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In today’s episode, our sandbox heads to the board room for a white-collar discussion with Ricardo Lafosse, Chief Information Security Officer at Kraft Heinz, and Andrew Watts, Relativity’s Chief Customer Officer – and former CIO – on the current state of the Information Security role in the C-Suite. Should it be CIO, CSO, CISO, a combination of the three? Nothing at all or something in between? And how the current perception or narrative around your specific title impacts or influences the tech and process structure and framework you put in place for your department. So, grab your executive briefs, bust out your corporate buzzwords, and let’s dive in.
Organizations today have a solid grasp of their data security posture, but do they have a solid understanding of what goes into an effective and globally relevant data privacy program? Can they meet the demands and regulations of today’s multi-national business world? In this special recording of Security Sandbox, live from Relativity Fest London, Amanda Fennell chats with data privacy and security experts in EMEA on how to build a global-first data privacy program that fits the specific needs of your employee base, what to watch out for, and how you can maintain program flexibility in an ever-changing world. So, grab your cookies, and let’s dive in.
When good tech meets well-trained, empowered employees, your business is more secure. This season, we’re exploring ways to elevate the strongest link in your security chain – people – through creative use of technology, process, and training. In today’s episode, our sandbox heads to the pressure chamber for a riveting conversation with Nicolas Reys, partner at Control Risks, who heads up their global cyber and online threat intelligence practice, and Relativity’s favorite security architect and recurring guest, Darian Lewis, on how to best navigate all of the cyber crisis craziness going on in our world. How does threat intel play a pivotal role in your crisis program? How can better usage of tech elevate the people and processes and in your current crisis management program? What new threats should your team prioritize? So, dust off your playbook, grab a Red Bull, and let’s dive in.
When good tech meets well-trained, empowered employees, your business is more secure. This season, we’re exploring ways to elevate the strongest link in your security chain–people–through creative use of technology, process, and training. In today’s episode, our sandbox welcomes the return of Zscaler's director of solutions architecture, Thomas Quinlan, and Relativity’s global director of security and IT, Marcin Święty, for a spirited conversation on how to build employee trust in your security program at any time and from anywhere. How do you roll out an effective and empathetic zero trust program to your company that resonates with your global employee base? What are the common things security teams get wrong when implementing zero trust? What comes next? So, pull up a seat, grab a cup of caffeine, and, as Marcin might say, "don’t have the Płyta się zacięła" (the record get stuck). To learn more about security at Relativity, visit our blog.
In the first episode of Season 2 of Security Sandbox, host Amanda Fennell welcomes cybersecurity evangelist, author, and host of the 8th Layer Insights podcast, Perry Carpenter. They have a nuanced conversation about how to craft a new-age security program that works better for today’s businesses and employees operating in different cultures, regions, and viewpoints. How do you bridge the psychological gap from "aware" to "care"? How do you craft trainings that are culturally relevant, empathetic, and inclusive for your employees? How do you move the needle with your awareness program internally and with key stakeholders? What is the biggest mistake first-time administrators make in creating their security program? All that and more in the first episode of the new season, which focuses on strengthening the strongest link in your security chain – people – through better tech, process, and training. To learn more about security at Relativity, visit our blog.
In the final episode of season one of Security Sandbox, Amanda Fennell and Darien Lewis of Relativity’s Calder7 team discuss best practices for shopping in the modern age. And as the holidays draw near, they also talked about how to stay secure when receiving and using your own gifts—because that shiny new TV or VR headset might be hiding a hazard or two.
On a special, Veteran's Day episode of Security Sandbox, Amanda welcomes two teammates from Relativity's Calder7 security team, Gabriel Diaz De Leon and Zachary Languell, for a fast-paced conversation on how their careers in the military prepared them for today's current cybersecurity threat landscape, where adaptability and quick-thinking are everything.
In the latest episode of Security Sandbox, Amanda welcomes home two cybersecurity colleagues that became her first work family and share a passion for comedy, Thomas Quinlan and Marc Bleicher. Listen in for a stand-up conversation on how resilience and quick-thinking on the comedy stage can lead to better cyber response.
In the latest episode of Security Sandbox, Amanda, along with Relativity Chief Human Resources Officer Beth Clutterbuck, welcomes American astrologer Emily Parker for a star-studded conversation on how astrology and tools like the Myers-Briggs personality test can be useful in understanding and perfecting team dynamics that foster greater creativity and collaboration.
Every team needs a game plan, whether you're coaching basketball champions or building a superstar team in tech. In episode seven, Amanda chats with Microsoft’s worldwide public safety and justice leader, Kirk Arthur, and Relativity’s CTO, Keith Carlson, about what it takes to create a winning team that's energized and effectively collaborative.
Which gets your energy brewing stronger: security or coffee? In episode six, Amanda has a coffee klatch with Jiyoon Han, a Harvard MBA student who reinvigorated her family’s business, Bean & Bean Coffee Roasters, during the pandemic. Tyler Young, Relativity’s director of cybersecurity, chats with them about keeping security practices strong and defensive against too-hot situations.
The stories we tell ourselves—and others—frame our lives in so many ways. Tune in to this month's episode to hear how Atem Kuol, visual effects coordinator at Lucasfilm and founder of Humble Beginnings films, learned to hit his stride in filmmaking and confront imposter syndrome along the way. You’ll also hear from CJ Wiemer, manager of vulnerability management here at Relativity, with stories of hacking and professional growth.
Securing data takes a lot of coordination. At times it can feel like you’re conducting a symphony of instruments to create the right rhythm for your company. In episode four, Amanda chats with Coré Cotton, CEO of The Empowerment Collective and creator of Elite Accelerator. As Wells Fargo’s assistant GC and a Grammy award-winning vocalist, Ms. Cotton is a maestro at weaving music and law. Stephen Powell, Relativity’s director of operational risk management, joins them to groove about securing data.
Offense wins games, but defense wins trust—and the only way to earn your clients’ faith is to keep their most private data safe.  In episode three of Security Sandbox, Amanda Fennell mobilizes her own special forces by recruiting Tony Cianflone, creator of Tactical Fighting Systems, and Relativity Manager of Cloud Security, Jessica MacAllister. Together, they explore deploying the Israeli martial art of Krav Maga in the ultimate cyber stakeout.
Indiana Jones told us: “X never, ever marks the spot.” In cybersecurity, how do we figure out where to dig and go deeper?  In episode two of Security Sandbox, host Amanda Fennell, a former archeology major, delves deep into the brain of 2020’s Archaeologist of the Year, Dr. Alison Sheridan. Alongside Yvan Foonde, Relativity’s incident response manager, these fearless adventurers exhume the joints between excavations, curation, and digital investigations.
In our inaugural episode of Security Sandbox, Amanda Fennell chats with her spouse, Dr. Vernard S. Fennell, endovascular neurosurgeon at New Orleans Oschner Health. Also joining the conversation is Darian Lewis, Relativity’s staff threat intelligence analyst, who’ll help this power couple perform a biopsy on the most secure data in Relativity.  Specifically, they uncover three tips on averting and a crisis (in the OR or your data stores): preparing for anything, learning to unwind, and being the calm in the storm.
Hear from our host, Amanda Fennell, on what to expect from this season of Security Sandbox.
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