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In this sixth episode of our Learn about M.E. podcast series, we hear from a Clinical Nurse Specialist in M.E., Keith Anderson, about the vital support that nurses can provide to people with M.E. Keith is joined by a retired Nurse, Midwife, Health Visitor and Clinical Practice Teacher and Carer, Pamela Binny, who offers insight into some of the knowledge on M.E. she wished that she had while she was practising as a Nurse. She is able to describe, first hand, the devastating impact of M.E. not just on the person living with it but the family supporting the person.We hear how Nurses can very quickly update their professional knowledge by accessing a free CPD module on ME/CFS and listening to this podcast. The module takes under an hour to complete and offers 1 CPD point. The revised guidance on M.E./CFS contained in the new NICE guideline is also highlighted as a useful tool for Nurses. It is suggested that rest and pacing are much better approaches to managing the symptoms of M.E./CFS rather than Graded exercise therapy (GET) or Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). The guests discuss how much of the learning can also be applied to nursing people with Long Covid as the clinical presentation can be the same or very similar.
In this fifth episode of our Learn about M.E. podcast series, we explore the understanding and adjustments needed in Social Care and Social Work service to enable people with M.E. to access and benefit from services. We hear from Clare Ogden, Services Manager at Action for M.E., Zoe McIntyre, a professional in social care who also has Fibromyalgia and Rhona Barton, who has recovered from severe M.E. and who has volunteered as a Peer Mentor supporting people with M.E.The podcast illustrates some of the barriers and challenges for people with M.E. that are useful to keep in mind while working to support someone with M.E. This episode highlights the adjustments that are useful to enable someone with M.E. to engage with services and create appropriate care plans. Zoe raises important considerations around safety and how the unique nature of M.E. requires a different, more flexible approach to avoid harm.
In this fourth episode of our Learn about ME podcast series, we hear from medical students about their experience of learning about ME/CFS at their medical schools. We also hear about their own research into medical students and practising GPs knowledge and understanding of ME/CFS and its impact on patient’s quality of life. The students talk about how medical education such as the Learn about ME CPD module and this podcast series can support GPs and students to be more confident in identifying ME/CFS and managing the symptoms of the illness.  We also hear how timely and appropriate support can enable people to gain better understanding of how they can better self manage their symptoms and their impact to increase their ability to come to terms with the illness and help themselves move forward. This episode highlights how important it is to acknowledge there is a gap in understanding about this illness and how important it is to just engage and accept people’s experience of living with ME/CFS rather than dismiss it.
In this third episode of our Learn about ME podcast series, we hear from, Dr Nina Muirhead, creator of the Learn about ME CPD learning module and, Dr Gregor Purdie, about the importance of highlighting the changes in the newly updated NICE guideline on ME/CFS: diagnosis and management. They are joined by, Helen, who lives with ME and who volunteers for The 25% ME group. Helen shares her experience in order to encourage healthcare professionals to implement the changes in the guideline. We hope this episode can increase the likelihood of people with ME getting appropriate care and support.
In the second episode in our Learn about ME podcast series we are exploring Long Covid and how the study of this condition can impact on our understanding of ME/CFS. We hear from Dr David Strain who plays a leading role in the BMA’s response to Long Covid; Dr Nina Muirhead, creator of the Learn about ME CPD learning module and Alec Finlay who has lived with M.E. and now has Long Covid. We hope that this information can help health and social care professionals to offer appropriate support to people living with either condition.
A discussion with Dr Nina Muirhead about the free Continuing Professional Development (CPD) module she has developed for GPs and other health professionals about the diagnosis, treatment and management of M.E. or chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS).Ruth Richardson, from the charity Action for M.E. talks to Dr Muirhead as well as a GP who has accessed the CPD and Anna and Craig who live with M.E. Each person tells how they feel the module would improve the experience and outcomes for both the professional and the can access this free module here:
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