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The Satin Dollz!

The Satin Dollz!


In our biggest episode yet, Stephanie and Amber are joined by the internationally renowned, and ever so lovely performance group, The Satin Dollz! Creator, Allison Windsor, and Olivia, Roslyn and Dixie Lee, of the Dollz, chat about how to succeed as female entrepreneurs in the entertainment industry, and adapting to a year without live performances, (including the recording of their first album Pin Up Revolution). The Dollz also discuss the intense audition process to become a part of the “Pin-Up Army”, and the family ties the girls share with our veterans whom they honored with their incredible performance of the Armed Forces Medley at Glamour Days. In the lightning round, we try to answer the age old question of why oh why did housewives love their Jell-o molds so much? Tune in today to this very special episode!Web: Instagram: Organizations mentioned in episode:https://www.ourheroesdreams.orghttps://www.browngirlsdoballet.comA portion of the “Vintage Vibes, Not Vintage Values” merchandise benefits Brown Girls Do Ballet.
Passion Umbrella

Passion Umbrella


World class photographer Jason Vrolijk of Bridget Marie Collective lent his magnificent talent to Glamour Days, offering mini photo shoots with the beautiful Paper Moon at the festival. From working in the mall during the 90’s at Glamour Shots, to working his own photo shoots at Glamour Days, Jason shares with Stephanie & Amber how veering from traditional ideas of success, leaving conventionality at the door, and finding his, “Passion Umbrella”, helped shape his career and let his creative endeavors become realities. Be it building dioramas for his Barbies as a child, or creating innovative window displays for vintage shops, Jason shares with the gals how unabashedly fostering his creativity led to his success. Lightning Round Bonus! Stephanie presents our listeners with the Vintage Recipe Challenge, (details below)Web: https://www.bridgetmariecollective.comInstagram: RECIPE CHALLENGE (All the Aspic!)MAKE a weird Vintage RecipeSNAP some photos of you making/eating itPOST on InstagramTAG @GlamourDaysFest
Insomniac Creations

Insomniac Creations


Be it vintage makeup, fashion or jewelry, guests can find it all in the Glamour Days' Vendor Village. Our curated group of vendors give GD Festival goers a plethora of vintage creations to shop for and add to their collections. In today's episode, the effervescent Vanessa Vera of Insomniac Creations, and creator of our Glamour Days "G" brooch,  joins Stephanie and Amber to chat about her voyage from Vintage to Fandom, and back again. Along the way, the ladies reminisce about generations past, the history that family heirlooms hold, and why Vanessa is the "Batman of sweater clips". Follow Insomniac Creations on Instagram: on Etsy:
Artists who capture the essence of vintage are a big part of Glamour Days. Our Artists' Alley at the festival brings these talented folks into the spotlight, offering rare pieces, live drawings, paintings and commissions. One of the original GD featured artists, Lauren Kurtz from Coppertop Ink joins Amber and Stephanie to discuss her distinct style, and brings us along on her journey in pursuit of her dreams. Along the way, Stephanie teaches us a new Texas-ism, and Amber's Game Show host fantasy comes true. Follow Lauren Instagram
The Crystal Palace Spiegeltent is home to Glamour Days, and truly a crown jewel of the festival. Amber and Stephanie are joined by Tentmaster Peter Goossens, (president of West Coast Spiegeltents and Goose on The Loose Productions), to discuss events and tents.Visit to learn more about these amazing tents!



The founders of Glamour Days: A Vintage Celebration, get together on Zoom to reminisce about the festival and give listeners a little behind the scenes of the origin of Glamour Days, what's next for them, (this Podcast), and share thier hopes for Glamour Days II.
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