and belief in the unseen, and brings me great joy as it opens my heart each time I open my own or someone else's Akashic records. 
Join me on this episode to meet Laurie and hear her story about rising from the ashes! She walks us through her journey of leaving a toxic marriage and losing 3 loved ones in her life, all the while opening up to her spiritual awakening, being a mom, and becoming a pastry chef.  She is on the path and living in the moment, learning, expanding and taking it one day at a time! 
In this episode I discuss how I needed to let go of people, places, and things in my life. Each time I either chose to let go of something or eventually it was removed from my life in order to help me create independence. At times I felt angry and abandoned wondering why so much was being taken away from me. It was never an easy process yet one, looking back, always was for my highest good. 
This episode is all about how I woke up one day and was guided to go firewalking, yet became an actual firewalk instructor with F. I. R. E. I didn't have a clue what that entailed and I share my 4 day experience with you. I walked through so much fear as I did this and learned that I can overcome my ego by facing fear head on, or you could say feet first. 
Join me on this episode with my wonderful guest and priestess sister, Carol Benn. She walks us through her journey of how she has risen from the ashes through a lot of deep personal work, facing her shadow, learning about her relationship with money, finding her passion, and is now serving her purpose as a sensuality and Intimacy Coach. You can visit her at to learn more about her coaching and offerings. 
Have you ever wondered why you choose a certain pet? Or it chooses you? What has it taught you about yourself and your life journey? For me, all my pets came in my life at the exact right time to teach me a lesson about myself and where I am on my spiritual journey. Looking back I can see how pet #1 was a high achiever, pet #2 was about getting attention and being protective and pet #3 has been all about being present and joyful in any moment! Take a look today at why your pet is in your life.....there are no coincidences! 
Your Phoenix is Rising

Your Phoenix is Rising


It is with great joy I begin my podcast, sharing my heart and soul with you each week, inspiring, empowering, moving you to discover more of the Phoenix Rising energy. I explain in this podcast it's purpose and meaning. 
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