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First Take: The Least Boring Banking Podcast
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First Take: The Least Boring Banking Podcast

Author: Blake Guinn and Allison McDaniel

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"First Take: The Least Boring Banking Podcast" is an attempt to make banking less boring and tell you all the tips, tricks, and news that you need to know regarding your banking life.Brought to you by two former news anchors who are just trying to make banking a little more personable, a little less boring.
11 Episodes
With the upcoming acquisition of Citizens Bank, Blake and Allison discuss what the merger means for Citizens Bank customers.They detail the stages of the conversion, including what to expect on September 1st when Citizens Bank officially becomes First National Bank, as well as when a full system conversion will take place.You'll also hear from Citizens Bank President and CEO Todd Austin regarding the acquisition. 
In honor of our 10th episode, Blake and Allison give you tips on 10 Ways to Budget Better.Whether you're just getting out on your own, or you've been working to budget and save for years, these tips can help you budget your expenses.
P2P Payments

P2P Payments


Blake and Allison discuss P2P payments and how to keep your money safe while doing it.There are multiple apps that allow you to make P2P, also referred to as "person to person" or "peer to peer", payments. However, there are things to be on the lookout for to ensure you don't wind up losing your money. 
Blake and Allison highlight the upcoming Arkansas State Police Foundation Golf Tournament, presented by First National Bank.  In this episode, they discuss what the foundation does for Arkansas State Police and their families and how you can get involved in the tournament.The 4th Annual Tournament will be held at the Paragould Country Club on Thursday, August 19 with tee times at 8 a.m. an 1 p.m. Visit  to register today.
In our first on the road episode, Blake and Allison head to Little Rock to sit down with First National Bank team member Mike Shepard. Mike began his career in law enforcement and discusses his role in bringing the Morgan Nick AMBER Alert to Arkansas. He also explains how his background in policing helps him train other employees on what to look out for to keep customers safe.
Interest on Deposits

Interest on Deposits


In our last episode, Blake and Allison took at look at interest rates on loans.  This week, we discuss interest rates on deposits. The two seemingly different aspects of banking go hand in hand. We bring in First National Bank Chief Financial Officer Tommy White to explain how rates are set and why they fluctuate. We'll also explain the different ways you can earn interest on your money, and why your rate of return is higher on certain products.
Interest on Loans

Interest on Loans


The interest rate you receive when making a purchase can greatly affect how much you actually pay for that purchase.Blake and Allison bring in First National Bank Vice President, Lending, Mitch Hovis to discuss interest rates on loans. How they're decided, how big of a factor they play in the life of your loan, and what you can do to pay less interest in the long run.
In this episode, Blake and Allison bring in First National Bank Jonesboro Market President Jerry Morgan to  discuss the rising cost of lumber and how that equates to home prices/ construction loans. We take a look at what caused the prices to skyrocket, what consumers need to be aware of before taking on a construction project, and what the future looks like.
Digital vs. Branch Banking. Why not both? Blake and Allison break down some misconceptions regarding ‘digital only’ banking and explain how a lot of places (like First National Bank) allow you to have your cake and eat it, too.
Credit Do's and Don'ts

Credit Do's and Don'ts


When it comes to credit, there are a lot of things that can affect your future.Blake and Allison break down some credit do's and don'ts, and explain how each of those scenarios can affect your credit score. 



In our first episode of First Take: The Least Boring Banking Podcast, it's Fraud Day Friday.We take a look into the tactics fraudsters use to obtain your personal information to steal everything from your money to your Social Security Number. 
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